tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCatherine's 2nd ENF Training Pt. 01

Catherine's 2nd ENF Training Pt. 01


A week passed since Catherine's last training session at the beach, where she was blackmailed by a male webcam model. Her greatest mistake was in telling him that she was fascinated by Exhibitionism and that she wanted to learn more, and in the process sharing with him pictures of herself naked on the bed fingering her pussy. Those were exceptionally lewd photos that she should've kept secret, of a side of her that she absolutely dreaded be exposed like she was so exposed at the beach.

And so here she finds herself again in the same predicament as last week, having received a threatening text much like the last one that started all this downhill spiral:

My partner tells me you did good at the beach. Nice footage. Well Done. You are one step closer to embracing your inner exhibitionist slut. But don't think it's over. This week you are to meet my partner again at a construction site. You'll receive the details soon.

This game has just begun. I'm sure you know what's at stake if you don't obey.

It was late after dinner; Catherine stood at the sink and sighed in despair, clutching her phone close to herself as she stood still in quiet anxiety. Another session? She was wondering exactly how long is this going to go on for her. Wasn't that embarrassment at the beach enough?

"These guys aren't just trying to test me, they want to break me," she thought to herself.

As her kid turned in for the night and her philandering husband being god-knows-where, she started gazing along the walls of her home where pictures of the family hung; pictures of a life she'd built as a respectable, loving mother and member of her community.

She looked disappointingly at the framed photos of a life only somewhat perfect, thinking of the seed of darkness that lay underneath all that pristine facade; a seed that was now blooming. It was all so superficial. In the glass, she caught the reflection of her true self, beyond the idyllic portraits of an American family. She saw in the wrinkled lines of her face the dark reflection of her husband and how much she hated him; how much debt the family was in; the trouble her adolescent son was beginning to bring home as he hit teenage puberty drama.

This was her true life, and she couldn't help but admit that her escapade at the beach was the most bliss she'd experienced in decades, perhaps ever. Something about walking naked in front of so many strangers gawking at her seemed to make sense. For a moment, Catherine was unsure which side of her was the reflection; which the reality.

Was it her longing for being noticed sexually? Being something to be lusted over like a slab of raw meat? Is this what they'd wanted, for her to realize who she truly was?

Without fully deciding whether she was weary of the blackmail, or weary of her own lie of a life, she waited for the next message...


It was late at night, at 2:00 am. She'd just passed the exit, and quickly looked at her phone's GPS.

"Looks like this is it," she said to herself, as she checked the text sent to her last night:

Find my partner at the location. You are to wear your usual underwear, with a T-shirt and shorts. Once you've reached, hand over your car keys to her and await her instruction. There's something in it for you this time, so do a good job.

"Do a good job, he says," she thought, sarcastically. "How magnanimous."

She had wondered why was she instructed to wear this much clothing as compared to the T-shirt deal last time at the beach. Four articles of clothing seemed a little too good to be true, which Catherine knew not to trust as a leniency. Soon enough, she caught sight of the brunette waiting at the roadside and pulled over to her.

"Hi Cat, surprised to see me again?" said the brunette with a chuckle as Catherine got out of her car.

"I thought that was the last time. I didn't think I'd be playing another one of his games. When's it gonna stop?" asked Catherine, somewhat annoyed.

"Oh he's taken a liking to you. So have I. You did so well at the beach and we had such fun afterward!" replied the brunette.

The brunette then proceeded to grab Catherine's boob and fondled her gently, whispering in her ear "I fucking love your tits, they looked even better exposed and oiled up" as she pinched her nipple.

Catherine was gasping for air as she felt her knees buckle slightly, brushing away the brunette's hand.

"Hm. Look's like someone's extra horny tonight," commented the brunette, as she gave Catherine a peck on her lips.

"Lady...don't you have instructions for me...?" asked Catherine as the brunette kissed her neck and collar.

"My name's Joyce, not Lady... Can't I have some fun with you before we start? You're not in a rush, are you?" said Joyce as she slowly slid her hand down Catherine's pants, which Catherine stopped.

After which, Joyce smiled, pulled her hand away and opened her tote. After rummaging through it she pulled out a pack of condoms and some money.

"I have with me 200 bucks. That's two Ben Franklins, here," said Joyce as she showed Catherine the money. "It's yours to keep if you fulfill today's tasks. All you have to do is find it, while I hide them throughout the site."

"What are the condoms for? Are you gonna ask people to fuck me for the money?" sighed Catherine.

"Hah! You'd like that, wouldn't you? I admire that spirit, but Nope... That's not the point of these... First thing's first, though. Strip!" demanded Joyce.

"What? Here!? We're at a roadside! Why don't you tell me what I'm supposed to do, first?" barked Catherine.

"You don't get to make demands here. Don't forget who's in control, hun. All I need to do is tell him you're being disobedient and he uploads your stunt online." replied Joyce.

"Ugh God... Alright, alright...! God dammit..." sighed Catherine as she pulled off her shirt and shorts, passing them to Joyce who stuffed them into her tote. A few cars passed by in spite of the ungodly hour it was. Poor Catherine had only the bulk of her car to hide behind as they drove along, wondering if they caught sight of her in her underwear.

"Right, so your job is to find the money. Stay here while I hide them. Oh, and hand me your car keys too." demanded Joyce. Catherine then passed her the car keys and stood there with her hands pursed together.

"Those too, hun." said Joyce as she pointed to her underwear.

"WHAT? Jesus, NO! Are you crazy? I'll get arrested!" screamed Catherine.

"I don't recall you having that much trouble at the beach...?" asked Joyce with a smirk.

"That was the beach! Out here... Jeez, that's illegal! Are you people crazy?" argued Catherine, waving her arms about while in her underwear; her breasts jiggling about almost popping out of her bra.

Joyce just smirked at her, waving her phone as she argued, which Catherine knew was a futile attempt. Catherine eventually caved in and removed her bra and panties too, handing them over to Joyce who shoved them into her tote. She then pulled out a pair of high-heeled pumps.

"Put these on, can't walk in bare feet at a construction site," said Joyce.

"I've got my sneakers...?" said Catherine sheepishly as she pointed to her shoes, the only thing she was now wearing.

"ALL your clothes you came in are to be handed to me. Now put these on, hun" demanded Joyce as she tossed the heels to Catherine.

The heels fitted Catherine surprisingly well. No surprise to her, given how they've seen all of her by now; surely they'd know virtually every detail of her body. After handing over her sneakers, Joyce immediately stepped into Catherine's car and without warning, keyed the ignition.

"Hey! Stop!" Catherine yelled. "The fuck are you doing!?" she continued as she struggled to keep up with her own car while wearing heels.

As the car cruised by slowly, the window rolled down and out popped Joyce's head, yelling "You keep up behind me, I'm going ahead first. Just up ahead is the site, wait at the gates."

Joyce then sped off with the car, leaving Catherine alone, completely nude and vulnerable along that quiet stretch of road. Catherine soon realized the heels made it such that she could only trot along slowly; they hurt her feet if she tried even brisk walking. Naturally, it was every intention of theirs to make her predicament worse.

Without much of a choice, Catherine tried her best to cover her nude body with her tiny hands and pushed forward step by step; her breasts and butt bouncing even more with the heels. After what seemed like an eternity of walking, she finally saw her car in the distance parked in front of some metal siding.

"Made it, dear god..." she thought to herself. Eventually reaching her car, she planted her naked ass on the boot, resting her aching feet. Joyce was nowhere to be seen yet, as Catherine looked about, her hands seemingly forgetting to cover her nakedness as she tried to open the car door. "Locked. Of course." she thought. Before she could try anything else, a voice spoke.

"Thinking of driving away? That's not very sporting," said Joyce to a surprised Catherine. "We're here, come along."

Joyce led Catherine through the gate of the site and along a short dirt path. Soon they were on an overlook and Catherine got a good view of the place. The site itself was nearby yet another beach, much like the last one. From their vantage point, it looked like they were building a theme park; the entire area encompassing a good city-sized block.

It was largely empty and consisted mostly of sidings that bordered piles of equipment, alongside the skeletal frames of soon-to-be boardwalk mall shops and the park's rides. Next to it was a parking lot which served another boardwalk mall. The site itself wasn't too bad, but the real risk was in the surrounding developments. They'd picked their arenas well. Soon, they reached the most secluded area of the site: a half-built storefront. Joyce then took a seat on a pile of bricks and turned to Catherine.

"You remember the task, right? Find the 200 bucks, and your clothes along with all the money you find are yours." reminded Joyce.

"Where am I gonna keep it?" asked Catherine, still trying sheepishly to cover her nude body.

"I've rolled up the money in those condoms. I'll let you figure it out." replied Joyce. Catherine was upset that they not only wanted to shame her, but to violate her pussy this time as well, forcing her to keep her loot in such a sacred place. Still, she was determined to take the punishment.

"I won't tell you where the money is, of course, so you'll need to look around hard. But I'll tag along behind so you don't get lost," instructed Joyce. "You can start."

With that, Catherine looked about her surroundings as the chilly night air breezed across her bare naked skin. She'd noticed that Joyce was already recording her with her phone with enthusiasm.

"Recording already?" asked Catherine. "Why don't you just make me do a dance at Walmart?"

"Don't give us ideas you'll regret, smartass. Get moving," retorted Joyce.

After being put in her place, Catherine began looking around the building, trotting along slowly in those damned heels. She hadn't worn heels in a long time, and the new shoes abraded her sore skin. Those shoes seemed as though they were newly bought specifically for her, and they weren't cheap either. It dawned on her the lengths her blackmailers were willing to go to train her, with all the resources available to carry out everything they threatened.

She tried not to let that thought bother her too much and carried on with her mission. In the corner of the building, she noticed an oddly placed brick standing vertically. She proceeded to investigate and sure enough, she found a roll of money tied in a condom. "Great, found one," she thought to herself. But as she looked closely she soon realized something was off.

"What's this?" she asked Joyce, showing her the roll. "It's just a tenner! I thought you had two 100 bills?"

"Yeah, that was just to show you the money is for real. We never said it was gonna be in just two bills. What, did you actually think it'd be that easy?" scoffed Joyce. "Besides, it's the same as what you did the last time at the beach, with those photographs you hunted. There's 200 altogether in 10s, so there's 20 locations. And we won't screw you over this time by hiding the last 10, so don't worry."

"God... Don't Worry, you say," sighed Catherine. She gently slid the condom up her already wet pussy, silently contemplating if she could handle so many notes.

"You seem wet. Don't let any slip out. If any are missing you can't gain your clothes back and you'll have to walk home naked," remarked Joyce as she stood up and walked on. "Come along now."

-Continued in Part Two. Thanks for reading thus far-

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