tagRomanceCatherine Ch. 02

Catherine Ch. 02


I live for the moment I hear that catch in her throat with our first kiss. Then her breathing getting heavier with each caress, touch, or stroke to her sensitive places, I wait for those three words she will say..., yet.


Tuesday's Lunch

I really don't think I slept a single minute last night! And now it seems this morning has dragged on forever too! But it's close to twelve by the clock on the wall, and Frank is still yammering on, damn it; of all the days for him to run long! But just as I'm about to say something is when one of the other guys interrupts Frank reminding him it's time for lunch.

And with that I'm out of my chair as Frank's saying, "I guess we'll break for lunch now and be back..." But I'm already out the door, already knowing what he's going to say, as I'm putting on my leather jacket heading for the elevators.

An now as I'm waiting for an elevator to arrive, John comes up beside me, "You're in a big hurry today." He says.

Without looking at him, I'm meeting someone for lunch..., or hope to be meeting someone for lunch any way. My telling him as I watch the elevator floor indicator lights count down.

"Well, hope to meet someone? John saying. "So guy, sounds a little iffy." John goes on. "So would you like me to tag along in case she doesn't show up and you end up eating all by yourself?" John's intuitive question.


"Of course Swaggart! What else keeps a man's mind as distracted as you've been all morning; as well as yesterday too?" His head turned toward me as he said it.

But just as John finished saying that the elevator doors open, and shit; the car is packed. I should have taken the stairs like I usually do; the distraction John just alluded to. But I'm not waiting, and wedge myself inside anyway with John right behind me. Where this suit behind us, with a snotty arrogant condescending tone in his voice, "You two could have waited for the next one!" He says.

Well, at six foot three and two-hundred and twenty-five pounds of no nonsense Master Sargent Recon Marine, with three combat tours along with the souvenir scars I brought back with me, glance over my shoulder with a look that has him nervously averting my eyes. It's the same thing I get from a young Marine at seeing my displeasure at something I didn't like from him or her.

At the ground floor its John's asking again , "You sure you don't want some company?" Without answering him as I keep walking towards the Eighteenth Street exit with John trailing right behind me. But as I open the door, pausing first, Yeah you're right John it was pretty iffy. Then continuing out onto the sidewalk with John still following, "Okay, so why would she be iffy?" His being nosy.

Well, for one, she's a very busy lady John.

"Okay then I was right, so..., who is she?" A more nosy question.

So with both of us heading down the sidewalk towards the plaza where it's telling him, Never mind who she is John. Because most likely she won't be there. As I said, she is a very busy lady.

"Alright, but if she is there, are you going to introduce me to her or am I just going to have to stand around with my thumb up my butt?"

Yeah John, I ought to let you do just that just for being so nosy; my thought.

John, if she's there, I'll introduce you to her, but then, you take a hike..., okay?

When John and I enter the deli, where I'm already scanning the tables for an empty one is when my eyes lock onto a table against the far wall that has me saying out loud; Damn, she's already here?!

"She is, where?" John's asking. Before he sees where I'm staring.

Catherine, who's just looking up from the menu she's holding, where she looks in our direction, and when seeing me smiles along with a big wave of her hand; like hey, I'm over here.

Over there John, that very pretty woman with the honey brown hair waving to me.

Where out of his mouth comes, "You fucking lie! She is..., oh man you sly dog!"

John please, she's a lady! Admonishing him.

"Uh Huh, what ever you say you lucky S.O.B!"

Moving through the crowded tables towards her at the same I'm thinking, John, you have no idea what this lady means to me!

Stopping beside the table to look down into her beautiful face and those gorgeous blue eyes, Hello Catherine, you're here early and what happened to your meeting?

"Hello to you too Bob." Comes with a warm smile. "The reason we were having a meeting couldn't make it because his flight was delayed due to the weather there; fog I think it was." she's telling me.

Well, I guess I can thank the weather again! Where I see a little redness forming on her cheeks. Damn this woman gets to me!

But remembering John is standing here beside me, Catherine, this is John Wearing, turning slightly to him. He's a friend of mine, and my class team mate. An John, I'd like you to meet Catherine Parker. Introducing the two to each other.

With that and Catherine's, "Hello John, it's nice to meet you!" Then, with her looking back to me, "I'm sorry, I should have found a table with more chairs." Thank you for not doing that Catherine!

Oh that's all right Catherine, looking back at John. I know John's remembered he has somewhere else to be anyway. Right guy? My definite hint!

John, without an answer, where I can he's more than just impressed with Catherine. Right John? I repeat.

"Ah, Yeah...,Yeah I do." he says. John sounding a little tongue tied as he looks at me then back to Catherine, "Its nice meeting you too Catherine."

"Oh, you will be returning to class after your lunch won't you? His looking back to me now. "You know, just in case I need to tell Frank anything?" John jokingly jabbing me..


"Ah..., right! I hope you two enjoy your lunch." Where John leaves us, heading back towards the door to the street.

An taking my jacket off as I sit down, "That was mean! We could have made room for him." Catherine's scolding me.

Yes, that was mean of me wasn't it?

"Yes it was Bob, but I'm glad I got here early and found this table for two." Her smiling reply.

Okay so, no meeting Catherine?

"Well maybe, if he gets here before I have to leave for the airport. So it could be a short one for me anyway." she says.

You said you're flying into Denver Catherine?

"Yes, my flight is scheduled to leave here about six-thirty. So maybe..., four hours to Denver. That means with the two hour time difference, I should be there around eight-thirty their time. Where I'll be staying at a hotel near the airport and pick up my rental car there in the morning, where I have a meeting with some people from our local office there. Then, the next day, I'll drive to Colorado Springs. That's about a two and half hour drive. An never having been to Colorado, I thought the drive would be a way to take in some of the scenery..., have you ever been to Colorado Bob?" Her stopping to ask.

Yes Catherine, I have, on several occasions, but not for the scenery. It's always been for what I do in the Marine Corps; winter training.

"Oh.., Okay." She says, where she goes on.

"An from there, I have a flight to San Diego the following morning for three days of meetings, conferences, VIP tours..., and what ever else they've scheduled. And that Bob, will be my routine for the next three weeks; airports, hotels, meetings, more airports." Her telling me all that without once taking her eyes from mine.

Well Catherine, it sounds like you're going to be pretty tired when you get back. So, I guess I shouldn't have asked you to have dinner with me when you get back. Seeing as how you'll most likely be sick and tired of restaurant food too. Saying that with a devilish grin.

"Really Bob!" She says. "Well, if I knew you had asked me to have dinner with you, I would have skipped a restaurant or two." Her going along with my line.

Yes Catherine, if you only knew..., but I'll ask anyway. Catherine, would you have dinner with me sometime after you get back. It may not be fancy, but it would be at a nice place. And most likely it won't be gourmet restaurant food either.

"Well...," A slight hesitation now. Where I'm holding my breathe waiting for her answer. "I'm not a fancy, gourmet restaurant type girl. She says. "So yes, that would be nice! And thank you for asking."

Thank you for accepting Catherine! Slowly letting the air out I was holding in. I'll certainly be looking forward to it. An Catherine please know this, it's nothing more than my way of saying thank you..., for yesterday. Okay?

"Yes Bob. But can we NOT talk about THAT?" Is her, WE'RE not going there!

Of course Catherine. As I look away across the room, smarting from her rebuke, plus being so dumb by reminding her of yesterday.

"I'm sorry Bob, I didn't mean for that to sound the way it came out." Where I see she can't keep from blushing at the memory.

Catherine, damn it, don't be sorry. Now that I'm looking back to her. Believe me, I can certainly understand your not wanting to. But Catherine, I do have a hard time believing it happened, except..., for the marks you left in the collar of this jacket; as I reach back touching a jacket sleeve, reassuring my self, it was this jacket. And just as important, the impression you left on me. But even more than that, I have to ask why..., and me?

Now she's the one who's taking a deep breath before she goes on. "Bob, honestly..., I've never done anything like that; ever! I really don't know what came over me." Not quite the explanation I was hoping for.

Well, where I'm not holding back, I thought you came over me. My crude joke at her expense.

Where at first she doesn't react to what I just said, then the redness in her cheeks deepens when she suddenly realized what I was implying, where out comes, "OH GOD NO!" Right as she breaks up in tearful laughter; hiding her face in her hands.

And me, I cant help laughing with her, and at her at the same time. OH God, she is so embarrassed, and even more beautiful by being that! And her laughter.., it's like some kind of beautiful music playing in the room!"

"Please stop looking at me like that." When at last she stops laughing. But it's a soft request, almost just above a whisper so only she and I will hear it; more intimate, then if she had made it a demand.

Huh, like what? trying to act dumb.

"You know what!" she says.

I know what? Asking again, acting dumber.

"Never mind, just..." She's holding something back?

But seeing me struggling with holding in what I shouldn't say, "Stop it, or I'll have to leave." Her scolding me?

Immediately knowing it's best to keep it to myself where it's, Catherine please don't, my lips are sealed! Where its looking away across the room, hoping she's not getting up to leave. But not hearing her chair moving its looking back to see she has a hand over her mouth trying not to laugh at the pained expression on my face; but it's not working, her body language giving her away.

Catherine, that was..., any way, do you usually ride the train into town? Knowing I need to change the subject.

"No Bob, I usually drive in." Dabbing at the tear on her cheek at the same time. "But because of the weather and the icy roads, my husband thought using the train would be better for me. His Range Rover, having all-wheel drive, would make it safer for me by dropping me off at that station; it's the closest one to where we live. So, not having to commute like that for a long time, along with all the chaos and the traffic congestion around the station, I wondered if I could even get on a train. So after buying my tickets I wondered outside and looked around to see what everyone else was doing. Where it seemed everyone was like me; confused. But for me I was a little nervous too. Because every one else was rushing about every time a train came through but never stopping. Plus I wasn't even sure what train I should get on. It was then Bob, I saw you standing apart from all the others."

Where she halts her motoring narrative to stare at me with a look on her face as if; should I say this?

"And my first thought was..," As she continues staring at me. "Well, you looked so calm, so unaffected by all the confusion, and almost panicked atmosphere going on around you. Where I thought..., maybe you could be someone I could trust to help me. "Plus,"smiling sweetly, "You ARE a very good looking man! And after talking with you yesterday outside the coffee shop, and the funny way you went about asking me to have lunch with you, I find you to be a very nice, along with..., a very interesting man too!"

The whole time I've been looking at her, but now that she just said that, I have to look away, averting her eyes with my obvious embarrassment at what she just said about me. Where I hear, " Bob, don't turn away. It's an honest compliment." Her telling me.

Catherine, looking back at her now. I've been in places, where I've been in..., I'll just say..., some very serious situations, and never lost my cool. But sitting across from you yesterday, and now today..., lady, you completely unnerve me.

Where again that killer smile and sparkle in her eye, "Really? You shouldn't be." Then it's almost a whisper, and a slight giggle in her voice, "But I like knowing that." She says.

Where its a long pause as we stare back at each other until she continues, "So..., I thought, maybe I should stay close to you and maybe some of that calm, coolness would rub off on me and I could relax a bit."

Where our eyes instantly lock onto each other, her mouth drops open like, OH SHIT! And me, who just broke into one big stupid ass grin, watching her face turning redder than the red squares in the red and white checkered table cloth covering our table. That small world of just us just screeched to a halt.

Where out of her beautiful mouth its; "OH GOD! I don't believe I just said that?!" Where she's laying her pretty head face down on her arms trying to hide the redness in her face as her body convulses with her laughter. Bringing tears to my eyes because I'm laughing at her so hard gets people looking in our direction; for a reason, they couldn't possibly imagine!

Then through my choking laughter, as I lean over to get closer to her, where the sweet scent of her shampoo and body wash fills my head triggering the memory of it yesterday. Well Catherine, did any of me rub off on you? Being silly asking it.

Has her sitting up with her head thrown back laughing at the same time she's trying to say, "Oh , please, PLEASE stop, no more, please!"

Where she looks back at me, her cheeks glowing with that rosy blush, and before she can say anything else, Did I help you relax too? Making her feel even more embarrassed.

And slumping against her chair back as her laughter begins all over again. Where I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever known!

Now with her chest heaving in her laughter, plus the way her coat was folded over the back of her chair causing her back to arch, stretches that light gray long sleeve turtle neck sweater snugly over her very ample breast, which is making it really difficult for me to stay seated. Because right now all I want to do is get up out of this chair and kiss the living day lights out this beautiful woman with the beautiful laughing mouth! But instead, it's my eyes roaming over her sweater covered breast.

But at the same time, feel a slight guilt about it; she is married. But still, I can't help trying to envision what they might look like. Or how they would feel in my hands. Or how her nipples would feel as they harden under my tongue.

When at last calming down, and sitting forward, wiping the tears from her cheeks, looking at me while trying to hold a straight face at the same time. Where it's her gorgeous smile breaking through with her, "Please, no more talk about..." She starts to say...,

I haven't said a thing. My interrupting, You're the one with the naughty mind? But Catherine, you didn't answer my question. prodding for an answer.

Now a lump in my throat, as we look at each other. Where I'm just so totally blown away by her. " Yes..., I was, very relaxed. Okay. So no more about yesterday. Please!" Her almost begging.

Sure Catherine, no more talk about yesterday. An not taking my eyes from her I calmly reply. But Catherine,..., you said you haven't had to commute like that for a long time? So I guess you did at some time?

"Yes..., I did Bob. Almost sounding relived. "But then I was going to school down town. And that's been quite a few years ago when I was staying with my mom for a few months, because of what she had been going through. And later where I didn't have to because I started rooming with a girlfriend who lived downtown. But now I drive in almost every day.

But yesterday because of the icy roads, and because I had to be in the office for a very important group meeting. Other wise I would have worked from home. But just as important to me, there also was a friend in town who I wanted to see very much. Where we had a very nice dinner, then spent some very..., pleasant hours getting caught up on some things. Afterward, my friend dropped me off at the train station, where I managed to get on the right train, as well as, getting off at the right station too. Where my house keeper met me and drove me home. So yesterday was not only hectic but, as she's looking at me, very pleasant, and exciting too; in many ways." she says.

But just after saying it her cell phone beeps, like mine does, alerting me I have a text message. With that she reaches into her purse, taking out her phone where a warm smile breaks out across her face where she's obviously reading what ever the text is. Then audibly saying "You're very welcome; so did I!" Her fingers working over the screen, most likely the reply to what I just herd her saying to who ever sent the text. Follows a wistful look in her eyes as she stares past me across the room as if she's remembering something more about yesterday. So giving her a few moments, Catherine, is everything alright?

"Oh yes Bob! " she says. "Everything is fine. Just some warm thoughts."

Okay, and from the look on your face they must have been.

"I'm sorry Bob. For a moment I was somewhere else." Looking back at me now.

Catherine, you don't have to apologize to me. I've been known to get distracted too.

"No Bob, I'm with you now. Where..., I feel very comfortable with you. Perhaps that's why I drifted away like that. I seemed to know you'd understand."

Of course not knowing at this moment, but in the not to distant future, this moment of her wistful look, and her words, "Warm thoughts," will be much clearer.

Catherine, I understand a lot of thing, but women are not one of them!

"No Bob, I think you understand a lot more about women than you let on. Believe me when I say this, because of the work I do, and the world I move in, both in and outside of my work, I meet a lot of men, some very wealthy, or important to my husband and his family business. So I always have my guard up, trying not to say or imply something that's not really there." That giving me a peek into her life?

"Bob, I go out with men because it's part of my job to meet, greet and make friends, both in and out of the business I'm in which mostly deals with the government and military. But unfortunately many men I've met have the illusion that if a woman is friendly and outgoing; she's available. I try very hard not to give that impression, nor do I want to come across as a cold bitch either. But for some reason, I find you very easy to be with, to relax and be myself. You just seem to be such a very damn nice guy. You're so honest and unpretentious. Like, what you see, is what you get."

Really, my thought. I hope you never see the other, Master Sargent Swaggart.

Thank you Catherine! I don't want to ever make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable with me. So thank you again for saying those nice things about me. And I will try very hard to stay on my best behavior. At least around you.

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