She stopped in her tracks as she set her bag down and listened closely. Frowning to herself she strained to hear what the strange groaning noise was then realised Dylan must be home and was probably using his ridiculous weight bench. She rolled her eyes and kicked off her shoes. Why her housemate felt the need to constantly work out was beyond her. He was 6'6" and built like a mountain. The guy might not be particularly muscular or athletic looking but he certainly wasn't a blob. God only knew where this obsession had appeared from. He used to be happy to hang out with a pizza and a movie in the evenings when he wasn't seeing his girlfriend but the last few weeks he'd withdrawn into his muscleman magazines and muttered about carbs and trans fats every time she suggested a lazy night slobbing out with the x-box. That was the few nights he wasn't out with the über bitch.

Ren sighed and unpacked the bits she'd bought into the fridge. It wasn't like she was jealous or anything. She was happy they were friends and had dealt with her crush a long time ago. She jumped at the sound of something cracking and a yelp. Running upstairs she skidded to a halt outside his open door. The cracking noise happened again but this time followed by a very feminine moan. She dragged her eyes from the computer screen where Dylan's gaze was focussed, her gaze landing on her housemates broad shoulders and the sight of his hand stroking slowly up and down. Not injured. Not exercising. Clearly not expecting her to be home. She started to move slowly backwards when she spotted the mirror at the side of the room. As she saw the reflection of his fist slowly pumping his cock she stopped. Glancing at his head to check he hadn't noticed her she looked back at the computer screen to see a porno movie of a woman gagging on a thick cock while she was whipped. Ren felt a rush of heat and pressed her legs together tight, looking back to the mirror and imagining what it would be like to gag on Dylan's cock.

Rough sex always turned her on and as she watched him roll his foreskin back and play his thumb over his slit, precum shining in the light from the screen she let her hand drop to her crotch. She knew it was risky to watch him like this but she couldn't tear her eyes away. His cock was thick and from what she could see pretty long. She started rubbing her pussy as she felt herself getting more aroused by the sight of him jerking and the cock on screen ramming into the moaning porn stars mouth. Being careful not to move to much and attract attention she slid her hand into her jeans and ran her finger through her lips to play gently with her clit. She knew if he turned round at any time it would be a disaster but all she could thinking about was walking over, spinning his chair round and licking all that tempting precum from his dick before sucking him deep into her mouth.

She stilled as his free hand went to the mouse, ready to slip back out of sight in the hallway if he showed signs of noticing her, but he simply changed the movie over to another before sliding down in the chair a little and tugging on his balls. She had a clearer view now and could see his shaft curving up toward his belly. All the working out seemed to have reduced the slight beer gut he'd had but she liked a bit of bulk on her men.

Rens eyes flicked back to the screen and the scene was of a girl with her arms tied behind her to a chair being fucked hard. Her legs and butt were lifted up and she had clamps on her nipples. Rens own nipples tightened and she felt a shiver go through her at the thought of being used like that. The idea of being helpless had always appealed to her. She looked back to the mirror and thought she saw Dylan's dark grey eyes looking at her momentarily but he was looking at the screen when she double checked. She held back a sigh of relief as he carried on. If he'd seen her he would have stopped and covered up. Then yelled and moved out most likely.

She carried on watching him stroke his cock as he sped up and started to moan loudly. His hips bucked as the action on screen carried on and she teased her pussy, knowing she couldn't do anything more while standing there.

'Oh, shit, shit... Shit!'

She licked her lips as ropes of cum spurted from his cock while his hand flew hard and fast, landing on his chest, stomach then finally dribbling over his hand. Starting to slowly back out, of the room she paused briefly only to watch him rub some of his cum into the sprinkling of hair on his chest and the trail running down from his belly button before he licked his hand. As soon as she knew she was out of sight she padded downstairs and decided to make a noisy re-entrance so she could get to her room and take care of the need that had been building up.

She shuffled around the kitchen and front room opening and closing the fridge to make it seem like she was just putting things away.

'Ren? You're home early?'

She jumped when he walked into the kitchen and leaned in the doorway, feeling ridiculous as she blushed.

'Oh, yeah. I got all my work done so I decided to start the weekend a little earlier.'

He nodded and looked at the bags. 'Been to the shops?'

'Yep, got some stuff for dinner, I'm making myself a curry. There's enough for two?' She was convinced he could see the guilt on her face but he looked as though he didn't have a care in the world. 'Oh, but you'll probably be having something healthier, never mind.' She frowned remembering his recent withdrawal.

He looked at her intently. 'Tell you what, fuck the diet, and no offence but fuck the curry too.' He grinned at her, the first smile she'd seen from him for a few weeks now she thought about it. 'How about I order pizza and we have a DVD night. It's been a while since we've just hung out.'

'Cool, that would be great,' she smiled back, glad he was being more like his old self but partly wishing he'd go for a long run so she could go upstairs and have a marathon masturbation session. The sight of him cumming all over himself and the thought of him treating her like the girl in the video was making her antsy and all she wanted to do right now was settle down with her vibrator and cum until she couldn't stand up. The fact he must have thrown his clothes on over the cum he'd rubbed into his chest just made her wetter.

'Well I'm gonna grab a quick shower then we can head out and rent something. I'll drive. I feel a bit sticky from working out earlier.' He grimaced and rubbed a hand under his t-shirt, lifting the hem and showing her the still damp hair trail. All she could do was nod as she wondered if he realised the evidence of his orgasm was still visible and that he was flashing it at her.

While he showered she tried to think of anything that would keep her horniness at bay until she could make an excuse to go to bed. Preferably early. Twenty minutes later in his car she was finally managing to look at his face and not see it as it was when she'd watched him earlier. Picking out the movies she pretty much let him decide. They'd normally go for a cheesy comedy, then a horror followed by an action movie so she wasn't jumping at shadows when she went to bed. After living together for 5 years it was easy to get into a routine so she didn't pay much attention to what he picked up while she grabbed some snacks. As she got in the car Dylan paused and dropped the DVDs in the driver seat.

'Hang on, I think if I'm sacking off the diet I might as well have some decent drinks. Wait here while I grab some?'

She nodded back, thinking it would be good to get the old Dylan back. It was such a relief he hadn't seen her earlier, his reaction would be bad enough but dealing with his harpy girlfriend was beyond her tolerance level. She should really just forget about it. He returned quickly with a case of beer and a bottle of sour apple shots. She grimaced and shook her head as she took it and he laughed at her reaction.

'Yeah, we'll I plan on getting drunk and its your duty to make sure I don't do it alone.'

Once they were back home, she jumped in the shower while he ordered their food, mourning the fact she only really had time it wash away the stickiness that had run down her thighs after soaking her panties before washing her hair. If she took too long he'd only be knocking at the door asking if she'd been sucked down the plughole.

She dressed quickly in her PJs which were a pac-man t-shirt she'd stolen from him some time ago and a pair of black yoga pants and ran downstairs to settle down under a throw on the sofa, her damp hair spread out behind her. Dylan answered the door when the bell rang and brought the pizza through before he sat next to her, grabbing one side of the throw so he could settle it over his legs. While they watched the movie, laughing at the jokes and mimicking the characters, Ren realised she could never let him know what she saw. Having him as her friend was way too important. He'd move out someday when life moved on but until then she loved having the easy camaraderie with him and the opportunity to curl up next to him on cold nights like this.

As they laughed and ate, he kept bringing beers through and she was starting to feel a bit tipsy. She couldn't keep up with the amount he drank so she paced herself to get through the evening without falling asleep. At least until they were halfway through movie two and he brought in shot glasses and the evil looking green bottle.

'Ill be passed out if we hit the shots Dylan!'

'Sorry Ren, has to be done. Can't make a man drink alone remember.'

He waved the bottle at her so she held the glasses while he poured. They downed them and he laughed again at the disgust on her face at the taste.

'Kim dumped me.'

He poured again as she opened her mouth and shook his head at her.

'Say nothing. Shot!'

They drank and he continued refilling while Ren turned to face him.

'Said we had different interests and I needed to grow up. Shot!'

Ren drank on command.

'Saw her with a bloke who looked like one of those fuckers on the health magazines. Shot! Looked like a friggin model, all waxed and polished. Shot!'

Ren kept drinking. Not realising as he refilled her glass he hadn't drank more than 2.

'You can speak now.'

'That ignorant bitch! That's why all the dieting? Fuck her, you look great as you are and if she wants some plastic arsehole to match her fake ass nails and tits leave her to him. She doesn't deserve you!'

He smiled at her and lifted an arm round her shoulders when she hugged him, settling her head on his chest.

'Thanks, I've just started to work that out. Should have told you sooner.'

They settled back to watch the movie, cuddled up on the sofa. She knew not to press him any more. He tended to just come out with what he needed to say in bursts like that and it wasn't worth pissing him off for more information. She felt guiltier than ever about spying on him earlier but pushed it down. As he changed the DVD over and settled her back against him her eyes were blurring while she fought to stay awake. This would be the action film she thought focussing on the screen as the directors logos showed. Moments later her eyes went wide as the same porn starlet from before appeared on her knees in front of a man in combat trousers. Her whole body tensed as she looked up slowly at Dylan and saw his eyes burning down on her.

'I..... I'm..... You.....'

He shook his head slowly and wrapped his other arm around her.

'You came into my room. Your rule is that our rooms are off limits right? Just nod.'

She nodded slowly.

'Instead of apologising and leaving you watched me. Nod if I'm right.'

She nodded again, tears forming in her eyes.

'Don't cry. It's not like I snuck into your room and had a wank staring at the back of your head. Not that you seem to think that's wrong do you?'

'I... I'm sorr....'

'I didn't say to speak.'

She closed her mouth and blinked back the tears that were forming. He reached down the side of the sofa cushions and spun her around face down over the armrest before she could see what he was doing. The moans from the TV were just starting as she felt something being wound around her wrists.

'Dylan what are you... OW!'

Her backside burned as he smacked her hard.

'You really don't get the don't speak thing do you? You were happy enough to stay silent earlier.'

She felt his weight leave the couch and heard him disappear upstairs for a few moments before she saw a black gym bag drop to the floor next to her. She pulled at the rope on her wrists, earning another smack before she decided it was best to stay still. She was terrified that she'd pushed him over the edge after his break up but to her shame she felt her pussy starting to drip. Dylan's hands appeared in front of her face making her jump. He was dangling a metal ring attached to leather straps in front of her eyes.

'This should stop you talking.'

He rolled her over onto her back and pushed the ring into her mouth, forcing it wide open before securing the straps behind her head. She glared up at him as he grinned down at her. It wasn't his usual grin. There was something cold there that she hadn't seen before. She shuddered as he reached down to the bag before grabbing her ankles and wrapping soft leather cuffs around them, which connected together.

Ren had stopped struggling and just waited for the punishment she felt she deserved. She was surprised when he sighed and lifted her head to sit on the couch, putting her head back down on his lap while he sipped his beer and watched the porn. She waited to see what he would do but he just sat there until, frustrated and uncomfortable, she tried to wriggle away and tugged again at her bonds. He moved suddenly dragging her over his lap with her rear in the air.

'See, you can't just do what you're meant to. You have to go messing me around and breaking the rules.'

He started spanking her, pausing every few strokes to rub her butt through her pants. She squealed and yelped at the punishment, squirming in his lap. What if he'd lost it? What if he really hurt her? She felt guilty and knew shed been wrong but he'd definitely move out after this. He was seriously pissed and she didn't think she'd be able to look him in the face.

She groaned at the burn in her backside as he stopped and rubbed circles over her cheeks, breathing hard and wondering if he'd let her go now. She struggled again as she felt him lift her slightly and yank down her pants revealing her bare butt. She tried to speak but only succeeded in drooling around the ring in her mouth.

His hand smacked twice against her butt again and he leaned over her and reached into his bag. She cried out as she felt fire spreading across her cheeks. He laughed and waved a wooden paddle in front of her face before raining down ten more blows, separated by gentle pats and rubbing her bottom. As he continued her yells turned to moans, she knew this was his punishment but she couldn't seem to help feeling turned on by his attention to her butt.

'Good girl, you took that pretty well,' he said rubbing lazily over her cheeks and down the backs of her thighs.

'I think you were starting to enjoy that.'

His voice lowered to a whisper and she shuddered as she felt the lingering sting and his breath on her ear. His hand slid down and around her inner thigh before travelling slowly back up between her legs. She moaned as the side of his hand hit the edge of her lips and stilled.

'Certainly feels like you enjoyed it!'

He slid his fingers along the wetness pooling there and she moaned, pushing back against his hand and he pulled it away slightly, not letting her get any pressure. She whimpered, staying still as possible. She was not sure what he wanted now, but desperate for anything he'd be willing to give her.

'Very good girl, I think you deserve a bit of a reward for learning to do as you're told.'

He thrust two fingers into her hard, pumping them in and out as she moaned and bucked, trying desperately to stop herself dribbling everywhere while electricity shot through her body. He groaned at the sight of her humping his hand and withdrew it quickly, chuckling as she whimpered.

'Dont worry, you'll get more. Just behave and I'll make sure you get what you need.'

She nodded and he lifted her up, sitting her so she was on his lap facing away from him. He reached around her to unhook the cuffs on her ankles, leaving them on but separated. He flicked her pants the rest of the way down and dropped them, spreading her legs so that they bracketed his.

He ran his hands from her knees upwards, stopping just before he reached her pussy. He licked and nibbled her neck just below her ear and she moaned and leaned into him, her bound hands grabbing his shirt for stability. His hands ran around to her sides, lifting her top as he stroked up her ribs. She arched her back trying to twist so his fingers went round to her breasts.

'Patience baby, patience.'

He bit hard on her ear lobe earning another moan. He pulled her top over her head at the front and down her arms at her back, letting it pool over the bindings. One hand went to her stomach to hold her tight against him as the other gently circled one nipple. She whimpered and squirmed as he toyed with her, sucking at her neck and groaning when she managed to grind against his erection. She felt a rush of moisture at the sound and set up a slow rhythm of his groans to match hers by grinding rhythmically against him, forgetting all about her guilt and focussing on enjoying what Dylan was doing to her.

The hand on her stomach slid down and pinched at her clit dragging a gasp from her before he pushed two fingers deep inside her and pressed his thumb down on her clit. He fucked her hard and fast with one hand as the other moved more firmly between her nipples, plucking and twisting until she came hard, crying out and shuddering as her juices flowed onto his lap. He bit again on her neck petting her gently as she gasped for breath.

Ren leaned her head back on his shoulder and nuzzled him as he pulled her around to sit sideways and wrapped his arms around her.

'Very good girl. You're very good for cumming so hard. I'm sorry if I scared you before.'

She flexed her fingers wishing she could get to the bulge digging into her rear end, still desperate for more. He reached round to her hands to start undoing the knots and stopped with a groan as she ground down hard on his cock.

'Well as you caused it I suppose you should take care of it before I untie you.'

She nodded and he grinned warmly at her as she slid to the floor in front of him carefully, trying not to fall over. He steadied her and she blushed as he rubbed the spit from her chin before pulling his pants off. She watched as his erection slapped against his stomach when he settled back with legs spread.

'You know there's a reason there's a hole in that gag, don't you?'

She gurgled a laugh as he pointed his cock towards her face. She leaned forward and licked his cock, running her tongue around the head and moaning at the taste of the precum dripping out. He took hold of her hair and pushed her further down onto him, thrusting a few times and pausing deep in her mouth as she gagged, drool running out of the ring around his cock.

'Will you be a good little cocksucker if I take the gag off? No talking remember, I'm still pissed at you.'

She nodded as she swallowed and slurped desperately around his cock, feeling herself dripping at the sound of his moans and the tangy taste of his precum spreading around her mouth. He thrust a few more times before pulling out and undoing the buckle at the back of her head, rubbing her jaw as she gulped.

She licked her lips and sucked him back into her mouth, flicking her tongue over him and bobbing up and down. He hissed in a breath at the intense assault, fisting his hands in her hair and moaning.

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