byRay Dario©

Ray sat at his desk and stared at the clock hanging on the wall in front of him. "Two thirty! I've had it. I can't take anymore today." He said to himself. Ray was a computer programmer in a large office and he had been working too many long hours lately. He could feel the burnout eating away at his spirit and knew he needed to take some time off in the worst way but there always seemed to be one more modification that one of his users needed "right away". He looked down at the stack of "Request for Enhancement" forms that were on his desk and groaned.

Just then Paul, Ray's supervisor, came into his office. "Ray" he said smiling "I want you to take the rest of the day off. You have been putting in to much overtime and neglecting that pretty wife of yours."

Ray knew Paul was right. He had been neglecting his wife lately and he desperately wanted to go home but there was so many requests needing his attention. Cindy, Ray's wife of five years, had been a real trooper never getting bitchy or complaining about his long hours but Ray knew she wanted him home. Or at least she had until recently. Now Ray wasn't so sure. The last couple of weeks she had seemed distant and their lovemaking had become almost non-existent. Ray really wanted to go home but he looked down at the pile of requests and said. "Paul, I can't. I've got to much to do."

"Nonsense, that is what God made tomorrows for. Now go home. That's an order son!" Paul smiled and patted Ray on the back. "Go on son, you deserve some time."

"Thanks Paul. I really appreciate this. I know Cindy will too." Ray said and began shutting his computer down.

Paul walked out of the office while Ray waited on his computer to turn off and then he turned off his office light and walked through the companies lobby and out to the elevator. Riding down the elevator Ray felt a weight lifting from him and by the time he reached the parking garage he was smiling and humming a soft tune. He walked through the garage to his car and quickly sped out to the street.

It was early enough in the afternoon that traffic was light and Ray made excellent time driving home. Within thirty minutes he had pulled into the driveway of his small suburban house.

"I'll surprise Cindy. We'll go get an early supper and maybe catch a movie or something." He thought to himself as he reached the front door. It was unlocked and he opened it quietly and slipped into the entranceway.

Their house was small but comfortable and Ray liked the way its floor plan flowed. The entranceway opened to the living room which had a wide-open connection to the dining room / kitchen area. The bedrooms and bathroom was isolated back off of a hallway with the master bedroom way in the back.

Ray slipped into the living room, taking care to walk quietly in hopes of coming up behind Cindy and surprising her. However like the best laid plans, she was not in the living room. She wasn't in the combined dining room / kitchen area either. Ray stopped and thought for a moment. "No the door was unlocked so she must be home. She must be back in the bedroom, probably doing laundry." He thought.

Ray pulled his shoes off to make his walking quieter and then padded softly back to the hallway that led past the spare bedroom, community bathroom and finally to the master bedroom. At the start of the hallway he paused and looked to see if his wife was in the spare bedroom. Nope. So he walked as quietly as he could down the hallway. After only a couple of steps he could hear someone's voice coming from their bedroom, but the voice sounded male. "She must be listening to the radio." He thought. He eased his way farther down the hallway. The bedroom door was open about three inches or so and as he got closer he could hear the voices more clearly. What Ray heard confused him and stopped him in his tracks.

"Do you like fucking me in my husbands bed?" It was his wife's voice

"I love it. I would love fucking you anywhere in the world" a deep man's voice responded.

"Let's take a quick shower first and let me suck that pretty cock of yours." Cindy said and Ray could hear the bed creak with motion.

"Um I love the way you think bitch." The man's voice said and then the bed creaked again.

He leaned forward but the direction the door opened prevented him from seeing into the room so he waited until he heard the shower turn on and then in a horrified daze Ray pushed the door gently open and slipped into his bedroom. He stood so that the door hid him but he could now lean out and see around the door. His position let him see the entire bedroom complete with the now rumpled and wet sheets on his bed.

He could also see into the master bath and for the first time he saw his wife standing naked holding another man. The man was nude as well and as Ray watched Cindy raised up on tip toes and the man bent down and they kissed. It was not merely a peck on the cheek but a deeply passionate kiss that lasted for almost a full minute. Finally Cindy pulled away and laughed. The man grabbed her cute bouncing ass as she stepped into the shower and then followed her in.

Ray didn't know what to do. He felt anger, betrayal and hurt but there was also another feeling in him. He was also incredibly turned on by what he had just seen. He wanted to see what they were doing in the shower, wanted to watch his pretty wife suck this man's cock. He wanted to see the man fuck his wife, plowing her pussy hard and fast and finally filling her cunt with his sperm. So many feelings were swirling around him that he stood motionless for several minutes while the sounds of his wife and her lover's sex play filled his ears. Finally he made a decision. Moving quickly he slipped into the bedroom and then into the large walk in closet that held their wardrobe. There he got their video camera down off the shelf and checked it. Luckily he was one of those anal retentive types that always made sure he charged the batteries before putting the camera away and it was still fully charged. He slipped a new 4mm cassette into the camera and went back into the bedroom making sure he could still hear the shower going. He put the video camera on the dresser pointing toward the bedroom and made sure that it would record everything that happened in the room and then started it recording. He moved a few of the knickknacks that were on the dresser around to make the camera less obvious and then slipped out of the room closing the hall door most of the way behind him.

Ray crept out of his house and went back to his car and drove off without any idea of where he was going. All of the emotions he was feeling flew around in his head and disturbed his thoughts. What was he going to do? Had he lost his wife to her new lover or did she still love him? Ray couldn't stop thinking about the sight of his wife kissing her lover. How erotic it was, yet sickening at the same time. He was confused and frightened and angry but still.

When Ray had finally cleared his thoughts he made a decision on what his next action would be. He turned his car and drove back home. It was late already and he got out and walked up to his door. Cindy greeted him at the door with her usual cold peck and then asked him what he wanted for dinner. Ray didn't say anything, he just turned and walked toward the bedroom. There he picked up the camera and stopped the recording. He rewound the tape and then pushed play for a few minutes to make sure that it had recorded what he knew must have happened. Sure enough it had, so he took the camera and the tape back to the living room.

Cindy had not followed him to the bedroom but she noticed camera when he came out. "Are you going to tape something dear?" she asked.

"I already did." Ray said and saw Cindy's face go white. "Sit down and we will watch."

Cindy sat on the couch and didn't say a word as Ray loaded the tape into the VCR converter cassette and then put that into the VCR. Ray walked over and sat by Cindy. Her face was ash gray but she tried to act as though she didn't think anything was wrong. Inside she was praying that she was wrong but she knew she had been caught.

"What would Ray do?" she wondered to herself. Certainly he would want a divorce. "Would he expose her to her family and friends?" she shuddered at the thought and then was distracted as Ray started the tape.

It started out with the bedroom empty but the shower clearly going and loud moans and grunts coming from the bathroom. Before long her lover, a man she had met two months ago named Kevin, stepped from the shower his semi-placid cock swinging obscenely as he walked toward the bed. In the television Cindy followed the man to the bed. She too was naked, her large breasts bouncing with each step. Kevin stopped at the edge of the bed and she climbed into the middle spreading her legs and running her right hand down her belly toward her bush.

"Come suck my pussy lover." She said on the tape and to Cindy, sitting on the couch, she sounded very crude now that the passion was gone.

"Mmm bitch! You read my mind." Kevin said as he climbed on the bed and between Cindy's spread legs. He kissed her on the mouth gently, his tongue clearly pushing into her mouth. Slowly he kissed across her cheek and then down to her neck. Steadily his mouth moved until he was tracing his tongue around one nipple and then the other, cupping each breast in turn.

Cindy could not stand it anymore she turned to her husband with tears streaming down her face and cried "Oh Ray I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to cheat on you. Oh please don't leave me. I'll do anything you say!" she flung herself forward onto Ray's lap and openly weeped. "Oh God Ray, Please say you still love me. Please say you won't leave me. Kevin means nothing to me. I don't love him. I love you. I was just so lonely! I needed."

Ray grabbed Cindy's hair and roughly pulled her to a sitting position. "What did you need?" he sneered in the best mad voice he could fake. "Did you need cock? Are you a little slut that just couldn't live without being fucked?"

Cindy was shocked and frightened by her husband's tone. "Ray?" she said softly.

"Answer me bitch." Ray growled.

On the television screen Kevin had finally reached Cindy's pussy and was lapping and slurping noisy while she moaned with pleasure.

"Did you need to have your pussy sucked whore!" Ray spat out pulling Cindy's face around so that she had to look at the television playing its obscene drama.

"Oh Ray, don't treat me this way please!" Cindy implored but Ray was unmerciful.

"Look at it. You are a slut aren't you? A little slut whore who needs cock! A whorish little tramp who can't get enough. Aren't you? Answer me." Ray said forcing Cindy to keep watching as Kevin now mounted her and began to fuck her on the screen.

"No! Ray no no no" She said.

"Yes you are bitch! Now suck my cock and mean it!"

Cindy was shocked at Ray's demand but when she looked down at his crotch she realized that his cock was harder than it had been in weeks. She reached over and undid his belt and then the button on his slacks. As she did this she could feel his hard cock pressing upward against the fabric. She slowly slid the zipper down and opened the front of Ray's pants. Reaching in she pulled his briefs down exposing his raging hard on. She sat there staring at it trying to comprehend the implications of what was going on and then Ray forced her head down and she began to lick his cock.

On the television she was about to cum and she was screaming for Kevin to fuck her harder and faster. Kevin was grunting and groaning and all the sounds were making Cindy hot! She sucked Ray's cock into her mouth taking as much as she could and then pulling back off and going back down.

Ray was beginning to groan and grunt as Cindy brought him closer to orgasm. He watched a man he didn't know fucking his wife on the tape and felt her mouth working on his cock. Now he knew. Knew his wife was a slut. Knew she would do whatever he ordered her to do. He was going to enjoy their new relationship.

With that thought Ray began to cum. His cum filled Cindy's mouth and then he pulled her off of his cock and shot another stream of jism onto her face.

"Oh my little slut." He said. "I'm going to like being married to you and from now on I am not staying late at work. Oh no I'll be looking forward to coming home and watching my slut do all the slutty things I can think up."

Cindy sat on the couch watching Kevin pull his cock from her cunt on the television and thought to herself "Mmm I think maybe I will like being your little slut too." She smiled and used two fingers to scoop some of Ray's cum from her face and put it into her mouth. "Yes." She thought. "I'm going to like our new arrangement."

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catch em,,,,,photograph em,,,,,release em.....or make other plans, TK U MLJ LV NV

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Who wrote this trash?

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Because Ray is a sick cunt who needs to be put out of his misru

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He Lost All Credibility

When he became aroused watching another man cuckold him. How many people will Kevin tell? How many of his friends, neighbors, coworkers and family either already know or soon will? She is already treatingmore...

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