Cattle Call


"Deep breath."

I can't believe I'm doing this. My whole body tingles with equal parts excitement, nerves, and fear. An hour from now, and I'll be America's newest Beast Porn star. They check my I.D. (again), confirm my age (again), make sure I've taken all magical precautions (again), and check my doctor's report (AGAIN!). I can't get pregnant, and my only health issue is Beastslutitis, but that's early stage 1.

I'm filming a scene for Cattle Call, a website that specializes in "casting couch" videos. The girls pretend they're here for a regular acting job, then "Oh No! I have to fuck Beastmen cock?!? I've never, but okay." Once this goes up, I'll be disowned permanently. No going back to my racist family in Bumfuck, North Carolina. I've committed the Unforgivable Act.

My co-star walks in, and my mouth gets dry. I'm sharing the screen with a living legend, Ron "The Warthog" Laramie. He's been fucking human women on camera for over 30 years. Everyone recognizes him, even if they don't watch Beast Porn. For better or worse, his tusked mug is the face of the industry. The first video I watched featured him, and I was hooked on Beastmen after that. Fucking him, on camera or off, has been number one on my bucket list since that lonely summer day before Senior year. I mean, he's not the best looking guy, being a Warthog Beastman, but he's got a massive cock, decades of experience, and can still go for an hour at a time.

He's also a total professional. Once the contracts were signed, and a date was set, he insisted on meeting me. He even invited me to his mansion so we could rehearse! Oh my God, we went through so many rehearsals. He didn't stop until we had every, last position, camera angle, and dialogue absolutely perfect. We rehearsed so long yesterday, I wound up spending the night, and he still made me rehearse this morning!

Ron sits on the desk, just out of frame, and waits for the signal. He picks up the clipboard, and starts asking questions. "Name?"

"Tabby deWilde," I say in my most innocent voice, a naive expression on my face. It's not my real name. Well, it's not the one I was born with, but it's the one I'll have on my tombstone.

"Where you from?"

"North Carolina," I play up my hick accent. Marty, my agent, and he's a real Weasel, says it will help me stand out in the business. I met Marty through my Cam Girl work. He was the third agent I auditioned for, but the only one that called back. I don't get it. Why take the nude photos, and fuck me, if you're not going to take me on as a client? He's so sweet. He doesn't take 10% of my money, since I'm just starting out. He just lets me pay him in sex, which I don't mind at all. Marty also promised me a real Mink, but that turned out to be his cousin, Isaiah. I still fuck Isaiah though, cause I don't want to hurt Marty's feelings.

"What's your story?"

I pretend to be shy. "Well, uh, I was caught in the girls locker room with one of the coaches, a big, ole, Bulldog. Daddy's one of them Fire and Brimstone preachers, and he doesn't believe in that stuff, so he threw me out. Said, I was eighteen so he didn't have to put up with me no more." I leave out the fact that I was in the shower cleaning off what the janitor, a Pig, had done to me. Daddy showed up at the school with my bags packed, and left them on the sidewalk. Oh well, it just moved my plans up to before graduation, is all.

"How did you get out here?"

"A friendly trucker picked me up, and took me as far as he could. Then at a truck stop, he introduced me to a good friend of his who did the same." I smile at the memory. "And then he passed me to another guy willing to help out. I must have rode with at least a dozen different Beast drivers, through every state there is before I found one heading to California." I point my finger, "And you know, not a one of them asked for money. Not a dime. I felt so bad. I wound up giving them road head, and sleeper sex just to stop feeling guilty. Last guy dropped me off at a Beast Strip Club, The Dancing Bare, where the owner gave me a job, and a place to live." Yeah, after I did him, the bouncer, and the bartender. Oh, and it's a one bedroom I share with THREE other girls!

"What do you think you're here to do?"

I duck my head, feigning shy embarrassment. "Auditioning for a movie," I whisper.


"Auditioning for a movie."

"What kind of movie?"

"A dirty one?"

"Yeah," Ron chuckles. "Strip. Let's see what you got."

I stand, peeling off my shirt to reveal my small chest. I'm barely five feet tall, and been doing gymnastics, and dance my whole life. I'm in great shape, just not very curvy. Marty told me to avoid breast enhancement. Said it adds to my "Lolita Appeal"? Besides, my tits and ass will fill out as the Beastslutitis advances.

Once naked he orders me to turn, showing every part of my body to the camera, even my feet and toes. Then, I sit back, spread my legs, and start pleasuring myself while he, Marty, Isaiah, and the other three beasts in the room, watch. This part is easy, I've been masturbating in front of a camera since I got my first paycheck. It's a little weird having the audience in the room, but I get over it quick. Ron hands me various toys, telling me to have fun with them. I go through a dog, tiger, and double headed donkey (It's big enough to go in my mouth, and pussy at the same time!) before Ron tells me to stop. I've already cum twice, as he strips his clothes off and gets on the couch.

He kneels, his dark cock standing erect over balls as big as my fists. His dick's as thick as my wrist. It barely fits in my mouth, but that's why I use the potions. I swallow him as deep as I can, and still have room for both hands to stroke his shaft. I pull back, licking my way down to his balls before taking one of those wrinkled beauties in my mouth. He moans. I suckle one ball, then the other, stroking him the whole time, before kissing and licking my way back to his wide head. He grabs a pigtail in each hand, then starts hammering my tonsils with his gamey prick. I keep both hands on it, so he doesn't gag me. He forces me to look at the camera, my cheeks bulging with his massive tool. He pulls out, then sits down, holding his cock upright. I straddle him, lowering myself onto his cock. He opens me wider than anyone ever has, filling me until it almost hurts. I ride him until I orgasm. He pulls out so I squirt all over the floor.

From there we do "piggy style", reverse cowgirl, piledriver, and more. My memory is a little hazy from all the orgasms, but he goes for an entire hour, only stopping to fold me into a new position to be violated in. I thank Artemis I'm so flexible from years of gymnastics, otherwise I would have pulled or broken something. Finally, he stands, forcing me to my knees, and starts jerking it.

I slap his hands away, and swallow him once more. I suck my cheeks hollow, jacking him with both hands, my tongue swirling around his steely girth. I feel his cock grow even stiffer. He throws his head back, cursing, and squealing my name. I pull my head back, eyes closed, mouth open, and tongue hanging out as the first jet blasts from his dick. I keep stroking while his balls empty, coating my tongue, teeth, face, and chest with massive load of Beastman jizz. Like a Pig, Warthogs will orgasm for up to fifteen minutes, spurting the whole time. He finally stops, sits on the edge of the desk, and grabs a handful of hair. I wipe my eyes so I can see.

"Say it."

"Beast is best."

"Louder! Like you mean it, Slut!"

"Beast is Best, Sir. Beast Is Best! BEAST IS BEST!" I can't keep the smile off my face. This is the best day of my fucking life! I'm sore, and tired, but so wired on adrenaline I want to fuck every Beast in the goddamn world!

"What is your purpose in life, Slut?"

"To give myself to any Beast that wants me. To pleasure them fully in whatever way they desire. To never say no, no matter what they ask of me. This is why I was born, to be a slave to Beast Cock, until the day I die." I lean up and plant a kiss on his cock. "Please, Master, May I have more?"

"Lick every drop up, and I might let you suck my cock again, Slut."

I giggle with joy. With the camera running, I use fingers and tongue to clean every drop of Ron's spunk from my body, the desk, and the floor. Once done he walks back into frame, hard dick in hand, and holds it in my face. I wink at the camera, "Beast is the Motherfucking BEST!"


"Good job, Tabby." Ron helps me to my feet.

"Thank you," I hug him tight. "It was an absolute honor, and anytime you want to fuck me again, on camera or off, I'm willing. Just say the word."

He cocks an unkempt eyebrow. "Really?" I see him look at the others in the room. "Uh, because traditionally everyone who is on set for a girl's first shoot... Uh, fucks her at the after party. For luck, and shit."

"Really?" I look at Marty. He seems surprised, but quickly backs up Ron.

"Oh," I feel embarrassed I didn't know this. I'll have to have a talk with Marty about not being completely honest about all my obligations. "Well, I'm not going to be the one who breaks such an honored tradition. Are we doing it here, or..."

"We can go back to my place," Ron nods. "Don't bother to get dressed, the limo has leather seats for a reason." I shrug, and head to the car. The party starts in the limo, and doesn't stop for two days. My brain must have been fried from the sex, cause a dozen guys are at the party, on top of the ones I remember on the set. Oh well, Marty and Ron vouch for them all, and they wouldn't lie to me. Especially since it involves such an important tradition.

I can't wait to see what part Marty finds for me next...

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