tagNonHumanCats and Dogs Ch. 09

Cats and Dogs Ch. 09


Nearly there now... Sorry, but you have to wait for the final chapter to find out about Dill, but there are some other things sorted out in this part. From fairly early on in this story I knew that Finn would be more involved in the story and find someone for himself too. I guess I like to make sure everyone gets paired up eventually!

This chapter features m/m sex too.

* * * * *

When Sky woke up after a couple of hours, Finn had fallen back to sleep with his head laid on the edge of her bed. She took the opportunity to study his face while he slept. He was beautiful, that was the only word she could think of. She wondered whether it was only gratitude at him saving her life, but she'd got the others to thank as well and she didn't feel the same pull to them, although obviously she would stand no chance with Sam or Tom if she had been attracted. She remembered being in Finn's arms, and it was a feeling of safety, but when she remembered it she wanted more contact, to see what being in his embrace felt like when she could really appreciate it.

She carefully reached out and started to stroke his cheek and hair gently. It didn't wake him, but even in his sleep he pulled towards her touch, rubbing his cheek against her. She smiled, wishing he would do that when he was awake. She heard a soft growl come from his throat, a pleasured noise, and it made her withdraw her hand, worried he would wake up and wonder what she was doing. She reached to the table at the side of her bed and took some more soup to sip, keeping her attention on Finn all the time.

Finn woke up again, wondering where he was for a moment, and more confused by the unusual warm feeling on his cheek. He raised his hand, but there was nothing there. He opened his eyes, and found his gaze immediately held by Sky's bright blue eyes. She smiled at him.

'Hello sleepyhead.'

'Sorry, I must have dropped off again.' he smiled at her and started to sit back. He stopped part way up, realising he had an erection and wanting to hide it from her. Where had that come from? He couldn't remember what he was dreaming about. He crossed his legs as he sat the rest of the way up and hoped it wouldn't be spotted. 'I'm supposed to give Tilly a call when you are ready for a bath. Would you like me to try her now?'

'Yes please. It would be great to be properly clean.' She also really wanted him to see her at her best, and that wasn't happening so far.

Finn looked off into the distance as he spoke to Tilly, and then back into Sky's eyes, noticing the warmth in them, so different from the defeat and the dimness of last night. He smiled broadly. 'There's sparkle back in your eyes. You looked so lost last night.' He tried not to think about that too hard, because the thought of her naked in his arms wasn't helping his erection go down. He couldn't quite believe he was turned on by the thought of that when she had been so ill and he was doing his job rescuing her. 'Tilly will be here in a few minutes. I'll get the bath running.'

He stood and headed into the bathroom, unaware that Sky was taking the opportunity to check out his ass as he went, or that she licked her lips as she did so. The strangest thing was that she knew he had been asleep when she touched him, but as soon as he woke that was the first place he touched, almost as if he could still feel it. She wasn't going to dwell on that right now, the sound of the bath running made her long to sink into it and be clean, and to sort out her hair. She was pleased to see Tilly when she got to the room.

'Thanks for coming, I really appreciate this.'

Tilly smiled, and put down the bundle she was carrying. 'It's not a problem. When you were sleeping earlier I wanted to wash your hair for you. I know how much better I feel when I'm clean and looking pretty.'

Sky blushed, knowing that was exactly what she was thinking, but not quite the whole reason why she wanted to be clean and pretty. Finn came back into the room at that point and she could only stare at his chest as he came back across.

'I'll leave you to it, and I'll see you later. Thanks for helping out Tilly.' He left the room slightly reluctantly, but knowing it wasn't a good idea for him to see Sky naked no matter how much he might want to.

'You ready?' asked Tilly when he had left the room. Sky nodded, and Tilly pulled back the sheets and helped her take off the nightdress she had been in. When Tilly went to pick her up Sky started to protest. 'You're too weak just yet. And I'm stronger than I look.' she said, picking her up easily and carrying her to the bathroom.

Sky couldn't resist letting out a groan as she was settled down into the warm bubbly water. 'That feels good!'

'Lean your head back and I'll sort our your hair first. I think it'll need a comb through before we wash it, and maybe a bit of a trim if you don't mind.' Tilly set to work, knowing how much this would make Sky feel better. 'It's strange doing girly things like this, I'm so used to being the only woman about.'

Sky relaxed and let Tilly deal with her hair for a while. The whole situation was so relaxing, and after the last few months it was almost unreal to be treated well. Tilly worked in silence, but the thoughts running round Sky's head finally made her start to talk.

'Can I ask you something? Girl talk that'll go no further?'

'Okay.' Tilly said, slightly cautious. She really wasn't used to being round women, but she wanted to help Sky as much as she could.

'How do you know if you've met your mate? How are you supposed to feel?'

Tilly pondered that for a moment. She knew from the feelings floating round that Sky and Finn were interested in each other, but she wasn't sure she knew the answer to the question anyway. She thought back to when she had met Dill. Had she known then? 'I'm not sure there is a way you are supposed to feel. I guess you feel a connection as well as an attraction, you enjoy being with them and you want to touch them and be held by them.'

Sky felt herself blushing, although she knew Tilly couldn't see her. Wanting to touch and be held, that was a very familiar feeling at the moment. 'How do you know if it's that special thing though?'

'I guess you just have to work that out over time. I'm not sure people do always know immediately, but you must want at least to be lovers to start with.'

Lovers. Interesting idea. Sky started to drift off imagining what that might be like.

Tilly cleared her throat, feeling the emotion start to rise in Sky. 'Let's rinse this through and then I can shampoo you.'

'Thanks.' Sky waited for the water to run through and for Tilly to start the proper clean with some lovely smelling shampoo. 'How can you know if the guy feels the same. I mean, you might like him but he might just see you as someone who needs looking after, not of interest like that.'

Tilly pondered for a moment, giving herself time by rinsing the first shampoo through. 'I think I should tell you, I have pretty strong empath skills. I feel guilty for not mentioning it earlier, but it's not the easiest thing to drop into conversation, and it sometimes freaks people out because they think I can read their mind.'

Sky had started to panic slightly, so she understood that reaction. 'You can't though?'

Tilly laughed softly. 'No, absolutely not. But I can feel emotion and sometimes that is more than enough to let me know what someone thinks. I can shut it out, and I usually do as soon as I feel something, except when I'm working and I need to use the skill.'

'So what are you trying to tell me?'

'That I know what, or rather who, you are talking about here.'

Sky didn't quite know what to say to that. 'Um, I thought I was being subtle.'

'I don't know about that! Your choice of words would probably have given the game away, or your wistful gaze earlier when you talked about his eyes.'

'Okay. So I'm not subtle. The fact remains that I don't know what he thinks, and it's driving me nuts wondering about it.'

Tilly paused again. She had always had a rule about not getting involved in these situations, but that had already gone out the window with Sam and Tom. 'If it helps, he does quite rightly think you need looking after, but he is also interested in you, like that.' she said with emphasis. She felt Sky's emotion fall at the beginning of her statement, but rise as she finished. 'But, you need to get well Sky, you're in no condition to go getting frisky with Finn just now, and he knows that too so he's trying to keep a little distance. And finding it quite difficult.' she ended, laughing.

Sky couldn't quite believe her luck. 'Thanks for telling me. And I wasn't planning on "getting frisky", as you put it, just at the moment. I can barely sit up in bed by myself right now.'

'You'll get your strength back soon. Keep taking the soup, it's really good. And in the meantime, I will make sure you keep looking pretty. There.' she said, finally finishing with Sky's hair and standing to admire her work. 'That is perfect. Once it's dry it will be smooth and shiny again.'

Sky raised her hand to run it through the damp tresses, a pleased smile on her face. 'That's brilliant.'

'I'll get you washed over now.' Tilly said, starting to gently soap Sky's body and face, washing off the last of the dirt. Sky just lay there letting herself get pampered. She was so happy to learn she stood a chance with Finn and so glad to be clean again. 'All done.' Tilly said after a few minutes. 'I'll just go change the bed so you can get back into nice clean sheets, and then I'll be back to get you out.'

Sky was almost drifting off to sleep again when Tilly returned, although it could only have been a few moments. She was soon settled back onto the bed, and reached for some more soup, wanting to get strong as soon as possible, with the best incentive she could think of in Finn.

Tilly laughed again. 'Keen to get your strength back?! Let me dry your hair while you're doing that, and then I have one last thing here to complete the look.' Sky was obviously puzzled but sat drinking while the hairdryer was on. She watched Tilly walk over to what remained of the stuff she had brought in with her, and pick up a simple blue dress. 'I thought you might like something a little more attractive than that nightie, so I brought you one of my dresses.' she held it up and helped Sky slip into it. 'I was right, it's a perfect match for your eyes. You look lovely, do you want to see?'

Sky nodded, and a mirror was presented to her for the first time in months. She looked pale and thin, but her hair was shiny and soft again, and the dress suited her really well, the colour being a match just like Tilly had said. She couldn't stop smiling as she moved the mirror back and forth to see her hair move over her shoulders. Tilly couldn't stop smiling either.

'I'm going to have to give Finn a strong warning about leaving you alone until you're better.'

Sky looked at her, clearly not keen on that idea, and making Tilly laugh. 'Please don't.' she asked, blushing, but managing to join Tilly in her laughter. 'Can you call him back please, I really would like him to see me now I look respectable.'

'You look beautiful. And I think you should try calling him.'

Sky looked worried. 'What if I can't? I barely know him.'

'I think you'll find you can if you give it a go.'

Sky concentrated on Finn's face as she sent out the thought 'You can come back now Finn.' She was amazed to feel his surprise at the contact, and looked at Tilly startled, which only started her giggling again.

'I think I will leave you to it. Just please take it slow while you are getting better.' She left the room still laughing, and only barely kept control of herself when she saw Finn running up the hall. He only glanced at her even though she was practically rolling on the floor.

Finn had been amazed to hear Sky speak to him, and couldn't wait to see her. She obviously wanted him back there. He passed Tilly in the hall but didn't even speak to her, eager to get back to Sky's side. He pushed the door open and stood frozen to the spot when he saw her sitting on the bed. His breath left his body in a rush. He thought she was beautiful already, but in that dress that matched her eyes, and with her hair now tangle free and clean, she literally was breathtaking.

Sky blushed a little and giggled. 'You gonna talk to me, or just stand there with a stupid grin on your face?'

Finn didn't quite know how he managed to respond at all, but it certainly wasn't coherent. 'Sorry, you look... I mean I wasn't expecting...' He took a breath and tried to calm himself. 'You look amazing.' This time he was the one turning red. He really hadn't expected to be quite so blown away by her, although from his reactions so far he really shouldn't have been so surprised.

'Shut the door Finn, there's a draft.'

He managed to do as asked, but didn't take his eyes off her while he did. He was mesmerised, and cursed the fact he couldn't just head over to her and ravish her like he wanted. His wolf was crying out for some contact with her, but his human side was just rational enough to know that she was still very weak. There was also the fact that he had no idea what she thought about him, and he couldn't press her to find out right now. He could ask Tilly if she felt anything from Sky, but she usually wouldn't get involved in these situations.

Sky saw his confusion, and knew that he wanted her. Him being almost speechless when he saw her looking her best would probably have been confirmation enough, but she also had the heads up from Tilly. Sky had felt attraction to men before and knew what that was like, but this was something else. She wished she could do some of the things that were racing around her head when she looked at him, but most were out of the question until she had some strength back. On the other hand, her weakness right now meant that getting into his arms should be surprisingly easy.

'Could you do me a favour?' Finn nodded. 'I caught a glimpse outside when Tilly took me to the bath, but I'd really like to see it properly. It sounds beautiful. Could you carry me over to the window please?'

Finn swallowed hard. 'Okay', he said. He wanted to do what he could for her, but it would take a lot of restraint on his part. Having her in his arms was likely to be a pleasurable torture. As he moved towards where she was sat on her bed he prayed he wouldn't get an erection, and almost as if it heard his prayer and wanted to torment him, he felt blood starting to pool in his groin as he reached out to pick her up. One arm went under her crooked knees, and the other around her back. He was careful not to put his hands where they would touch the side of her breasts, even by accident. She was so light in his arms still, and she felt so frail he couldn't stop himself pulling her close to his body to keep her safe. Her arms went around his neck and he had to stifle a moan.

He carried her over to the window, and they stood for a while looking out over the grounds, Sky clearly impressed. 'I can't wait to go for a run out there. It is wonderful here, I can understand why anyone would want to work for Sam!'

'It's nice for runs, but a lot of the time we are out there it's work. I'm almost sick of the grounds after all the training we've had to do out there lately.'

Sky turned her head to look at him. 'You must be due a break and some fun then!'

Finn counselled himself that the kind of fun she was talking about was not what he had in mind when she was involved. When she turned back to look out of the window he couldn't resist smelling her hair, the shampoo was pleasant and there was an undertone that was the natural scent of Sky. It was driving him wild, and he was really having to concentrate on not getting too excited. He suddenly realised he could feel trembling. 'Are you cold?'

Sky looked back at him, clearly puzzled. 'No, why?'

'I can feel you shivering.'

Sky smiled 'That's you. Why don't you sit down?' she said, indicating the chair nearby, from which she could still maintain her apparent interest in the grounds whilst appreciating being held. It made her whole body feel warm, and it was him trembling, although she wasn't quite sure why he would be.

Finn sat down as quickly as he could. He hadn't realised it was him shaking, but she was right. It was the effect her closeness was having on his body when he was trying to keep control of himself. He settled her down on his knees, at a little distance from his body so she didn't feel the bulge in his trousers. He thought he'd got away with that for a moment, until she wriggled back towards him. When the side of her leg came up against his erection he couldn't stop the moan that left his lips, and when the sound caused her to turn back to him, he couldn't meet her eyes, embarrassed that he hadn't managed to keep control of himself.

Sky smiled at his blush, but didn't want him to think she minded. She put a finger under his chin and tilted his head back up, but he still wouldn't meet her gaze. 'I take that as a compliment.' she said, leaning towards him and placing a soft kiss on his lips. His eyes then snapped to meet hers, his expression surprised. She liked that small kiss so much she wanted more, and figured he wouldn't mind at all. She leaned in again and placed her lips on his, gently teasing him with her tongue to open his mouth slightly. She had to keep it light because even this was tiring, but she didn't want to stop either.

Finn joined her in the kiss, his mind blank for the first time since he'd met her. He couldn't think about anything apart from their lips moving together. He didn't push it further than the slow and light pace she had set, but did move his arms a little tighter around her, relishing the closeness and no longer bothered that he had sprung wood. He'd probably have to sort that out himself later, but he'd have a good memory to do it to. When she wriggled a little to get even closer to him he moaned again. 'You have to stop fidgeting, it's not helping!'

'Sorry, I just wanted to get closer. I wish I could help, but I really haven't got the energy right now.'

'That's okay. This is more than I could have hoped for.'

Sky had to break off their kiss to yawn. She laughed. 'I guess that's not a good sign.' Her face showed regret. 'I think I might need to get back to bed for another nap. Can you carry me please?'

'Sure.' he said, lifting her up and settling her back on the bed, pulling up the covers to tuck her in. She grinned at him.

'Thank you. I don't want to sleep, especially now, but I can't seem to help it.'

Finn smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss, the first he had initiated. 'Don't worry. I'll still be here when you wake up. Sleep tight.'

The smile slowly faded from her face as she drifted off. Finn sat by the bed trying to work out how that had happened. Over analysing probably wasn't worthwhile though. She clearly liked him too, hopefully not just because he had saved her, but after those kisses they could only see where it went. He couldn't wait for her to wake up again! She could be out for hours though, and he had an erection that wouldn't go away, not that it was helping that he couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. He thought about it for a moment longer and decided that his earlier idea of sorting himself out was probably a good one. It had been too long since he'd got laid, and with Sky he thought he would have a lot of trouble keeping his urges under control. She wouldn't be able to help him, like she'd said, but at least he could jack off knowing she wished she could.

He moved into the bathroom, thinking that masturbating at the side of her bed would be highly inappropriate, especially since there wasn't a lock on that door. He shut himself in and pushed his trousers down fast, taking his staff into his hand and giving it a couple of soft strokes. It wasn't going to take much to sort it out. He glanced round and found some baby oil by the bath, perfect for what he needed. A quick coating and he was ready. He sat down on the floor by the bath and started to stroke himself steadily, building up speed and pressure as he recalled Sky's gorgeous eyes looking at him, and her soft kisses on his lips. Only a couple of minutes later, he felt himself tense and he growled loudly, the sound echoing round the tiled room. The first shot of cum went half way across the room, and he managed to get plenty on his legs and chest before he was finished. He seemed to have shot everywhere, and slightly embarrassed at the mess he had made, he grabbed a towel and started to clean up, thinking that a quick shower would be in order. Once he was clean again he headed back to take up his bedside position, the immediate problem relieved, and his mind back to wondering what was happening to him.

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