tagNonHumanCats and Dogs Ch. 06

Cats and Dogs Ch. 06


The usual warning - this story features m/m and m/f. This chapter contains sex scenes of both
types, because I had to let the new boys have some fun!


Several hours after they had left Council HQ with the details of the mission, Tom was driving up the roads back to Sam's house. A couple of minutes from the main gate he touched Sam's arm lightly to wake him. 'Sam, we're nearly there. Wake up honey.'

Sam's eyes opened slowly. He noted it was still dark and gave a soft groan when he saw it was 4.30 in the morning. He needed a lot more sleep before he would be able to concentrate on all the details of the mission. 'I can't wait to get curled up in bed. I'm still shattered.'

'Speaking of curled up, check in the back.'

Sam turned to take a look. In their sleep the two lions had moved together so Peter sat up against the other man, with his head on Michael's shoulder. Their hands were still intertwined, and they looked so peaceful and happy it seemed a shame to wake them, although they'd probably also prefer to be horizontal.

'They look very comfy like that, don't they. I think it's likely they are involved with each other, but I'm sure we'll find out.'

'We'll get a clue soon enough. The only room made up is my old one, so we'll have to tell them they've got to share!'
Tom smiled.

'Perhaps we'd better wake them, without them knowing we've seen them like this. Baby steps and all that.'

'We're home Sam, wake up.' Tom said loudly, as though trying to wake him, and noting a sudden movement in the back of the car. 'Peter, Michael, we're here, wake up guys.' He pulled into the drive and headed to the house, with everyone now coming back to life. He gave Sam a wink. 'Let's get the paperwork into Sam's office, and then it must be time for bed. Sorry guys, we've only got one room set up so you'll have to share tonight.'

'That's okay.' replied Peter, his voice even and giving no hints to Tom.

They dealt with the papers pretty much in silence, all of them tired despite having got some sleep in the car. Sam did the final organising. 'We'll meet everyone after lunch to start working on plans. I'm going to leave a couple of notes about so the others know when and what's happened to us. I'll also make sure they know you two are here. Tom can show you your room and we'll wake you for lunch if we don't see you first.'

The boys nodded in agreement, and followed Tom upstairs with their small bags. He opened the door and heard a small gasp from behind him when they saw the room, or perhaps when they saw the large double bed which was the only place to sleep. Either way, they looked rather pleased. 'I'll leave you to it. We can sort everything else out tomorrow, but for now I'm sure you need sleep as much as I do. Goodnight.' He left and closed the door behind him, but stood for a moment to listen to anything that might be said.

Inside the room Peter and Michael kept staring. The room was large, and in their training camp they shared with several others in a room smaller than this. The thing that really drew their attention was the large bed. Peter looked at Michael and smiled shyly. 'That's some bed. Shame I really am exhausted!'

'Perhaps if we say we don't mind sharing they'll let us stay in here.' replied Michael, smiling back at Peter. 'I can't think of anything better than waking up in there with you.'

'Nothing?' Peter teased. 'I'm sure we can think of many things to do in there. Unfortunately right now it is going to have to be sleep.'

Tom moved away from the door then, smiling at what he had heard. He had his confirmation and didn't need to eavesdrop any further. What he wanted right now was sleep in the arms of his mate, and he noticed as he go to the other wing of the house that Sam had just slipped a note under Tilly's door and was heading into their room. He followed swiftly and joined Sam in their room. 'I just heard our new guests discussing what they can get up to in that nice big bed!'

'Have you been listening at doors?'

Tom laughed. 'Only for a moment. I just wanted to know a bit more about them, seeing as we have our background mission. It's only information gathering for the main objective you know.'

Sam gave him a quick kiss. 'Alright, but that's enough. I think we know what we need to, and it's supposed to be about making them feel comfortable with us. And right now, I need to be in that bed with you wrapped round me, falling asleep.' He got into bed as he spoke, and Tom slid in beside him, the two curling together and asleep almost the moment they closed their eyes.

* * * * * *

Tilly woke fairly early but it was light outside. She grumbled as she had to move from Dill's arms to go to the toilet. It was cold out from under the duvet and she rushed to get back to bed, but on the way seeing the note that had been pushed under her door. She picked it up and opened the paper to see what it was about.

"We came straight back with mission details. Ask teams to meet after lunch and we will start planning. We got back very late so won't be up in the morning – do the usual sweeps and take it fairly easy. Two new guests in Tom's old room so let everyone know not to be surprised when they see them. Peter and Michael are trainees from HQ"

There was more to that note than what was said. If Sam and Tom had headed straight back to the house it must be something big. Tilly also wondered why two trainees had been sent with them. Still, she would find out soon enough, and right now it was too early to get up. She smiled at the thought of slipping back into her warm bed and Dill's arms. As she did he grunted slightly and pulled her close to him to warm her body. It was bliss.

* * * * * *

It was mid-morning when Peter woke. His first reaction was confusion. It wasn't his bed and he couldn't hear the usual sounds of the other five trainees he shared a room with at HQ. Then he remembered where he was, and better than that, who he was sharing not only a room but also a bed with, both of them completely naked. For the first time ever he was waking up beside his lover. He looked across and saw Michael was still fast asleep, looking so beautiful in the morning light and with a slight smile on his face.

Peter couldn't resist planting a soft kiss on his lips and snuggling against him. He was glad his father had trusted him with this mission anyway, but the opportunities it presented made his mind race. They had needed to be so careful at HQ not to let their feelings for each other show, and finding time to be together had been very difficult. Here, they had been presented with a double bed to share, and he knew if they were found out that Sam and Tom were unlikely to be at all bothered. To have some time with Michael free from worry was more than he could have dreamed of.

He moved even closer to Michael, putting his arm and leg across his body and laying his head on his chest. He could hear and feel his heart beating. Michael started to stir and his arms came around Peter almost instinctively, holding him tight.

'Morning gorgeous,' thought Michael, wrapping himself even tighter around Peter. 'I could get used to this.'

'Just what I was thinking'
replied Peter. 'You know, this is the first time we've woken up together. I love this place! If we stay quiet, perhaps they won't remember to set up another room for one of us.'

'Even if they do we can always sneak across the landing! But I know what you mean, this is great and I don't want it to end.'

'Well, we have a couple of hours before we need to show our faces. Perhaps we should get some more sleep!'
Peter said, giving Michael a cheeky grin.

Michael growled. 'You had better be joking!' he replied, kissing Peter hard before he could tease him any more. He had woken up hard and was keen to do something about it while they had such a great opportunity. He rolled them over so he was pressing Peter into the mattress with his body, both of them moaning at the closeness especially as they could each feel the others erection pressed to their body. The two young men kissed passionately, hands roaming over their bodies. Too much time spent sneaking around to be together made them relish this situation, and their soft moans filled the air.

There was a long list of things Michael wanted to do with Peter. They had discussed a lot over the few months they had been 'dating', finding time together when they could. One sprang to mind as they lay there, and he turned again so they were both on their sides. They had sucked each other many times, but the fear of being caught had stopped them from taking that pleasure at the same time. He turned again quickly, his cock by Peter's face, and Peters in front of him. Both moaned again, and Peter didn't need any time to work out what Michael wanted. Michael felt the lick across his head and the warmth as his cock slid into Peters mouth. He moaned again before diving onto Peter, tasting and licking.

It was better than he could have imagined, both giving and getting pleasure at the same moment. His movements licking and sucking on his lover were mirrored on his own dick, his moans of pleasure muffled behind Peter's cock in his mouth, and he could both feel and hear the same sounds from Peter around him. He took hold of Peter's hips and ass, encouraging him to move in and out as he sucked and loving the feeling of the hard cock in his mouth and throat. His own hips moved back and forth as well, his dick encased in the warmth of Peter and teased by his lips and tongue as he moved.

For a few minutes they managed to keep their lovemaking going, but soon it was too much for Peter and he cried out as he came hard and fast into Michael's mouth, only a moment later receiving Michael's come into his own. He swallowed quickly to take most of it, but saving a little in his mouth. He felt Michael let his now soft cock drop from his mouth, and turned himself so he was again facing his lover. They both smiled, and he pressed his lips to Michael's then opening to share the release he had received. Their tongues played with each other, mixing their tastes together and marking a perfect end to their pleasure.

'Mmm. That was amazing.' said Michael. 'That's one off my list, at least.'

Peter felt a shiver of anticipation going through his body at the thought of the remainder of the list. 'I know, it's so good to both be getting that pleasure at the same time. Mind you, it's harder to concentrate on what I want to do to you when you're driving me nuts like that!'

Michael smiled. 'I suppose we ought to get up, but I've just realised we can get another one off the list right now.'

Peter looked a little nervous as he replied. 'What do you want?'

'Let's shower together. There's an absurdly large shower cubicle in the ensuite.'
he grinned. 'I love this place!' Michael got up and pulled Peter up with him, taking his hand and leading him to the bathroom. They stepped under the warm water together and despite the space available, pressed their bodies together as it ran down them. Michael grabbed the soap and made a lather, using it to clean Peter's chest and arms gently and thoroughly, and then turning him so he could clean his well muscled back. Peter stood and took the caresses, knowing he would get a turn soon enough.

Michael dropped to his knees and began to wash Peter's feet and legs, working his way up towards his cock and balls. He took it slow, listening to Peter's soft groans as he got closer, and noting that despite not having been touched, his cock was starting to swell. His hands finally reached Peter's balls, soaping over them slowly and carefully as the volume of groans increased. His hands moved up then, one starting to stroke Peter's cock which began to grow hard with the attention, and the other to his ass.

He groped the tight cheeks and slid his fingers into Peter's crack, a growl greeting his finger as it stroked gently across his asshole. He circled the hole as he continued to stroke up and down his lover's length. He felt Peter shift to lean against the wall, clearly not sure he would be able to hold himself upright under the combined assault. His soapy finger slipped inside Peter and he yelped, but it was surprise rather than pain, so he started to move it in and out, each time slipping a little deeper and searching for the spot that would have Peter climaxing again. A long and loud groan told him he'd found it, and Peter's hands went to his shoulders to hold himself upright.

Michael kept working, stroking harder on the hard dick in front of him and rubbing and pressing Peter's prostate. A few moments later he felt Peter tense, and before he could move he felt the first shot of warm come hit his face. He closed his eyes and let it cover him, although the water from the shower washed it off almost as fast as it came. He licked his lips to taste a little before it was all cleaned away. Peter slumped to the floor beside him, unable to stand any more but managing to give Michael a weak smile when they came face to face.

Peter could feel his heart pounding and his body shaking after his second orgasm. 'You're going to kill me!' he thought to Michael, and saw the grin on his lovers face. 'Don't look so pleased with yourself!'

'Can't help it babe. That was great! You didn't mind me, um, going there?'

Peter knew he was talking about entering him. That was something else on their list, and until just now he had not had any part of Michael inside his ass. He smiled. 'It felt amazing.' he said, blushing. He wasn't quite ready to say so, but he knew he wanted more of that kind of feeling, and realised while they were here they would have the perfect opportunity to fully consummate their relationship.

'I'm glad. You'll have to do that to me sometime, but right now I think we'd be better off getting ready and facing the world.'

eter said, slightly disappointed, but knowing in his current state he wouldn't be able to do as much for Michael as he would like. 'There's always later, and I'll have plenty of time to work out what to do for you in return.'

Michael smiled at him as he stood and started to soap himself down. His cock was hard and only a little higher than Peter's face where he sat trying to recover control of his legs. He looked down and saw Peter looking at it hungrily. 'What do you want babe?'

'Could you... it was so hot when I was shooting in your face, could you do that to me?'
he asked nervously.

Michael grinned and rather than answer, started to stroke his cock harder, looking at Peter's face as he did, seeing his eyes follow every move of his hand. He moaned at the sight and felt his balls tightening almost immediately. He hadn't realised how much pleasuring Peter had turned him on. He battled to keep his eyes open so he could see himself shoot and growled at the primitive act of marking his lover like this, seeing the streams of come land on Peter's cheeks and lips. He let out a final moan as the last shot came, and collapsed back against the wall for support. Another moan left his mouth when he saw Peter lick round his mouth to taste him.

'Come on, or we will never leave this room' he said as he recovered, soaping over his now soft cock again to clean up the last traces, and allowing Peter to move under the water to clean himself up as well. Michael stepped out of the shower and started to dry himself off, throwing Peter a towel when he turned off the water and came out into the room. They dried and dressed quickly, sharing quick kisses as they got themselves ready to face the outside world.

Soon they were dressed, and after one final kiss, Michael opened the door. A surprised yelp came from his mouth as a man was only a couple of steps away from them, clearly having just come up the corridor, and almost as surprised to see them. The man spoke.

'Sorry about that, I was just coming to leave you a note, but it seems I'd better deliver the message in person. I'm Finn, by the way.'

The younger men nodded, knowing the names and positions of all the team members. Finn continued.

'Most people are out doing the perimeter sweep. We haven't seen Sam or Tom yet but I gather they had a late night. Tilly is getting lunch ready and if you're up to it she could use some help. We're meeting afterwards to discuss the mission.'

Peter nodded again. 'We'll be happy to help. I'm Peter and this is Michael.' he said, introducing the two of them.

'We knew your names from Sam's note. It's good to meet you both. We're friendly folk, so I'm sure you'll fit in fine here. You'd better follow me, it's easy to get lost in this place when you first arrive.'

Peter and Michael followed as requested, and headed downstairs and out the back where Tilly was hard at work preparing food for everyone. She looked up as they entered. 'Hello there, you must be our new guests. It's nice to see you, and even more if you're going to help here.' They quickly nodded. 'Good, I seem to have been left to it, although it isn't even my turn today. Dill has run off and forgotten his jobs.' She smiled and didn't seem too annoyed despite her grumbling.

Peter and Michael soon found themselves busy with jobs, and as soon as one thing was finished another was handed to them. Tilly chatted away while they worked, mostly telling them about the training they had been doing. 'I think Sam's awake.' she suddenly broke into her chatter to say. 'He could probably smell the food starting to cook. Only thing he loves more than filling his stomach is Tom.' she looked up at them slightly alarmed as if she thought she'd said too much.

Peter smiled. 'It's okay, they did tell us. Only after we caught them snogging up against the car when we stopped for coffee though.'

Tilly laughed. 'I suppose that would make the situation pretty clear.' She paused for a moment and they saw a look on her face that indicated she was thinking to someone. 'Sam.' she said out loud to let them know what was going on.

Tilly heard Sam's voice and let the new guys know what was going on. 'Morning brother. Are you going to tell me what's going on?'

'After lunch. There's far too much to get into right now, but we'll be down soon. Have you seen Peter and Michael?'

'They're down here helping me with the food. Do you know these boys are hot for each other?'

She heard laughter in her head. 'We had a good idea, but it's always nice to have confirmation. It's part of the reason they were sent here, but they aren't to know that. Mark wants them to see how we work here, including how everyone copes with me and Tom heading the teams up.'

'Mark knows they are in love?'

'Love? Really? That's great! We have to let them tell us if they feel confident doing so though, so no pushing.'

'As if I would'.
he heard a sound that sounded like disbelief in her head. 'You were a special case brother, I don't normally interfere.'

Silence greeted her last comment, so she turned back to her guests. 'Sorry about that, I was fishing for information but he won't tell me til later. We'd best get on with the food and we'll learn all we need to after we eat.'

Peter and Michael continued with their tasks, gradually meeting the various members of the teams as they came back into the house. Everyone was nice to them and they were pleased to be included in the gentle banter between the regular housemates. It was indeed a friendly atmosphere. Knowing the barest details of the mission as they did they wondered how things would change when they realised what needed to be done, but they could also tell that these were professionals and there was an undercurrent of anticipation.

It was strange meeting the people they had been told about. Peter thought that of all of them the only one who was a surprise was Dill. His father had told them he was cocky and certainly didn't lack confidence. However, he was so well behaved and subservient around Tilly when she chastised him for leaving her to do the cooking he wondered if this was the same man. After a gentle earbashing though he grinned broadly, and the character Peter had been expecting showed through for an instant, before Dill also started helping out, doing whatever Tilly told him to immediately and without complaint.

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