tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaught and Punished Ch. 02

Caught and Punished Ch. 02


The cock in my mouth found it's way to the back of my throat, making it harder for me to breath.

The vibrations carried on as I struggled to breath.

My pussy was so wet from cumming a few minutes earlier that the vibrator actually slid out, it happened the same second that the guy in my mouth shot his load to the back of my throat.

I swallowed before I had time to try and spit.

"Logan. Please stop this! I love you. I'm sorry!"

I jerked my wrists, trying to get my hands free from the handcuffs.

"Too late for that baby." He said.

The guy who just came in my mouth jumped off the bed and I could see everyone again. Two males at either side of me, holding my legs, Logan now between my legs holding the vibrator and the guy who just came in my mouth going to join him.

I went red. This was embarrassing as well as messed up.

"Now, you're going to keep this in your pussy this time, ok?" Logan snarled at me.

"No! Logan, please!" I tried to beg him again.

I couldn't handle this any more. I didn't know what I could say to him to let me go.

Logan just smiled and touched my sensitive clit with the vibrator.

I jerked slightly and screamed in frustration.

"Can we gag her, I don't want a go at her mouth yet and she's going to draw attention." The guy on my left leg asked Logan. I looked closer at him, he looked like a guy Logan had introduced me to at a Christmas party once.

"Sure." Logan shrugged like we had no history at all. Like I was just a stranger to him.

The guy that had just cum in my mouth grabbed a scarf I had hanging on the back of the bedroom door and came and gagged me with it.

My screams were then muffled.

The vibrator was put on my clit again and held there this time. I jerked at first and it hurt slightly, but after a few seconds it started to feel good again.

I shook my head for Logan to take it off, but obviously he didn't.

"I know you can squirt. I think now is a good time to show the guys what you're capable of." Logan gave me another evil smile before he took the vibrator off my clit and shoved it straight into my soaking pussy.

He pushed it as far as he could in, and pushed up.

I bucked slightly and my eyes widened. Right on the G-spot.

How was I supposed to not react when he knew everything about me, when he knew how to make me squirt and cum harder than anyone else?

He held the vibrator there, sending me wild, then he told one of his friend to slowly lick my clit, which his friend did eagerly.

Oh shit. I was going to squirt. I couldn't stop this.

Before I had time to try, Logan felt me react and pulled the vibrator out, moved the guys face and rubbed my clit for a second and I exploded.

My body shook, and I squirted all over him and his friend.

I felt my eyes rolling into the back of my head and everything clenched up for a second, until I was finished and my ass fell back to the bed and everything else went limp.

"Oooh yeah!" The guy who asked to gag me shouted.

He slapped my pussy quickly, making me jerk again and smiled.

"You must be enjoying this Lucy." Logan laughed with his friends as he looked at me.

He knew I couldn't control my bodies reactions.

I hated him. This was the second time he'd made me cum in front of his friends.

I just wanted this to be over with.

What if I played along? Would that speed things up?

I thought he was so mad, he didn't want me to enjoy this. So maybe if he thought I was having fun he'd just give up.

So I nodded at him.

That was a mistake.

"Bitch!" He moved from my pussy to my face, he slapped me before he grabbed my face and held it right in front of his own. "Don't try that with me you fucking whore. You forget that I know you. I know how to make you squirt, I know what you're thinking and I know how you're lying." He whispered aggressively into my shocked eyes.

He knew what I was trying to do, he wasn't going to let this end until he wanted it to end.

I just wanted to get out of here!

He pushed my head back and went back to stand with his soaked friend.

He whispered something to him and his friend left, leaving just him and the two and either one of my legs.

I didn't think screaming would do any good, but I had to try. I got another slap for that, but not from Logan, from the guy at my right leg.

Logan's soaked friend was back, and he had the rope that we kept under the kitchen sink in his hands.

"Great." Logan smiled at him, then at me.

The guys at my legs pushed them together and Logan began to tie them together after he took the rope from his friend. He tied them at the knee, too far down for me to actually get any good kicks in to anyone once he had finished.

He then got his friends to untie my hands from the metal bars of the headboard and pulled me forward, tying my hands behind my back.

I obviously tried to struggle, but I wasn't much of a fight for four men, especially with my legs tied and then shortly after my hands.

Logan then rolled me onto my stomach and started to rub my ass hole.

His hand came down on my left ass cheek with a loud crack. I gave a muffled cry before he did it again.

"We're just getting started with you whore."

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