I had just gotten into jerking off, when the door to the sitting room opened, and in walked a woman.

I knew who she had to be, of course -- my brothers-in-law had brought home some friends from the pub a couple of hours before, and they had all played noisy drinking games. I'd retired to the sitting room, to work on the computer. After a while I had gotten into looking at some internet porn, and had gotten very turned on after reading an S&M story.

It had gotten very quiet upstairs, and I had figured they'd all passed out, or gone to sleep.

So, I felt safe, when I decided to have a wank.

The room's door doesn't lock, of course, but I hadn't been worried. My wife is always telling me I should lock the door to the bathroom, and I guess she was right.

I'd really gotten into the story I was reading--a bloke was tied up and nipple-clamped while his girlfriend slowly jerked him off, making him beg for it.

I decided to try and do as much of the story as I could, so I had put on some nipple clamps, after stripping completely naked, and then handcuffed my hands together. I had to leave them free in front of me to touch myself, and I had.

So there I was, naked, and slowly tugging my cock, when the girl walked in.

I gasped.

She looked startled too, and caught herself a minute, ducking back.

I started to flail about for the key, and she popped back in the door. She closed it behind her.

"Don't stop," she said.

I froze.

"Go on, do it," she said. "I want to watch."

"Do it," she said, "Or I'll yell."

It was late, and very quiet. I didn't want my anyone to come down and see me like this.

But would she really scream?

"Ahhh" she started.

"Okay!" I said.

"Put your hands on it," she said.

She moved closer and turned on a light.

She was now really close -- just a few feet away.

"Stand up," she said. I did.

"Turn around."

I turned around slowly, letting her look at me. I was turned on, but very nervous.

"Mmmmmm." she said.

She reached out and touched my ass. I gasped.

"Go on and do it some more," she said.

I began to jerk off, quick.

"Slow down," she said.

I did.

She saw the computer and leaned over me, reading the fantasy.

Her breasts brushed my chest through her blouse, and I smelled her perfume.

"Naughty boy," she said, "this was what you were thinking?"

I nodded.

She grabbed the handcuff key from the desk and reached down to my cuffs. She quickly undid one of them.

"Why don't we forget this ever happened," she said. I breathed a sigh of relief. She reached for my other wrist.

Then, before I could think, she yanked my hands behind my back and clicked the cuffs shut.

"Well then," she said, "Now I've got you."

I was terrified. What would happen? What was I going to do? I had gone from being forced to finish something I had started to not being able to do anything.

"And I know what turns you on," she said, "and I 'm going to do it you."

And she did.

She made me lay on my back, and then proceeded to grab my balls. She seemed intoxicated by the power she had over me -- total control of my body. She ran her hands over my chest and stomach, and pulled my thighs wide apart. She sat between them, her knees between mine.

She was breathing heavy, her chest heaving.

Without saying anything, she stood and unbuttoned her blouse. Her tits hung heavy within, with large round nipples. She shrugged it off. Then she pulled off her jeans. She wore white g-string panties, which she removed and tossed over my face.

I could smell her scent on them. Musky and wet.

"Now you can see your girlfriend," she said, "Just like the story."

She was gorgeous Her large breasts hung from her body, and she had long blonde hair which went past them. Her pussy was blonde as well, and tightly trimmed. Her lips were large and sexy.

She showed me them up close, right in front of my nose. My eyes crossed looking at them, and she squatted lower, kissing my lips with her labia.

She pulled my head up and made me lick her.

She gasped, and then pushed me back.

"Too fast," she said, "That tickles."

She sat back down on my face and told me how to lick her.

"Slowly, and not on the clit -- yet--" she said.

I obeyed.

"Thrust your tongue in me and then out," she said. "Then lick over my hood." I did.

"That's better," she said, "nice and slow."

I kept it up, licking her pussy over and over, while she gasped over me.

"Now my clit," she said, "NOW!"

I lashed her clit with my tongue, rapping it as she had told me to do, bang bang bang bang bang.

She gasped, and squatted down hard, her pussy spasming on my face.

"That was for your wife," she said, "now you know how to lick a pussy."

"Now," she said, "We have a story to finish."

I trembled.

She grabbed my cock, and teased it harder than before. I had tasted her pussy, and my cock was like a rock, but she made me harder still.

An integral part of the story I had gotten from the net was the humiliation of the man who is forced to reveal himself to his torturing girlfriend, begging her to do what he wants her to do.

She made me do it, too.

She asked me what I wanted her to do, and touched me all over my body as she did so, making me tell her what felt good.

She stroked my cock, and made me tell her exactly how it felt as she did it, making me reveal my innermost sensitive feelings. I told her it felt hot, or cool, or electric, as she tried a variety of touches on my cock, grabbing it full fist, or using a thumb and forefinger to circle my glans at the base.

She explored me, taking her time, stimulating everything---my balls were tickled, my anus probed, and my nipples teased in their clamps.

She didn't stop there, but made me tell her how I liked a woman to look -- shaved pussy, and how I liked her tits, and how I liked a labia to look.

She asked my favorite poses for sex pictures, and showed me what she looked like in them.

As she teased me, she made me tell her if I was near coming, or not, and would then stop, and try another method to make me near coming.

I hated it, and loved it. She was digging out secrets I had never explored, fantasies I had never dreamed of, or let myself think of.

She asked me about what I'd do to two women, if I had them, and what I'd want them to do to me.

It seemed like hours, and it probably was a few -- and then she said,

"Your cock is mine now. I know it's every signal, and every touch, and I own it, and your orgasm."

"Now I'm going to tease you, and make you come, and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

And she was right.

She took all the tricks she had learned about me, and used them. She took me higher and higher, and made me talk about it as I went.

I spoke filthy things, telling her I wanted her cunt and ass, and face, and she used them all on me, touching my cock with them, and holding back at other times.

She penetrated me with her fingers at the same time that she pulled my cock into her, penetrating her. It was like plugging in two electrical sockets and watching the sparks fly.

Through it all, she never would tell me her name. When I asked her for it, so that I could say it when it felt good, she told me that as far as I was concerned she had no name, that she was the master of my orgasm.

When I came I was begging her for a lick of her cunt, and she was teasing me with it, as she sixty-nined me. I shot all over her tits, and she turned atop me, putting her come-covered tits in my mouth to clean.

I was exhausted and fell asleep with her on me, still handcuffed. I woke up later, on the floor, naked but uncuffed, with her gone. I never saw her again.

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by dreamer336601/02/18

So he he inadvertently cheated on his wife. Where was she?

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Mystery Mistress?

She sounds like she was a goddess of tease. Could there be a sequel to this erotic tale, or even better a series? 5 stars

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