tagInterracial LoveCatherine's Joy

Catherine's Joy


A lovely woman who goes by Catherine reached out to me to talk about her life (both real and fantasy) after reading "The Cameron Solution." The result of our correspondence is this story. I think it's pretty good and hope to hear your comments on it (of course, if interracial fiction isn't your cup of tea, you should pass on it to begin with), be they pro or con.

As always, this is a work of fiction and all characters within exist only in my (and Catherine's) imagination. Enjoy!

I keep glancing over at the doorman as I fumble with the elevator buttons, acting as if they weren't working even as a shiver of desire snaked its way through my body. I offer him a coy smile as he slowly walks over towards me, his gray uniform contrasting starkly with his dark, almost utterly black skin. He smiles at me as he approached and says in a soft and gravely voice, "Problems with the lift, Mrs. Henderson?"

"I'm not sure," I reply in almost a whisper. "I believe I could use some help."

He pushes the button for the penthouse and the door swiftly opens up. "Maybe I should ride up with you, make sure everything works right."

I open my mouth to reply, but nothing comes out so I just nod. He ushers me into the elevator car and then pushes the button for my suite. As the door closes and the lift jerks into motion, the doorman turns to me, moving to me, towering over me as I back against the elevator wall. He reaches out and strokes a long, thick finger along my cheek and then runs it back and forth against my lips. "You still need some help, Mrs. Henderson?"

"Oh yes," I moan as I open my lips and then begin sucking on his finger, looking up into his large dark eyes as I do so. Suddenly, my coat is gone and I am standing there in a short, black cocktail dress, the hem much too short for a sixty-year old woman. The doorman's free hand reaches out and fingers the low cut front of my dress and with one violent tug, rips the dress from my body, revealing my nakedness underneath. "Yes, please, oh god, I need your help."

He turns away and presses the emergency button and the elevator car jerks violently to a halt. He turns back, suddenly as naked as me, his body big and solid, black skin gleaming in the overhead light. I run my hands over his warm skin as he slips his finger from my mouth and replaces it with his tongue, his lips pressing firmly against mine.

My hands travel down his chest and around his waist, stroking and caressing his taut butt cheeks before moving to his groin and then wrapping itself around something that cannot possibly be his cock. "Soooo big," I moan as I break our kiss and look down at the huge black cock in my grasp. I feel my wetness splattering against my thighs even as he lifts me up into the air and with my back pressing against the elevator wall, presses the huge head of his black penis against my flowered pussy. "It's just what I need!" I croon as he thrusts into me, spreading me wide as he worms his cock into me with a relentless pressure.

My words disintegrate into a primal scream as inch after inch of African-American cock buries itself inside me, joining the sudden shrill cry of the emergency stop alarm. My short legs try and wrap themselves around the doorman's waist as he chuckles and hunches into me more, each movement of his hips bringing me closer to possessing all his long, thick member.

His tongue rolls over my lips and he laughingly snarls, "That's my little white bitch...just a black cock slut, ain't you? Feel you cumming all over my hard, black dick. I'll help you alright, I'll fuck your white ass till you scream for mercy." He flexes his hips, making me sob with pleasure as he buries the last of his huge black snake in my wet, pulsating cunt while he leans in closer and whispers into my ear, "Then I'll keep fucking you and make you cum forever!.

And he does. The doorman, his skin glistening with sweat fucks me hard and furious, my petite white body a toy in his hands, and making me cum and cum with just the way his massive cock throbs inside me. The elevator seems to shake with every thrust, the dull steel walls sometimes going transparent, letting in bursts of sunshine that mirrors the pleasure roaring inside me. "Fuck me...FUCK ME WITH THAT BLACK COCK, GODDAMMIT!" I scream as he thrusts into me again and again, his torso battering my body even as his wonderful cock batters my pussy. The beauty of the moment is only marred by the jarring noise of the elevator alarm, a vague distraction dwarfed my his massive pole impaling itself in my sopping wet pussy!

I feel his body begins to tense, his cock swelling inside me and I know I am approaching nirvana and will be having the orgasm of my life when I feel his hot seed pouring into my womb. I feel a flood of incredible heat and I scream with the delight as the alarm screeches in my ear and my orgasm begins to overwhelm me as...

...I woke up, my body tangled amidst my sweaty silk sheets, my orgasm so damn close and yet fading as each second passed and I returned to the real world. On the bedside table next to me, the alarm from my cell phone cried irritatingly into my ears. With shaky hands I reached out and silenced the thing, almost in tears over my lost dream and climax. I scissor my legs, feeling my swollen labia rub against each other. I feel a shiver pass through me, partly sexual and partly a chill as the sweat on my body begins to evaporate.

I hear a noise coming from the master bathroom and turn to see my husband coming out, fastening his cuff links. His sixty-six years were showing as I realized his hairline has receded more, the gray trim that was all that was left of his hair was now almost white. His pale skin was mottled with age spots and I wondered where the handsome Paul Newman look-a-like I fell in love with in college so long ago had gone. When he noticed I was awake, he smiled down at me and said, "Good morning darling...rise and shine."

I moaned as I stretched, the sheets pulling away from my body and it made me feel good to see his eyes roaming approvingly over my sixty-year old frame. Years of fastidious and dedicated work had paid off. We both knew that I didn't look like I was nearly old enough to collect Social Security.

My petite five foot two frame could still fit perfectly into my wedding dress and my hairdresser had skillfully hidden any sign of gray in my short, blonde hair. My legs still could turn a man's head and I was no shyer about wearing a short skirt now at sixty, than I had been at twenty. My breasts sagged a little, but still hung attractively on my chest. My nipples, usually small and barely noticeable were hard and erect from my erotic dream and my general condition wasn't lost on my husband.

Cliff sat down on the edge of bed and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Another dirty dream, Catherine?" he said in an amused voice. "Anyone I know?"

I purred as I slipped a hand down between my legs, fingers slipping through the little patch of now snow white pubic hair above my pussy before spreading my moist lips apart. "Stephen...the daytime doorman."

Cliff's eyes rose up in surprise. "He would be quite...formidable, I would think. I'm surprised you haven't actually had him."

I laughed and sat up and kissed my husband softly. "Well, not every married man is susceptible to my charms."

Cliff stood up and shaking his head, moved towards the door. "Well, don't give up, darling," he said as he picked up his suit jacket from a chair and shrugged it on. "Do you have a busy day?"

I climbed out of the bed and stretched again as I gave his question some consideration. "Not too much special planned." I paused as I recalled, "Oh, I believe I am interviewing a possible new employee today."

My husband laughed and nodded. "Well, don't overdo it. Your last new employee interview put you in bed for three days."

I giggled as I replied, "True, but he was in bed with me the whole time too."

"You're a terrible slut, Catherine Henderson," Cliff shot back and then grinned. "Any plans for tonight...and this weekend?"

I shook my head in the negative and said, "Nothing firm so far, dear."

Cliff smiled and said, "Well, give me a call when you do so I can plan accordingly. Love you, Catherine."

"I love you, too," I replied, watching my husband walk through our penthouse suite towards the front door. I watched him leave, wondering the whole time how I wound up with such a wonderful man. I glanced at the time and got moving. I had a schedule to keep. I took a quick shower, orgasmic aftershocks teasing me as I soaped and caressed my body, leaving me with a lovely afterglow as I admired myself in the bathroom mirror.

I had to admit for maybe the thousandth time that people's comments about my resemblance to the actress Florence Henderson were pretty much dead on...what with my petite and shapely frame, big eyes, damn fine legs and that short, boyish bob that we both still wore...some looks never go out of style. Combine that with the coincidence of us both having the same last name and the comparisons were even more easily understood. Of course, I've done things that likely made Carol Brady look like a prudish saint...things she never dreamed of doing.

I quickly dressed, choosing a white summer dress with a diving neckline and which ended a few inches above my knees and three inch heels. I was picking up my purse when the doorman buzzed and announced that my driver was here. I made my way down quickly, a silly smile on my face as remnants of my dream echoed in the very familiar elevator car. Stephen, the doorman held the door for me as I climbed into the towncar, tipping his hat at me as he murmured, "Morning, Mrs. Henderson."

I felt myself blush a little as I scooted over in the seat, my dress riding up to offer him a revealing glimpse of my thighs. I felt renewed moisture between my thighs as I tracked his eyes taking in the accidental exposure...well, mostly accidental.

Stephen closed the door and I looked forward at my chauffer, Thomas, another handsome black man, much younger than Stephen. "Ma'am," he said, "To the office?"

"Yes, dear and Thomas, you don't have to call me ma'am. You've fucked me until I couldn't see straight. A man and a woman who've known each other that intimately should always be on a first name basis."

In his rear view mirror, I saw my driver grin and he replied as he eased into the Manhattan traffic, "Yes, ma...Catherine." A few moments of silence passed as we drove past the Dakota and then he added. "Of course, it's been a while, hasn't it?" His eyes caught mine as he looked at me in the mirror again.

I licked my lips and replied, "Why, it has been a couple of months, Thomas. If that girlfriend of yours can spare you, maybe you and I could have dinner one night next week. Of course, maybe Alicia is more than enough for you."

Thomas chuckled and said, "She is one fine fuck, Ma...Catherine, but she's a young white woman. Sometimes a man needs more than a young pussy...he needs a real woman...an experienced woman who appreciates a fine nigger cock."

I felt myself getting wetter between my legs and I was tempted to have him turn the town car around and take me back home, but...as much of a slut that I am, I am also a responsible businesswoman and I have always subscribed to the notion that one must always take care of business. Still, it never hurt to nail down details. "Next Wednesday evening, Thomas? I'll cook for you too. Do me a favor though."

"What would that be, Catherine?" He looked in the mirror at me expectantly.

"Fuck little Alicia before you come over and don't clean up. I've not tasted her on you in quite a while and it will take the edge off your...needs and allow you to give me a proper dicking with that fine black cock of yours."

I could see Thomas's eyes go wide at my lewd comment and then he chuckled, "For you, Catherine...anything." He glanced down towards his lap. "Might have to hurry home on my lunch hour today and give her a good dicking, Catherine – black cock slut like you already has me hard as a rock."

We were pulling up to the brownstone where my business took up all five floors. As I stepped out, I leaned back and in smiled at my chauffer. "Thomas, I plan to stay in the office all day – take the rest of the morning off. A cock as fine as yours deserves to not be rushed. I want to hear Alicia screaming clear across town!"

I could hear Thomas laughing as he pulled away and I went up the steps to "Catherine's Joy," my relatively new, but growing business.

"Good morning, Catherine," called out Mandy from behind her command center. Mandy, a beautiful young woman not quite half my age was my receptionist, personal assistant, and assistant manager all rolled into one. Tall and leggy with a long, blonde mane, she offered me a smile that could make most men begin shucking their pants and more than a few women soak their panties.

She rose up with a clipboard and came around her desk, her long legs looking shapely in a miniskirt and four inch heels. "We're looking good this morning, booked up all day long, the guys are here and waiting for you and you have a new prospect coming at 10:00." Mandy looked at me coyly and grinned, "Of course, I'd be happy to um...interview the new guy for you." She licked her lips and winked.

"I'm sure you would, but then who would run my business for me and make me richer?" I kissed her on the lips, chastely, but with love and then began moving towards the stairs to my office. "Who's up to bat today?"

Mandy looked down at her clipboard and said, "Tony, Big Al, Marcus, Allan and Alfonso." She smiled up at me and said, "They're all cleaned up and waiting for you...Alfonso was waiting for you when I got here. I think he likes the beginning of the day preparations."

I winked back at her and said, "So do I...and so do you. That's why you love it when I take a day off. Go ahead, send them on up!"

Inside my office, I glanced at my desk and noted that there was nothing consequential waiting for me...that was good, I hate having other things on my mind when I'm focusing on my work. I rolled my executive chair out from behind my desk and sat down facing the door as a shiver of anticipation went through me. There was a knock at the door and when I said a bit hoarsely, "Please come in," five young African-American men marched into the room, making my heart beat a little faster.

All were very dark skinned, wearing nothing but white terry cloth robes that emphasized their darkness. "Gather around, Gentlemen...let's get the day started. All five stepped up, gathering around me in a semi-circle. As if cued, they all shucked their robes simultaneously and I couldn't help but moan a little as I beheld their delicious bodies. None were over twenty-five years old and all possessed heavily muscled, sculpted bodies that put me in mind of Michelangelo's David, but with massive penises that would have put the old Hebrew king to shame.

I leaned forward and took Tony's black cock in my hand, slowly stroking the already erect member in my hand, marveling at its girth and length. The huge plum shaped head was already dripping with precum. "Someone's primed," I murmured as I reached out with my tongue and gave his dripping pisshole a lick.

"Yes ma'am," he replied, his hand coming up and cupping the back of my head. "Yesterday was my day off...didn't fuck nobody and didn't jerk off. I've been hard since I woke up knowing you were gonna be sucking my black cock!"

I gurgled approvingly, my lips spread wide to accommodate his thickness as I began to suck his erection, my tongue rolling hungrily over his throbbing flesh. I looked up into his clean cut face, savoring the smile I had put there almost as much as I savored the taste of his cock in my mouth. As I sucked my young black man off, I caressed his testicles, feeling their fullness and heat.

Tony was definitely on edge, it only took a couple of minutes before his breathing quickened and he murmured, "Here it comes, you black loving cocksucker!" Then he was exploding in my mouth, hot torrents of sweet tasting semen that splattered against the back of my throat and then flowed like steaming cream over my tongue, filling my mouth with a load of sperm that only a young man could produce.

I sucked him dry before turning to the next swollen black cock – Marcus's very long penis and even as I swallowed the last of Tony's load, I was taking Marcus's long dong deep into my mouth, trying as I had so many times before to deep-throat him and as always, never quite accomplishing it. "Mmmmm – yeah, white boss lady likes her black cock in the morning," he growled as he pumped his hips into my face, thrusting his penis deep down my throat as I struggled to master the urge to choke as his swollen head pressed into my gullet.

"Suck me, white bitch," Marcus hissed, his street voice making me wetter with each word he spoke. He was a long and lean young man, arms and legs roped with wiry muscle and his stomach was rock hard with six-pack abs. Even though he was usually a soft-spoken young man with a trace of an upstate New York accent, he could turn on the street tough persona that so many of my clients loved. "You want a black man's jism, you gotta work at it, you little whore...black man's whore!"

By the time I got Marcus off, my panties were soaked through and I could smell my own arousal, the strong aroma of pussy mixing with his slightly salty semen as it gushed into my mouth. I sucked him clean and then sucked him a little more until he began to laugh and tried to pull away as I asserted dominance in the situation. I was a black man's whore when it came to cock, but in the end, it never hurt to remind him who really owned his magnificent black cock. Only when he began to moan as I overloaded his pleasure center with my furious tongue action on his sensitive cock flesh, did I let him slip from my mouth.

I felt a dollop of his hot semen on the corner of my mouth and I expertly tongued it off and swallowed it and said perkily, "Next!" Allan stepped up and I crooned with pleasure. Allan had been with me for six months and had become a quick favorite...his length was just a little above average, but his girth...he was incredibly thick and while he wouldn't ever pierce one's deepest places, no-one could make you feel more filled up with cock than he had. I opened my mouth wide, my lips spread so much it almost hurt, but I knew he was on the verge of cumming the moment I rolled my tongue over his monstrous cock head. That was my dear Allan...his first time of the day was always on a hair trigger, but after I drank his thick semen, he could go for hours between ejaculations, capable of fucking a woman into a coma.

"Thank you, Mrs. Henderson," he said in a whisper as he pulled back past my aching lips, his semen hot and thick as I swallowed it.

Suddenly, I was in shadow as Big Al loomed up. "You ready for your daily meat, bitch?" he hissed menacingly – his six foot- eight inches a solid mass of rock hard muscle, not the least of which was roughly a foot of thick cock. His hand came up behind my head and held me in place as he pressed his angry cock head against my lips, forcing them open effortlessly and unthinkingly, acting as it didn't matter what I wanted. I moaned happily as his hands clamped down on my cheeks and he began to fuck my mouth. "Yeah...you a black cock slut, Catherine...you live for what only a black man can offer. Eat that big stick...suck it, choke on it, you little white bitch."

Big Al was one of the most popular of my employees, frightening and sexy to the many white female clients who paid to be mastered by the huge African American male who was fucking my face furiously, seemingly oblivious to my futile struggling as he tried to bury all of his immense cock down my throat, making me cough and choke as he blocked up my airway, his black member throbbing so strongly I could feel the blood pulsing in his huge vein against the soft lining of my throat.

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