((First submission - it's a personal favorite fantasy of mine! It's one of those super-unrealistic-but-fun-to-think-about scenarios...Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.))

Alice was hornier than she'd ever been in her life - and all because of some stupid prank. The black-haired young beauty shifted in her seat, uncomfortably aware of how cold the metal chair was against her bare ass. Stupid, immature fucking BULLSHIT.

She had emerged from her post-P.E. shower, tired but refreshed, only to find that her bra and panties had gone missing. Not only was she pissed (it had been a matching set she really liked) but Alice was forced to go commando in a SKIRT! There had been a recent flux of these panty thefts on campus - no doubt the result of either some super original and hilarious frat pledges, or some of those fucking underwear-sniffing otaku creeps that spent all their time watching the girls volleyball team from under the bleachers. In the end, it didn't matter. Alice had no time to find a replacement set of underclothes. The professor of her next class was a bit of a hard-ass and he wouldn't take kindly to her showing up late, especially for a reason she wouldn't be able to explain properly. Alice blushed at the mere thought of telling her teacher her underwear had been stolen...what a nightmare. So now here she was, uncomfortably aroused and praying that everyone would be too focused on the movie they were watching to notice her excited state.

It started as soon as Alice began walking to class. Her shirt was sheer polyester and somewhat coarse, so with every step the material lightly scratched her sensitive nipples. In no time at all they were hard and tingling, and the teasing nature of the faint sensation was making her wet. Alice was uncomfortably aware of how clearly visible her nipples were through the thin material. You could easily make out her pale pink areolas, and her now freely bouncing breasts only drew more attention to her hardened nipples. Alice pressed a notebook to her chest to hide her arousal as she walked, but the more direct contact of rough material and sensitive tits just made her hornier. By the time she got to class Alice was in a right state, and she muttered a silent thanks that the lights were already off as students settled in for the film. When Alice sat down, however, all her gratitude evaporated. The cold seat against her warm pussy lips almost made her yelp, and she had to lean back uncomfortably far and lift her legs up on her toes to avoid contact. The position was hard to hold, but every time Alice relaxed her hot little pussy would touch that freezing metal seat. It was agony. Alice was sitting in the very front row, having arrived later than most of the other students, but for once she was okay with that. Sitting in the front meant none of the students could look back and see her wet slit staring them right in the face. The longer she sat the more uncomfortable she got, and the more Alice let her tense pose falter. As the seat warmed up, however, Alice began to notice that her slight rocking motion was putting just the least amount of pressure on her clit. Biting her lip with frustration, she struggled not to allow herself to become any more aroused, but it was proving impossible. Being so exposed on the walk here had, for some reason, driven her crazy. And now this? Almost without realizing it Alice found her hand wandering down under the desk. No! Alice firmly clasped her hands on the seat, squeezing her legs together. Big mistake. The motion put pressure on her clit again, and what's more, she could feel her slick pussy lips pressing against each other. Alice thought she was going to go crazy. She had no idea what the stupid movie was going on about, and she hadn't even opened her notebook.

Taking a stealthy look around, Alice noted that everyone else in the front row had their attention fixed firmly on the movie. Well...maybe she could play with her nipples just a little. Just to relieve herself a little bit before running to the nearest bathroom after class and fingering herself to a furious orgasm. Alice crossed her arms over her chest as though she was cold, placing her index and middle fingers on either side of her erect nipples and squeezing them together. The sensation was amazing. All that delicate rubbing and teasing had made the pink little nubs more sensitive than she had thought possible, and the simple action of pinching them sent a jolt of pleasure straight to her pussy. Another, harder squeeze made Alice almost slide out of her chair. In public! She couldn't believe it. And yet, Alice realized that was half the reason she was dripping wet. After a few minutes of nipple play, Alice very carefully opened her notebook, took a pen in one hand, and slipped the other casually under her desk. Her eyes couldn't focus on the paper, and the pen hovered, motionless, over the page. Alice wasn't even a lefty. Meanwhile, her right hand slipped along her thigh, pulling an already short skirt up even higher. The cool air on her exposed slit made her shiver, and Alice slightly parted her legs to allow her fingers to slide along it. In seconds her digits were soaked with sticky pussy juice. She had never been this wet before! When Alice ran her finger over her swollen, painfully aching clit, she thought she was going to pass out. The shock of pleasure made her hand spastically clench, leaving a black scribble on the page. Suddenly, the lights came up. Alice whipped her hand out from under the desk in a flash, heart pounding, and looked up with wide eyes. The professor was giving some generic end-of-lecture speech about reviewing and studying and so on. Students were packing up, and the room filled with the general buzz of several hundred mumbling voices. Alice put away her notebook in a daze, her hand shaking slightly with the adrenalin. She had just gotten up to leave when...

"Alice, could you stay please? I have a few things I need to speak to you about regarding your proposed essay topic."

Swearing loudly and foully in her mind, the girl pivoted on her heel and marched to the desk, all too aware of the faint sheen of sweat on her brow and the fevered heat in her cheeks. The professor took his time gathering notes and such, so that by the time he snapped his briefcase shut the classroom was empty.

"Come, I left your abstract in my office. This way."

Again, Alice followed her teacher to a solid oak door at the back of the lecture hall. It opened into a cozy and very stereo-typically "academic" office. Dark mahogany, plush red carpets, heavy wooden armchairs. The solid wooden desk had one of those engraved nameplates on it - "Prof. Alexander Sutter" - and looked like it required a crane to lift. Alice stood by the door, more than a little nervous, reading the titles of shelves on the books just to have something to do.

"Please, have a seat," said the professor, gesturing to the throne-like padded chair in front of his desk. Alice hesitated, fiddling with her backpack, trying to think of something to say to speed this up.

"Or are you worried about leaving stains on the cushion?"

Alice blinked slowly, trying to process the question. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"I really don't mind - I insist you have a seat."

Utterly horrified, Alice sank uncomprehendingly into the chair, clutching her bag on her lap and mouthing wordlessly like a fish out of water.

"Now, seeing as you're clearly aware of what I'm referring to, I'll skip the formalities. Your behaviour today was entirely inappropriate. Showing up to class with your breasts on display like that, nipples poking through that tissue-thin thing you call a shirt...utterly depraved. And that's not even mentioning how you teased and played with your nipples afterwards. Worst of all, I'm sure you'll agree, was you putting your wet, bare pussy on display as you fingered it like some common animal with no self control. Normally I would report something like this immediately, but since you are obviously an exceptionally bad case, I'm going to first discipline you as I see fit. Then, if I deem your punishment satisfactory and your reformation genuine, perhaps I will give you a second chance. Sluts like you need to be helped, and I will try my best to teach you how to behave yourself. In order to do that effectively you must obey my every command without hesitation, answer every question fully and honestly, and accept that naughty little girls like you need and want to be punished. Understand?"

Humiliated, her mind reeling, and her cunt inexplicably even wetter than before, Alice found herself nodding before she even fully understood what she had agreed to. The things he had said! It wasn't her fault her underclothes had been stolen, it wasn't fair to accuse her like that!

"Answer in sentences, please! You are not a mute. And you will address me as 'sir' or 'professor' as is appropriate."

Swallowing hard past the lump in her throat, Alice managed a faint "Yes, sir".

"Very good. Now, spread your legs and put them over either arm of the chair so I can see just how wet you are."

Alice balked, blushing a bright red. The depravity of the request shocked her. Displaying herself like that - willingly! - for her TEACHER? It was unthinkable.

"What did I say? Do you want to be taught how to be a good girl or not? Did you not JUST agree to be obedient?", barked the professor suddenly, hands folded on the desk.

"Y-yes sir, I'm sorry sir."

Slowly, closing her eyes to block out the sight of her professor watching, Alice spread and lifted her legs, fully exposing herself. The chair was so large that she couldn't sit fully upright with her knees so high up and far apart, and had to lean back in her seat. Seconds dragged on, feeling like hours, and then there was the scrape of a chair. Alice's eyes snapped open and she watched Professor Sutter walk around his desk, stop, and crouch thoughtfully in front of the chair on which Alice was spreading herself for his scrutiny. She could feel his gaze like a laser, and the intensity of it was making her clit twitch and throb. She had never really considered how attractive Professor Sutter was. In his early 30s, he was a younger member of the staff, with feathery brown hair, an attractively angular face, and the permanent stubble more suited to an action movie star than a professor of evolutionary biology. As she was gazing at him, Professor Sutter suddenly looked up and locked eyes with the trembling girl, forcing her to look away. It seemed he had been thinking along similar lines, because when he spoke again his voice was huskier than usual.

"You're a very special case, Alice. Attractive young girls like you shouldn't be wasted. It's lucky I was here to help you out."

Alice was quite pretty, she knew that. A bare 4'11" and quite fit from being on the swim team, Alice had an elfin face and short, straight hair blacker than ink. Hey wide blue eyes were framed with thick lashes, and her milky white skin was soft and flawless. Her figure was slim, with an unusually curvy ass for someone weighing only a little over 90lbs. Perky B cup breasts looked large on her tiny frame, and overall she had something of a fey-like appearance. It seemed that while she had not really noted her professors appearance, he had definitely paid attention to hers.

When Professor Sutter looked back down at her pussy, Alice felt compelled to follow his gaze. With a growing sense of fear and desire she watched him slowly reach for her slit, placing his thumb right over her wet little hole and moving it in small circles. With agonizing slowness he slid his thumb up toward her clit, the swollen nub catching slightly as he moved past it, and then again as he moved his finger back down. Twice more he made this excruciating trip, and on the third Alice let out a pained little mew.

"Ahh, so you like it when your professor plays with your aching clit, hm? I should have know a bad little girl like you would love being teased."

Once again circling the entrance to her pussy, Professor Sutter slowly penetrated Alice. Just a bare inch, in and out, over and over with that same excruciating pace. Alice couldn't help but moan softly. It felt like her pussy was on fire, and she wanted nothing more than to have her professor slam his fingers, or better yet his cock, deep inside her.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You are absolutely soaking wet, this is entirely unacceptable. Let's see the state of those sweet little tits of yours. Remove your blouse."

With another weak "Yes, sir", Alice unbuttoned her top with trembling fingers and removed it, the pale flesh of her breasts prickling with goosebumps at the sudden exposure. Professor Sutter had, in the meantime, risen and locked the door with an audible clack. Somehow the idea that she was stuck in here until her punishment was over served only to excite Alice more. She could feel every beat of her heart pulsing in her aching clit, and her nipples felt painfully hard. Alice massaged and gently pinched them, but when Professor Sutter walked back he slapped her hands away.

"You are not to pleasure yourself without explicit permission! Understand?"

"Yes sir, I'm sorry! They're just so hard and sensitive, it almost hurts..."

Professor Sutter leaned forward and pinched each nipple between his thumb and forefinger, hard, and pulled them out so that Alice's breasts were stretched taut. Alice cried out, squirming in her seat.

"That's good. You're being punished, remember that. You publicly used your body in a very naughty way, and now you're going to be taught a lesson."

With one more sharp twist, he let go of Alice's nipples and her tits sprang back, bouncing slightly on her chest. Tears pricked the girls eyes, and her pussy burned with arousal.

"Now, here's what's going to happen: First, I am going to spank your tits, ass, and pussy. You will beg to have each one punished in turn, because the first step to being a good girl is knowing when you need to be taught a lesson. You can decide what order to have them spanked in. Next, I will torture your clit and nipples more severely - you played with them in class so they need special attention. And lastly, your wet little fuckhole...It felt tight even on my finger, so I imagine it will be a good punishment for me to stretch and fill it for you. I know you don't have any more classes today, so you don't have to worry about staying late here for your tits and pussy to receive their treatment."

With every word, Alice felt her heart pounding faster. There was no way he was going to do all that to her, especially not...not stretching her pussy. Alice couldn't even use tampons comfortably because she was so tight. How could he possibly fit anything bigger inside her? And another thing...how did he know she didn't have any classes after this? Had he been spying on her? Alice contemplated this as Professor Sutter rose and withdrew something from a drawer in his desk. When he turned around, she gasped. He was holding one of those rubber rulers - the kind every kid in middle school knows how painful it is to get smacked with.

"Now...pussy, ass, or tits? Remember to beg."

Eyes wide, Alice had to clear her throat twice before she could speak clearly.

"Please sir...could you spank my ass first? I-I was very bad in class today and I need to be t-taught a lesson...Please sir, spank me!"

Professor Sutter seemed to consider for a moment, then spoke, slapping the ruler against his palm with crisp cracks.

"Very well. Stand up and bend over the desk."

Alice stood and complied, biting her lip. She felt Professor Sutter flip her skirt up to expose her round behind, and the next few seconds of silence were torment until-


Alice yelped, the harsh lash catching her by surprise. There was no time to recover as one strike followed the next.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Alice lost count around 12, and by the time the professor stopped she was weak-kneed, biting her lip so hard she tasted blood, and struggling not to cry. Professor Sutter stroked the hot skin of her ass, inspecting the welts, and without warning slid a finger inside her pussy.

"Hmm...even wetter than before, if that's possible. Tsk, tsk, tsk...Well, next?"

Alice took a few seconds to gather herself, summoning the composure to stand upright and face her teacher without wobbling.

"M-my pussy sir, please spank my pussy. I'm still wet and horny, and I n-need my wet little slit thoroughly spanked."

Wordlessly, Professor Sutter pushed Alice back so that she sat on the desk, wincing when her raw ass touched the surface, and instructed her to lie back, spread her legs, and put her feet on the table. Despite all she had been through so far, Alice still felt blood rush to her face as she once again voluntarily exposed her pussy to the ministrations of her sadistic teacher. Like before, the first stroke came out of nowhere. Alice cried out with each blow, her clit tingling with a mix of pain and pleasure after every hard smack. When he was done, Alice was clenching her teeth so hard her jaw hurt, but this time she expected the finger slowly probing her slick hole. Again, the results were unsatisfactory.

"Still a wet little slut. I think you like being punished. Is that right?"

Alice groaned, involuntarily pulsing her hips rhythmically as her professor fingered her twitching pussy.

"Nnnoo, please, sir...I'm so sore, please don't punish me anymore...I don't...I d-..."

Professor Sutter slid a second finger inside her sopping cunt, marveling at the tight fit. He could barely get the second one in there...he could just imagine how good his cock was gonna feel squeezed by that little fuckhole of hers.

"Now, now, Alice. Remember you agreed to be honest? You say you don't like being spanked, but your hot, dripping cunt tells a different story. Now...I still have to spank those perky little breasts of yours. Did you know I love punishing tight young breasts? They're so firm and sensitive...Watching you walk into my class, missing your bra and panties, those pink little nipples of your perfectly visible through your shirt was almost too much. I couldn't wait to get my hands on them after class."

As he spoke, Professor Sutter gently massaged each breast in turn, lightly pinching Alice's nipples until they were puffy and erect once more. Alice couldn't think clearly. He couldn't wait...? Why did it sound like this had all been planned? Was HE the one who took her underclothes from the locker room? It seemed absurd, but then, this whole situation was out of control. Lost in her thoughts, Alice was caught off guard when the first smack struck her breasts. Alice was fascinated, unable to look away. She stared down at her creamy white tits as they were striped with red welts, bouncing after every one. Her cries grew louder, and Alice almost couldn't handle the pain in her burning nipples. Every strike landed directly across one of them, until both were dark pink, unbelievably hard, and unbearably sensitive. When Professor Sutter stopped, Alice's nipples were redder and bigger than she had ever seen them, maybe a little under an inch long and puffy from swelling with blood. Alice lay there, breathing heavily, unable to move. Professor Sutter seemed out of breath as well as he moved around the desk, taking more objects out.

"Now," he panted, swallowing hard, "it's time for some more severe punishment. I can't trust a disobedient little girl like you not to struggle...so sit back down in the chair and spread your legs like before."

Alice struggled back to the seat, her aching tits tingling as she moved, and assumed the exposed position while barely even noticing it. She was too focused on the pain in her throbbing breasts. Every heartbeat brought a new wave of stinging heat to the very tips of her nipples. She was brought back to reality when she realized she was being tied to the chair. Professor Sutter had several lengths of rope that he was using to tie her ankles and knees to the arms of the chair, ensuring that she couldn't close them. He then pulled her arms up and tied the wrists together, and then tied a rope to THAT and pulled it taut over the back of the chair. The position had her elbows resting on the edge of the back, forcing her to shove her tits out and put them on obscene display. Another rope went over and under her breasts, squeezing them together slightly, and then around the back of the chair, ensuring Alice couldn't so much as squirm. The rope brought all that discomfort and embarrassment of being exposed right back, and Alice couldn't help but experimentally tug at the ropes. Not so much as an inch. There was no WAY these ropes just HAPPENED to be in the desk...This was planned. Alice wondered how long this had been in the works. Pulling her out of her reverie were the items the professor showed her next.

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