tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaught: A Totally Ruined Afternoon

Caught: A Totally Ruined Afternoon


It only took a couple seconds, two or three seconds tops, for me to realize my ankles and arms were harshly secured to a sturdy wooden chair.

I must have been out cold. My head had a hearty ache, and I was feeling a bit dizzy.

When I came too I was totally disoriented, but it only took those two or three seconds to realize I was tied up. I could see the rope tying my wrists to each side, and when I attempted to move my legs I realized they must have been bound in a similar way. Something was clogging in my mouth, and the soft fabric was held secure by tape.

Panic hit me.

It took a little bit longer to realize where I was, and much more to find out what was going on. There was loud music, probably from a radio, in the background. I couldn't see the whole room, but soon I understood where I was. When I maneuvered my arm around I saw it was 1:54 on my watch, and from the light coming in from between the shades it was clearly daylight.

I had been out of it for about an hour. I mean, it couldn't have been 25 hours, right?

Never in my wildest dreams would I have found myself in this position. My head was ringing, my arms and legs hurt. I was naked with a good view of a wall with a ten buck painting on it for decoration. Funny, hadn't noticed it earlier.

It wasn't supposed to be like this, obviously. Who wants to be tied up in a hotel room? But I was. I think I knew why, I mean, I was guessing but the details were slowly coming back to me.

For the last several weeks I'd been flirting with Cindy in Accounting. Over the past two years I'd known the 23-year old as Syndi, Cindi and Cyn, but more recently she was simply Cindy. While we worked in different departments we ran into each other a lot. After meetings, in the hallway, by the water cooler we shared stories and later lunch and even later a few times drinks with others from work. She was cute, but in her own way. By that I mean she wasn't a dazzling beauty, but she was pretty, and had a wonderful smile and a great laugh.

I knew her as a smart blonde, a woman with intelligence and beauty to match. Totally contrary to the dumb blonde stereotype displayed in movies and television shows. She'd dated a couple guys from the office, at least that's what I'd been told. She admitted that to me over lunch one day, in a matter of fact way saying she was cutting her current relationship short. The guy just didn't "do it" for her. "He thinks of himself, he's a thirty four and a half guy."

I had no idea what she meant, but then it came to me. Half of sixty nine! He liked blow jobs yet wasn't a return the favor, giving kind of guy.

A week after that revelation I asked her to a movie, and with a little schedule changing we agreed on a Saturday matinee. Along the way she spoke about her ill mother, and how a lot of her time was spent taking care of dear old mom. We met that day midway between our apartments, making it easy for either of us to leave after.

What was interesting was that after the movie we had a light dinner, and on the way to her car, she asked me to pull into a local park. During the day there was a lot of activity there but in the evening nobody around.

Once parked, we made small talk for a little bit before she moved over and kissed me. That kiss turned into a real make out session. Soon I was fondling her breasts through some flimsy fabric while hers ultimately made their way into my pants.

Her hands were simply incredible, as she slowly jerked me off and brought back memories of high school make out sessions back in the day in similar desolated places. We made out for a few minutes, building up to a blazing crescendo of feelings.

"Let me know when you are going to cum," said Cindy, sensing it wouldn't be long. Guess she could tell from all my writhing around and moaning that the time was getting close to a manly eruption.

Her hand moved like silk on my cock, stroking me while she kissed my neck and lips. It was an incredible feeling, and soon I couldn't wait. "I'm gonna cum, oh Cindy, I'm gonna cum!"

Quickly her head went from my neck to my cock, just as I unleashed several volleys of pent up man sauce. It was a totally unexpected blow job, I was thinking I'd be lucky to get brought off by her hand, but she went into a lip lock on my dick and sucked hard as I came. It had been months since my dick had been sucked, and I missed the sensations of a warm, wet mouth bathing me in glorious fashion. She was amazing, seemingly savoring every drop and making a production of it.

When I dropped her off a half hour later at her car, she asked me to keep our little escapade to ourselves, that it wasn't good to have a work relationship where people talked. But she did promise that we'd get together again.

That date happened the following Wednesday, when we met for drinks at a small establishment far enough from work to evade prying eyes yet close enough to head home without a major commute. I liked the way she was up on sports, while she liked our conversation about politics and travel.

In the days leading up to our date I wondered if there would be a late night repeat of our first meeting. I hoped that we'd do some nasty things, but wasn't really counting on it because of the way she seemed a little aloof in the days since we first got together.

But this night was an instant replay of our first date. We had a nice meal, spent time afterward nursing a drink and talking about this and that before she said she had to be leaving. Again, I started to drive her to her car when she directed me into our familiar car parking spot. My dick hardened with the thought and I was totally turned on by the time my lights were out.

We made out for a few minutes, but she reminded me time was of the essence. With that she unzipped my pants and gently pulled out my throbbing cock. Within seconds she was jerking me off, but soon followed with a lowering of her mouth and the sucking began. She had a great way of blowing me, knowing what I liked (moans are a great director) and didn't.

Soon she was jerking me off with her right hand while she left steadied herself in the front seat. I fondled her ass, lifting her skirt so I could touch her panties and treasures underneath.

Her mouth made its way up and down my dick, concentrating on the top third. Every once in a while she'd just suck the lip, then alternate licks with sucks. And, like our first time parking, I soon started to explode in her mouth. I had no willpower, her mouth sucked the cum out of me.

Cindy was a swallower, and on both occasions she swallowed all but the little bit of cum that somehow escaped her lips. After the blow job she finished with a flourish, moving up to the passenger seat and wiping her mouth and cheeks with the back of her blouse sleeve. I found that so very sexy.

Over the next week we'd joke during the day and I begged for another date. She always had this or that to do. Now, tied to the chair, I knew why.

Finally she gave in and we made a date to meet at a small No Tell Motel in a town about 10 miles from ours. I thought the secrecy was a little over the top at the time, but wasn't about to complain about the arrangement. She told me to bring some rubbers, as she wasn't on the pill for some medical reason, which turned me on totally because I knew I'd be banging that pretty girl on Saturday.

I skipped breakfast, but did throw down a bagel and large cup of java before meeting Cindy at the pre-arranged location. She said we had the entire afternoon, but she had to be back at her mom's house by six and couldn't be late. That gave us plenty of time to "get comfortable and really get to know each other," as she delicately said as we drove to the motel.

Along the way we each spent time stroking each others legs. For the last part of the trip I held her close with her seat belt looped over her shoulder...wondering if we were pulled over if it would count as being buckled.

Just after 12:30 we arrived and I paid the $35 buck "afternoon special" for a room in the back of the building. If the room was anything like the office, it would be Spartan as there wasn't much there beside an old cash register, a clock that wasn't working and several semi-filled cups with something smelling like coffee.

The greasy-looking front desk clerk smiled a knowing smile at me when I jotted down Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and I had to stammer something about my "wife" needing to rest for a while. Actually, the front desk guy suggested the back room because it would be quiet back there.

He handed me a glass of ice tea to sip on while he completed the required paperwork. I'm glad I didn't have to show identification, because I wasn't sure how to explain the difference between Smith and the name on my license.

Soon Cindy and I made our way to the small but relatively clean room, and as soon as we were inside clothes started flying and lips were kissing anything that moved. Leaving her skirt on, I quickly pulled off her red lace panties while she was shucking her blouse and soft black bra.

I wondered how many times she had been to a room like this for a little afternoon delight, remembering a few trips of my own. Low rent, low amenities, but lots of room for the main attraction. When you are there for sex, you don't need a mini-bar or scented shampoo.

We played with each other for a bit, and I paid special attention to her pussy...first with my fingers followed closely by my mouth. What a tasty snatch she had, and I loved feeling the thatch above with my nose. She was trimmed a little, but there was still enough hair to show a landing strip that beckoned me like a landing beacon.

Along the way she asked if I "liked 69," and upon my nod she flipped around and buried her head between my legs as I did the same between hers.

We licked and sucked for a while before the girl, who must have been a movie director in another life, said she wanted me to fuck her. Actually, what she panted was, "You gotta fuck me, get a rubber on an fuck me hard."

What a woman wants, she gets.

I felt like a teenager again, fumbling with the sheath that would guard her womb from my potent sauce. At first I dropped the rubber, but quickly rebounded and started to conquer the pressure. Rubber on, I pushed her down on the bed.

"So, you wanna get fucked, huh? How much do you want it?" I asked with a chuckle, rubbing my dick up and down her naturally lubricated snatch.

She looked so pretty there, skirt up, legs wide open, and topping it all off with a big smile.

"Oh, I need you to fuck me, you bastard. Stop teasing me, fuck me."

Okay, I get it. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. After little fanfare I slipped my dick up and down her slit before filling her hot wet treasure box with one steady push. For a bit I laid there, luxuriating in the warm sensation of her pussy. Then I began to slowly move in and out of her beckoning hole.

For a couple minutes it was marvelous. Somewhere between excitement and ecxstacy the movement was derailed. That's when the panic began.

I was positioned deep inside her pussy, holding her ass in both my hands. Our mouths were glued together. Her hands were on my back. I started rutting her, slowly at first but increasing the movements while kissing her neck.

All at once I began to feel dizzy. Sleepy. Disoriented. That was all I remembered before the lights went off in my brain.

When my brain turned back on I realized I was bound to a sturdy wooden chair.

I heard some whimpering from behind me in the corner and asked who was there but words never escaped. My words were muffled by the wad of cloth in my mouth.

Even if someone heard me grunt, there was no answer.

I tried to look around, but couldn't see the source, which was now into crying mode.

The crying was louder, and soon I heard a sobbing "sorry Rob." It was Cindy.

My mind screamed "What's going on? What the hell happened? Are you alright?" but all I heard was more crying.

Then I heard Cindy drop a bombshell.

"It's my husband, he's a crazy man. I must have left some clues. He caught us. Something happened to you when we were making love and the next thing I know he came into the room. You must have been drugged."

I remembered the clerk's devious smile and the ice tea. It had to be drugged.

All of a sudden it was my turn to groan loudly. Husband! What husband? Caught?

The crying turned into a river. The girl babbled something incoherent, and the crying got louder.

"How are you two lovebirds doing?" came a calm, calculated voice from the doorway. "Is everyone nice and comfy here? Well, are we?"

There was some shuffling around before the voice barked out a command. "Shut the fuck up, Cindy. You're a fucking whore. And you, asshole, you are a dead man. You will pay big-time for fucking with me, fucking my wife."

Oh my God. What had I gotten myself into?

The guy walked in front of me and briskly pulled off the tape. "Do you like my wife's panties? Well, do you punk?"

He pulled the silky undies out of my mouth. "You are disgusting, fucking another man's wife. It's always the same. You flirt, you fuck around, you never think you will get caught. Well, I caught you two right in the act. You are a pathetic limp dick loser."

I stammered something and the guy again told me to shut up. I begged to be let go, but it wasn't to be.

It was quiet, and I didn't want to egg him on. He had all the cards, and my mind worked overtime at thinking of a way to get out of the mess I'd gotten into.

"You two like to fuck? Good. Your wish is my command," said the deep voice. "Hey guys, come on in. Say hi to Cindy the Slut and her boyfriend. She fucks anyone with a cock. This asshole was fucking her a bit ago, why don't you take a turn with the whore. You'll touch places in her that limp dick here can't."

There was laughter and commotion behind me as I heard several feet shuffling into the room.

"Let me go, I promise, I won't call the cops. I didn't know..."

This time he scared me with his look. "Shut up hotshot. Shut up," said the man, laughing with the other guys. He turned his attention to his frightened wife.

"Want some dick, Cindy? You love it." said the harsh voice. "Now, suck his cock."

Apparently her husband's friend moved into position. It didn't sound loving.

There was movement then I heard distinct sucking sounds. I could hear her gasp for air as the guy must have been fucking her mouth without a bit of concern for her. I heard the sucking, I heard him calling her names, and I listened as he said he was going to cum in her pussy and not her mouth.

"Put on a rubber," pleaded Cindy.

"Forgetaboutit," said her husband, directing the friend to bang his naughty wife. "Take his cock raw. Your lover used a rubber, but you are a true slut and need hot bare cock."

The guy had no problem with the direction.

'Yea, right, I'm going in you bareback. He had a rubber, but take this...Oh yea, what a slut," said the guy, obviously fucking the girl. "You are a tight bitch but you won't be for long. I'm gonna fuck you good and hard and leave some real strong baby batter in you."

That brought laughter from the other guys in the room, including her perverted husband.

The guy kept balling her, but not for long. I heard the desk squeak and the girl squeal, and knew what was happening. The moaning got louder and the movements more noisy. I heard the guy grunt and groan. He must have cum, because soon I heard him demanding more. "Kiss my dick, slut, clean it off. Don't want my wife to know where Mr. Happy has been, now do we?"

I heard the sucking and wondered what was next?

As if I didn't know. There was movement and soon number one was replaced by guy number two, and the event replayed itself just yards behind me. Again, she sucked on cock for a while before the new guy flipped around and began banging her. That continued for a few minutes, before the second guy shot his wad.

What was different was that Cindy was enjoying the action. She actually told the guys she loved it. Maybe she was play acting, but she was egging the guy on, telling him to "fuck her hard."

I wanted to do something, but bound as I was there wasn't anything to do. They moved the chair around just a little and I was appalled at what I saw. Like me, Cindy was secured over another small desk. She was naked, legs spread, and she was bent over the desk offering up her snatch to anyone who sauntered behind her.

Two guys had their way with her, could there be more?

My mind was jumbled. She was married? Why hadn't she said anything? What was going on? Who were these guys? Was one really her husband?

"Honey, please, no more, no more. I'm so sorry. He made me do it," Cindy lied. "I didn't want to. I've done your friends. Just like you said to do. Now let me go."

The voice behind me laughed. "Once a whore, always a whore. I told you if I caught you fucking again you'd get it bad, and guess what? You win. You were a willing participant."

Cindy's husband moved behind Cindy and spared the pleasantries and merely buried his cock up her sloppy cum-filled snatch. He began fucking the girl while spanking her ass, bringing cries from the girl who just a couple hours ago was making love to me.

"Hey look, housebreaker here's got a hard on."

I guess I did. I mean, it was so erotic watching Cindy get laid, and it especially took some of the pain away from my head. Her husband was banging her like no tomorrow and with absolutely no regard for how she felt. He was fucking her hard and fast. I imagined it was nothing but hurt for her, but so very erotic for the guys. Soon came the cum outburst, and like the others once spent he moved around front of her for a cock cleaning.

She appeared to love having the cock in her mouth and she cleaned it off with passion and flair.

No matter how I tried, I couldn't get loose from the bindings. Of course I wondered what I could do if I did. My head was sent spinning from time to time and there was a big pain in my gut.

"What's your name, fuckhead?" said hubby, apparently to me. "Tell me, I ain't got all night."


"Oh, the fucker she works with? I saw it in her diary, she said you were a nice guy. You've been after her for weeks. Well, now you have her. What a slut, huh?" laughed the husband from hell. "Cynthia, I'm gonna take off these ropes and you're gonna do what I say, right?"

The girl mumbled yes, but after her husband used his belt on her ass several times she answered again, this time with a loud, "Yes, of course, darling."

Her husband talked while unhooking the restraints. "You know I work real hard, real hard, to provide for you, and I give you anything you want. And this is how you repay me? By fucking this asshole? And any other jackass you meet?"

The woman started crying again.

"What a fucking slut....so you two like to get it on? Well, I think you don't looked turned on, Cindy, I really don't. Maybe loverboy can help."

The jerk pushed his wife in front of me and demanded I kiss her. It was awful. I tasted cum. It got worse when he told me to lick her out.

I declined...until he balled up his fist and reminded me what would happen if I didn't comply with his wishes. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and licked Cindy's snatch like it was a lollypop.

It was awful, a pussy full of cum and I was licking it. How humiliating was that, but considering the alternatives I hoped my little humiliation would be enough to get me out of this mess. It wasn't.

It wasn't on top of my to-do list, but apparently I had been doing a good job as Cindy soon cried out that she was cumming. That wasn't the end of the experience, though.

Soon the guy ordered Cindy to turn around and spread her cheeks, and I began licking her ass like I had her pussy. I choked a couple times, bringing laughter from the onlookers.

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