Too late I heard the knock and the voice. The door opened and there stood the maid who had just finished cleaning up my hotel room. She had a bathroom floor mat in her hand.

I was in the throes of ejaculation, that continued as I grabbed, embarrassed, for the towel that lay beside me on the bed.

Five long days and nights in a middle class hotel room away from my wife had left me horny, I just wasn't used to it.

I had gotten back to my room from the day's meeting, to find the big cart the maid used in front of my door. I went in, she was a pretty little Mexican gal.

She said something I didn't understand, but took to mean she would leave and come back later. I waved that off with my hand, managing to let her know to go ahead and finish.

"Gracias." she smiled, the room seemed to light right up. I plopped down in a chair, flipped on a race on TV and settled back.

She busied herself with making the bed, cleaning up. Not much to do, I don't make big messes, I keep everything in or close to my suitcase.

I watched her, every now and then she would glance over and smile. I thought about it, figured she was probably a single Mom with kids to feed, so I reached in my pocket and placed a $20 bill on the little thank you card she left on the table.

She saw that and hesitated, I smiled and told her it was for her in English. She picked the bill up, gave me that smile again.


"De nada." I said, using the sum total of about all the Spanish I knew. Then she left.

I sat there for a moment, the vision of the way her behind looked got my member to twitching, like I said, 5 days and nights, no wife.

I decided to take a shower, so I stripped and lay my clothes out on the bed. I grabbed a small towel, then for some reason I reached down and stroked myself. I don't really do that much, I prefer the wife to do it for me but it was 5 days.

In short order I was up and firm, and frankly enjoying the hell out of myself.

Just as I reached my peak, that point where there is no stopping, no turning back, I heard the soft knock and the door opened almost instantly.

I am sure that she did not expect to find me naked with my cock in my hand, just 5 minutes earlier I was sitting in the chair fully dressed and watching the race.

I felt my seed spraying out of my erection as I hastily reached for the little towel, I grabbed it and held it to me. She stood there in shock, not really knowing what to do.

Then she held up the floor mat, and said something in Spanish. Her face was red as a beet.

I waved to her to go ahead, she thought about it a second, then walked by me into the bathroom. A few seconds later she came out again, looked at me sitting there nude except for the towel held against my crotch.

Again she said something in Spanish, I had no idea what. Assuming it was an apology, I just nodded and repeated "Si. Gracias."

She beamed, then she left. I sat there for a few moments, then got up and went to shower.

I was asleep in my chair when a knock woke me up. I got up and went to the door, the pretty maid stood there. She had changed from her uniform, she was now dressed in a simple white blouse and black skirt.

I smiled, she walked by me into the room. Not sure of what to expect, I closed the door. I was thinking maybe she had come to check the inroom bar stock, I had looked. It was full of uninteresting Cashews and candy, and lots of little bottles of alcohol.

She turned and looked at me, and expectant expression on her face. I guess I just returned the look, still confused.

Then she pointed at the bed, another run of words I didn't understand, I did understand the pointing. I went and sat on the bed, waited.

She came and sat beside me, then began to undo the buttons on my shirt. She got those loose, pulled it off. Then she tripped my belt, in no time I was in just my briefs. Her hand pressed against my chest, pushing me back onto the bed. Grasping my briefs by the waistband, she stripped them down and off.

I lay there naked and somewhat flabbergasted, my erection jutting up towards my navel. Her smallish hand encircled my penis, and she stroked slowly, smiling that big smile.

I was not about to object. Then she leaned forward and opened her mouth. I watched as almost in slow motion her mouth slid over the end of my cock and closed. Waves of pleasure wafted over my body, her hand came up and touched my nipple, sending shock waves through me.

Then she grasped the very tip, rolling it gently, switching to the other and then back. I felt myself growing even larger in her mouth. She took her mouth off of me and replaced it with her hand as I reached my climax, her hand bearing down with a squeeze, then releasing with each spasm.

It felt like the top of my head came off, I climaxed, it waned slightly, then I climaxed again even stronger. Her other hand somehow held a little towel, she used it to catch my seed.

I lay there quietly as she gently stroked me, then finally I was fully limp.

She simply got up, grinned at me, gathered up her purse and the towel and left.

I took a shower, then slept the sleep of the dead.

The next day, I was in my room when there was a knock on the door. I went to open it, checking the $20 bill I had left on the table. It was a different maid, an older woman.

She came in, busied herself hustling around as I went back to my chair, somewhat disappointed. As she was finishing up, she picked up the bill and placed her card on the table, turned and smiled at me.

I recognized the words, they were the same as the other woman had said the day before.

"Si! Gracias!" I told her.

She smiled, looked at her watch. Then she came over and held out her hand, took mine and led me to the bed. She walked over and shut the door, set the bolt.

Then she came and sat beside me, started undoing the buttons on my shirt. In short order I was naked, but I wasn't really responding quickly. She stroked me with some success, then she undid her blouse, tripped her bra and set them aside. Her big bare breasts sagged heavily, she climbed astride me, wrapping them around my now stiffening member. On each downward motion the end of her tongue came out to lick me, as she pressed the soft flesh around me.

In short order I was stiff, then I was exploding. Her mouth opened and then closed on me as I came with the first blast, she released her breasts and cupped my testicles, stroking upwards with each pulsation.

Incredibly, I stayed firm for a long time as she sucked and licked me. Finally I felt myself soften and she released me. She took a towel and wiped the few drops that had escaped her.

She patted my stomach, smiled and got up to put her bra and blouse back on. The cart sat by the door, she opened the door and pushed it out into the hall.

"Gracias!" I said.

She smiled at me and was gone.

I was starting to like this hotel.

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