tagNonHumanCats and Dogs Ch. 03

Cats and Dogs Ch. 03


This chapter moves the story on a little but is pretty much all sex! Just a reminder that the story features m/m and m/f.

Thanks for the votes and feedback so far, it's always good to know what you think.

* * * * * *

After two months of training, the teams finally had a weekend off, scheduled to give those with families a break to visit. Alex and Cal had headed off early in the car to get back to their homes miles away. Denn and Rob had mates closer but had taken the opportunity to have some quality time with them. The others were still at the house, but had the time to relax and do whatever they wanted.

Tom knew what he wanted to do, but it seemed unattainable. Still, he was going to take the opportunity, while there were fewer people about, to at least try. He found Tilly in her room. He knew Sam was in the office and hoped he could speak to her in private and get her help. He didn't know of any other way to start things unless he went back on his promise not to corner Sam again, and he worried that if he did that he would end things for good. Tilly seemed his only hope, the only person he might talk to about this.

'Tilly, can I talk to you for a moment?' he asked as he knocked on her door.

'Sure, come in.' was the reply from the other side and he entered. 'What do you need?'

'I need your help.'

Tilly only wondered about that for one second. She had a feeling she knew exactly what this was about. 'With what?'

'I need him Tilly. I know it's not just me either. I need to make him stop denying what he feels.' Tom looked so sad and helpless Tilly's heart went out to him, but she didn't know what she could do without breaking Sam's orders.

'I'm sorry. I can't help you.' she said softly, and started to turn away. Tom grabbed her arm so she couldn't.

'You've felt his desire, haven't you?' her gaze rapidly shifted from his, which was confirmation enough that she had. 'Why won't he let me in?'

'I don't know. I can't talk about this.'

That was a puzzle for a moment and then Tom realised what she meant. 'He's ordered you not to talk to me?'

'No. He ordered me not to talk about it.'

Tom's mind raced. Sam was even denying his feelings to Tilly. That couldn't be a good sign, but everyone knew they were there.

'Well, I order you to talk.' he said firmly. 'So now you have to decide who makes the most sense, like you said you would. Is it better for us to be together, or pretend nothing is happening and both end up going mad with unfulfilled lust?'

Tilly looked shocked at him asking her to make that decision, but was actually glad she had the counter-order. Sam was miserable already, and she knew exactly what he needed to make him happy. The most annoying part was that he did too but for some reason he was fighting it. 'I agree with you.' she said after a moment, and felt Tom's emotion lift. 'But I really don't know what I can do to help. I don't understand why he's fighting it either. I wish I could make him see reason, but he won't talk to me. He shut me down on day one.'

'Day one? Was that what you argued about that day in the car?'

'Yes. I felt his lust when he saw you naked, but he wouldn't admit it and ordered me not to discuss it.'

'Will you try, please?' Tom's look implored her. 'Start light if you can, get me an entry so I can try again?'

'Again?' she asked, her interest clearly peaked.

Tom looked embarrassed. 'Unfortunately I backed him into a corner on day one as well, and he shut me out too. I should have had a bit more patience, but it isn't a cat trait.' he smiled a little thinking about that. 'I just think you will have more of a chance than me of breaking through.'

'I'll speak to him. I can't promise it will have any effect, he's fighting it hard.'

'That's all I can ask. Thank you.' Tom was ecstatic that she had agreed and hoped desperately that Sam would open up to her, and then to him.

'Don't thank me yet, I could end up making things worse. If not for you certainly for me.' she smiled a wry grin.


Tilly was nervous as she went to the office. How could she start this conversation and make Sam see sense? She knocked and he called her in. She decided to start with a classic.

'We need to talk.'

Sam looked up. 'Take a seat. What's up?' he thought she looked serious and wondered what was wrong.

'You need to sort some things out Sam. You're miserable and wound tight. Everyone can see it, and it's going to start affecting all of us. We need to be working as a tight unit, not worrying whether your mind is on the job.'

Sam was shocked she was talking like this, and horrified that his personal mood was that bad or obvious. 'I don't know what you mean. I'm fine.' he told her firmly.

'You can't keep denying things and hope they will go away Sam. Let me help you. You can talk to me about anything.'

His tone was sharp. 'You already think you know what is wrong, don't you? Everyone seems to think they know what I want and what's best for me these days.'

'I know what's right, and I know you fight it. I just don't understand why. I hate seeing you sad Sam. I love you brother, and it's hard to know you are making yourself suffer, especially when I can feel your suffering as well as my own.'

Sam looked at her then, sad for her as well as himself. 'I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you.'

'But you're happy hurting yourself?'

'I'm not' he said, but the frown on her face reminded him she knew he was lying. 'It's too complicated. I can't get involved with him.'

Tilly was glad she was finally getting somewhere, and hoped she wouldn't blow it and make him shut down again. 'Why not Sam?' she asked quietly.

Sam took a deep breath. Perhaps he needed to unburden himself, maybe it would help. 'He's an Alpha, he's a cat, I'm supposed to be working with him on something important not trying to get in his pants. Where should I stop?'

'Sam, that's rubbish and you know it. Alphas mate all the time, the Council doesn't disapprove, and I can't imagine it will make a difference in this case. They think it makes for stronger units if there are personal relationships. Isn't your real problem that he's a cat?'

'I don't know. Perhaps.' he admitted. 'We are different Tilly, it's not going to work. And I'm not going to put myself out there just for a quick fuck.'

That choice of words surprised Tilly. 'Do you really think that is all he is after? Because it isn't like that at all for him either. You don't know it won't work, you're just afraid to try. Do you really want to let the chance of something incredible slip away on the offchance you weren't meant to be together, because I can tell you that the lust and need that floats between you two makes that highly unlikely. He might be a cat, but he's also a man Sam, and one that you want, and who wants you. You need to stop denying yourself the chance of something amazing.' she said, with a wry grin recalling that she was doing exactly the same.

'Do you need to take your own advice sister?' Sam asked slyly.

'Don't change the subject. We aren't talking about me.'

'No, but perhaps we should. Aren't you fighting your feelings just as much as I am.'

Tilly glared at him. 'No, I'm not. I'm playing hard to get. It isn't the same thing, and it isn't making me miserable or affecting everyone.'

Sam smiled at her. 'I think you're in denial too. And I don't see why I have to be the only one getting a hard time here.'

'Fine. Then I'll make a deal with you. I'll let Dill have what he wants, if you let Tom.' she left the challenge hanging in the air. She noticed that suddenly Sam didn't find their conversation so funny. 'Sorry, I shouldn't be joking about it. But you do need to let him in Sam, you can't keep on fighting feelings this strong forever.'

His reply was so quiet she almost didn't hear it. 'I know.'


Tom waited for what felt like forever for Tilly to return to her room. He paced up and down, hoping desperately that she would be able to get Sam to listen. A knock on the door made him jump. 'Yes?' Dill came in rather than replying, flinging the door open and looking around quickly. Not apparently seeing what he expected he turned his attention to Tom.

'Where's Tilly?' he asked, clearly suspicious of Tom being in her room.

'She's doing a job for me. She'll be back soon. I trust you aren't in the habit of barging into her bedroom?'

Dill looked down, embarrassed. 'No boss. I...'

'Good. Because that would probably be in breach of your orders. Is it just when you have a sudden attack of jealousy at there being a man in her room?'

Dill stared at him in disbelief, even though he was blushing hard. He didn't know what to say in reply but thankfully the moment was interrupted by Tilly's return. 'Tom, I've... Dill, what are you doing here?' Her comments to Tom stopped by her surprise at seeing Dill in the last place she wanted him just at the moment.

Tom cleared his throat to get her attention, which was now totally focussed on Dill. He rather needed to know whether she had any success, preferably without Dill knowing all about it. 'That job I asked you to do? Any luck?'

She smiled broadly at him. 'I think I made really good progress. Take it carefully though.' she cautioned. 'You should go and talk to Sam about it.' She felt his happiness and smiled to confirm she was positive about things. He rushed out of the room, pulling the door behind him and she suddenly remembered that she was alone with Dill. It was probably some kind of divine retribution. After her dare to Sam, she didn't really want to have to deal with Dill right now, yet she was quite happy to send Tom to see Sam before he could talk himself out of doing anything. She sighed and sat down on her bed.

'What was that about?' Dill asked, obviously confused.

'It's nothing for you to worry about. Why are you in here?'

'Sorry, I came to talk to you but I found Tom here and had to explain myself.'

'For knocking on my door?'

He looked embarrassed. 'For rushing in here when I thought you already had company.'

When Dill looked up she smiled at him. 'Jealous?' he nodded, still embarrassed. 'You don't need to be.' she said softly. He stared into her eyes and saw want there that made him catch his breath.


Sam sat for a moment after Tilly left. Somehow she had got him to admit what he was feeling, although it had been obvious since day one that she knew, and made him rationalise why he was fighting it. And she didn't think he had any good reasons. The more he said, the more ridiculous it sounded, even to him. He concentrated on her comment that Tom was a man, and recalled how that man's body looked and how much he loved the sight of it. He groaned as the thought made him harden.

Tom worried on his way to the office. He wished Dill hadn't been there and he could have got more information. Tilly had been positive and tried to encourage him, but he hadn't wanted to go in blind. As he reached the office he noticed that the door was open, and he couldn't resist slowing to see what Sam was doing. He seemed to be thinking hard about something. Tom cast his gaze over his face and the hairy muscular chest that he wanted so much to touch. He knew he was getting turned on at the sight, and then he saw Sam flush and heard him growl. He wanted to hear that sound again, but only if he was the one causing it.

Sam didn't know why he looked up then. Maybe he had heard a sound, or perhaps he felt the look of desire before he actually saw Tom's face. Whatever caused it, he noticed Tom standing in the hall, staring right at him, and he saw the body that he had been imagining. He also saw a definite bulge in Tom's trousers and the need that went through him made him shudder and his cock harden further. He thought for one moment and made the decision that he wasn't going to fight his feelings any more. It was time to find out how good this could be. He smiled a welcome at his soon-to-be lover. 'Hi there.'

Once he had been noticed, Tom moved into the room and shut the door behind him. He saw emotions flitting across Sam's face, ending up with beaming a smile. Tom got the feeling that something had changed and he was shortly going to find out what. The smile sent a warmth through his body. Sam seemed more confident than he had ever been when alone with Tom. 'Hello.' he managed to get out, walking slowly towards the desk Sam sat behind, constantly checking his reaction and trying to resist the urge to pounce.

Sam felt his heart racing and his body shaking with a combination of nerves and the lust he was finally allowing himself to feel. He watched Tom moving slowly towards him, taking in the play of his muscles as he moved and the obvious growth of his cock. He looked into Tom's eyes and saw his own need reflected back at him. As he got closer, Sam heard a low sensual purr coming from Tom. It was a reminder of their differences, but the effect the sound had on his body was final confirmation that he didn't care.

Without thinking he let out a low growl and watched as the bulge in Tom's trousers obviously jumped in response. He stood up and took a couple of steps slowly forward, now stalking his prey as much as Tom had stalked him the first day they met, and knowing this time he was heading towards them satisfying their mutual lust.

Tom was aware of nothing except Sam. He could see no fear this time, and kept moving towards him carefully. He felt Sam's eyes burning into him, and saw the brightness in them as they moved over his body, regularly checking below the waist where Tom knew he was getting harder by the moment. He could feel his dick throbbing as he moved. Only the slight fear that Sam might still back down kept him in check.

He didn't know he was purring his desire until he heard the growl and this time he knew it was him causing Sam to make it. His cock lurched when he realised Sam was moving towards him. Barely a word had been said between them, but their bodies were saying everything they needed to hear. Now Sam was standing he could also tell he was erect, and just as he had thought those weeks ago, it seemed huge. He swallowed hard.

It was only a moment more and they were stood together, almost touching and each feeling the heat of the others body and hearing the quickened breathing and heartbeats. Their eyes met and there was a moment of stillness, both seeing the depth and desire expressed in their looks, before they each started to move to close the tiny gap between them and press their lips together, rapidly followed by their bodies. Arms wound around to hold their mate as close as they could, each feeling like they never wanted to let go.

Their bodies were burning with desire, lips and tongues frantically moving and tasting, hands moving through their hair and down over smooth muscles on backs and asses. Their dicks pressed together between them, both rock hard and dripping precum as they were rubbed by the constant movement of their bodies. Groans, growls and purrs, muffled by their mated mouths, filled the air.

Finally, Tom broke away to get his breath back. He still held Sam as close as he could. They both panted, trying to get enough oxygen back in their lungs. Their eyes met again, and there was a ripple of amusement between them at the frantic need that had taken them over. He still had a slight doubt that he had pushed Sam into this. 'Are you sure?' he managed to get out. His worst fears seemed realised when Sam took a small step back, but he heard the answer.

'Yes.' said Sam, moving to undo the cord at his waist and pushing his trousers down so they dropped in a pool at his feet. Tom was transfixed. He had been right, and he gulped at the size of Sam's cock. He thought it was beautiful, thick and long, and he couldn't stop his hands moving to caress it. He half heard Sam's frantic gasps of pleasure but he could only concentrate on how good this felt in his hands, how hot and hard, and how much he wanted to taste the precum forming at the tip. He dropped to his knees and moved in fast to lick up the juices and he heard Sam make a noise that was half shouting and half howling. He found he loved the taste and the sounds and wanted more of both.

He dived on Sam's cock, finding his mouth and throat somehow expanding to take half of it in at his first attempt. The pleasure made him purr and he felt Sam jerk as this increased his pleasure. Tom bobbed and licked as he purred louder and louder, and it was only a minute later he heard a real howl from Sam as he came hard and fast. Tom only just managed to pull back enough to take the load in his mouth and he swallowed as fast as he could to make room for the shots that seemed to keep coming.

Sam was lost in the sensations of being licked and sucked while his lover purred his pleasure around his hard cock. He hadn't expected Tom to dive straight on him, he just wanted to let him know he had no more fear of being naked around him, and to get Tom to do the same. He had a brief moment of wanting to stop this so he could also suck Tom, but he couldn't do it. It was the most amazing feeling he had ever had. No-one had ever made him feel like this, or make such sounds, or got him to come so hard and fast. He gasped as the final spurts came and fell back, thankfully landing on the desk as his legs no longer had any strength in them. Tom had turned him to jelly. His eyes were closed but he could see stars.

Tom sat back on his heels and looked at what he had done. He couldn't help smiling. Sam looked totally sated, his whole body flushed, and his face showing the aftershocks of intense pleasure. He stayed there watching while Sam started to recover, his breath slowing, and eventually his eyes opened and his gaze seemed to bore straight into Tom with love and gratitude, making Tom warm from the inside. Finally Sam spoke, but his voice was deep and husky. 'Oh my god.'

'Yes?' replied Tom, teasing.

That seemed to snap Sam out of his reverie. 'Typical arrogant cat.' he growled with a smile, closing in on Tom quickly and pulling him to his feet and into his arms for a passionate kiss. He licked and probed, sucking on his tongue and tasting his own essence, reminding him that he still needed to taste Tom. His hands went to Tom's waist and pushed his trousers down in one swift move, hearing a mewl of need in response. He was finding that the sounds Tom made were amazingly erotic. He heard a squeak as he picked Tom up easily and settled him down to sit on the couch at the side of the room.

Before Tom had chance to move he pounced on him, kissing him hard again and then trailing his kisses and his hands down his neck and shoulders and across his chest. He kissed, nipped and sucked as he went, listening to the sound of purring and feeling it reverberate through Tom's chest. He licked the nipples peaking out from the chest hair and Tom jumped in response. Sam growled, possessive of the reactions he was getting. He thought that next time he would take things slower, but for now he needed to caress Tom and coax him to completion.

He took his first proper look at Tom's cock, marvelling at the sight of it hard and dripping right in front of his face. He licked slowly, but the first taste brought back his need and he sucked in the whole length in one go. Tom was by no means small, but a little shorter than Sam and he was rather glad he could fit it in, especially when he heard the purr quicken and increase in volume.

He licked and sucked on Tom, desperate to taste his seed. His hand went to Tom's balls and he stroked them, feeling his cock jump with the combination of sensations. His other hand went back up his chest and he tweaked one hard nipple and growled low in his throat, feeling the vibrations through both of them. His reward was almost instant. Tom shot straight down his throat, and he pulled back to savour the flavour of the rest, hearing Tom shout his name as he came.

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