tagNonHumanCats and Dogs Ch. 05

Cats and Dogs Ch. 05


The story continues, and details of the mission emerge. Plus we meet some new characters. I guess most of you will have read the previous chapters, but just to remind/inform you this story features m/m and m/f relationships and sex.

Thanks for the comments and votes, It's always lovely to hear that people are enjoying my stories.


Two days after Sam and Tom had received the call to attend Council to hear the details of their mission, Alex and Cal arrived back in the car, the last members of the teams to return to the house. A meeting was immediately called, and the men and Tilly met in the dining room waiting for their instructions. There was an air of anticipation as all waited to hear the latest news. Sam stood nervously, Tom at his side, and looked around the room at the faces intent on listening. He was going to start with the easy bit.

'Tom and I have had a message from the Council. We have to attend there in five days time, when hopefully we will find out about this mission. We will of course let you know as soon as we can. I would expect we will be heading to it shortly after we return, although there will be some planning time first. We will also have to report on how our training is going to make sure they think we are ready.'

Tom took up the talk. 'In the meantime, we will intensify the training we are already doing to make sure we are prepared for whatever is in store. Whilst Sam and I are away, Alex and Tilly will lead the training sessions. We will speak to you two about that before we leave.' Alex and Tilly nodded. 'I know we don't have to tell you how important this mission is, and it will undoubtedly be difficult as well or they wouldn't have needed two teams in the first place. We know you will all work as hard as you can both for the rest of the training and the mission.'

All the team members confirmed they would. They were ready for whatever they had to do, despite knowing it would be difficult and probably dangerous.

Sam took a deep breath. 'There is one other thing to tell you all.' He looked at Tom, who could instantly see how difficult he was finding this. 'I... I mean we....um, Tom and I...' He looked at Tom again, desperately searching for some support, his mouth going dry and his body shaking with nerves. He looked back at the faces of the teams, Tilly and Dill the only ones not looking expectantly back at him.

'It's okay baby,' he heard in his head as Tom stepped forward and took his hand in his, intertwining their fingers. The move did not go unnoticed and they both saw the bemused looks most of the men gave them before Tom spoke. 'Sam and I are together, and more than that, we are mates. We hope that no-one has a problem with working for us because this mission is too important to have anything get in the way.'

There was a moment of silence, and Tom had the suspicion some of the men were having conversations with each other behind their surprised expressions. Tilly looked at him and Sam smiling, which was an indication that there were no negative emotions in the room, although someone could be keeping a tight lid on it. Finn was the first to speak. 'It's not a problem with me. I'll be glad to see the boss happy.' Sam beamed a smile to him.

One by one the men spoke and although some expressed their surprise, they all agreed it wasn't an issue either personally or for the mission. Dill shot a thought to Tilly. 'Mates, huh? That was quick.'

'If it's right, it's right,'
she replied, hit then by the feeling of disappointment coming from him. 'That's not to say we aren't Dill, I just need more time and we have other things going on right now that are rather important. And just at the moment, I want my gorgeous sexy pussycat all to myself!'

Dill couldn't help himself grinning at her comment, although unfortunately at that moment he was looking at Tom, who looked back with a puzzled expression. He calmed his expression and looked back at his boss with his usual attentiveness.

'That's all for the moment then.' Sam said, totally relieved. 'We will commence proper training again tomorrow morning straight after breakfast. Tonight everyone should at least get out for a run and make sure you get a good nights sleep ready for more hard work. Thank you all.' His last comment was said with rather more feeling than usual, and everyone recognised it was not just about the meeting, but about them understanding about him and Tom.

Most of the men filed out and headed out of the door after changing. A run around the grounds had sounded good to all of them, especially with the knowledge they would soon find out the mission. Tilly asked Dill to go too, shooting him an image of her cottage, and knowing by the grin on his face that he got the idea. She smiled to herself knowing that when she got there he would already be naked and hard waiting for her to join him for some passionate loving. She wanted to be close to him especially while they had the chance as the next few days would be intense, and she also wanted to make up for his disappointment at her not agreeing to be his mate.

'I just wanted you two to know, I only felt surprise at your announcement, and not even that much of it. Perhaps you were both more obvious than you thought. I don't think anyone had a problem, once Tom managed to say something.' Tilly looked pointedly at Sam who blushed.

'It's not that easy coming out and telling everyone you've found your lifemate in one simple sentence you know.'

'I'm sure. I was only teasing. And I'm rather glad I'll only ever have to do one of them.'

'So, you turning to the girls, or are you going to admit there is something between you and Dill? Whatever you told him he's left with the biggest grin I've seen in a long while.' Sam replied with a teasing grin.

'There's no big announcement on the cards, no.'

Sam noticed that she hadn't really answered his question, but stayed silent. She would tell him when she felt the time was right, and he knew there was some sort of relationship happening even if she wasn't ready to tell anyone else. He also knew, by her moods lately, that it was good for her and making her happy, and that was enough for him. When she also left the room he turned to Tom and gave him a massive hug, his relief evident.

'I told you it would be okay babe. You worry too much. Now, do you want to go for a run, or shall we get our exercise upstairs in your bed?'

Sam thought about that for a moment. 'It's sorely tempting, but I think we should show our faces outside for a little bit before we get that exercise. We'll still have plenty of time and energy later, we just need to work out who's on top tonight!' He grinned at the thought.

'Fine, race you!' replied Tom, changing and heading out the door. Sam ran as he changed and was soon pacing after the cat who shot towards the trees and tried to evade him. He knew Tom wouldn't be able to get away because he could scent him, and he probably wouldn't want to anyway as the cat would prefer to play.

* * * * * *

Tilly headed out to the back of the house and set out towards hers, keen to be with Dill. It was unlikely they would have either the opportunity or the energy for much sex after tonight, and although she could still sleep in his arms, she wanted more right now given that it was possible. She skirted around an area where she could smell Finn, Den and Rob were, not wanting to see any of the others on her way and certainly not wanting to be stopped or followed.

The path to her cottage was rather more well-worn lately, although it would still be difficult for the wolves to get down it. She and Dill had spent many happy hours here over the weekend and she couldn't help smiling at the thought. When she reached the house the back door was open and unlocked and she shut it behind her quietly. Dill would probably hear and scent her coming anyway, but it would be nice to surprise him if possible. She took a moment to check her appearance in the hall mirror and brush her hair, wanting to look as good for him as she could although she suspected she could turn up in any condition and he wouldn't notice.

As she had hoped, Dill was already in her bed. However, he wasn't hard and waiting, he was sleeping. She had a moments annoyance that he hadn't been able to stay awake since she'd only been about ten minutes behind him, but he did like his catnaps. She was reminded of the first time she had seen him naked, and it sent a shudder through her body, and the pleasant thought that this time she didn't have to pretend she wasn't interested.

She moved over to the bed slowly and quietly, not wanting to wake him. He was still gorgeous to her even not responding, and she enjoyed a moment just looking at his muscled body and the light hair covering his chest and legs and the darker and denser hair around his cock and balls. The idea of waking him up by pleasuring them jumped into her head and she gently lowered herself down onto the bed beside him, hoping he wouldn't wake before she got started. He moved slightly and she held her breath, but he didn't wake.

She leant over his sleeping body and licked right up his soft shaft. There was an almost instant reaction from it, but not from the rest of him, so she got more bold and kept licking. As his cock grew she took it in her hand and stroked it softly, then licking over the head. A sudden groan indicated Dill was no longer sleeping, but before he said anything she opened her mouth and took his dick into her mouth, feeling it harden at the contact and his awareness of what she was doing to him. She heard him purring then and increased her efforts, licking and sucking on his shaft as she continued to stroke the base up and down with her hand, bobbing her head in time with her motion so none of his cock felt neglected.

Tilly wanted nothing more than to have Dill shoot his load in her mouth and she increased the suction and speed of her movement, hearing his breathing turn to frantic panting and pleased with herself as she kept working, hearing his groans and purrs of pleasure. Her other hand moved up his chest and rubbed across his nipples which were hard, and he arched back which pushed his cock further into her mouth. His hand was suddenly in her hair, stroking her head as she worked on him and she purred her pleasure at the contact, at the same time pulling on his chest hair with her fingers. She heard him gasp and moan, and before she realised he had got to the point of coming, he was shooting and she was swallowing fast to keep up with the stream of cum filling her mouth.

Eventually he stopped shooting and she started to clean him gently with her tongue. She could feel his panting slow, and glanced up at his face for the first time. His eyes were closed but the pleasure showed on his face and she smiled at the daft grin he displayed on his flushed face. As soon as she thought he was clean, she moved her body to lie on top of him and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. His response was to kiss her hard and intensely, clearly trying to get his thanks into his actions. His hands moved to her back and ass cheeks, stroking slowly and making her purr.

Dill finally managed to open his eyes after a moment of kissing Tilly. 'What a way to wake up! Thank you.' His gaze burned into hers, wanting to let her know how much he loved her, even if she wasn't so sure about her feelings for him. She certainly wanted him though, his hands on her not only had her voice responding but her body writhing against his and stirring his cock into more action, although he figured it would be at least a few more minutes before it would be back to full attention.

He swiftly rolled them over so he had Tilly's body pressed into the mattress. God it felt good to cover her like this, almost protecting her from the world, apart of course from the lustful man he was! He kissed her again and again, aware that they wouldn't have much time for this for a while and wanting to impress on her how much he wanted her. His lips then moved to her neck and she shivered with pleasure, purring softly in his ear and kissing any part of him that came close, ears, cheeks or hair, it didn't seem to matter. He nuzzled into her neck, loving the soft feel of her skin under his mouth and liking her little squeaks when he nipped her softly with his teeth. His hand moved to her breast and she pushed up to get him to take a handful. His hand went around it and his finger and thumb to tease her hard nipple.

He couldn't stop the moans he made knowing he was giving her pleasure. There was nothing he wanted more than to do it forever. He shifted his body so he could treat the other side of her neck to the kisses, trailing across her throat on the way and feeling her purrs through his lips as he did so. His hand went to her other breast to give it some attention, but she pushed it down towards her sex and he took the hint as she spread her legs for him and ran his fingers up her thighs into her wetness, knowing that he had made her like that. He found her moist lips and ran his fingers up and down, hearing a mewl as she tried to move herself to increase the contact and get him to touch her where she wanted.

Dill laughed a little at her insistence, but didn't want to delay either, and shoved two fingers inside her with no warning. Her shocked cry was pleasure not pain, so he started to fuck her with them, enjoying the feel of her hot and wet desperate for his touch. He was so lost in what he was doing that when she spoke to him it put him off his stroke. 'Inside me, now, please Dill. I need you.'

He decided actions were better than words and moved to position himself against her, thankful that his cock had now recovered and was at full staff. He felt her hand on it guiding him into her, and groaned at the heat surrounding him as he sank deep into her body. Neither of them spoke, but some awareness of the fact that this might be their last coupling for a while drove them to move fast and hard almost as soon as they were connected. He felt her body pushing up to his with each stroke inside, wanting him as hard and deep as he could be.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, Dill slowed down, wanting to savour the moment a little, and started to stroke slowly but still deep, almost pulling out entirely each time. Once he went too far and her whimper of need and disappointment as he left her body made him return as fast as he could. He didn't like being outside her either, he wanted her to feel every second he was in her and want it again and again. They were both hot and panting hard, moans and cries filled the air even at the slow pace he had set. Tilly allowed him to lead for a while before her movements back towards him increased and he had to increase his thrusts again. Only a minute later one hard thrust was his undoing and they shouted each others' names as they came.

Tilly felt Dill collapse on her and put her arms around him to hold him close in the afterglow as they recovered. Who was she kidding about him not being her mate, she wondered? Probably only herself. He was perfect for her both as a person and in the sack. She hugged him harder to her, and he moaned a little at the pressure of her arms. Now that the mission was coming it didn't seem the time to say anything. Once it was over, she would let him know that she had no problem with whatever he wanted to say they were, and she had a suspicion they would be announced as mates as soon as he had her permission. She settled back into the soft bed with her muscled cover, and sighed with contentment.

* * * * * *

Back in the main grounds, Finn, Den and Rob ran the perimeter of the property slowly, checking for any changes and noting the scents of the others that had passed that way, notably Tilly and Dill who had been patrolling for the past couple of days while the others were away. They conversed between themselves as they went, talking mainly about the mission and speculating what their final objective would be. Inevitably talk then turned to the other announcement.

'That was a surprise to me.' said Den. 'Not that the boss liking blokes was that much of a shock, but Tom? Never thought he'd fall for a cat.'

'Tilly always teased him about it though. Perhaps she knew more than we did.'
replied Rob. 'Though I got the impression he hadn't met Tom before the last call to Council. I wonder how long its been going on. Not our business I suppose, but I don't expect the Council was expecting they'd be matchmaking when they put our teams together. I just hope they won't be annoyed when they discover what's happened.' Rob was older and although he couldn't resist a bit of a gossip, the bigger picture was usually on his mind.

Finn wondered about the Council too. 'I don't see what they can do about it now though. If they've announced themselves as mates then it's a done deal. Not that they like cross-species relationships all that much, but it isn't the first time. And at least they won't have to worry about the guys having cubs!' The others heard his laughter in their heads and joined in.

'You realise Finn, that just leaves you and Tilly unmated. Maybe you should give cats a go too!' Den teased. They all knew it was just a joke and although Finn and Tilly got on well there was no interest on either side of making it anything more than friends.

Finn's laughter increased. 'Even if I was interested, I think I'd have serious competition. You can't have missed Dill following her around like a lost kitten. And while we've been gone they seem to have got rather closer. You've noticed how their scents are together all over the place?'

'Could just be that they were on sweep since the Alphas were otherwise occupied.'
Den replied with a hint of suggestion in his comment. The wolves laughed again.

'And where are they now?' Finn continued. 'They didn't leave the house with the rest of us, but Sam and Tom are about.'

Rob decided to bring an end to the speculation. 'It's not our business either. We've got our mission to concentrate on and if there's been some happiness spread around as a result of the teams getting together that's a good thing, but we've more important things to do than gossip about Sam or Tilly. Let's just finish the sweep and get that good nights sleep before training starts up again.'

* * * * * *

Sam and Tom enjoyed their run through the trees. Tom led the way, but didn't try to outrun Sam, just make him give chase. Occasionally he let him catch up, but as soon as he did he shot off again, enjoying playing as much as anything. He had no intention of them getting carried away playing when the others were around in the grounds as well, but at least they didn't have to hide their relationship from the teams now.

He reached a clearing in the trees having got ahead of Sam again, and leapt up the trunk of a nearby tree, climbing a little until he was balanced on a branch about six feet from the ground and waiting for his mate to arrive below. He knew Sam would know where he was, but he also knew he couldn't climb and it amused him to be out of reach. He saw the wolf entering the clearing below, and almost instantly turning to look up at him.

'That's cheating.' Sam thought to him. 'You playing hard to get for some reason? Because I can think of several good reasons you should come down here.'

'Give me one.'
replied Tom, hearing Sam laugh.

'That's the first good reason. I'll give you one anytime!'

Tom couldn't believe he'd walked into that. 'Are you permanently horny?'

'Only when you're around.'
Sam said with a growl. Tom felt himself reacting to the suggestive comments and the fact that his mate wanted him.

'I'm not sure coming down is a good idea then. We may have just come out, but I really don't think our teams need to see us in action just yet!'

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