Oh this is so good. Bent over the sofa, being fucked from behind. I know its wrong, my husband out working, and I’m here, at home, fucking. Call me a slut, I know its true, but that doesn’t alter the fact that I love this so much. This sex is so much better for knowing that I shouldn’t be dong it. Should be hoovering or ironing or something. Add to that the fact that’s its my brother in law I’m screwing and I’m pretty sure that makes me a very bad girl.

So there I am. Clothes half on half off. Bent over, with Dave gripping my hips and pulling me onto his cock. His overalls round his ankles. God it feels so good. He knows just how to fuck, knows how to make me scream. Knows how to make me cum. My face is pink, I can see it reflected in the living room mirror, the one I chose with Daniel, my husband. Dave fucks me harder, I know he is getting ready to cum, and his hand slips round to my clit, and rolls it between his finger and thumb, as he bangs into me. Perfect. That will do it for me every time, and I’m just thinking I’m gonna cum with him when…


I hear the front door open.

And all hell lets loose.

There is a brief second where I think how I might try to get away with it. Dive behind the sofa. Pull my clothes on at the speed of light. Run up the stairs. But all these appealing options become useless when I trip over Dave’s overalls and land sprawled in heap at his feet. Unfortunately then I start laughing. Probably not the best reaction to the situation – cos that means that when Daniel walks in Dave is standing there, cock hanging limp by now, and I’m lying on the floor, at his feet laughing hysterically.

Then I look up and catch Daniels face. It looks like thunder. He’s not a violent man, but I think he will hit Dave, or me, not sure which.

“What the hell is going on?”

Dave just gawps.

I stutter, and try to get to my feet to pull my clothes together. Daniel, however, has crossed the room, and puts his hand firmly on my shoulder, holding me on the floor.

“Don’t bother, I can see what’s going on.” Then to me “You dirty fucking bitch!”

I gasp, never has Daniel spoken to me like that!

He bends down, and twists my arm to my back. I cry out. “OW! Daniel!”

Daniel has pinned my hands together behind my back, and holding them with one hand drags me to my feet by my hair with the other. Pulling, twisting, turning, I try to pull away from him, but his grip just tightens. I’m standing, he’s still holding my hands, and his other hand pulls off his tie, and has bound my hands before I can speak.

“Dave! Do something “ I beg

“Dave, fuck off!” Daniel tells him and Dave legs it.

“Dan, please,” I’m begging again, but Dan doesn’t even look at me. He pushes me down to my knees again, so I’m kneeling with my hands behind me. He picks up my knickers from the floor, and passes them under his nose. “Dirty fucking slut!” he spits. I open my mouth to protest, although I don’t know what I could say, and Dan takes that opportunity to push the knickers into my mouth.

“Shut the fuck up bitch”

I can only beg with my eyes, but somehow it has no effect.

Daniel still standing, puts one hand under my chin, lifts my face to his, and the look in his eyes is enough to knock me out. His other hand smoothes my cheek, he looks so sad. I almost pity him. SMACK! His hand cracks against my cheek. I yelp into my knickers.

“You are nothing but a tart. A dirty slut. I work my arse off for you, for us, and here you are bent over, offering your dirty little cunt to my brother. What the fuck did you think you were doing?”

“mmmmmmm mmmmmm mm”

“SHUT UP! I don’t want to hear you, you slag! What makes you think you are worth listening to? Not worth anything, not a thing. Just a worthless pussy, opening for anyone who cares to use it.”

SLAP, his hand hits me from the other side.

My shirt, which was already hanging open, is ripped away, and his fingers cruelly pinch my exposed nipple.

“Well its my turn now – I’m getting some” And he unzips his pants. I’m pretty surprised to see he has a huge hard on already. He pulls the knickers from my mouth, and grips my hair, pulling my mouth towards his cock.

“Suck bitch”

“Dan!” I cry out as soon as my mouth is free. “Don’t, please, I’m sorry “

“Oh your gonna be more than sorry, now fucking well suck and make a good job of it.”

I suck, for all I’m worth. Feeling frightened now. What did he mean? More than sorry? I was sorry truly! That I’d been caught out anyway…

My face felt hot on both cheeks, as I sucked. That had shocked me; Dan had never raised a finger to me before. I struggled to keep my balance with my hands tied, and gagged as his cock hit my throat. He seemed to like that and laughed.

I think I’m doing quite a good job, his eyes are closed and he looks really into it, when he pulls back harshly, shoving my face away from him. “God woman, what the fuck are you trying to do? Can’t even give a decent blow job. What am I going to do with you? You cheat on me, with my own brother, then treat my cock like it’s not worth the effort.”

Looking up from my kneeling position, I watch, wide eyed, as he unbuckles his belt. Slowly, deliberately, slides it out from the loops, looking into my eyes all the while. Holds it, then doubles it, and yanks the ends so it makes that slapping noise against itself. I tremble, and open my mouth to protest again.

“Told you I don’t wanna hear you.” And the knickers are shoved back in.

“Arse up – move it bitch.” He orders

My eyes widen, and I shake my head violently

My head is grabbed and pushed to the floor, forcing my arse in the air.

“Don’t fucking move”

I squeeze my eyes shut, and find a tear running down my face. Dan sees it, and for a moment I think that he feels sorry for me.

“Don’t give me your crocodile tears bitch “

And WHHACK!! his belt curls across my raised arse cheeks.


WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, desperately squirming, trying to get away from the stinging blows. Not knowing which side the next one will land. One catches me right on my arse hole, and I scream against my gag.

Again and again, one side, then the other, I cant get away from it. One comes up between my legs and connects with my pussy, and I scream again. My arse is on fire. Burning. Red hot. And when I think I just couldn’t stand another blow, he stops. Dead. I twist my face to see him, and he looks horrified. He’s just staring at my arse. I look back and am shocked at the red welts that cover it. His hand touches me gently, drawing back slightly, as if burnt. Then smoothes my cheeks. Caressing. It feels so nice, his smooth cool hand, against my tortured skin. It slides down between my legs and I feel one finger slip between my lips, gently massaging back and forth. A slight moan escapes from my lips, I can’t control it.

Softly his voice in my ear “Why are you wet? You dirty little bitch! I’m punishing you, and your just enjoying it!”

I shake my head – no!! It isn’t so!

He drags me to my feet and pushes me in front of him roughly, so I fall onto the sofa. No hands to save me I go down on my face, and he is behind me. Pushing my face into the seat, then spreading my arse cheeks. Stretching me wide open, he jabs a finger into my arse. Muffled scream. NO! No one touches me there! I blush fiercely. Still stinging from the blows which caught it, my arse is more sensitive than ever. It smarts as he pushes one finger roughly in and out.

“Always wanted to fuck your tight little arse, bitch, now looks like today’s my lucky day, not much you can do about it now is there?”

Not much no. Not much to do but hope he wont. I never have let him try that. I can feel his finger wriggling round in there, in my arse, only dirty girls do that.

“Mmmmm?? Baby? Enjoying this?”

I shake my head again

But the finger that slips into my cunt says that’s not so. One finger in my arse, one in my cunt, pushing, shoving.

“Oh yes I think you are enjoying it, and I think you will enjoy It more when I slip my cock in there”

I wriggle, trying to dislodge his finger, trying to escape, but he manages to get another one in there, all the time pinning my down with his weight against my back. He’s stretching me open. I know he wants to make me wide enough to take his cock. I’m really crying now. Sobbing silently. I feel his fingers withdraw, and his cock, god now I wish he wasn’t so big, poking at my hole. It’s just touching the hole, and I can feel myself start to pull open as his weight forces it into me. “Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” from behind my gag. Not much noise, certainly not enough to put him off.

Stretching, wider, wider, wider, oh god no I cant take all that!! “Owwwwwwwww”

“Oh God! That feels so fucking good. I knew it would. Oh bitch I’m gonna do this lots from now on! You get no say any more, your just gonna do as your told – or I’ll be taking my belt off to you”

Rocking his hips, pushing it into me

“UNDERSTAND?” He yells and his palm smacks into my arse just to prove his point.

“MMMM” I nod quickly

Harder, faster, harder, faster, fucking my tight little arse.

Hands pinching my nipples, pulling them, twisting.

“Want my cum bitch?”

“Mmmm” I nod

I feel his hand between my legs. One finger touches my clit, and I suddenly realise how turned on I am. That touch is nearly enough to make me cum on the spot! “Oh god” I groan. He laughs and withdraws the finger. I feel his fingers again, this time pushing into my cunt. Ramming in, filling it, drowning in my juice. I’m ashamed; I can feel it dripping down my legs. How can I be enjoying this? He slapped me, tied me up, whipped me, then fucked my arse, and instead of being hurt and angry and upset, I’m fucking well dripping! He feels it, and shakes his head. “You are such a fucking whore, seems there’s nothing you don’t like being done to you. I’m punishing you, and your gagging for more, you’re like a cheap fucking hooker”

I nod. He pulls my gag out.

“What are you?”

“A cheap hooker.” I reply hoarsely.

And his fingers find my clit. I’m grateful. My whole body is in pain, but all I can think about is cumming. Relief. I wriggle against his fingers, trying to get them into the right spot. But he moves them each time. I groan in frustration and in reply he pinches my clit, hard.

“Beg” he orders “Beg to be allowed to cum.”

“Oh god please”

“Please SIR “

“Yes Sir, please SIR!” I repeat “Sir, please let me cum, please, fucking please.”

Now I’m really crying, I’m so desperate to cum. I’m nearly there, then he stops, nearly there, stop, nearly there, stop, its torture. Worse then the whipping. My whole body is shaking, “PLEAAAAAAAASE” I cry.

“If you must you disgusting little slut”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkK!! “ Shaking, shuddering, screaming, crying I cum. My whole body wracked with it. My pussy clenching against his fingers.

“Say thank you then”

“Thank you, Sir, thank you, thank you.” I breathe.

“Arghhh” he grunts as he spurts into my arse. I feel it hot, rushing into me. Filling me. And he collapses against my back.

Stroking my hair, and my face, he turns me to him and I wink.

“Was it what you hoped?” He asks

I close my eyes and sigh. And just smile.

“Think you scared Dave though. Shame he wasn’t in on it!”

We both laugh – “Well” he smiles, “Maybe next time”.

“Mmmmmmm” Next time…

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