Author's Note: Following is a lesbian scene with exhibition and voyeurism elements, as well as bi-sexual undertones, brief anal play and a final scene of under-descriptive heterosexual intercourse. If for any reason you do not desire to read any of the above mentioned things do not proceed to read the story, otherwise enjoy the rush. As always votes and comments are welcome, thank you for reading my work. ~ Red

The phone rang and naturally I sighed, curious as to who was calling me now – what calamity had befallen upon my sister that I would be asked to fix? The voice on the other end however was Scott, my groundskeeper. I was surprised to hear from him, but not troubled until he asked if he could rearrange his schedule. He needed to head out of town and was hoping he could come by tomorrow and take care of the trimming and mowing of the grounds. I agreed, hung up the phone and immediately picked it back up to dial Sara's number.

She answered with her usual perky voice, a voice that over the phone sounded childish; in reality she was just a few years younger than my thirty-eight. "Change of plans," I told her when she asked why I was calling.


"Yeah, Scott has to head out of town and is coming over tomorrow. Do you mind moving things up a few days?" I asked. My pulse was racing as I 'heard' her thinking about what she could ditch and what she couldn't.

"What time?"

"He'll be here around 8:30 in the morning, though knowing Scott he'll show up earlier than that," I answered.

"Tomorrow morning is fine. Just as long as we're done by noon," Sara answered.

I laughed. "I can't promise that," I told her.

"Well, how about I come over tonight, sleep at your place, and I'll already be there if he does show up early."

Grinning into the phone I answered, "Sounds like a plan. I'll be home the rest of the day, so show up when you're able."

"I'll be there in a few hours. I just have to finish a few things up here and run a few errands. Do you need me to pick up anything?"

"Not that I can think of. I'll see you when I see you." I hung up the phone and went about my day. The idea of Scott coming tomorrow instead of his usual Friday appointment made my skin grow pink and my pussy tighten.

Scott had been hired almost six months ago. He was around my age, a few inches taller than me, dark hair, a goatee, a nice smile, easy laugh. He was strong, broad shouldered and whenever I caught him looking at me, my knees buckled. A few weeks ago that changed – granted he was still attractive to me and I melted whenever he caste a smile my way, but now I knew without a doubt he was very much into me, as much as I was into him.

His interest was confirmed shortly after a teasing moment between Sara and I that I made sure Scott saw. Sara had arrived and I knew he was watching us, so I grabbed her, brought her close to me and planted a long, deep, tongue-twisting kiss on her upturned lips. My pussy had instantly flooded with arousal and when we parted we were both breathless. We ended up in bed together and had been fucking like bi-sexual bunnies ever since. Shortly after this I was lying on the couch, my curtains open and my thoughts drifting over my relationship with Sara. I could almost taste her on my tongue. My eyes drifted shut and my hands slid down my belly; my fingers eased into my skirt and under my panty. I imagined her smile, her wicked expression as she settled her face between my legs. A soft moan escaped my lips as I watched her tongue snake out and taste my slit, my fingers soon began to mimic the teasing her tongue and teeth had provided.

As I played with myself I couldn't help but enjoy the touch of my thumb scrapping my clit, or my nails dragging across my cunt. My other hand moved up to my tank top. I lifted it, pulled one of my tits out of my bra and began to tease the nipple. The more I played the more I started moaning and thrashing. My hips rose and fell; my fingers disappeared into my pussy. The juices oozed out. The sound and scent of fucking myself made my nostrils flare and my face flush. I rolled to the side of the couch, lifted my leg and really went to work fucking myself. I was so close to coming. My toes started to curl, my lungs burned and I felt my pussy tighten around my fingers. I gasped and hissed as come squirted out of me. My head was thrown back and my legs had slammed down on my forearm, trapping it as my hips rolled and bucked to a natural rhythm. When I opened my eyes, Scott stood outside my window, staring at me.

At first I was mortified. Seconds passed as silence hung in the air. What could I do? Or say? I almost apologized, but as the seconds turned into a minute all thoughts of an apology went out the window. This was my house and my fucking privacy. I pulled my fingers from my pussy, lifted one eyebrow and began to drink the fluids that dripped down my fingers, over my wrist and across my arm. When I was done bathing myself, like a kitten stroking its milky fur, I licked my lips, winked and left the room. Scott never said anything to me about what he saw, but from that point on I made damn sure that if he was around I was on that couch and I was fucking myself with either my hand or my toys. Tomorrow though, tomorrow I was going to confront him and Sara was just the tip of the iceberg.

She arrived that night and we fucked. The following morning we both woke up early. We shaved each others pussy and of course tested the smooth surfaces to make sure we hadn't left any unwanted curls behind. When Scott arrived, he did his usual thing. He parked his truck, unloaded his tools and headed to the storage shed where he pulled out what equipment I had on the premises. When his gaze fell on the big window at the front of the house I knew Sara and I had him hooked.

She stood naked, her back facing the window. I wanted Scott to think that she didn't know what was happening. I wanted him to believe that I was playing a trick on my friend, for his benefit. My hands ran up and down one of her arms, while I stepped up to her. I lifted her blonde curls and nuzzled her neck. Scott and my eyes met. I smirked, winked, and began to suck hungrily on Sara's pulse. I knew where to kiss, how much pressure, how much nibbling I had to deliver so she would buckle. I pushed her hair away and let it fall over her left breast.

My hands were free to roam over her body. One trailed down her back, tickling her spine. She threw her head back and laughed. Her hair slid back to lay across my arm, hiding my fingers. With my other hand I teased the curve of her ass. The tips of my nails danced across her cheeks; my palm and fingers kneaded the round buttocks. She pushed her rear into my touch. I chuckled and gave her a playful swat. She squealed.

Scott's tongue came out. He licked his lips and lowered the pruning shears to the ground. I knew I had him. His hand moved to his belt; he released the buckle. My breath caught in my throat. In my ear I heard Sara ask, "What's he doing?"

"He's gonna jerk off Sara, right there, right outside my window," I told her as I moved my mouth over her shoulder. "You ready?" I asked.

She giggled, nodded her head and tried to stand still. I licked my lips, winked at Scott and bent down to pick up a scarf I had 'accidentally' forgotten to put away. Sara trusted me and I her. We'd been friends for years and why it had taken me teasing Scott to get us to kiss, I'll never know, but it had. Now we were beyond kissing and as I blindfolded my lover and best-friend I saw Scott's head loll back as if he were mentally saying, "You've got to be kidding me." I openly laughed at him and spun Sara around so she faced the window.

She turned her head toward me and whispered, "You're the best, thank you."

Sara was thanking me because her blindfold was not really a blindfold. From a distance it looked like one, and even up close it could pass the muster, but for the person actually wearing it, all it did was slightly distort the image they were looking at. Sara could see Scott, her view was slightly off, but that was quickly remedied when I slowly walked her to the window. From the look on Scott's face I swear he could have come right then and there. Both of us women stood as naked as the day we were born in front of him. Only the glass separated us. There was no doubt whatsoever that he would see every tantalizing thing I did to little Miss Sara and she would see everything he did to himself.

"Are you ready baby?" I asked her, my voice was soft and low. I looked at Scott and mouthed "ready" to him. He nodded his head and pulled out his cock. "Of fuck Sara he's got a nice dick."

"I know," she answered. She licked her lips. "You don't mind sharing him?" she asked.

I chuckled. "I don't mind at all."

Scott watched as I placed myself next to Sara. My fingers pushed into her hair and I turned her to face me. Our lips met, this time the kiss he witnessed was slow and seductive. He could see our tongues merging into each other. The sunlight glistened on our lips and saliva as our mouths danced. Her tongue sought out mine whenever I moved away and when I would return to suck on hers she would press toward me. With my fist in her hair, she was forced to go wherever I led her. Sara's head dropped back exposing her neck. My lips suckled on her creamy flesh. She moaned and I purred. The vibrations drove her wild. As I tasted her, my eyes focused on Scott's dick. His hand moved up and down; he rolled his thumb over the tip and down the spongy top.

"He's so tasty looking," Sara whispered; she let one of her hands move down my arm and over to my tit. I growled low as she milked it. "You like this, don't you?" she asked as she flicked my hardened nipple and pulled it with her fingers.

"Fuck yes," I answered with heart-felt honesty. My skin was growing more and more heated. I knew I was blushing and the brightness of my arousal added to my natural pink hue. With one hand I captured Sara's and placed it behind her back. "Hold still baby," I told her, before slowly gliding down and pausing at her breasts.

Scott and my eyes again met. He watched as my tongue darted out to taste her pink bud. I licked and bathed it with soft strokes, pushed at it with firm laps. The hard point arched up; tiny beads and ridges became more pronounced. I opened my mouth and consumed her tit. She was a smaller breasted woman; her entire globe would fit in his mouth, I had no doubt of that. For me it was more than a mouth full, one I handled beautifully. The flesh was pulled and massaged, suckled, and fondled. It fell free and I leaned over, treated the other to the same torture. Scott shifted his stance just enough so he could watch me drink her in. I glanced at him and saw he had pulled his balls out. "Fuck me and let me die," I whimpered as his testicles came into view. He palmed them, showcasing them and my pussy flexed in response.

"I saw that coming," Sara muttered, "You like balls."

"Fuck yeah," I muttered before settling on my knees. "Turn toward me, but just enough – there, yeah right there should work."

Scott had – for the most part – a bird's eye view for the devouring I was preparing to give Sara. My fingers moved to the top of her pussy I spread her open and lowered my face to her moist hole. She smelled beautiful and the taste of her cunt seemed sweeter now that I was showing her off to another. The tip of my tongue swept up, cleaning the sides of her pussy lips. Her clit was prominent, more so than mine which she told me was small and petite. The nub of her sex poked at me. I drew it between my lips, pulled and then released it, only to gather it up again. I stroked the nub continuously. Sara grabbed my hair and shoved me deeper into her. I chuckled. Obviously she'd forgotten Scott was watching. She was supposed to let me take my time.

My fingers went to work on her sex. Two digits plunged into her hole. I fucked her over and over; the long digits slid easily; my knuckles scrapped her fleshy wall. I could feel the hollowness of her sex and wanted to fill it with my tongue. Angling my head, my fingers left her opening and my tongue filled her. I pushed deep, burying myself between her lips. She bucked and rode my face, humping me with a vigor that I knew was brought on by the exhibition we were giving Scott.

"I'm gonna come," she grunted. I glanced at Scott. His dick was swollen and his hand moved at lighting speed. The motion entranced me and I almost missed the shower of come that erupted from Sara's pussy – almost. She yanked me back to the moment and pushed me in so I had no choice but to either swallow or drown. God, she was beautiful when she came. Her fluids were hot and bathed me. I drank greedily. I swallowed as fast as humanly possible. "Fuck – fuck – oh god Dee, I can't – I can't..."

There were no words I could utter even if I had them. My name fell from her lips and I rejoiced knowing I had brought her pleasure. Gone was Scott and my desire was only for the liquid silver that poured from Sara. When she released the tension on my scalp, the sting was minor compared to the throbbing between my legs. I looked up and grinned. She smiled back and lifted the blindfold from her face. Together we turned to stare at Scott. His cock was still in his hands; sunlight glistened on his come. Simultaneously Sara and I licked our lips. I rose to the floor and kissed my lover. "I'll be right back," I told her.

Scott stood still and when I approached him outside he muttered, "Fuck." The word was long and drawn out. I lifted a brow and crossed my arms in front of my bare breasts.

"Like that did you?" I asked.

He grinned; it was the cockiest grin I'd ever seen on a man. It was also by far one of the sexiest. "I did," he admitted. "Looks like you need some help. She's worn out." He nodded toward the window.

Sara had moved to the kitchen and returned with a tall glass of water. "Sara could go on for hours. She's fine."

"I don't know she looks pretty exhausted."

I laughed. "You don't even know her, besides you can't help me out. Your cock is deflated. You pumped all the juice out and wasted it on your shirt."

Scott chuckled. "I'm sure with the proper touch," he reached out and stroked my lips, "I'd be ready."

Rolling my eyes, I stared down at his limp rod. "Blow jobs, that's all you men care about – that and watching girls fuck."

He shrugged his shoulders.

"Come with me Scott," I told him and walked away. There was no way he was going to turn me down. I knew it. He knew it. When we walked into the house, even Sara knew it. She grinned, stood up from the couch and patted a chair that she'd moved in front of it. "Strip," I told him, as I walked over to one of the bureaus in my living room.

I heard the rustling of clothes and soon Sara's "sit down" filled my ears. Turning around I faced Scott and my lover. He was sitting in the chair she'd provided. I approached, my eyes held his as he looked at my hands. There were two more scarves.

"Sara, he thinks you're too tired to pleasure me and that if I suck his cock, like a good little girl, I can have the pleasure of using his dick."

"I didn't say it quite like that," Scott said; his voice was laced with humor. His cock twitched as I handed one scarf to Sara. Together we bound his wrists to the chair. "Bitches." He laughed and we smiled. Each one of us kissed him. He tasted Sara on me and suckled the tip of my tongue until most of her essence was gone. Sara was not forgotten and he shared what he had stolen from me with her. We both pulled away from him and stared at his cock. It showed signs of life.

"Lie down baby," Sara said to me. The floor was bare of anything but the carpet and I knew tomorrow I'd have to bring in a cleaning crew to wash away the come that was going to coat the shag material. Perhaps I'd make Scott work off the extra expense. I laid down and Sara moved over me. She placed her pussy in front of my face and I felt her breath on mine. "Dee loves to sixty-nine," she told Scott. She slipped one finger into my opening. I moaned and pushed my ass up. "Down baby girl," she whispered. My ass dropped softly to the floor.

Scott watched her pleasure me. Her tongue rolled over my flesh, much like mine had hers earlier and much like it was doing now. We fucked each other; each one took turns talking dirty. I called her my slut. She called me a whore, a dirty little cunt. Her fingers slapped my pussy, while my face was once again buried between her thick lips. I felt the knowing sign of her gathering my moisture and easing it down the crack of my ass. "Yes, Sara – yeah, do it. You know how much I like your finger in my ass."

I rose up just enough and spread her ass open as she used her fingers to open mine. I felt her pinkie first and then her pointer finger. My body convulsed. I licked my way up to her puckered button and licked. We were both clean, having taken the necessary steps to assure that this game we played out in front of Scott would not go wrong. Her skin was warm and pure as I rimmed her. She slipped her tongue inside and we feasted on one another. The canal was tight and we each moaned in pleasure. We fell back into one another and went back to eating our way through several mini-eruptions of come. I swallowed and gulped. She sipped and sucked. We were wet, sticky and hot. Our faces were coated with juice; we pulled apart, got onto our knees and faced one another. The flats of our tongues devoured the split come. Her body was sweaty, as was mine. We melted into each other as our fingers touched and pulled at the hard tips of our breasts. When we had slowly sated ourselves we turned to face Scott.

He was hard again. His fingers were gripping the chair and his face was red from sexual frustration. His jaw looked clenched as if he were using all the power in him not to come. Sara and I crawled to him and rose to our feet. I straddled him, my legs slid between the chair and the arm rests. It was a tight fit, but I knew it would only enhance the impact of his cock sliding into my slick hole. Sara stood behind me and fed him one of my breasts. I took his dick in my hand and proceeded to show him how over-rated a blow job was and how "exhausted" Sara and I were - - not.

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