Cat's Night Out


I tucked her head under mine and smiled, tracing my fingers gently over her breasts and nipples. Her moan got me back into the mood, my instinct and lust matching my erection as I wiggled it down and up between her cheeks.

I nuzzled my body into hers and crawled up, rolling her on her belly before trying to pick her up by her waist. She complied and raised her butt into the air, tail flipping up toward her back and curling up. I got on my knees and leveled out my penis, waiting until she was even with it before sliding in very slowly.

Her pussy molded to my dick, shaping snug around it as I pierced very slowly into it. A long, loud meow met my ears as I kept pushing in slowly, all the way. I felt myself in as deep as possible, taking in the heat and wetness as she started grinding her waist against me. I reared my head back and just felt for a minute absorbing the feeling of her pussy tightening around my shaft.

Then she did something that caught me off guard; her pussy started contracting around my dick, squeezing and jerking it as if she were humping me. The only thing she was going with her waist, though, was grind against mine.

She wasn't going to give me all the pleasure. I held onto her waist, smooth as silk, and started pulling back to thrust up into her. It was careful and gentle; I didn't want to hurt her. She had other plans as she started pressing back against me, quickly bumping firmer and firmer. Her pussy never let go of my dick, and I was getting lost in the intensity of our play.

It didn't take long before neither of us was holding back. She was mewing out loudly, moaning behind her meows as her claws sank into the mattress. I heard the fabric popping from her releasing it as her waist slapped with mine every thrust... The sounds were nothing compared to my and Laura's cries of pleasure.

"Oh! I, I... Oh, darli-i-ing!" She moaned out the name as she became submissive, not humping anymore as she tore at the bed in agonizing pleasure. I felt her pussy dripping, wetting my dick after every sharp thrust into her. Her purring started up again, as loud as ever beneath her moans. It literally vibrated her body from head to toe, even where she had my dick wrapped inside her.

God, she was amazing!

I reached up and bent over, pushing myself deep in her as I grabbed her breasts. She squealed in pleasure before I launched myself backwards, bringing her with me until she was on top, her back to me again as I started massaging her breasts while pushing her up so her pussy would fall around my dick again.

Her moans became cries, faster and higher. She propped her legs out by mine and started thrusting her waist up and down herself, riding on me while keeping her back to my chest so I could fondle hers gently. Gentleness was cut short and fast; she took her hands onto mine and helped squeeze in, almost like she wanted her breasts to pop.

"This! Is! So! Amazing!" She could only cry out a word every few thrusts, bouncing at an inhuman pace on me. Her pussy went wild against my dick, spraying her pleasure against my dick. That only helped lubricate it and let her thrust faster and smoother, slamming her butt against my waist with a very controlled strength in her uncontrollable lust.

Her hands found my sides, clawing into the skin with pleasure. It stung like hell, but god, she started bouncing even faster by holding me in place. "Ah, ah! I'm, I'm bleeding, I'm bleed..." The pain stung, but it put my body on alert for feelings, which made me notice her thrusts so much more. "I'm cumming!"

My cum blasted up into her as she sank down on my waist as far as possible. Her nails slid out of me as she held on tight, grinding her pussy against me as I emptied my pleasure into her. I was left panting and heaving for breath as she crawled off me and rolled over to face me, breathing just as hard as me. "Laura, you're incredible..."

She crawled up and tucked her head under mine, purring as she hugged me close. However she had the energy to still display her affection, I didn't know. But she kissed my neck and chest gently, whispering inaudible sweet nothings as she pecked my skin and nuzzled into me with her head.

I finally caught my breath and buried my face in her chocolaty hair, enjoying the silky ears against my cheeks as she purred a quiet lullaby. I couldn't sleep, I was too amazed at who and what was in my arms.


She purred louder and kissed my chest softly again. "Yes?"

I raised a hand and started petting through her hair gently, keeping her hugged closer than ever as her purring intensified. "Will you ever leave me?"

"Only if you ever want me to depart. I want to be with you."

A smile hit my lips as I kissed the top of her head gently. Whatever gave me this luck, I was in its debt for giving me Laura. "I love you..."

A happy meow rang in my ears, which made me smile more. "I love you, too darling." I don't think I'd ever felt happier in my life upon hearing that.

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