tagNonHumanCats and Dogs Ch. 02

Cats and Dogs Ch. 02


After an eventful first meeting between the teams, lunch passed by peacefully, although there was little conversation. Tom still wasn't sure whether Dill was the cause of that or if something else had happened that he wasn't aware of. Thankfully Dill decided to stay silent and not cause any more problems. He didn't look happy when told they would be speaking to him later though. After they had all eaten and cleared up most headed out to continue looking over the grounds. Rather than separate again, Sam and Tom instructed them to go as a group so that the wolves could show the panthers the training areas. The two headed to Sam's office together, neither really saying much.

Sam was still considering how to keep his feelings in check. No matter how cute Tom was, there was no way he was going to let him know he thought that. They had a mission to do, and it was not the time to be getting involved with a colleague, especially not one who was also an Alpha, and not even the same species. Besides which, it was unlikely Tom would be interested; what were the chances of him also being gay?

Tom was following Sam, wondering something very similar. At their first meeting at the Council he had felt a connection and thought it wasn't just him feeling it either, but perhaps it was wishful thinking. Since he had arrived there had been a couple of moments when he thought Sam was looking at him with definite interest. If he could only be sure it would be appreciated he would make a move and try and see how deep that connection could be. He was also enjoying the view of Sam's muscular back and pert backside as he walked ahead of him. So much in fact that he only noticed him stop at the office door at the last moment and narrowly avoided walking into him.

Sam turned as he got to the door, and was surprised by how close Tom was to him. They were so close to touching he could feel the heat from the other man's body. He heard himself draw in a sharp breath and felt a twitch in his groin confirming his body liked this closeness and wanted more. He quickly opened the door and moved away from Tom before his urges got the better of him. He managed to breathe normally again once he got some distance between them, but he saw a look on Tom's face that suggested he had noticed. He decided to give Finn a call straight away so they weren't on their own too long.

Tom had definitely noticed Sam's reaction to him being close, and his senses had been in overdrive as well. It was some confirmation of his hopes about Sam, but the fact he had moved away so quickly suggested there was some reason he wasn't comfortable with it. He wanted to push the closeness again to see what happened, but before he could make a move there was a knock on the door and Finn had been invited in.

Finn addressed Sam immediately. 'I'm sorry boss, I shouldn't have let him get to me like that. He was just being so cocky and kept pushing til he got a reaction from me. I know you expect better.'

'I gather he did a good job of getting everyone's backs up. I do expect better though and I don't want it to happen again. Tom, is there anything you want to ask?'

'No, not really. You confirmed my suspicions. I'm sorry Finn. He is good at his job but he thinks a lot of himself sometimes. I will be having words.'

Finn was quickly dismissed and said he would head out to join the others. Tom tried to call Dill in his head but got no reply. He had been told not to leave the house, so unless he had been very stupid and disobeyed more orders, he must have fallen asleep. 'I can't get an answer, he must be out of it.' he said to Sam. 'I'll go fetch him.'

'It's okay, I'll ask Tilly,' Sam replied, without thinking that this would mean being alone with Tom again. He thought out to her and although he got a reply he got the definite impression she was still unhappy with him for his orders earlier. 'She's on her way to his room.' he said with a wry grin.

'You in the doghouse, if you'll excuse the turn of phrase?' Tom couldn't resist asking. He took the opportunity to move closer to Sam's chair, noting his reactions as he went. He wanted to see how he reacted to the closeness, because his breathing when they had stood so close at the door had indicated he was attracted to Tom. Now though Sam looked nervous more than anything, as though he was expecting Tom to attack him. 'Not unless it's to kiss him until he moans,' thought Tom.

'We had a minor disagreement. It'll be fine.' Sam replied slowly. He felt nervous, like he was being stalked, and he could almost see a predatory glint in Tom's eye. He was now aware that Tom was attracted to him, and it made matters even worse. He wasn't going to get involved in this and although he knew his cock was twitching and he was having to keep his desire under control, it wasn't going to happen no matter how much his body might be craving it.

He realised he was wheeling back in his chair slightly, trying to keep his distance. Tom stopped moving and just looked at him, but there was still a glint in his gaze. It made Sam even more uncomfortable because he couldn't help thinking that all Tom wanted from him was something immediate and if it was long term he might have waited a little longer to make a move. The last thing Sam wanted was a quickie, especially not when he really wanted a lot more.

'Do I make you nervous Sam?' he asked softly, letting his eyes travel slowly down Sam's body across his beautiful chest to what looked like a bulge in his loose joggers. He licked his lips and looked back up at his face, noting that Sam had seen what he was doing and his face showed a mixture of fear and lust. Tom thought he was gorgeous, and both his human and animal sides were crying out for some contact with the vision before him. 'You don't have anything to be afraid of, I only want to touch you' he continued, and started to move forward again.

Sam shot back in his chair fast, hitting the bookcase behind him. 'No.' he said, although it took a lot out of him to say it. 'We aren't going to do this.'

'Why not? You know what I want and you want it too. What's the problem?' Tom wondered if he had it wrong, but he had seen Sam's reactions to him, and there was no doubt there was an attraction, he just seemed to be fighting it for some reason.

'Typical arrogant cat.' Sam growled under his breath. He knew he was shaking all over, and his body was almost screaming at him to let Tom touch him, hold him, and love him, but his rational mind was still just about in control.

That brought Tom up sharp. 'Is that your problem? You who've been around cats all your life and know how well you work together.'

Sam stood, although slightly shakily, but was glad to find his voice was clear and sharp. 'No. My problem is people, whatever they are, assuming what I want and trying to take what they want. You turned up today and already think you know me. And I can work well with cats.'

The emphasis was not lost on Tom. He'd probably deserved the 'arrogant' comment, as he'd clearly pushed Sam too quick, he just couldn't help himself. He could only hope that things were not lost, and perhaps if he showed them how well they could work together other things would follow. Time to be on his best behaviour. 'Sorry. Dill isn't the only one of us that gets carried away with his own importance. I won't push you.' He turned away so Sam couldn't see the sadness in his face.

Tilly heard the command and agreed to go get Dill, although she made it very clear she was not happy with Sam. She didn't particularly relish having to see Dill alone either, but she didn't send that thought back. If Sam was going to close off to her about his issues she wasn't going to talk to him about this attraction to Dill either. It was crazy to be thinking it after how rude he had been, but he was obviously interested in her and there was something about him that had stirred some primal feelings.

She knocked on his bedroom door and got no reply. She knocked again, louder than before, and still nothing happened. The thought crossed her mind that he had run off, and she opened the door to check. What she saw made her gasp. Dill was asleep on the bed, stretched out and totally naked. She could see not only the chest that had attracted her earlier, but his tanned and defined legs, and what drew her attention the most, a semi-hard and large cock lying on his flat stomach. She couldn't seem to stop looking at it, and tingles in her body told her she was enjoying it. As she stared it seemed to move and grow harder. The movement kept her attention for a moment but she finally broke her gaze and her eyes flashed back to his sleeping face. Only it wasn't sleeping any more. His brown eyes were open and looking at her with interest. She felt herself blushing at being caught out.

He grinned at her and stretched, making no attempt to cover himself up even though his cock was continuing to grow and had started to point towards the ceiling. 'I was having the nicest dream about you. There was rather more touching involved but I suppose I should pleased you are at least looking.'

His attitude managed to break Tilly out of her stupor and remind her why she was really there. She managed some sarcasm in her tone. 'You should start dreaming about how much shit you are going to be in for not hearing Tom call you, especially when you are already in trouble.' She just about managed to avoid her gaze going back to his glorious cock. Her comments made him move, but he didn't seem too worried about getting there fast.

Dill had woken up with a strange feeling. He had been dreaming about Tilly and he knew he was hardening. For some reason he had been aware of a presence that he hadn't wanted to disturb. His eyes had opened a crack and he saw Tilly standing in front of him, quite obviously transfixed by his manhood. He couldn't help opening his eyes and seeing how long she would stay there. If it hadn't been for his pleasure at what he was seeing making him harden further, she might not have stopped so fast. Good cover though, he sighed and got out of bed. He made sure to turn his back to her and pull his trousers on slowly so she could get a good view of his ass.

Tilly knew he was showing himself off to her, and although part of her would have loved to stay and stare at him, and another part again wanted to go and stroke across his buttocks and hold his hard dick, she managed to make a disgusted sound and turn to leave the room.

'I'll be outside when you finally work out how to dress yourself.' She closed the door and leaned against the wall, trying to get her breathing back to normal so she could act like she hadn't been affected by his display. He was deliberately teasing her and she knew he loved doing it. He hadn't been lying about dreaming about her either, she had felt the lust when he thought about his dream and there was no deception in his emotions.

Dill was amazed at having found Tilly in his room, and her definite interest in him. He hadn't been able to resist teasing her, and he desperately hoped that she would be affected by his display. When he left the room, now with his trousers on, she barely looked at him and wouldn't speak, but he knew that she was probably embarrassed at her behaviour, and given his comments earlier in the day, he couldn't afford to push her too far just yet. He would have to win her over slowly, and he resolved to be on his best behaviour to do that, although a little more gentle teasing would probably not hurt.

Tilly was pleased when she managed to lead Dill to the office without getting involved in conversation. She could feel him staring at her, but tried to ignore it, and was glad when they reached the door. She knocked and entered, and almost shot back again with the strength of emotion inside the room. There was lust, anger and sadness washing around in waves. What the hell had gone on in here? When she had spoken to Sam there was no trace of anything untoward in his tone. She glanced at their faces, and more quizzically at Sam but he scowled back and asked her to leave so she backed out quickly, determined to find out what had happened, and hoping it would be a good diversion from what was happening to her.

Dill knew he was in real trouble when he saw Tom's face. He didn't know that not all of the anger there was directed at him and a lot was Tom berating himself for his actions a few moments before. His pleasure at Tilly's attentions disappeared as he took a verbal battering. Although he couldn't physically do it in human form, his tail should have been between his legs. He was on no privileges, lots of extra duties, and confined to his room for a lot of the remaining time. He took that part hardest, knowing it would stop him seeing Tilly. He barely managed to get his apologies in.

When he left the room Tom turned to Sam. 'That should do it.'

Sam was shocked at how hard Tom had been on Dill, but it wasn't his place to question another Alpha about team discipline. He had a suspicion that Tom was angry at himself as well. Sam was just relieved that the sexual tension was gone, at least for now. He almost wished that he hadn't stopped Tom, but he didn't want to have regrets. Time to get back to business.

'We'll need to sort out some small groups to start training tomorrow. I was thinking we should try and split the teams so they get used to working dog-cat. What are we going to do with him?'

'I was thinking as there are more of your team, he should go with Tilly and Finn.' Tom replied.

'Isn't that the worst possible combination?'

'No, I don't think so. He won't step out of line again and it would do him good to work with Finn so they can find out each other's strengths. And if he is any trouble, I think Tilly will keep him in line nicely. She certainly proved herself earlier with him. I've never seen him cower like that,' he grinned at the memory.

'Really? She can be quite harsh when she wants to be. I never have any trouble with discipline in the ranks.'

'I noticed. The others came into line immediately when she told them to.'

Sam was pleased Tilly had made a good impression. It was important that they knew she had earned her place in the team, and wasn't there because she was his sister. He was still a little worried about her working with Dill, but he'd have to be an idiot to step out of line after that dressing down.

'Okay. I'll tell her though, she might not like the idea.' He grimaced slightly remembering that he was not her favourite person at the moment and if he was the bearer of bad tidings it could only get worse.

'I will have a word with Dill and explain our reasoning. He won't cause her any trouble, I promise.' Tom said, starting to leave the room. 'And I am sorry for my behaviour as well. You don't have to be concerned about me trying to corner you again.'

He left quickly after that, not wanting to face Sam. As a result he didn't see the conflict of emotions on Sam's face. He wasn't sure whether he was glad about that or disappointed.

Tilly came to his call. She entered the room and sat down, and unlike usual didn't start to talk. She was clearly still pissed at him. 'We're going to do training in small teams tomorrow. Tom and I discussed it and you will work with Finn and Dill.' He didn't miss the shocked look on her face. 'Apparently Tom feels you have the ability to keep him in line if he needs it, although after the ear bashing he just had, I'd be surprised if there were any issues.'

Tilly wasn't so sure. He might not get in any more fights, but she wasn't so sure he would behave himself with her. If he hadn't caught her looking she might still have some advantage, but now he thought she was interested she got the impression he was going to try and persuade her into his bed. That little show he had put on was probably just the start and it was going to be hard to resist. However, he'd have to sort his attitude out before anything like that would happen. It shocked her a little when she realised she was thinking when, not if.

Sam must have seen something because he suddenly looked worried. 'Has he been causing problems I don't know about already?'

'No.' She replied quickly because she didn't want him to know what was going on.

'Doesn't look like it from your expression. Has he tried it on with you?'

'NO!' She shouted, exasperated. 'He's not made a move on me. He just makes me a little uncomfortable.' She wasn't going to tell him how, or that she was finding she liked it.

Sam sent a thought to Tom. He was surprised it got through as it usually took a close relationship or knowing each other a long time before distance talking worked properly. He supposed there was a closeness there, he just was trying hard not to let it get to him.


Tom stalked through the house back to their rooms, trying not to overanalyse what had happened with Sam, or why he had taken it out on Dill. He was disappointed in himself for not realising Sam was unsure about what he was feeling. He knew now he should have waited, but it had seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Being shot down was a reminder to him that he was too impulsive, both as a cat and a human. When he got to Dill's room he walked straight in and saw some fear on his face at the sudden entrance. Dill looked to be expecting more trouble.

'We have decided to partner you with Finn and Tilly for the first exercises. I want to be sure you won't get into any more trouble. If you see them working hopefully you will begin to realise the worth of others.'

Dill didn't respond. He already saw the worth in Tilly, and was glad he would get to spend more time with her, even if it would be accompanied.

Tom was shocked to hear Sam's voice in his head at that moment, and glared at Dill. 'What have you done to Tilly?'


'You sure?'

Yes, I'm sure. What's wrong?'

'Sam says to tell you to keep your hands off his sister. Can you think of any reason why he'd need to tell you that?' Tom still glared, and Dill started to look embarrassed under his gaze.

'Honestly, I haven't touched her. Wait a minute, she's his sister?' Dill was more than a little surprised at that news.

'So what have you done, if not touching. I'll guess looking a little more than required.'

'That's not fair. If anything, she's been looking at me. I woke up to find her in my room eyeing my assets.' Dill was wondering what Tilly had told Sam for him to say that.

'Extra orders anyway. No improper suggestions or comments, and you lay one finger on her without her permission and you'll answer to both Alphas. Understand?'

Dill couldn't help a challenge to that. 'And if I get her permission?'

Tom laughed. 'Given your introduction to her that seems rather unlikely. I doubt she was that interested in what you have to offer.'

Dill looked upset at that comment. It obviously hit hard. If Tom was honest he was being meaner than usual since he felt he had lost his chance with Sam, and didn't see why anyone else should be having any success.

* * * * * *

The first night passed peacefully, although not everyone had an easy sleep. Tom was still hurting over his rejection, and Sam was alternately pleased with himself for not giving in to his urges and regretting not seeing what would happen. Dill spent a lot of time wondering what Tilly really thought of him and what she had told Sam. Of the four who had been struggling with their feelings the previous day, the only one who slept well was Tilly, although her dreams were full of visions of a naked Dill.

Breakfast was quiet, and afterwards Sam gave instructions about the exercise for the day. He had been out before breakfast setting up some perimeter defences around an outbuilding that they would survey and attempt to enter whilst he and Tom would defend it. It would be a useful test of how the units would work. Each group then set off to discuss tactics while the two headed off to the building to prepare.

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