This story may not be used without my permission Warning this story involves female domination, humiliation and pain. Do not read if this is not for you.

Paul had an eye on Molly who was in her forties with dark hair and melon shaped breasts who lived next door he was hoping to date her. Paul heard the phone ringing and picked it up to answer it.

Molly was on the phone, "I am out her sunbathing I bet you would like to see me. I like to sunbathe nude no peeping.

Paul asked, "I would like to take you out."

"You will to ask first."

Paul thought she could be difficult, "Lets go out How about 7 tonight for dinner."

"Let me check my calendar which is not out here and then you can ask me later. I wish you were here to rub some oil on my body. I will see you later. I knew you wouldn't look around back as I am here by myself no one is around."

Molly hoped that Paul would fall for her trap.

Paul knew Molly could be a tease and liked taunting him After the call Paul went outside and around the back and peeped though the fence. He saw Molly nude body and saw her melon shaped breasts with nipples that looked like small upside ice-cream cones shinny with oil. He then looked and could see her between her legs her mound, which was, shaved clean showing her cunt lips. Paul wished he could suck on her breasts and lick her cunt. Paul was getting hard watching as Molly was rubbing oil on her breasts making them shine in the sun. Paul unzipped his pants and was playing with himself.

Then he felt a tap on his shoulder a neighbor Judy a blonde with green eyes and pear shaped breasts had caught him. Judy looked at him sternly liking to see him squirm I will have to call Molly. Paul realized his pants were open and his penis was out in the open exposed so Judy could see it

Paul said, "Please let me go", and went to fasten his pants

Judy looked at him, "You have broken the law we will to decide what to do with you", and you will not fasten your pants

She then phoned Molly, Molly, " I caught a peeping tom with his penis exposed."

Paul felt nervous being caught and was mad at himself for being caught

Molly said, "Bring him to the house."

Judy brought him to he house and Paul felt embarrassed being exposed with the women seeing his penis.

Molly stated, " I am so disappointed in you I was just teasing you. I feel so embarrassed and feel violated you seeing all of my nude body seeing my breasts and cunt. You are so dirty seeing my private places. Molly was enjoying having power over him her trap worked as planed. I have called Susan who works with the police. I want you to meet with Susan or I will turn you in.

A few days later Molly contacted him, "I talked to my friend in the government Susan she has started a investigation. I am sorry I got you in trouble. I need you to cooperate with us. I want you to meet with us tomorrow at 9AM". Molly thought the trap was set. She looked forward to putting the pressure on him

Paul the next day went to the government building where he was taken back to an office. He saw Molly and then saw Susan who had brown hair, and large breasts.

Molly spoke, "Have a seat."

"Paul meet my friend Susan."

Susan spoke, "I am glad to meet you. I understand you were peeping though the fence and was looking at Molly's nude body."

Paul spoke, That is right."

"I want you to sign away your rights."

Paul signed the paper.

"Do you understand and give up your rights and agree to be probed and questioned", Susan had a recorder

"I agree and understand

"I need you to go and remove your pants and come back' Paul waited

"I want you to go to that now."

Paul went down to the restroom and went inside and removed his pants. He came out feeling embarrassed but liked being controlled and went back to the table and gave his pants to Susan.

The women were going though his pants. " I want you to remove your briefs and shirt and everything else fold them and hand them to me.

Paul removed his briefs feeling excited and handed them to Susan. Paul realized his bare bottom was exposed in view and his privates were exposed to he cool air and in view.

Susan put different pieces of his clothes in different bags.

" I will need you to go to the room next door"; Susan took him naked down the hall and into the next room with Molly following.

"I will be right back as I need to take your clothes to the lab."

Susan soon returned," I would like to examine you and take fingerprints."

"That is fine', Paul feel so exposed but excited

Molly spoke, " I bet the lab finds sperm in your briefs which is serious business."

Susan spoke, "That will increase the charges besides being exposed and watching you were masturbating."

"I was so sorry."

Molly stated," You are sorry because you were caught"

Susan spoke, "I will need to take pictures of you."

Susan took some nudes of him, "Get all fours and spread your ass cheeks."

Paul got on all fours feeling humiliated as his asshole, bottom and privates were in plain view."

Susan took some more nudes and then told him, I want you to sit this will really hurt as examine and probe your body

Paul sat on the edge of the table

Susan started checking around his hair, looking with a light in his eyes, and ears.

She next checked under his arms and then was probing his pecks lifting them and checking around. She started pinching them hard and then checked his nipples probing and then pinching hard.

Susan warned him, "This really hurt as she was probing around in his privates lifting his penis and bag. Paul felt excited and embarrassed as she probed. Then Susan pushed two fingers into his bag that really hard causing Paul to cry out as she increased the pressure causing teas in his eyes. Susan liked using pain to put pressure. Molly was enjoying watching

"You was masturbating watching Molly weren't you!" Susan applied more pressure causing Paul to wince.

"You weren't you."

"Yes I was masturbating", Paul noticed the recorder was still on and Molly was smirking. "You purposely went and watched Molly sunbathing nude while having your penis out exposed and masturbating."

"Is that right?"


"I need you to turn and lean over the table."

Paul turned and leaned over the table

"Molly come over here and spread his ass cheeks."

Paul felt Molly hold his ass cheeks apart

Susan then put on gloves and used her light.

Susan said, " I see you have a bag of drugs stacked inside your asshole you are in serious trouble."

Susan took the bag of drugs out and put them in an evidence bag

"This is going to hurt", she put one finger into his anus then she pushed another inside his anus and then started pushing another large finger inside causing Paul a lot of discomfort

"Those drugs are yours right", Paul saw Molly snickering and noticed the recorder were on again', "Isn't it right"

Paul had tears in his eyes, "Yes those are mine."

Paul felt so exposed and embarrassed being used by the women.

Susan turned on the pressure, "You may get a lot of jail time but I will make you a deal if you wear a coke cage for Molly, register as a peeping Tom, volunteer to spend time in the women's prison and plus agree to spanked. I can get you a shorter time.

"Yes I will agree to that", and Paul signed an order at his own expense for a cock cage and also turn over his money to Molly

"Also I want you to be on a web site where women will see nudes of you that will pay for what I do and for compensating Molly. I am sure Molly can use a slave."

"I agree to that and want to be Molly's slave', Paul signed papers agreeing to be Molly's slave

"Next I need to take down to the clerk office for a mug shot and fingerprinting this could quite embarrassing for you being nude and exposed."

Paul followed Susan down a long hallway followed by Molly he felt so exposed women could see his nude body. Molly stated "They are very rough in the women's prison you better watch you ass as you may have to bend over."

Paul was taken into the clerk's office where Sheila who had brown hair, green eyes, pear shaped breasts and a tight blue jean ass took him over for a mug shot. She put a number around his neck and told him, "You need to step for your picture"; she then slapped him on his ass. She then took a picture front and back."

"I need to fingerprint you" and held his hand for the fingerprint. "I am glad you are in trouble for watching Molly." Susan told him, "Beth will hear you case tomorrow. Sheila will take you to your cell."

Sheila slapped him on his bottom and led him to his jail cell and put him inside.

Paul saw all three women looking at his nude body, Molly was snickering and other women were smiling.

Susan stated, "You get a good spanking tomorrow."

To be continued


Paul later had to meet with Susan in a government building where Molly would be> he would subject to a nude search and fingerprint. Susan told him that they could decide the matter there if he would agree to meet with Beth there who would decide a judgement. Susan asked him if he like to view naked women and he told her, "Yes he did." Susan wanted him to agree to plead guilty assault and being a pervert a peeping Tom.

Susan would strip search, fingerprint him and question him. He would spent some time in the women's jail where a woman trustee would search him

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