tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCatholic Nun Solicits Donations

Catholic Nun Solicits Donations


Hello, I am a Catholic Nun standing outside our Church on a Saturday morning. I stand on the granite steps with my big red barrel for people to put money into. People keep walking past, but nobody wants to contribute today! I have to stay out here for another couple of hours, so I go inside to get a chair.

Oh, that feels better sitting down! People stop and chat with me for a few minutes at a time, but nobody puts any money into the barrel. It is starting to get hot, and the heavy wool material of my Nun's uniform is starting to make me sweat. I feel a trickle of sweat sliding down my inner thigh and it bothers me, so I quickly pull up the bottom of my "habit" and slide my hand back and forth to get rid of it.

I did not notice a couple of young gentlemen walking by at the same exact time. They stop and put five dollars in the red barrel.

I apologize to them for running my hand up my habit, then they say to me "Oh God Sister, even with your uniform on, you look fucking beautiful! I bet you have a gorgeous body underneath all those hot clothes you are wearing! Why don't you take them off and I will put a hundred dollars cash in that red barrel of yours!"

Oh my God, Jesus has blessed our Church! All I have to do is get naked on the street and these handsome young men will donate one hundred dollars! Praise the Lord!

I immediately turn around and the two men help me unbutton the back of my uniform. I slide it down off my shoulders, then turn around and take off my bra and panties. The men reach into their pockets and put two hundred dollars into the barrel! God Bless them!

I put my hands on my naked hips while they look at me for a few moments, then one of them says "Oh my God, you are the finest piece of ass I have ever seen in my life! How much of a donation would you want for you to suck my cock?"

I look up and down the street and do not see anybody around, so I tell him "Donate another hundred dollars and I will get on my knees right now!"

The handsome young man immediately gets out another hundred dollar bill and pushes it inside the red barrel. I pick up my habit uniform from the chair, place it down on the granite sidewalk to cushion my knees, then get down in front of him. I unzip his pants and pull out the biggest fucking cock I have seen a long time! Jesus Christ it is big! I jack it back and forth a few moments while looking up and down the street, then I place my hands down along my sides and open my mouth.

The man immediately shoves his cock inside me and grabs the back of my head with both of his hands. I pray to Jesus to prevent me from gagging and he blesses me! After a couple of minutes, a gush of warm sperm shoots inside my mouth! I swallow over and over again, but he ejaculates again! I can't take anymore and push him away from me while his cock sprays sperm all over my naked breasts!

Anyway, his friend gives me another hundred dollars while about a dozen people gather around to watch. Praise the Lord! After just a few more hours of doing God's work, I raised over five thousand dollars!

At one hundred dollars a blowjob, I only had to suck fifty cocks to make that amount! I can't wait until tomorrow morning to tell the Elders of the Church! They will be proud of me! God Bless Satan for contributing to our Church! Praise the Lord!

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