Being left alone while my girlfriend went to show houses one Saturday morning after her waking and making out with me, I was feeling quite horny just thinking about her nice round ass.

I had been trying to occupy my time with other things like watching tv or surfing the net, but I couldn't keep my mind off of her. Seeing how she was usually gone all day when this happened, after a couple of hours, I decided to go back to bed and take care of the urge myself.

Returning to bed as I thought about how that luscious ass looked when I paddled it to a nice red hue and how she squirmed when her nipples were squeezed. Imagining the feel of her lips wrapped around my dick at my request and thinking of that pussy that she called mine drooling while she hoped that I would have mercy and slide my dick in that dripping hole.

Knowing her and knowing how horny she can get and how damn sexy she is could make any man jerk off when he thinks about it. I had started out with a lingering erection all morning just from our petting session and being horny for the last couple of hours. However after my mind wandered over these thoughts among others, my erection was now hard as ever as I stroked it up and down, wishing it was her lips wrapped around it.

Just as I was getting close, I heard something at the door. Looking up and startled that she was home early, I momentarily stopped when I saw her in her sexy tan dress pants, along with a black top that I always love staring at stretched across her breasts.

She finally spoke as she leaned against the door with her arms folded across her chest with a stern look on her face, "go ahead" "keep going" "stroke it boy."

Stunned, I just stared realizing that it's usually me telling her what to do and that had just changed.

Finally she raises her voice, "Is there a problem with that dick? Did you forget how to jerk off, because I walked in?"

"No" I hesitantly said.

Cutting me off she said, "Then be a good boy and show me how you stroke that dick when I'm not around."

Hesitantly I started again, realizing my dick was even harder because of her aggressive behavior. After a couple of strokes she speaks up, "that dick belongs to me now."

Hearing this, I slowed again.

In response to my slowing, she said "Do you understand little boy?" as she walked closer to the bed and sat in a chair near by.

"Yes Ma'am", I said almost stopping. "Don't stop!" she said as I sped up again.

I franticly began stroking my dick faster again.

At which point, she said, "one more thing, don't cum until I tell you to, did you hear me?" Looking up surprised, I slowly nodded, as I noticed she was removing her pants.

"What did you say?" she said.

"Yes Ma'am" I continued stroking my dick, as I approached the point of no return, "I'm close" I said.

She responded with "yes I know" "you can stop now."

Surprised I slowly came to a stop, too slow in fact because it was followed by a slap to my hand as she sternly said "Stop!

Proceeding to straddle my head looking down on me, she held both my wrists so that I couldn't touch myself, "are you horny little boy? Do you wanna cum?"

"Yes Ma'am" I nodded vigorously.

"Not right now, It's my turn, start eating. Come on lick my pussy good and I might give you a hand job."

I started licking her pussy as she mashed it down on my mouth to the point of no escape. I sucked on her pussy as if it were a juicy piece of fruit as it dripped directly into my mouth with her moaning above me, saying "don't stop" as if I had a choice.

As she rode my face, all I could do was recall the aggressive nature that she had suddenly taken on, referring to me as her little boy, treating me as a piece of property, like I was a sex toy for her to use however she liked.

Her breathing began to become ragged as her moaning got louder when she finally grasped my hair as she pulled my head into her crotch even further as her juices poured into my mouth. At which point she slumped over still holding my hands down, she said, "do you think you deserve to cum now?"

Looking up, hesitant to speak, "please let me cum" I desperately said.

Commenting, she said, "I don't know" "what do I get out of it?" "why should I let you cum?"

"Alright. You can cum. Come on stroke that dick for me. Make it squirt all over my ass." as she turned around looking over her shoulder and said, "just don't forget to clean it up after you're done." With direct eye contact she slowly and loudly said, "with, your tongue."

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