tagIncest/TabooCathy's Big Job Break Ch. 3

Cathy's Big Job Break Ch. 3


Tracy and Niki had taken off their dresses as they stood naked, side by side. I just couldn't believe how sexy Niki now looked. She was trim as she could be, her body, her legs, her breasts, not large, but cone shaped with very pouty halos and large nipples. Her skin was now free of any blemish and she must have had surgery for her nose, she was a knock-out.

"Pussy, we're all naked and you still have your dress on. I want you to remove your dress and stand next to your Mom. You two look so much alike it's almost like you were twins. That's it, give Mom a nice hug, show her how much you love her, in fact, give her a nice open mouth kiss with your tongue deep in her mouth."

My Mom didn't make any protest, she just did and accepted whatever Niki asked her to do, again, as I did. I think the reason she didn't protest is because my dad used to demand things of her, and from her, and if she didn't obey immediately, he would be very hard on her. I know he punished her but he never did anything physical to her when I was around. Also I think that the three drinks that she had, had something to do with it, she's not used to alcohol so I think she just was a little high and feeling good as well as losing some of her inhibitions.

Our breasts were brushing against each others, our nipples were getting hard, it was unbelievable, here we are, Mother and daughter, getting so turned on by each other as if were a couple of high school kids making out. We were both getting turned on, I mean we were kissing passionately, and I put my hands on her butt and was pushing her pussy against mine, the feeling was incredible. I was sure that if we continued much longer, that we would cum.

I knew, like me, that my mother had a submissive nature, as well as I did, and I think it was from my Dad's dominating power over us. He never physically abused me, other than giving me bare bottom spankings every now and then, and some times for no apparent reason, to be honest, sometimes they were painful but it was the only intimacy that I had with my dad and it would sexually excite me; I think he knew it because I would get wet enough to leave stains on his pants from my juices.

Another thing that I was aware of was that I could always feel his penis getting hard. After I went to college he stopped doing it, but later on, thinking about when he spanked me, I remember that he would then always grab my mom and pull her into their bedroom and I would hear them having sex. Another thing that I would also hear, on occasions when they were in their bedroom, that he would be spanking my Mom , and then I would hear them having sex. When I was close enough to their bedroom I could always tell if they were having sex, or if my dad wasn't home, I could hear my mom masturbating because she would be very noisy and would moan out loudly when she came. I would get so aroused from hearing her cum, I would quickly go back to my room and masturbate.

My mother and I were working up to a feverish pitch, as we ground our hairless pussy's into one another as we kissed, I knew that we would both be cumming very soon from the way our bodies were quivering and moaning into each others mouth. I just couldn't believe for all these years that I didn't realize that my mother wanted me as much as I wanted her.

"Enough, you two nymph sluts," Niki yelled out. "you're wearing me and Tracy out just by watching you two. I don't know what the two of you eat or drink, but if I knew I would bottle it and sell it as an aphrodisiac. Now let's go and take our showers and relax in the Jacuzzi."

As we were walking naked to the bathroom, Niki said to my mom, "Linda, you're staying here with us, with your daughter. Like Pussy, you're a natural and you will be a huge success in this business, in fact, I want the two of you to sign a contract stating that you'll stay with our company for a minimum of one year. However, we'll publish an upscale magazine showing the two of you in skimpy outfits that won't hide much and we'll pose the two of you in an erotic way.

"I don't think I can do it," my mom said. "First of all my husband won't allow me to do it and he'll be very angry at me. He likes me to stay home and take care of his laundry, feed him, and when he wants to have sex occasionally, he wants me to be ready for him."

"When he wants to have sex with you occasionally, his laundry, his food? Niki yelled, "what the hell does he think you are? Now listen to me Linda, if he wants his laundry done, let him go to the Laundromat, if he wants food, let him go to McDonalds, and if he wants a fuck, let him fuck the bitch he has in his office and I'll bet he's fucking her every day. So let's get things straight, and if he has a problem with that, I'll have our company attorney let him know what's what. He's no husband, he's an ass hole. I can't believe this jerk, he's got the best looking and the hottest piece of ass at home, and he's fucking around with either some dumb bimbo, or he's gay.. No more about him, let's get into the shower."

My poor mom looked confused; I know that she was thinking that my dad was going to be really mad, and at the same time, she wanted to be with me. We both felt such a strong desire and love for each other. Then my Mom said, "Oh honey, I just can't do this, as much as I would like to." I think the high she was feeling from the drinks were wearing off and she was now feeling guilty.

As we were walking through the bedroom to get to the bathroom, Niki said, "that does it, Linda, now you're going to be punished for disobedience. I told you more than once, if you don't obey, you will pay. Tracy, bring Linda a glass of my special orange juice." I later found out that Niki's special orange juice has something more than orange juice in it.

"Tracy, sit on the edge of the bed, Linda go over to Tracy." Tracy knew exactly what to do as my mom innocently approached her. Tracy forcefully pulled my mom down and across her knees, I felt so bad for my Mom, but I knew better than to protest. All my poor mom could say was, "please don't spank me, I'll behave."

"You better believe that you'll behave as well as obey," Tracy told her. "I'm going to go easy on you this time, since it's your first offense, but if you disobey again, you won't be able to sit down for a day or two." Then Tracy pulled out a tube of K-Y and put some around and in mom's butt hole as she pulled her cheeks apart, I wasn't sure what Tracy was going to do.

Then Tracy started spanking her hard, poor mom let out a yelp. Tracy just ignored her and slapped her ass a few more times and my mom continued to moan. Then Tracy pulled out a long lumpy rubber dildo and inserted it into my mom's butt hole, it must have gone in at least ten inches or so, and then pulled it in and out several times. This had mom moaning louder, just like she does before she cums. Then Tracy pushed it all the way in and started spanking my mom some more.

When Tracy stopped the spanking, I could see mom trying to rub her pussy against Tracy's leg. "That's enough Linda, now stand up and stand over here beside the bed. one more thing, Linda, I want you to keep your hands at your side and don't move them. Do you understand,or I'll have to tie you up. I don't want you to touch any part of your body other than where they are now" Mom was standing but the dildo was still all the way in her ass hole, also, I could see that all around her pussy was all wet and that her full pussy lips indicated that she was very aroused, but she didn't make a sound.

"Pussy, come here on the bed with me and Tracy," ordered Niki. "Pussy, we're going to show your mom how well we treat each other." I laid down on the bed, as Tracy and Niki followed. Niki put the strap on dildo and had me get into the doggy position and slowly inserted into my pussy. Then Tracy got into the position so that her pussy was just under my face and was in a position where she pulled my head down and I started to lick and suck on her juicy pussy as Niki started to fuck me.

I raised my head to look at my mom, standing as still as she could, but when I looked down at her pussy, I could see that it was still very aroused and her juices were slowly flowing down her thighs. I later found out that what was in the orange juice was a quicker liquid version of Viagra for women.

As bad as I felt for my mom, I couldn't help the feeling of tremendous pleasure as Niki was fucking me faster and faster and at the same time massaging my clit. I knew that Tracy liked her clit to be treated roughly so as I was getting closer to my first orgasm, I was chewing on her clit and had three fingers that I was roughly twisting inside her hole, and Tracy was pulling and twisting my sensitive nipples. After I had cum four times, Tracy and Niki came. I looked over at my mom and I could see that she was shaking from frustration, almost in tears, but she just stood with her hands at her sides. Niki said, "now we can get into the shower."

My mom walked kind of funny as we headed to the shower and she didn't dare say a thing. Then I realized that she still had the dildo all the way up into her ass-hole. I looked at Niki and asked her if I could take the dildo out and she said that she would take it out after we were in the shower.

I pulled her into the shower, along with Niki and Tracy and then I said to her, as Niki and Tracy listened. "Mom, it's going to be great, I don't even think that dad's going to care. What Niki told you is correct, he's probably having sex with other women and ignoring you unless he feels, out of obligation, to have sex with you occasionally. I've heard you masturbating so often when he didn't come home late at night, or not even come home. I knew that you were sexually as frustrated as I was, but you were married, I wasn't. Now we can be together and really love one another as I've wanted to do with you for all my life, I've always had a crush on you. I've always made up excuses to crawl in bed with you, just to touch your body and rub my body against yours."

We all started to soap one another, and again, the pulsating shower heads were getting me all aroused again, but I realized that I had to control myself and not to cum so quickly.

"Pussy, Tracy and I want to give your mom a treat to a shower that she'll enjoy. So you just watch while you sit in that corner where you did yesterday and let the pulsating water tease your hot cunt."

My poor mom wasn't able to say too much other than a few feeble attempts to protest, but she knew better. Mom then was able to say to Niki, "You know how much I love my beautiful daughter, I could stay in bed with her all day and all night making love to her, but don't you think that you girls are all young enough to be my daughters. Oh god, I'm so confused"

"O.K., I've got it, from now on you're going to be our mom, just as if we're your daughters, just like Pussy. Tracy, let's soap Mom up and give her a real fun shower. Oops, forgot about your dildo. Mom, do you like getting fucked in the ass, has hubby ever fucked you in the ass? How does it feel?"

"No he has never done that to me, but it does feel good and sometimes I will stick a finger in there when I'm masturbating or maybe a candle or a carrot. Niki, would you please do what Tracy was doing to me with it, I mean push it in and out, that really felt good."

"Sure I can Mom," Niki answered, Tracy, you can scrub her tits as well as her pussy, make sure you stick your soapy fingers all the way into her hole so that it will be nice and clean. While you're doing her front, I'll do her back. Now Mom, spread your legs so that we can clean all of you."

Tracy was playing with mom's nipples and at the same time she was fingering her pussy with her soapy fingers. While Tracy was doing that, Niki was pushing the dildo in and out of her ass. Mom's nipples were sticking out hard and she was starting to really tremble. "Tracy," Niki said, how many fingers do you have in Mom's cunt?"

"Three," Tracy answered, and then she asked mom, Mom, have you ever been fist fucked? I mean would you like me to put my entire hand into your cunt and fuck you with it? You'll find that it feels incredible."

By this time my mom was so peaked, that if Tracy had asked her if she wanted to be fucked by a horse, I think mom would have said 'yes'.

"Oh please, do whatever you want with me, I just have this overpowering feeling that if I don't cum soon, that I'll explode. Please hurryyy, fuck me anyway you want. Oh god oh god, I'mm starting to cum. Oooooh gaaaawwd, oh fuuuck yeeeas. Ooooh Traccy, fuck me harder with your fist, it's filling my entire pussy and feels soooo gooood Pleeeeze, puush the dildo all the way up my ass . Ooooh gaaaawd, Oooooh heeellp meee, I'mmmm cuuuummming."

I can't believe what I just watched, my mom had lost complete control and turned into a raving nymphomaniac right in front of me. Her legs collapsed and Tracy and Niki eased her down on the shower bench. The dildo was still in her butt-hole and as she sat, she rocked her butt on the bench to keep the feeling going and then her body would shudder and I could see her cum squirting out. All three of us were mesmerized at what we were seeing. I cum a lot, but never squirt like my Mom.

"Damn almighty," Niki said, "I've known some pretty wild and horny women in my experiences, but never anything like this. Oh wow, Mom, I really want you as a Mom, as well as I know Tracy would. My own mother ran away when I was very young, and my step mother was a mean bitch. Tracy's mother was a drunk, so Cathy, do you mind if we adopt your Mom?"

My mom seemed to comprehend what was going on, as she slowly recuperated from the super orgasm that she just had, and she said, "I'd be proud to be your mother, Niki and Tracy, and I'll love you just as much as I do Cathy. I now realize that you're just as loving as my Cathy I also know that all of you will love me as much as I love you, you just gave something that I had never had in my life, that was one of the most wonderful orgasms that I have ever experienced, thank you."

"Mom, we have a lot more in store for both you and Pussy and I guarantee you, both of you will enjoy it to the fullest. Sometimes I'll ask you to do some things that may sound disgusting, or maybe even perverted, but I know that you will end up enjoying it as much as you did just now. Let's go into the Jacuzzi now and then we can all get into bed so that tomorrow we can start our exercises early in the morning."

We did just that, in the Jacuzzi Niki told mom exactly where to sit to get the best feeling from the jets and Mom thoroughly enjoyed it. Suddenly I saw a happy and smiling mom as I had never seen before.

When we got into bed, Niki asked Mom if she had any preference as to where she wanted to sleep, she said no, but then said it being the first night that has had a chance to sleep with me, she would like to sleep next to me and either Tracy or Niki could sleep on the other side of her.

I truly believe that Niki and Tracy loved my mother as much as I did. Mom was a smart vibrant women and very sexy, but I really believe that my Dad's dominance over her, and her submissive nature, kept her from her full potential in life. Just from the happenings of the last few hours, I now am aware of her sexual frustration for all these years. I also learned, that being very much like her, I was going to change.

Between Niki and myself, our hands and kisses were all over mom all night, and she relished every moment of it as Niki and I gave her one climax after another.

"O.K. sleepy heads," Tracy shouted early in the morning. I think that she was the only one that got a decent nights sleep. "We've got a lot of ground to cover today. Pussy, you'll go through the same routine that we went though yesterday,; we'll let mom watch and then you'll help me go through it with her. We'll do the workouts first, in mom's case we'll spend a little more time on getting those tits firmed up, you must of really tugged on them we was nursing you. But we'll get them as firm as mine in a little time.

Heck, I don't know where mom gets her energy, considering we gave her quite a few cums last night, but she was going through the exercises as if she had a solid nights sleep. She really picked up on the 'bright light' spiritual and meditation period, she came more than I did. Geeze, maybe I'll have a little of Niki's orange juice.

Niki came over to us as we were finishing on this phase of our training, and she said, " I just finished talking to Dian, remember the one you met at the club a couple nights ago, Pussy." I nodded that I did. "Well that horny bitch is going to bring in her young niece with her tomorrow, and oh, she plans on spending a ton of money if all goes well, but she wants Pussy to seduce her niece. She thinks that the nineteen is a virgin, even though she is a very attractive girl, but she seems to be a bit of a prude. So let's go through some trial runs."

Niki took us down to the boutique shop and showed us the unique layout. First there was the shop that was laid out where all the clothes, (off the rack,) were. Even though they were off the rack, they still had prices on them that went into the hundreds. Then the designers selections that went into the thousands and then all the very expensive lingerie. That was the shop itself, but then they had private showing rooms that was lavishly furnished with leather couches, all mirrored walls, erotic paintings and plush carpeting. But there was more, there was another room just adjacent to this room and it was very similar to the other room that we were just in, plush furnishing as well.

"Let me explain what my plan is. Dian said that she would bring her young niece in with her tomorrow, late A.M., we'll have some finger food out along with champagne. Dian said that her prude of a niece does not drink alcohol so I will serve her some of my special orange juice. Then Pussy will bring Dian and the young girl in and start modeling for her some very provocative lingerie. Dian will be in the room for about ten minutes and then I'll come in and tell her that I have some others that she can select for her young niece."

So we went through a few different scenarios as to how I would show the girl all of our new styles, as well as the most provocative ones. After a few minutes, Niki told Tracy to go through a few routines with me and she wanted to show mom some other things and would be back in a little while.

We had brought in some very sexy panties and blouses, so when Mom and Niki left, Tracy had me go through some trial runs.

"Mom," Niki said, "Mom, I'm going to take you to another room so that you can observe what's going on in each dressing room, so when Pussy is seducing that young niece, you'll be here with her aunt, Dian. What really wants is for us to transform her niece into a nice sex toy, instead of what she is, a cold prude with absolutely no interest in sex. In fact, she took custody of this young lady a few years ago because her parents had been killed in a car accident and now the niece wants to become a nun."

"I don't know Niki, Cathy herself has been a very shy girl all her life, even more so than me. At least in college I had experimented with sex, but Cathy didn't even do that. So do you think that Cathy would be able to do the job, I mean seduce this young girl?"

"You don't have to remind me about your daughter, I had the hots for her from the first time I met her, she got me so frustrated so often, but I was fortunate that I knew Tracy that came over almost every night and took care of me, but even with Tracy making me cum over and over, I would always picture in my mind that it was Cathy. But to answer your question, yes, I think that now that Cathy has come out of her shyness and accepts the fact that she is highly sexual, that she will push it to the limits, as you will."

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