Cathy Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Slave to the Body

After the scene with the builder and the way Ted tore up her hard earned money Cathy found it impossible to work, she couldn't concentrate and kept feeling like she was about to throw up.

"Are you feeling ok?" Ted asked from the doorway.

Cathy jumped, she had her head on her arms and was trying to keep calm, "No, Mr Heron, I feel ill." she said and then accusingly she added "In fact I feel bloody awful."

"Well, maybe you should go home." Ted said calmly, "Take a couple of days off and I will see you first thing Thursday ok?"

Cathy was shocked, she was expecting to be severely punished for her attitude, not this generosity, "Yes Mr Heron." She said slowly "Thank you."

Ted closed the adjoining door and watched as Cathy got herself together, he watched as she walked out of the office and he watched as she entered the lift. 'Maybe I went too far' he thought 'but at least I know she will do whatever I say, I know she's mine to command.'

Ted had watched her all the way to the lift not just because he felt a bit guilty about her pain, but also because he couldn't fully understand why she would go that far, ok she could lose her husband even her job, but what she had lost instead was a hell of a lot more, or so it seemed to him, maybe there was more to Cathy's accepting her role than even he realised. There had certainly been a lot of changes in her, she looked great compared with the way she was when he first joined the firm and they made a formidable working team, from the time he had made her walk like a women, a real woman, she had kept those hips swinging, she seemed more sensual when she moved around the office even teasing some of the male staff, knowingly or unknowingly, she had become a real horny woman, and maybe it wasn't all pain for her, just maybe she enjoyed some of it, he would have to find out.

Cathy slammed the door behind her, went to the bar and poured herself a large vodka, she drank the whole glass and filled it again taking it and the bottle to the bedroom where she stripped off and ran herself a bath, she could still smell that fat slob on her body, she could still feel him inside her, she had to get clean she had to be rid on his filth. She slid into the scalding hot bath almost crying out with the burning heat, slowly her body acclimatised to the temperature and she allowed herself to soak, her mind wondering over the way her life had changed.

Cathy loved her husband with all her heart, but she had to admit that life with him wasn't anything exciting. She didn't want or need excitement, that's why she married him, he was quiet and loving and totally devoted to her but he never disagreed with her, never argued a point with her, he was just there when she needed him, or to be honest he wasn't even there really and maybe that's why she had married him, he was always on a job to some foreign land delivering something or other to god know' as who, being married to Rob had given her a child that she had always wanted but had not really changed her life in any other way.

She had been leading a hectic business life before she met Rob and still had that life after they were married, everything had been the same until, Ted, until Mr Heron sir had arrived on the scene. She filled her glass for the third time and drank it down as she thought of the humiliation of that first time, the video had been a real shock but she remembered that night in some detail, her body had ruled her head and she just couldn't get enough, she had tipped over the edge of reason and let her body take control.

She had always enjoyed sex and she had always been willing to experiment, in fact she tried just about everything and everyone that came along, she just loved the feel of flesh on flesh the feeling's of passion as they rose in her and the explosion of orgasm, the sense of power as she took a man and drove him wild, the hunt when she set her sight's on someone and then the conquest, or when she knew someone wanted her how she would make them run around for her teasing them until they were almost insane and then giving them nothing, or everything depending on her mood, god she missed those.....

"Oh fuck!" she said, to nobody, "What the fuck am I doing, I'm getting wet, I'm turning myself on thinking about....then....that....oh shit!"

She put the bottle down and jumped out of the bath, wrapping a towel around her self and grabbing the bottle she went and sat in front of the mirror. This was what she called her sort it out place, she would sit in front of the mirror and argue a point with her reflection, her good versus her evil.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she said out loud.

"Me?" the voice in her head replied "I'm not doing anything, just watching you squirm."

"But I don't want any of this"

"No?" the voice questioned accusingly "Then why have you put up with it, why not report him for rape or discrimination, why don't you scream when he fuck's you in his office when the other staff could come and help you, why is your pussy wet at the thought of it"

"No, no I don't want any of this, I don't. I love Rob, I don't want anyone else"

"Sex has nothing to do with love, you may not want sex, but your body doe's. You starved it for so long and now it's free it wants it all, your mind is still locked in a boring marriage but your body wants to be fucked"

"No that's not true, I tried to fight him off but I couldn't, I said no but he threatened me threatened my marriage my life, I would lose everything"


"No it's true, I hate Ted and what he's doing to me, I hate him"

"Liar liar liar"

"Nooooo" Cathy shouted and threw the bottle at the mirror, missing it by feet as she knew she would. She ran downstairs to get away from the mirror, to get away from what her body was telling her. She grabbed another bottle of vodka and opened it taking a swig from the bottle, pacing up and down she took several more swig's and then ran back upstairs determined to let the reflection know how wrong it was.

Pacing in front of the mirror she said, "No your wrong," shaking her finger at her reflection letting the towel drop to the floor "I'll prove it tomorrow when I quit, I will hand in my resignation and that will be that, Ted will be history" still pacing up and down glaring at her reflection.

"Go on then, why wait till tomorrow, do it now, go on, you know you cant"

Cathy moved over to the phone and grabbed it, but it wouldn't lift off the hook, it was too heavy, In a burst of anger she slammed the phone against the table, "Bastard bastard fucking bastard," she shouted and looked in the mirror "what the fuck have you done to me?"

"Come on, it wasn't all bad was it, chatting on the phone with Mr Arnold while he played with your tit and then fucking you with the phone while Mr Arnold was speaking turned you on, you wanted to come but he wouldn't let you, you loved it."

Quietly Cathy sank to her knee's "No no no."

But the voice wouldn't stop "You wanted to come then and you want to come now don't you?"

"No I don't please leave me alone"

"Yes you do, look at your tit's, your nipples are throbbing your pussy is wet, feel it, go on, you know you want too, just for a minute."

Slowly Cathy's hand drifted downwards over her belly, all the time she was murmuring "No, no I don't want this no." and then down to her pussy "Oh god I'm so wet, ohhh" as her finger slipped inside, her other hand played with her erect nipple.

She moved her legs out in front and kept them wide open watching as she masturbated for her reflection. All the time the conversation continued, only now in a different vain.

The reflection smile "You fucking love it don't you bitch, go on deeper push it in"

"Ohhh!" Cathy moaned "Yes I love it, I love doing it for you, no no I don't know I gotta stop."

"No you don't have to stop it's just you and me, go on make it happen you can feel it rising cant you, feel the pleasure in your cunt wanting to get out, you've always loved the orgasm haven't you, you've missed the pain you get from a real orgasm, you love the feeling it gives you, it makes you high, be ready it's coming it's coming it's coming."

Cathy was panting heavily now, eye's wide open in anticipation, her body begging for her orgasm, hand thrusting into her sopping wet pussy like a piston while her other hand clawed at her nipple, the need's of her body had taken over now and she was totally lost to the rising climax "Yeah fuck it fuck it fuck it." she cried and grabbing the bottle she used both hands to thrust it deep inside her throbbing hole, she was like an animal, "Yes that's it now now now nowww." and her orgasm rose up from her stomach into her mouth "Arggggggggggggg." and shot out of her cunt, the bottle a blur of motion as it still kept going "Ohh yes yes yes , gotcha now, gotcha, gotcha heh heh gotcha."

As though she realised what she had done she screamed, "Noooooooooo." an endless cry at her reflection, hand still pumping "Noooooooooo, nooooooooo." and then she collapsed on the floor exhausted, the bottle spinning away, thumping the floor with her fist's and crying from deep inside, heartbroken at her realisation, the realisation that the slut she used to be had woken up, not in her mind but in her body. She had cut it off many years ago and it had lay dormant till now, she knew she had to fight it off. The question was, which one would win the battle, body or mind.

Sometime later she must have dragged herself to bed, she didn't' remember, she just woke up naked on the bed the following morning, she was still exhausted and her legs were sticky with a mix of vodka and sex, she flopped her head on the pillow and burst out crying. She cried for what seemed like hour's before she got up and with tears still running down her face stepped into the shower, she washed herself down and then stood under the hot spray letting it run over her face and down her body, keeping her mind a blank, giving herself a time out, she needed to be calm before she went back into the bedroom, before she faced her reflection again, she was determined that her evil side would not have it all her own way.

When she felt ready she walked back into the bedroom and stood naked in front of the mirror. "Yes I did want to come, and that wasn't the only time either. It's been so long since I had a real orgasm, I love Rob with all my heart but he isn't the perfect lover."

"And?" her reflection prompted

Cathy said nothing just stared.

"And" the reflection said again, "You feel different don't you, you feel sexy don't you? For the first time in ages you feel like a woman"

"Bitch!" Cathy said "Yes I feel sexy, I feel like a woman again, not just a business woman trying to make it but a real woman, yes I have noticed the way men look at me now, how they look at my tit's as I walk, I ask myself do they know I have no pant's on, do they want me, and not only the men, all those old feeling's are coming back, but I cant let them rule me, I wont let them rule me, I still have my life to lead, I still have business to do and I'm bloody good at that as well."

"Yes but a little feminine teasing now and then wont do any harm," The voice in her head was like a simpering squirm, slowly cajoling her, "a few sexy clothes a comment or a look now and then is ok isn't it, just a look or a smile now and then, and who knows if the time is right and you have to do it to keep Ted happy why not hmmm."

"Well we'll see, but no," Cathy said, "feeling feminine is ok I suppose, and nice clothes always make me feel good, but they will have to wait for a while, but yes I suppose I can enjoy some of what is on offer if I have to do it anyway."

Once Cathy had reached, what she called, her compromise with her alter ego she felt a lot better, she went through her wardrobe holding clothes against herself trying to find something to match her mood, after a while she realised she didn't have anything to match her new mood and got a little depressed. "Fuck it," she said "One outfit wont do any harm." and with that she slipped on a summer suit and went shopping for an outfit.

Cathy had been in several shops and still found nothing she liked, she was walking past one shop and she stopped in her track's. On display in the window was the black leather dress that Ted had made her wear for her whoring with the workman, she instantly got wet, juice running down her leg,

"God I looked fucking good in that." she said, and then realising she spoke out loud looked around to make sure she hadn't been over heard. And then it dawned on her why she was having trouble finding something to buy, she was looking at old Cathy, not sexy new Cathy "Well maybe not that daring but it has got to be different from my usual, but something I can wear to work."

An hour later she was in her bedroom again standing in front of her alter ego "How about that then bitch?" she said.

She stood there waiting for a reply, feeling her eye's run over her body taking in the new Cathy. She was dressed in a short skirt with a 6" split up one side which showed the naked flesh just above white stocking's, if she twisted she could see the suspenders as well, the top was a short jacket, almost bolero but not quite, it was held together with two buttons just below her bust line, the suit was a cerise pink and underneath she had a white blouse of the sheerest chiffon, laces up the side's held it together, low cut and no frills or buttons to spoil the view when she took the jacket off. She could wear the suit with or without the blouse, either way it was a turn on, but without a bra she would have to wear the jacket, but didn't have to wear the blouse, either way she felt really feminine and yes, even sexy. It was a shame she couldn't afford to get more clothes like these but she was happy with her buy and would wear it to work tomorrow, for now she was going to spend the rest of the day with her son, and later she would be with Rob, and she would love him like she had never loved him before.

Cathy spent the rest of the day at her mother's with Jordan, she loved these time's with him and it made her realise just how much she missed him. At 6pm she settled him down for the night and then went for a last cup of coffee with her mother, as Cathy sat at the kitchen table her mother put the coffee in front of her "Are you alright my dear" Jane said "You seem a bit, well, a little excited, you've been like it all day."

Cathy reached out and touched her mother's hand "I'm fine mum, it's just one of those day's when I realise just how lucky I am, You and dad and Jordan and Rob coming home soon, I'm just happy that's all."

"Alright dear, you don't mind me asking though do you, I'm not prying, really." Jane said

Cathy smiled "Mum I would be lost without you and dad so you pry as much as you like, but really I'm fine"

Jane tapped Cathy's hand "Well you know it's only because we love you that's all"

"I know mum and I love you too, so don't worry ok?" Cathy said, "I better be going I want to cook Rob a nice dinner before he gets home, love you" and with that she kissed her mother on the cheek and rushed home.

Cathy felt bad lying to her mother, she wasn't cooking anything,, she had ordered in a Chinese and set a bottle of wine to cool. One of the thing's that she and Rob loved most in the world was to sit in front of the fire with a takeaway and a bottle of wine and just enjoy each other's company, and that's what she had planned for this evening, just the two of them together with a romantic takeaway and a bottle of wine, she laughed at her reflection as she passed her alter ego, ok, she thought, not everyone's idea of romance, a take away, but it would do for now.

She looked at her watch, "Nearly seven thirty, better run the bath" she said to herself and went upstairs. As the bath was filling up she stripped off and put her bathrobe on, once the bath was full she turned the tap's off and waited for Rob.

Half an hour later he walked in and Cathy rushed up to him and gave him a huge passionate kiss before he had even closed the door, "I've run us a bath, the wine is chilling and the food is in the oven, so step this way land et me wash away all your cares."

"Now that's what I call a welcome home hun" Rob said as she led him upstairs

Once in the bathroom she stripped of his clothes and they both got into the bath, she lay between his leg's and leaned back in his arms. They lay like that for a while and then she sat up and proceeded to wash him all over. This was nothing new, they loved bathing together and always washed each other, spending time on those intimate areas, as a prelude to what was to follow.

Wrapped only in towels they ran downstairs, Rob opened the wine and Cathy got the meal, sitting down on the rug in front of the fire they helped themselves from the containers and chatted about what they had been up to since they last saw each other, Cathy of course having her usual boring work load.

Once they had finished eating they pushed the containers to one side and Cathy lay back in Rob's arms. After a while she started to run her hands up and down his leg, moving higher and higher.

Rob kissed her on the cheek and said "I'm sorry babe, I'm knackered and I have to fly out to Poland tomorrow to pick up a wagon, I'm on the 4am flight from Heathrow" as he said it he slowly pulled away from her "I'll try not to wake you when I leave babe, sorry"

"Oh ok," Cathy mumbled, disappointed, "don't worry, sleep tight." she watched him go up the stairs. If he had turned round he would have seen a tear running down her face, but he didn't and as he disappeared more tear's followed, she lay down on the carpet and let the tears flow.

"Oh Rob" she said to herself, "What have you done to us, what have you done. One night was all I needed, just one night to love you."

She heard him go, she hadn't slept, too many thing's going through her mind, she dozed for a while but not sleep, once he had gone she went up to bed, as she slipped off her bathrobe she looked at the mirror.

"I told you," the reflection said, "Boring, and you so wanted to fuck him didn't you, the only one you really want and he turned you down, didn't even get it in your hand did you, boring."

"Fuck off!" Cathy said and lay down on the bed, took his warm pillow and snuggled up to it, finally drifting off to sleep.

Cathy was woken by the phone ringing as loud as a church bell it seemed, she grabbed the phone and looked at the clock 7am, 'Who the hell' she thought.

"Hello." she said sounding half asleep.

"Hi Cathy, it's Ted, sorry to ring you so early but I have a meeting today so wont be in the office, We have a meeting at 2pm with old Mr Arnold so thought you might like to have a late start."

"Uhh, ohh Ted er Yes ok" Cathy stammered

"Great." Ted said " See you at two then."

Somewhat surprised Cathy hung up, thankful for some extra sleep but mystified as to why Ted sounded so 'normal', not his usual Mr Heron Sir self. With that thought on her mind she drifted back to sleep.

Still a little confused and somewhat deflated by Ted's amiable manner Cathy dressed in her usual work suit. Denise rushed over to her as she entered the office, Denise was Clair's closest friend at work, and Clair had to admit to herself that they had become closer since all this started.

Denise was in her 30's and single, it seemed to Cathy that Denise had adopted her as a younger sister, but whatever the reason Cathy liked Denise and welcomed her attentions.

"Oh I'm so glad your back." Denise said with a smile, "You had us all worried disappearing like that."

"Oh Denise" Cathy laughed, "You're such a fuss pot, I just had a bad stomach and Ted sent me home to recover."

"Oh he's so thought full, most men would have made you work anyway" Denise said glancing at Ted's empty office.

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