There goes that MILF from next door. I wonder what she's doing around here. Billy Walker had just left his friend's house to go home, when he spotted Angela Peters drive by. But when she stopped down the street, about twelve houses away, and pulled into the driveway of a house on the other side of the street he got very curious. He hopped on his bike and started on his way down there. As he got closer he saw her get out of her car and quickly go to the front door. It opened before she even rang the bell. A hand came out and grabbed her arm. She gave a little shriek and a laugh as she was pulled inside. Is this her boyfriend? Is she cheating on her husband?

He chained his bike to a tree in front of the house next door. He quickly went up on the porch of the house she had entered. He saw Angela and some man kissing. The man was holding her around her waist, but he slowly slid one hand around her and grabbed her right buttock. He watched them kiss for a few minutes then the man pulled her after him as they left the room.

Billy vaulted himself over the wooden railing at the end of the porch onto the side lawn. He quickly went down the side of the house to see if he could see any more. There were no windows on the side of the house so he went around back. Sure enough there was a light on in one window, but as he got closer, he could see the shade was pulled down. Aw shit he thought I guess that's that. When he tried looking in he found the frame of the window blocking his view. I wonder, he thought, he raised his right pants leg and pull out the K-Bar knife that his dad had given him before he shipped out to Afghanistan. His dad was a Ranger and had showed him how to use a knife. Don't hold it as if you are going to stab.

You hold the handle but with the blade to the side. That was you can slash or parry a blow or turn wrist and then stab. Then he showed him a few other moves. Then he said you know kid if you practice these moves for 30 minutes each day you could become a pretty good knife fighter. It was true the knife had saved him from being robbed by a couple of guys who wanted his bike. He had cut one and the two of them ran off.

Anyway he put the knife between the frame and the sill, and levered up. The phone was lying on the frame recording nothing, or so he thought. The window moved easily upward. He put his fingers under the frame and raised the window as high as the shade. He could see into the room clearly. He picked up his phone back it was still recording and set it on the sill, he was shocked at how good a picture he got. It was as if he was in the room with them.

Angela was almost nude, she was just lowering her panties. Her pussy was almost bald except for a landing strip of hair covering her slit. The hair was cut close so it made the slit more obvious.

"Hurry up Frank, I've been fantasizing about sucking your dick all day."

Frank had just dropped his boxers and said, "Ok baby, crawl over here and get your reward."

Angela did just that, she crawled over to him on her knees and took his cock in her left hand. Billy guessed he was about eight inches long, not very thick. She stuck her tongue out and was pushing it into the tiny slit on the tip. The she wrapped her lips around his cock and started sucking. Her cheeks sunk in as she sucked hard.

"You're getting too good at cock sucking, I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I'm gonna ... uuunnnn ... uuunnnn ... uuunnnn. Don't swallow I want to see it first."

Angela pulled back and his dick made a popping sound as it came out of her mouth. She tilted her head way back and opened her mouth.

"Gee, I thought there would be a lot more. It felt like so much more when I came. There's only about a tablespoon in there. Ok, you can swallow now."

"Can you fuck me now Frank or do you need a few more minutes to recover?"

Frank sat down on the end of the bed, "Come here," and he pulled her onto his lap. He started sucking on her nipples first one and then the other.

"God, I love it when you suck on my tits." But suddenly his hand was between her legs. His fingers were massaging her clit. "No, Frank you goanna make me cum ... AAAHHHH. Oh, you rat bastard I wanted to cum with your cock inside me."

"Don't worry baby you will." He picked her up and tossed her onto the center of the bed. Then he crawled up between her legs. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs wide apart. She actually screamed she thought he was about to tear her in two. But he draped her knees over his shoulders and started to pound his cock into her. From the way they were laying the phone had a perfect view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

Suddenly she was screaming, "Don't stop Frank, don't stop, I'm gonna ... goanna ... Cummmingggg baby.

They were lying side by side resting. The two of them were covered in sweat.

"You know I've been married to Burt almost three years and in all that time, I haven't had a single orgasm from that selfish bastard. Sometimes he doesn't even last thirty seconds, and when I try to talk to him about seeing a doctor. He always says we're doing just fine , we have a kid don't we?"

"What time is it Frank, I think I've gotta get going? Casey is probably up from her nap and is going to be hungry."

His answer was to flip her over face down and crawling between her legs, grabbed her hips and pulled her to her knees.

"No, no." she screamed, But it was already too late, his cock was already driven balls deep up her ass. His hips were pounding into her faster and faster. She was automatically thrusting back against his forward thrusts. Sweat was beginning to drip from the tips of her nipples and nose. One of his hands slipped around her sliding over her belly and down to her cunt. His fingers immediately began stoking her clit, pinching it, and pulling on it. His other hands went lower, two or maybe three fingers slip into her baby chute. She was so wet she could hear a squishing sound as he worked his fingers in and out of her cunt. He knew exactly how to maintain complete control of her body. The moans and groans that she let out matched the look of ecstasy on her face. The video phone captured it all, both sight and sound. Finally at the end she announced her orgasms.

"I'm Cummmingggg ... I'm Cummmingggg ... I'm Cummmingggg ... Cummmingggg ... Cummmingggg.

Angela collapsed face down onto the bed totally exhausted. "Oh you bastard, I told you I had to get going. Casey goanna get up and start crying for her dinner and now I can't move. Do you want me to get caught?"

"Don't worry everything's goanna be fine."

He pulled her off the bed and half dragged and half carried her into the bathroom. He sat her down on the toilet seat lid, and rested her body against the wall next to her. He turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Then he carried her into the shower. He loved washing her. She felt so soft and smooth compared to when he washed himself. Finally when they were both washed, he took the shower head from it holder and turned off the water. He removed the shower head and just held the flex hose. He held the hose to her pussy and turned on the cold water.

Angela came awake with a shout, "What the fucks happening?"Her eyes were wide and she was almost fully awake. Frank was holding her and she was struggling mightily, but he was much too strong for her. When she was fully awake he helped her out of the shower.

"You asshole, I told you I had to leave. Casey is probably crying for her dinner."

"I don't know why I did it. I just needed to have you one more time. Just tell Burt there was a fender bender and you got stuck in traffic."

She was fully dressed now. She gave him a peck on the cheek and ran to her car and drove off.

Billy was sitting on the grass behind the house. He couldn't believe his luck. He had over an hour of video, he could make a porno flick out of it.

That night, after his mom went to bed he downloaded the video from his phone to his hard drive. The he opened his video editing program and began to make a movie. As he zoomed in on Frank's hand gripping her ass cheek, he could clearly see his fingers massaging her buttock. After that in the bedroom he caught her removing her bra and rubbing the red marks on her chest and sides, He didn't know he had caught that till just now. As she lowered her panties he zoomed in on her pussy. He could clearly see her slit through the close cut hair over her pussy. That was when he could hear them for the first time. He could clearly hear her tell Frank to hurry because she wanted to suck his dick. And then Frank told her to crawl over to him.

Billy was shocked, he spoke aloud, "Jesus, these phones are better than most video cameras."

He saw her take Frank's cock in her hand and lick the tip of his cock. He backed the video up and zoomed in to see her suck Frank's cock. But now, in the close up he could see Angela stick her tongue into the slit of his cock, and then kiss it before she put it in her mouth. When she started to suck on it, it was very clear that she was sucking hard because he could see her cheeks indented as she sucked hard.

Frank was telling her how good she was as a cocksucker, and then when he came he told her not to swallow because he wanted to see his cum in her mouth. Billy could plainly hear her beg Frank to fuck her after she was allowed to swallow his load.

When he finished the editing it was clearly a damming video for Angela. She was the one who wanted all of this. Now all Billy had to do was figure out how to use the video to blackmail her in to being his slave. It was after 2 AM in the morning and he was exhausted. That's enough for today, I gotta get some sleep. I'll worry about the rest tomorrow.

The next day, when Angela got home, as she entered the door, she called out, "Honey, I'm home. Sorry I'm so late. There was a fender bender and it really screwed up traffic." She smiled, that was exactly what Frank told her to say yesterday, when she was going to be late. Except Burt was late getting home too. So she paid the baby sitter and they called for a pizza later. Today, she could hear Casey crying in her room. As she was walking towards the living room she was saying, "Why didn't you take her out of her crib she's probably ... she saw Burt sitting on the couch, his face was in his hands, it sounded like he was moaning.

"What's wrong honey, are you sick?"

"I got downsized. There's no more job. We're probably goanna loose the house. We're goanna end up on the street. I told you something like this could happen. You had to have a baby now. I told you, we must keep a year's worth of cash to be safe. But no you wanted a baby now. What the hell was your hurry? You're only twenty six.

"So you're laying everything off on me. It's my fault you got fired."

"I got downsized, and yeah it is you fault. I warned you something like this could happen. Do you know we're upside down with this house. Everything we have is goanna be lost, why the fuck do I listen to you. I gotta get out of here I need some air.

Burt got up grabbed his jacket and slammed the door on his way out.

That son of a bitch. He's blaming me because he was laid off. That lazy bastard he couldn't even change his daughter's diaper. Angela walked into the baby's room and was about to pick up Casey, when she thought she's probably wet, so she stopped and got a flannel blanket which she laid on the top of the basinet. Then she got Casey and laid her on the blanket. She was correct, the baby was wet, and so she removed the wet diaper. She stepped on the pedal of the trash container and dropped the wet diaper inside.

Just then her cell phone rang. She laid the baby back in her crib she went to get her phone. She fished it out of her purse and in an annoyed voice answered it, "Hello"

"Is this Angela Peters?"

"Yes it is who is this?"

"This is Sergeant Mendoza of the New Jersey State Police."

"Listen Sergeant, if you're selling tickets or asking for a donation to the widows and orphans of slain officers. I can't help you my husband just got downsized. He doesn't have a job anymore."

"This is too important to talk about on the phone. I'm sending a car over to pick you up."

"You can't, my husband's not home I have no one to leave the baby with."

It was too late; the sergeant had already hung up. Well, she thought, I'll just have to explain it to whoever they send. What do they think I am, a murderer?"

It took about 15 minutes and someone was knocking on her door. When she opened the door, there was a state police officer.

"Listen officer I tried to explain to sergeant what's his name. I can't come down to station with you my husband's not here and I don't have anyone to leave the baby with."

"That's ok Mrs. Peters just wrap the baby up in blanket and take the baby with you. It must be important or they wouldn't have sent me to get you."

"Do you know what this is about?"

"No mam, they just told me to come and get you."

When they got to the station house, the desk sergeant said they are upstairs. Later she would find out why everyone seemed to know her. Upstairs he led her through the door of murder investigations. As they entered another detective called out they're in room one. When they got to room one the officer knocked on the door, a voice called out come in and he ushered her inside, closing the door behind her.

Inside the room was, a police sergeant, a female dressed in business suit, a man in plain clothes (whom she suspected was a police officer) and a stenographer at a steno machine.

As she entered the room, the police sergeant was about to ask her to sit down. But she interrupted and said ...

"Now, wait a minute, how does everyone here seem to know me?"

"Please sit down, Mrs. Peters. All your questions will be answered in due time. But first, did you send a DVD to Frank Stanton this morning?"

"Why is she writing everything you say and I say, down? What the hell is going on? "I'm not saying one more thing till you tell me what's going on. Is Frank here? I thought he worked for the New York City Police Department?"

At that moment the woman in the business suit stepped into the conversation.

"Yes you're right Mrs. Peters; you're here to make a statement. My name is Beverly Akers, I'm an Assistant District attorney in Bergin County. This lady is here to take down your every word. She will then type it out and you will be asked to read it and swear that everything you said is the truth and nothing but the truth and then be asked to sign it."

"But why, what happened, what's this about a DVD?"

"Show her."

The sergeant picked up the remote and turned on the TV. There she was, in living color. They were in Frank's bed room she was naked and on her knees and she was sucking on Frank's dick. Suddenly there was a close up, it was clearly her. She stuck her tongue out and was pushing it into the tiny slit on the tip of his cock. She glanced up and then kissed his cock and took the whole thing into her mouth. She was sucking hard because it clearly showed her cheeks indent.

"Turn it off, turn it off. Oh my god he recorded us. Why would he do that?"

"That's exactly what we were thinking? Why would he do that?"

"Oh my god, it suddenly dawned on her why everyone in the station seemed to know her. Everyone in the station must have seen this recording probably several times. That stupid bastard, where is Frank?"

"Mr. Stanton is dead, murdered by his wife. Who in a moment of remorse committed suicide right after she shot him, with his own hold out gun."

Angela sat back in the chair, her face turned white, her eyes rolled back in her head, she made a small noise, and toppled out of the chair in a dead faint. Her head banged quite hard on the floor.

It was about ten minutes later, Angela was being forced back to consciousness, and someone was waving an ammonia ampoule under her nose. The woman wearing the suit was holding an ice bag in her hand.

"Here hold this against your forehead, you're developing quite a lump, where your head hit the floor. I was about to ask you why you left the DVD in Frank's mailbox?"

"Me? You think I made the DVD and left it for Frank's wife to find. Why would I do that?"

"Firstly, you can't stand your husband. Anyone watching the video can hear you clearly say you haven't had and orgasm from him ever in all your married life. He suffers from premature ejaculation. I believe you said 30 seconds and he has an orgasm."

"But ... but ... that doesn't prove I made the disc. I didn't do it, I swear."

"Okay, then tell me who else besides you has the where-with-all to make a recording like that. It was very professional I might add. You have a BS in computer science and a Masters in it too. You have been a programmer and you've been working in information technology for years.

"I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I'm telling the truth."

"We're wasting our time here, Sergeant arrest her, read her, her rights. The charge is murder."

"But you said Frank's wife killed him."

"That's right, she did. Your little scheme drove her to a killing frenzy, with the recording. It backfired on you didn't it. That's Man1. When she killed herself that's Man2. There might even be another we're looking into." Right now, you're looking at life imprisonment."

"Wait, what about Casey? What about my baby"

"Don't worry about your baby, Child Protective Services have her. Lock her up sergeant."


It doesn't look good, Angela. They have added another murder charge against you.

"What, who do they say I killed now."

"Lisa Walker, your one time neighbor, she was your friend wasn't she?"

"You won't believe this but Lisa was an escaped slave. She was stealing money from her husband. She had a numbered account in a bank in the Seychelles Islands. There was over 100 grand in it, small amounts deposited every month over the last 3 years. The bank's security people installed a skipback about 7 months ago, whenever you made a deposit they were able to trace it back to the same ip address. Guess who the address belonged to?"

"Me ... You think I'm guilty too, don't you?"

"It doesn't matter what I believe. There is so much circumstantial evidence against you, and no one else to point a finger at. Let's say we go to trial, there's a 90% chance you'll be convicted. That means you'll go to a high security prison. Such as the women's facility at Danamora. You're a good looking woman with a good figure. You're what 5'2" and you weigh 100-103 pounds. Have you ever seen the dykes at a place like that? They'll be 5'8'- 6'3" and weigh about 200-250 pounds easy. You will get the shit kick out of you every day until you are forced to become some dyke's bitch. Then she'll be renting you out to everyone she can for extra cigarettes and any other goodies she can get. You'd be better off taking the needle it's faster."


"Or, you volunteer to become a house slave. You could be a maid or a baby sitter or maybe a cook. It's a lot better than being a fuck hole for everyone in the prison. You might get your new owner to buy your kid too. Kids don't cost much, the state is happy to get rid of them. That way she would be with you till she reaches 21 then she would be free. You would be in it for life. But it would be a better life than jail."

The fact that there was a chance to get Casey back, albeit very slight, for the next twenty years made it worth a try.

"What do you say Angela, do I talk to the DA?"

"Yes, do it. But I want to speak with someone from the program first. I want to hear about my chances of getting Casey back."

Three weeks later some of the detectives at the 157TH precinct were shooting the breeze in the coffee room when suddenly Det. Bobby Greenberg said ...

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