2 p.m.

My Master has just called; he will be here in one hour and I am to be ready.

Stockings, high heels, bra, knickers, short skirt and t-shirt, hair and makeup done, and of course my collar.

I know what he wants; I know how he wants me to look.

My heart started pounding the minute I saw his name on my phone, a very short call, just instructions really; I was excited, frightened and yes I have to admit wet. He knew me so well, it's like he could get inside me and read my innermost thoughts. With him I couldn't pretend, I was open and exposed, he opened me up and made me see myself for what I am.

One hour later I was ready, kneeling on the floor, I heard his key in the door and I felt like I would burst; he came into the bedroom and looked at me. I lowered my eyes as I'd been taught to do.

"Stand up," he said in that very familiar voice.

I stood head lowered hands on top of my head.

"Open your legs."

He walked towards me, put his hand inside my knickers and felt to see if I was wet. He pushed his fingers deep inside my pussy: I was very wet. He withdrew his fingers, now covered with my juice, and put them to my mouth.

"Lick," he commanded.

Which I did without hesitation until his fingers were clear of my juice.

"Wait there."

He left the room; I just stood there knowing better than to move. I heard his phone ring and his voice, he returned a few minutes later and said:

"I have to go out; sorry, this will have to wait." He kissed me on the forehead and left.

I didn't know what to do; I just stood there for a few moments, my hands still on top of my head. I was so horny, excited, my pussy was throbbing, I looked at the bed, I needed to get some relief, if I was quick he would never know, I just couldn't stop myself.

I laid down on the bed, still dressed as I'd been told to, I slid my hand inside my knickers and started to rub my clit, it was already really sensitive I knew it wouldn't take long, I closed my eyes and let my mind wander.

I didn't hear his key; I was so close to orgasm. I didn't hear him push the bedroom door open, I had no idea how long he had stood watching me; the first I knew was when I heard him say:

"You dirty little slut, you know better than that."

I stopped, my heart pounding, my mouth had gone dry and I just looked at him.

I tried to explain, to apologise, but he just looked at me.

"Get off the bed," he ordered.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to what he called the correction bench. This was somewhere I had been before, normally for minor things; it's where he corrected my behaviour when I got things wrong. But this time I knew it was different, this time I had really displeased him, he was angry and I was scared.

The correction bench was a just a 2 by 4 foot leather padded top on two A-frames; it had wrist and ankle cuffs attached.

"Take off your knickers and bend over," was all he said, I did as I was told, handed him my wet knickers, my heart was still pounding as I bent over the bench and spread my legs so my feet touched the feet of the bench. He knelt and fastened the ankle straps, then moved to the front and fastened my wrists. I tried to apologise, "I'm so sorry, I promise it will never happen again," I pleaded. He pushed my wet knickers into my mouth so I couldn't speak.

He said nothing, just carried on with what he was doing. Once I was securely tied down I heard him go to the cupboard; I knew I was in for a thrashing like I'd never had before: I'd never disobeyed him like this before. From day one my Master had told me I was not allowed to touch myself without his permission. All I could do now was wait.

I felt the cane rub against my bare arse.

"You will get 30 strokes, you will count each one, if you lose count I will start again," he said, his voice was now controlled.

He stood there for a while rubbing the cane over my bare flesh, he moved to my head and removed the knickers from my mouth.

"Please no," is all I could say, the most I'd ever had was ten and I knew what he meant by count each one; he meant each stroke of the cane and only the cane, I knew he would use other things to punish me with but they wouldn't count. How was I going to keep track of 30.

The first one came down so hard my back arched, I could feel the welt across my arse.


The second came almost immediately.


Then the third, fourth and fifth in quick secession, it was difficult to breathe the pain was so intense.

"Three, four, five," I managed to say through my gasps for air.

Then the cane rubbing over the welts.

"Please, please, I'm so sorry; please, I'll do anything," but he didn't say a word.

He walked back to where my head was hanging over the bench and lifted me by my hair.

"I always knew you were a cumslut, a dirty cum whore," and he let my head fall.

The next thing I felt was the cold of the lubricant being rubbed over my arsehole. I'd had a butt plug inside me, we had just worked up to the medium size, my Master had told me my hole needed training and stretching to be able to take the large butt plug. I felt the tip of the plug against my ring, my arsehole instantly tightened to try and stop it.

"Relax; this will hurt less if you relax, you are going to take it, whether you resist or not this is going inside you, so just relax and take it and it will hurt less." His voice was now soft and quiet; I felt a shiver run down my back.

I tried to relax but he pushed hard and I realised this was not the small or medium plug: he was going to make me take the large one. I tried to tighten but he just pushed, slowly working in and out, with each push it was getting deeper and my hole was growing wider, I felt like I was being ripped, I started to sob.

"Please no, not that not yet, please I can't take it." I knew my words would be in vain but still I begged.

"You will take whatever I choose to push inside you, that's what sluts are for: to take."

With one last hard push it was in me, stretching me, it hurt. I was sure he had ripped me.

Before I had time to try and get my mind thinking straight I could feel cold of leather on my hot caned arse. My mind was racing. I'd had five, yes I'm sure it was five strokes of the cane, these next ones wouldn't count. Slap, the paddle came down hard on my arse, I mustn't count, then four more with the paddle at the tops of my legs.

I could feel my bare backside glowing, then the familiar feel of the cane. He was pushing the tip against the plug in my arse, it moved down and over my clit.

"Maybe I should give you a few strokes here," he said, "just to show you what happens to sluts who play with themselves."

Then six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, all in quick succession. I remembered to count, but tears were running down my face, I was struggling to get free, then the cane was at the tops of my legs.

"Please no, not there, please Master, I am so sorry, no more please, I promise I'll never touch myself again." By now I was sobbing uncontrollably.

"You keep telling me that you can't take it but, here you are taking it, and you will keep taking it until I decide to stop. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master"

"So whose slut are you?"

"Yours Master."

"And who are you here to please?"

"You Master"

Then the cane again. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty. All at the tops of my legs; I collapsed, the pain was so intense, and I was just sobbing.

By now my arse and legs were on fire I could feel the cold of the lubricant, this time in my pussy, then my Master's fingers were inside me, working in and out. I tried not to react but my body took over and I began to move against his fingers, my clit was hard and throbbing and I was close, I could feel his breath on my ear.

"Don't you dare cum, slut, do you hear me? If you cum you will get ten more with the cane," he whispered.

He stopped; I was exhausted and just lay there.

"I'm going to fuck you with a dildo but you mustn't cum. You still have ten strokes of the cane to come; an orgasm you will get ten extra. Is that clear?"

All I could do was nod my head.

"Is that clear?"

"Yes Master," I sobbed.

By now all I could feel was pain, intense pain, my arse, the tops of my legs and the plug inside me, and then suddenly mixed in with all this pain came pleasure, a deep deep pleasure, the dildo being thrust into my cunt, slowly working in and out, getting deeper; I just let go, by now I was ready, I didn't care about anything I just wanted to immerse myself in all the things I was feeling, the pleasure, the pain, they were both so intense they became one, one overwhelming feeling of release, then my Masters voice:

"Do not cum. You know what will happen if you do, I will teach you control, you will learn that you cum when I tell you you can, is that clear?"

"Yes Master, please may I cum, please Master."

"No, you may not, you will cum when I let you, you will be my slut, my slave, my cum whore, and you will cum only for me."

He withdrew the dildo and bent down to untie the cuffs, I thought it was over, my mind was trying to make sense of all the things I was feeling, I thought he was going to let me off the last ten.

"Turn over," he ordered, and I knew it wasn't over. With the butt plug still inside me, stretching me, I rolled over to lie on my back, my legs hanging over the edge of the bench.

"Bend your legs and get hold of your ankles, open your legs as wide as they will go."

I did as I was told. I knew better than to try and plead.

"Wider," he ordered

I opened my legs as wide as I could, my Master then tied my wrists to my ankles, and I was fully exposed, open to him, to whatever he wanted to do. He attached two leads to my collar and fastened them to the wrist cuffs on the legs of the bench. I was pinned, my wrists tied to my ankles and my head strapped down. He moved to the end of the bench where my cunt was fully exposed.

"I am going to show you what happens to sluts who can't control themselves."

All the time he spoke he stared at my cunt, I felt like he was looking deep inside me; he started to twist the butt plug inside my hole, I was helpless, I could do nothing.

Then to my horror he picked up the cane and started to rub it up and down the inside of my thighs.

"No please Master, please please no not that." My voice was now just a whisper; I knew I could do nothing to stop this.

"You will speak when you are told to, another word and I will put your knickers back in your mouth, you will take whatever I have to give you to teach you that sluts who play with themselves must be taught control."

The cane came down against my inner thigh. I thought the pain I felt on my arse was bad but it was nothing compared to this, but I remembered: twenty one I whispered then twenty two, twenty three and twenty four; by now I was sobbing uncontrollably. I could feel the tip of the cane at the entrance to my cunt. Then the cold of the lubricant and his fingers starting to work their way inside me, more fingers getting deeper, pushing harder, his other hand pushing at the inside of my thigh still painful from the cane, making me spread as wide as he could, then my Master's voice:

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he whispered.

"Yes please Master."

"Do you want me to fuck your arse?"

"Yes please Master."

"Do you want to feel my cum down your throat, will you swallow it all?"

"Yes please Master."

"Do you want to feel my fist inside your cunt?"

I hesitated and I knew in that moment what he intended to do.

"Do you want to feel my fist inside your cunt?" he said again, louder this time, his hand on my inner thigh squeezing the welts left by the cane.

"Yes please Master," I sobbed.

By now he had four fingers inside me, my mind was racing, I wanted to plead and beg him not to but I knew if I did I would feel the cane again, my head was spinning, I could hear his voice somewhere in the distance saying:

"Relax and take it, you're a dirty cum whore who is getting just what she deserves."

All the time his hand was getting deeper and deeper inside me, pushing, forcing me wider, stretching my now very wet cunt. Just when I thought his whole fist would enter me he stopped, pulled his fingers out and came round to where my head was pinned, he rubbed his fingers over my face, wet with my juice, smearing it over my cheeks and mouth down over my throat. He moved back to my wet, painful cunt, his fingers ran over my clit, my body reacted, I had no control over it, I wanted his touch, through all of this I'd stayed on the edge of orgasm, I knew one touch from my Master and I would cum.

I felt him slowly remove the butt plug, and heard his voice in my ear:

"You have taken your punishment well, you have finally given yourself to me, you are mine, I'm going to fuck your arse, I am going to cum inside it; you will lick me clean and then you will thank me. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master."

"No! Say it slut, beg me to fuck your arse?"

I said nothing.

"Say it?"

He grabbed me by the hair.

"Say it?"

"Please Master, please fuck my arse, fuck my arse hard," I could hear myself saying. "Fuck it till you cum inside me, then please let me lick you clean, I want to lick your cock after you have cum in my arse;" by now the words just spilled out of me through my sobs.

"Good, good cumslut, then if you take my cock in your arse and lick me clean properly, and thank me nicely I will let you off the last six strokes of the cane and let you cum."

"Thank you Master," was all I could say.".

He untied me, and told me to bend over the bench. I'd only ever had a butt plug in, he'd never put his cock inside me, but by now he had taken me to a place, a place I didn't know existed and I knew this was where I wanted to be.

"I'm not going to tie you down, I want you to stay there and let me fuck your arse because you have been told to. I want you to obey me not because you have no choice but because you want to."

I didn't move, I stayed there still, I couldn't move, I didn't want to move. I felt the cold of the lubricant and his finger inside me, making sure I was wet and ready to take his cock. I heard him undoing his belt, then the zip on his trousers, the tip of his hard cock against my hole. Gently he started to push, little strokes at first but each time he got deeper and deeper, then long slow strokes, I started to moan, I was getting aroused, was it possible that I could cum. By now his cock was all the way in.

His voice:

"Good, that's it, relax and take it, are you enjoying it my little slut?"

"Yes Master," I managed to say through my moans.

"Tell me you want to feel me cum inside your tight hole;" all the time he was talking to me his thrusts were getting faster, I could feel his balls pushing against me.

"I want to feel your cum up my arse, please Master, please let me have it. Oh god, I'm cumming, please may I cum I can't stop it, please."

To my relief I heard his voice:

"Yes slut you may cum. I knew you would want your arse fucked, I knew you would love it."

With that he started to push hard inside me, now hard fast strokes, thrusting deep, his balls pounding against me. One hand had moved round and his finger and thumb were squeezing my clit, I was pushing back at him, each time he thrust his cock inside me I pushed back, I wanted him as deep inside me as he could get. My orgasm started, it rushed through my whole body, I felt like every inch of me was rushing to my cunt. My arse my clit and my mind all exploded.

Then a voice, my voice:

"Thank you Master, thank you for fucking my arse."

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