Catholic Schoolgirls & Virgin Asses


Teresa sat up a little higher on the bed. "Oh please do."

"Well, after I came and showered up, again I really did clean that toy."

"Amy, I believe you!"

"Okay, I just don't want you to think I left it all nasty. Believe me it was nasty. I looked online and read up on techniques on how to keep that part of me more fuck worthy," Amy said.

Teresa chuckled. "You're getting off subject. Cocks Amy. It's all about the cocks."

Amy blushed. "Yeah, sorry. Anyway, I went to the gym and there weren't a lot of girls there. I guess there was some impromptu tournament tonight and a dozen senior boys were playing ball and several more were messing around on the courts. The few girls that were there were running track and another six or so were milling about the pool."

"So, you hung out and watched the boys playing ball. Could you really see if they were big or not with them all jumping around?"

"No, but if no one notices you," Amy grinned, "you can see if their big or not when you hide in the locker room. You also see a lot of ass slapping and dick smacking. That was weird."

"Dick slapping?"

"Yeah, I slipped into the locker room and wedged myself behind these old nasty locker and the wall. I had to shower afterward, but it was so worth it," Amy was saying. "I waited there probably thirty minutes before the guys started filing in. "Teresa, they were sweaty and stinky, but they had no problem ripping off their shorts and walking around snapping towels at each other. A few of them even grabbed their cocks and compared sizes."


"Nah, soft," Amy said, sounding disappointed. "So I watched them break off. Most headed to the showers, but two of them, they have to be gay, they started slapping their cocks back and forth against the other one's."


"I know it sounds gross, but Teresa, it was pretty hot. Their cocks got hard and that's when the boys stopped. They backed away and started to get dressed. One boy, he's about your height, his cock was about this long," she lifted her fingers and stretched them about. "Four or five inches, I think."

"And the other?"

"He was longer, but a lot skinnier. I'd say may seven inches, but really really narrow. It looked kinda weird. Reminded me of a big fat pencil. A couple inches bigger than those ones we used when we were first learning how to form letters."

"That is weird," Terersa said. "Cocks sure are strange."

"I know, right." Amy shrugged her shoulders. "Well, when those boys left, the room was empty, but I knew the boys were only going to be showering for so long, so I hurried up and left. Got back here and showered off the stench of a boy's locker room and then you got back."

Teresa chewed on her lower lip. "So you got to see some hard cocks."

"Yeah, but they had to have been gay boys. They aren't going to fuck our asses," Amy said.

"We don't know if their gay and maybe they are, but maybe their bi too," Teresa said.

"Do you think you'd recognize them if you saw them again?"

"Yes!" Amy said. "I didn't just stare at their dicks, I looked at their faces. Their decent looking."

"I don't care what they look like and neither should you. We just want their cocks."

"I guess," Amy said. "So what's your plan?"

"Well, we head back to the gym and see if we can find your two boys. If so, we just come out and tell them what we want. We of course use the first hand knowledge that you saw them cock slapping each other and if they don't do what we want we'll tell everybody."


"Only if they aren't into it. I mean we don't have to tell them about the cock slapping if they just take us up on the offer," Teresa said.

Amy sighed. "Okay, we'll try it. I hope they just agree. I mean what eighteen year old boy wouldn't want to fuck some girl's tight ass?"

"I don't know. Not everyone is into it."

"If their gay, they probably are," Amy said.

"True. Either way, we're getting ass fucked!" Teresa said and started to jump up and down on her bed.

Amy laughed, clapped her hands, and squealed in delight. The girls went to bed and when morning came they ate cold cereal from the cafeteria and headed to the gym. Teresa and Amy spent all morning at the gym, they dined on vending machine food and sodas. Around two o'clock, while Teresa was texting her cousin, she received a sharp elbow to the ribcage. "Ouch!"

"That's them," Amy whispered, then nodded her head to two senior boys that were walking across the gym floor.

Teresa studied the two boys. "I don't recognize them," she admitted, "but they don't look bad. Kinda cute in a nerdy kinda way."

"I thought looks didn't matter," Amy said.

Teresa stuck out her tongue. "Touche."

Amy laughed. The two boys grabbed a basketball and joined three other seniors. Soon there were two teams of three and the boys were playing ball. Teresa and Amy watched the game unfold and whenever one of the two boys they were interested in would look their way, they'd both smile flirtatiously.

When the game ended the girls' smiles and waves paid off and the two boys walked over to them. "Hi," the tallest one said.

"Hey," Teresa answered. She glanced down at his crotch and tried to see the shape of his dick through his shorts. Amy had said he was the long skinny one, so that meant the other kid had the short fat dick.

"I'm Todd, and this is Brad," Todd said to Teresa.

Brad waved and smiled at Amy.

"Hi. I'm Amy," Amy said, and stood up. She picked up her bag and turned back to look at Brad. "We were about to head over to McD's. Do you guys want to come with?"

"Sure," Todd said. "Can we shower first?"

"Please do," Teresa answered with a soft laugh and a girlish pinch to her nose.

The boys chuckled, and hurried away. Teresa and Amy sat back down and resumed talking. When the Todd and Brad returned the girls were anxious to proposition the boys. "All set?"

"Sure are," Todd answered.

The four of them left the gym and caught a bus to the local McD's and ordered shakes as well as a family basket of fries. When Teresa felt the boys were relaxed enough and felt comfortable with Amy and herself, she leaned in and sucked proactively on her straw. "So Todd, Brad, Amy and I have a question to ask you."

Both boys grinned and raised their brows. "Yeah?" Brad asked.

"Well, Amy and I," she looked at Amy, "we're well, we need a couple of guys to help us out with a problem."

"What kind of problem," Todd asked.

"Well, I'm sure that you guys, being eighteen and seniors look at porn, right?" Teresa levied them with a long hard stare. "Don't be shy. We do to," she said, nodding her head toward her roommate.

"All the time," Amy admitted, blushing a deep crimson.

Brad and Todd looked at each other, simultaneously shrugged their shoulders and Todd answered, "Yeah, sure. Everybody does. Fuck probably more Catholic school kids do than public school kids."

"You're probably right," Amy said.

"So what do you want?" Brad asked.

Amy licked her lips. "Teresa and I don't want our cherries popped, so get that idea right out of your head."

Both boys' eyes widened in their sockets. "Okay then, what do you want?" Brad asked again.

Amy took a deep breath and toyed with her paper napkin. "We want you to fuck us in the ass," she said very quickly and prayed that she wouldn't have to repeat herself.

"You want us to what?" Todd asked, while Brad stared at Amy with a look that was unreadable.

"You heard her," Teresa said. "So, what do you think?"

Todd laughed. "You're so full of bullshit," he said. "Come on Brad, let's get the fuck out of here." He pushed on his friend, but his friend didn't move.

Brad was studying Amy. "What do we get out of it?" he asked.

Amy rolled her eyes. "Duh, you get to come."

"Yeah, but in a condom right. I mean you're not going to let us fuck you without protection. If you were then you'd have been one of those sluts who lost their cherries a long time ago."

Amy shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, condoms are a must. What do you want?" she said, looking again only at Brad.

"Brad, dude. Seriously. You can't be considering this shit. I mean come on, they're pulling your chain. Probably some dare they worked up with some of the girls in their hall," Todd said.

"No. No, it's not," Teresa told him. "Come on, sit down Todd and hear us out."

Todd pushed his chair under the table. "Sit down Todd," Brad said, pulling it back out.


"Sit down, let's hear the ladies out," Brad said again, this time his eyes caught Todd's hostile glare.

Todd shook his head and sat down. "Whatever," he said.

Teresa let out a long breath. "Look, we've been playing around just like every one else. We've used toys and our fingers, but now we want something more. Neither one of us wants to have vaginal sex. We're saving that for our husbands, but our asses, no one needs to know we gave that up. We want the real thing and well, Amy's seen your dicks and she says she thinks you'll work."

"Seen our... ."

"Lower your voice Todd," Brad warned.

"When did you see our dicks?" Todd whispered over the table.

"I was hiding in the locker room and saw you boys," she then smirked, "and a lot of other boys too."

"You were in the locker room?" Brad hissed and Todd paled.

"Yeah, but don't worry about what I saw," Amy said. "We really do just want you to fuck us in the ass, nothing more. No strings attached and no expectations. We just want to see what it feels like."

"You're lying," Todd said.

"No, we're not. Look Todd, we have just as much to lose as you do. If you go and run your mouth, we'll be kicked out and our parents will beat the shit out of us," Teresa said. "This is legit. I want your cock up my ass and Amy wants to try Brad's."

Brad grinned. "You liked my cock," he said.

Amy rolled her eyes. "Down big boy," she whispered. "I don't want you to be my boyfriend. Right now we're talking about a one time gig. If we like it, we'll invite you back, if not then it's a hot story to tell your college buddies -- you just change our names."

"Okay, let me get this straight. We fuck you in the ass, and come in a condom and then we go on our merry way, unless you call us back. Right?" This time it was Todd asking the question.

"Right," Teresa answered.

"Well, that sounds good for you girls, but I think Todd and I deserve more," Brad said.

"What do you mean? You get to come, just like we do," Amy said.

"Yeah, but we all know you women come a hell of a lot more than we men do. So here's my proposal. We say yes, you suck us off, we come," he looked at Todd and back at the girls, "in your mouths. You swallow and then you get us hard again. When we're hard again, we put on condoms and we fuck your asses."

Teresa stared at Brad and then back at Todd. "Deal," she said.

"Teresa!" Amy hissed.

"What?" her friend asked. "Come on Amy, it's only fair. He's got a valid point. We girls do come a lot more than boys."

"But swallowing cum?" Amy said, making a face.

"Hey, you're asking us to fuck your dirty asshole," Todd hissed across the table.

Amy rolled her eyes. "Fine. One cock sucking and then one ass fucking."

"You'll get us hard using your mouths," Todd said, showing his willingness to go along with the plan.

"Fine," Amy answered. "But you guys better not come again in our mouths. We want cocks that are hard for our asses."

"Deal," both boys said at the same time.

The girls passed them Amy's key to the back door of their dorm, and told the boys exactly where to be and at what time. "We'll see you tonight," Amy said as the girls took their shakes and waved goodbye. When they were outside they hurried to the bus stop and caught a ride back to campus. They checked in with security and went to visit Sister Marie, the den mother who had a slight addiction to alcohol.

"Is she in there?" Teresa asked as she looked around the corner and down the hall from Sister Marie's room.

"No, but her booze are."

"Cool, look in your purse. I threw a box of Benedryl in there. Pop three in the bottle and they'll be dissolved when she starts drinking tonight," Teresa said.

Amy rolled her eyes. "You're way too good at this," she said, before opening her purse, finding the medicine and slipping into the Sister's room. It didn't take her long to do the deed and when she and Teresa were heading back to their rooms, their pussies were wet with anticipation for what was to come.

When the hour for the boys to arrive had finally come, Teresa was there to greet them at the back door. They hurried back to their rooms, making sure the coast was clear and thanking God that none of the other girls in the dorm had chosen that time to alter their own personal routines. Several were in their rooms, another half dozen were in the activity room, and a few more were in the cafeteria enjoying snacks and homemade cookies that one of the students had made. Once the boys were in Teresa and Amy's room, the door was locked and the television was turned on, with the volume just loud enough not to get the girls in trouble.

"You made it!" Amy said, smiling. She did a little dance and then hugged Brad and kissed Todd on the cheek, before squeezing Teresa's arm in excitement.

The two boys rolled their eyes as did Teresa, but Teresa also giggled and hugged her friend back. "Okay, let's get started," Amy said, double checking that the door was indeed locked.

"Seriously?" Todd asked, "We're just going to strip and go at it."

Teresa looked at him with a confused expression on her face. "Duh, we told you this wasn't a date. What were you expecting, candlelight and romance?"

Brad chuckled. He grabbed Amy's hand and looked around. "I guess we're just supposed to do it all here, everyone watching everyone else?"

Both girls nodded their heads. Amy said, "It's safer that way. We really don't have a spare room that we can use. There's the bathroom, we paid extra for a private bathroom, but we can't just take off and choose some closet to hide in. It's here or nowhere."

"Besides," Teresa added, "with all of us together, Amy and I are safer too. If we tell you boys no and you don't listen, then two girls screaming will get a lot more attention than one."

"Screaming? Telling us no? What the fuck are you talking about?" Todd asked. He then turned to Brad. "I told you this was a set up. Let's get out of here."

"Oh my God!" Teresa hissed. "Think about it you dumbass. We don't know you and you don't know us. So us all watching what everyone is doing makes sense." She rolled her eyes and looked over at Brad who still held Amy's hand. "Maybe we should trade. My boy's scared."

"I am not scared," Todd muttered. "Let's just get this over with," he said.

Teresa again rolled her eyes. "For a guy whose about to get his cock sucked, you sound so thrilled."

"Well, you're not on your knees sucking yet, so what do I have to be thrilled about?" Todd countered.

"Just shut the fuck up and take off your clothes," Teresa hissed back, and began to take off her jeans, top and her underclothes. This got Todd and Brad's blood stirring and soon Amy was disrobing and so were the boys.

"Now do you believe us?" Teresa asked when she slid down to her knees and grabbed the hardening shaft of Todd's crotch.

Todd's eyes widened as Teresa opened her mouth and covered the head of his cock with her lips. Teresa smiled around his tool and chuckled, then she popped off. "You'll like this Todd, I promise."

He nodded his head and Teresa smiled back, and then began to concentrate on making Todd's cock grow. She was very curious as to how long it would get and how skinny it was, even when it was stiff and ready to be used. Occasionally she would look over at Amy and watch her devour all of Brad's short cock. It certainly was different than the one in her mouth and a part of her wanted to have it in her mouth.

She popped off again and said, "Amy let's trade cocks after we have them come once. You get Todd hard for my ass and I'll get Brad hard for yours. That way we both can feel what it's like to suck on different size dicks."

Amy stopped sucking Brad's rod and looked over at Todd's penis. "Sure."

"Um, don't we get a say in the matter?" Todd asked.

"Dude, seriously?" Brad asked. "You have to be the biggest pussy in the room. Shut up and let these girls suck us off any which way they want." He reached down and stroked Amy's hair. "I'll do whatever you girls want," he said, then blew her a kiss.

Amy blushed, opened her mouth and started swallowing him up once more. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Teresa rolling her eyes and knew her friend wanted nothing more than to slap the stupid out of Todd.

The two boys were soon moaning and grunting in approval of what was being done to them and when they both mentioned coming the girls held onto their guys' hips and sucked hard, bringing the hot sticky fluids to the surface where they were obediently swallowed up. After a few gagging sounds the girls managed to get all the cum swallowed and exchanged places. Once more the boys' cocks were covered by warm mouths and wet tongues and once more their shafts were growing hard and their balls were aching.

"Okay, condom time," Teresa said and tossed one to Brad. Amy did the same with Todd, and then the girls switched back to their initial choices.

As Brad pulled on his condom, he looked at Amy's ass. "I read online about this. You're ass looks really nice. Did you guys, well you know, get them ready for us?" he asked.

Amy grinned. "Yeah, it was kinda gross, so I don't want to talk about it much, but our asses are clean."

"You could probably eat them if you wanted," Teresa joked. "That's how clean they are."

Brad grinned and Todd curled his lips in disgust. "Let's not go there," he said, "that wasn't part of the deal."

"She was kidding," Brad said. "Do you have toys for your pussy?" He asked, then grabbed a bottle of lube that Amy had on a nearby table.

"Yeah," both girls said at the same time.

"We'll take care of our pussies, you worry about our asses," Teresa said. She handed Todd a bottle of lube and said, "Make sure you cover that whole thing with gel. I want every inch inside me. You may have a skinny cock, but you're gonna reach places even my best toy can't reach." Teresa looked at Amy. "I'm so wet, my toy may fall out."

"I know! So am I," Amy said.

The girls climbed onto their beds and while the boys rubbed the lubricant all over their condom-covered dicks, the girls pushed their toys into their pussies and turned them on to the lowest setting. Both Teresa and Amy instantly began to moan.

Each girl used a small bullet vibe that came with a remote. The remote control was wrapped tightly in their fists and the pulsating action beat on their sensitive flesh. Their pussy lips quivered and fluids flowed easily down from the deep channel of their virgin holes. "I can't wait to have a real cock," Teresa gasped. "I hope my husband is built like a horse."

"Me too," Amy gasped as her little bullet played with her insides. She turned to look back and saw Brad climbing on the bed. "Put some lube on my ass and use this to push it in if you don't want to use your finger," she said.

Brad took the lube. "I don't mind using my finger," he then opened her ass cheeks, spreading her wide. "You really did clean good back here. It looks fresh and pick and well, clean."

"I told you I did. Teresa did too, didn't she Todd?" Amy asked.

Todd was on top of the bed and was looking at Teresa's round ass. He spread her cheeks apart and nodded his head. "Yeah, she looks clean, but I'm not eating her ass," he said.

Teresa rolled her eyes and flicked her remote to the next setting. "Just fuck it then," she hissed. "Remember a lot of lube and squirt it on my ass hole first." She then closed her eyes and waited to feel Todd's dickhead invading her tight entrance.

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