tagTransgender & CrossdressersCaught and Used Ch. 02

Caught and Used Ch. 02


In my last story, I was discovered by wife's friends, Mandy and Michael. If you didn't catch the last adventure; they caught me dressed up in my wife's lingerie, fucking myself with a dildo. Mandy took advantage of this opportunity, and catered to Jim's fantasy while her husband Michael watched.

It is now the next day; Sunday. My wife and I are sleeping in bed, when the phone rings. My wife answers the phone, and Mandy is on the other end. I overheard my wife saying to Mandy that, "I will make sure he is there to help you then".

With that she turns to me, and says; "That was Mandy, she says that you promised to help her today with their moving today? She wanted me to tell you, that they are starting in an hour. Also she would like you to bring the items of theirs, that is in the garage!" as my wife explains.

I then explained to my wife that I had offered to help Mike and Mandy move, when they wanted me too. My wife then mentions that she would like to help out, that she hadn't seen Mandy in a couple of weeks. "I would love to help them out." my wife explains. I saw no harm in this, but was a little apprehensive. I mean after what happened on the previous day between Mandy, Mike, and I; this was making me a little uncomfortable.

As we arrived at Mike and Mandy's house, they welcomed us in and the day went on without much to tell. The only thing that occurred was when I moved some things into Mike and Mandy's bedroom. I was pulled into the upstairs bathroom by Mandy, and commanded to put on her used black satin and lace thong. Mandy instructed me to wear these while moving in the rest of her things. Mandy wanted me to wear them all day, but I could take them off at any time while I was at home. Mandy also instructed me to wear them, when she invited me to her home for future visits.

I suggested to Mandy that, "I believe my wife might be suspicious if she saw these particular pair in the house." Since they don't look like ones my wife (Cindy) owns.

Mandy replied with, "Fair enough, then wear them here. When you leave, come back to this bathroom and leave them in the hamper."

I agreed, and slipped on her used panties. I pulled them up to my cock feeling her wetness still in them. I then went back to work. After a few hours, I went back up to the 2nd floor bathroom. I started taking the panties off. I then started experiencing some built up frustrations from wearing these sexy, silky panties, and masturbated in them before returning them to the hamper. Once I was done, I exited the bathroom and went back downstairs to leave with my wife.

Once I was home, I now started feeling uncomfortable about what had been going on for the past couple of days. I started thinking that maybe I should be honest with my wife. However I did not feel that the time was apporpriate because, we were both extremely tired from moving the Blakes (Mike and Mandy) into their new home.

A week had gone by after we had helped the Blakes move into their new home. It was Monday morning while I was at work when I received a phone call from Mandy. Mandy explained that she was "playing hookey" from work today, and wanted to know if I could "come over and play?" Mandy suggested.

I explained to Mandy that, "I was at work, and it wasn't easy for me to leave." I was a Manager for a Hardware Store. I didn't want to upset Mandy, but it wasn't going to be easy for me to leave the store. I also had reservations about what had transpired. On the reverse side I also remember how spontaneous and erotic that day was. So I explained to Mandy in a nice, and polite way, that I would have to take a "rain check."

Mandy became noticeably angry, and told me that she "had special plans for me today." Her husband was working, and that if "I was not at her house in two hours; that she would tell my wife everything."

I felt my heart sink, and told Mandy that I would see her in less than two hours".

Mandy sounded more at ease stating; "Good, see you then slut!" as Mandy purred like a kitten into the phone. Mandy also told me not to bring anything, she would have everything I needed there. I could only imagine what she had in store for me. When noon time came, I was pulling into Mandy's house. I saw one other car in the driveway that I did not recognize. I didn't think much about it. As I finished knocking on the door, the door opened slowly. The next thing I saw was Mandy standing in the door way wearing a white satin blouse, a black leather mini-skirt, black fishnet stockings with a seam in the back. Black, knee-high leather boots. Her shoulder length blonde hair had a sexy wave to it. She was wearing sexy, metallic make-up that complimented her beautiful blue eyes. She had on pink lipstick or lip gloss on, because her lips were very shiny. I also couldn't help but notice a huge 10" black cock that was dangling from beneath her leather mini- skirt, as she was standing in the door way.

I was breathless. She looked so dominant, and beautiful standing in the door way. I was overcome with this sudden urge to be her subservient play pet.

Mandy looked up me with that same coy smile she gave me a week ago, just moments before fucking my ass raw. "I take it from your facial reaction, you definately like what you see, slut!" Mandy said.

I felt my cock growing in my pants as she spoke. I truly was speechless.

Mandy commanded me to go upstairs to her bedroom and put on the things that she had layed out for me.

As I went into her bedroom, I found the following items laying on her bed. A White padded satin and lace bra, Matching satin and lace bikini panty that had pink ruffles on the ass of the panty. White Lace top thigh high stockings, with the seam down the back. A matching white satin and lace garter belt. Mandy also had a blue and green plaid, pleated school girl skirt. White satin short sleeve blouse. Red hair shoulder length, wavy wig. Two Breast inserts, and a pair of white court shoes. I was standing in the master bedroom that had it's own bathroom.

One thing that I should shared from my last adventure with Mandy was; I shave all my private areas, and armpits. I don't have any chest hair to speak of. Another thing that I don't believe I shared in my first story, was what I look like. I am 6'00" in height, 185 lbs, with a slim, toned muscle build. I work out when I can. I have hazel colored eyes, with brown short hair.

As I was taking in the array of clothes before me, Mandy walked into the bedroom. I could hear her coming up behind me, in her boots. Mandy started whispering in my ear. "What do you think slut? Since I saw you a couple of weaks ago, dressed in that tube dress, I can't help these urges that I have to make you my bitch. I want you to be my filthy school girl this afternoon. What I want from you, is to get dressed first. Then after that, we will get you made up in the bathroom. I want you to also insert these breast inserts in your bra, and put that hot wig on too. Do you think you can handle that slut?" Before I could answer Mandy said, "Oh, and Jim isn't going to work for me. We need a new pet name for you. You know, a girl name. Have you ever wanted to have a girl name, when you get dressed up and play with your naughty things?" Mandy asked.

I replied to Mandy that, "I haven't given it much thought."

"Well Jim, I think Jenna suits you. You looked like a Jenna as I took that slutty ass of yours in your house a week ago. So today we'll call you Jenna."

I replied with "we'll?" a little confused.

"It's just a figure of speech, don't get all funny on me pet. Get dressed, and then I will have you made up." Mandy said.

Mandy left and I managed to get into my sexy school girl outfit complete with the breast inserts, red wavy shoulder length wig, and the white platform, high heeled court shoes. Mandy then led me into the master bathroom. While in the bathroom, I became stunned. I saw two beautiful women standing inside the bathroom. One girl appeared to be a little boyish looking in appearance. Mandy put her mouth to my ear in whispered, "Surprised pet?" Mandy then explained that the first lady, the closest one to me, was Wendy. "Wendy is a lady I work with. Wendy is a lesbian, and the other girl is a her partner Collette. I went to work, and had to tell somone of my incredible weekend adventure. When I confided my story to Wendy, she suggested that we should have a play date. Wendy mentioned to me that her and her partner wanted to do something a little different to spice up their sex life. I then invited them here to meet my new lesbian partner; YOU. What do you think Jenna? Do You want to star in our orgy?" Mandy asked.

I couldn't beleive what was happening. In all my wildest fantasies. I did not think that my fantasy with being taken by a dominant lady would ever happned. I sure as hell never even suspected that I would be in a bathroom with three women all wearing strap-on penises. I was so turned on, my heart was pounding a million miles a minuet. Wendy was a brunette with shoulder length hair. I would probably guess her to be in her late 20's. She had brown eyes, light complexion and thin. Wendy was about 5'5" very pretty and feminine in appearance. Wendy was wearing silver rattlesnake pleather pants, silver high heel stilletto shoes, and a silver pleather bra. She also had a black leather strap-on harness over her pleather pants. She had a 8" brown realistic rubber dick with the balls, and suction cup base, attached to her leather harness. Collette was the more "butch" looking one out of the couple. She had really short spikey brunette hair, with pretty blue eyes. She also had a light complexion. She was slightly taller than Wendy, maybe 5'7". Collette was also slender and very thin, probably 26 years old. Collette was wearing a "wife beater" white cotton tank-top, blue Jeans, and hiking boots. Collette had a 10" realistic looking dildo with a pink head sticking out of the fly of her blue jeans. The dildo she had attached to her was also one that came complete with the balls, and the scution cup base. As I stood there admiring these beautiful women in Mandy's bathroom, I was grabbed by Collette and forced on by knees, facing the mirror in the bathroom. This is when Wendy started getting the make-up from the vanity in front of me. They made my face up with heavy make-up. Almost similar to the way Mandy had it a week earlier. With the smokey dark eyeliner, blush around the the cheeks, and mascara. This time they applied a almost brick colored lipstick, almost organge in appearace. Very glossy that complimented my red wig well. After being dressed and made up by Collette and Wendy, I felt like I was sexy little startlet, school girl. I had so much sexual frustration built up in me right know, those girls could've done anything to me, and I wouldn't of cared.

Mandy didn't even wait for me to get off the floor when she rammed her 10" black monster cock into my hot, waiting, painted mouth. I knew exactly what to do. I took that black cock into my mouth. There I was kneeling before her large bathroom mirror watching my Mistress Mandy fuck my face with her large strapon cock. I could see Wendy walk up behind me. Wendy took her hand, and started rubbing my panty covered ass underneath my plaid skirt. I felt my clitty getting bigger in my panties. Mandy was pulling my face down on her big shaft. I was now gagging on that huge dick.

"Oh Mandy, you were right; he is a beautiful cock loving slut!" Collette cooed from behind me.

Wendy moved in beside Mandy and shoved her 8" cock in to my already filled mouth. Both women were now fucking my face with their enormous strapons. My mouth was alternating from one cock to the next. It felt like my jaw was going to break open. After I was done sucking both of my Mistress's cocks, I then started stroking both of those wet cocks like a pro. I then heard Collette tell Wendy and Mandy to, "Move me into the bedroom so we can gang rape this slutty bitch."

All three of them picked me up, led me into the bedroom. All three girls then threw me onto the bed face first. As I started to get up, and roll around so I could look at them, they held my face down into the bed. I felt one them pull my skirt up and hike down my white ruffled panties. I heard Wendy say; "Oh my look at that slutty little ass, Collette. We sure are going to fuck him good today!" After Wendy said that, I could hear Collette start laughing.

Collette then came around and inserted her 10" white cock into my mouth. Collette yelled at me to suck her cock. "Come on bitch, suck it, you cock hungry whore!" I now felt someone rimming my asshole, this felt so good. I was so getting into being their naughty school girl, slut. I turned my head to see my mistress's blonde head stuffed right into my ass. I then saw Wendy behind my Mandy, getting ready to fuck Mandy's pussy from behind. I was getting Collette's dick nice and wet. After several moments I was taking all of Collette's massive dick, right up to the balls.

Collette then called out, "I can't take it anymore, I want to fuck to this cunt and hear him moan." At this point Collette pulled her dildo out of my mouth, got up from the bed and walked behind me. Collette then took off her blue Jeans, wearing only her "wife beater" tank top, and her strapon dildo.

Wendy pulled out of Mandy's beautiful shaved pussy, and unzipped her pleather pants. Her silver, rattlesnake pants had a zipper that started above the vagina and up to the top of her ass crack. Unzipping the pants the way she did, exposed her pussy and ass. Wendy's 8" strapon penis was still over the pants. At this point Mandy stopped eating my ass, which I must admit felt quite good.

Collette then lubed up her dildo and picked up my ass so it was straight up in the air. Wendy got up and shoved her cock into my mouth. This time Mandy took position behind Wendy and was plowing Wendy's pussy, as Wendy was fucking my face. As Wendy started getting a good rhythm fucking my mouth; I felt Collette's dildo pushing against the entrance of my ass. I was now feeling like a used, dirty, hooker. My mouth and ass were both being fucked. I now felt Collette picking up her rhythm, fucking my ass faster and faster. I was moaning a little harder, but the moaning was muffled from Wendy's brown cock shoved into my painted mouth. I then felt Wendy grab a hold of the back of my head as she was fucking my face. I could see Mandy behind Wendy really railing into Wendy's pussy. The aggressiveness in how Wendy was being fucked by Mandy was apparent to me in how Wendy was taking it out on my face. Collette was also screaming as she was taking my ass.

"Oh Mandy, you got yourself a good little whore! This slut's asshole is going to be so well fucked, that he won't be able to sit for a week!" After Collette said that all the girls laughed, all I could do is grunt. Collette continued to fuck me harder, and Wendy was about to climax. I could hear Wendy screaming louder, and the abuse that my mouth was taking was a sure sign. When Wendy finally climaxed, she collapsed on top of me lying on my back. Mandy withdrew her cock from Wendy's pussy, and got off the bed with her freshly glistening cock. I then watched Mandy walk behind me with her well lubricated 10", black cock. Collette pulled out of my well fucked ass. You could hear the pop when she withdrew it from my ass. Collette then got onto the bed, with her cock dangling inches from my face.

"Come on pretty boy, lick your ass juice from my dick." Collette demanded. Collette then inserted that dildo (after fucking my ass) into my ever sore mouth.

Mandy now started thrusting her well lubricated 10" black dildo into my well fucked asshole. "Oh you dirty, filthy, asswhore, take my big dick. Jenna, whose slut are you?" As Mandy giggled when she asked. The other girls were also laughing, along with Mandy. I was just moaning at this time. Mandy got a little louder, and yelled "I said WHOSE SLUT ARE YOU?"

"Yours mistress Mandy!" I yelled out.

"That's right slut, and you will do anything or satisfy anyone I want you to; won't you Jenna?"

"Yes Mistress!" I yelled out again.

"Do You like how your mistress and her girlfriend's fuck your ass pussy, slut?"

"Yes Mistress, fuck me harder please, please fuck me harder. I need that cock to fill me mistress"! I screamed.

Collette then started breaking out in laughter. "I know now he really has become our slut, the pathetic whore is even begging now. Oh fuck this slut until he cries Mandy."

"Oh I going to show this slut NO MERCY. This is pay back from all those guys that tried to fuck, or have fucked me in the ass!" Mandy said as she laughed with Collette.

I was wondering what Wendy was doing, as my Mistress was being pounded as well as I was. I looked to see Wendy sitting down in a chair, next to the bed, fucking her pussy with a vibrator.

Mandy continued to fuck my ass for several more minuets when she started thrusting inside my ass harder and harder. Her screams became louder and louder, I knew my Mistress was close to cumming. Collette then pulled out of my mouth, and bent Mandy more over my back and started fucking Mandy from behind. It wasn't going to be long now. Mandy's cock was still thrusting in and out of my ass. Wendy was still shoving a dildo into her pussy. Not to mention Mandy was screaming; "I'm cumming, oh my I gonna cum, OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh fuccckkk Collette, fuck me hard right there.......that's it!"

I felt my mistress's climax spray on, and around my ass. Wendy was also squirting her woman juice on my face as she continued to play with her clit, and fuck her pussy with her dildo. Every one was squirting right now, but Collette and I. Mistress Mandy pulled out of my Ass. Wendy then sat back down on the chair. Collette, then placed Mandy onto the bed and started eating out her pussy.

I rolled onto my back and started to stroke my self off, when Wendy got up from the chair, and smiled at me. As she strutted over in those high heels she said; "You can't possibly think that you are going to get out of it that easy do you? Slut, you're going to wish you were never caught in women's clothes!" As Wendy said that, she pulled me to the edge of the bed. She lubed up her brown dildo some more, and thrusted that dildo deep into my bowels. "Take this you dirty, piece of shit"! Wendy shouted as she started drilling away at my ass. As Wendy was fucking me she was commanding me to stroke my cock. "Yes Jenna that's it stroke that clitty as I fuck your pussy hole good and deep. We're going to have our self a little cum-fest".

She continued to fuck my ass, as I stroked my cock. I then started feeling all these sensations flow through my body. My ass was convulsing, and my cock was going to explode; I could feel it. I starting panting harder, and moaning louder. So wasn't Collette and Mandy, they were defiantely going to climax together soon as well.

As my ass started to get a heartbeat of it's own and I started pumping my cock even harder. Wendy was saying; "That's it slut cum for me. Cum for your goddess. Cum you nasty slut! Cum for me Jenna." As Wendy was chanting these phrases I shot streams and streams of cum all over my skirt, blouse, and chest. Some of my cum even hit me in my face.

This started Mandy and Collette to climax as well. Collette was still eating Mandy's pussy. Mandy started to squirt her woman juice all over Collette's Face.

Wendy then started licking up all of my cum that I had deposited all over my body. Wendy then started inching her way up to my smeared face. Wendy then went to kiss my mouth. I then felt this salty tasting liquid being passed from her mouth to mine. I then realized that it was my cum that she was feeding me. Wendy then whispered very seductively to me to; "Swallow it whore." I did as I was told, and I swallowed what was given to me. I gagged a litle, and didn't care for the taste much. We all just laid on the bed afterwards. I think we might of even napped for a little.

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