tagIncest/TabooCaught By Daddy Ch. 02

Caught By Daddy Ch. 02


The next day I think I was horny all day long. I just couldn’t get last night out of my mind: how I had listened to my parents having sex, and how I had stripped naked and masturbated myself to a dripping orgasm right outside their bedroom door. Thinking about how I could have been caught while doing something so blatantly sexual both scared and excited me. I kept grinning to myself every time I replayed the things I heard my parent’s saying to each other, things like, “Fuck me doggy style”, “Stick it in my ass” and “God your cock feels so good inside of me.” Even remembering the loud squeaking of the bed as my parents fucked each other was turning me on.

Mom seemed a little different at breakfast. It seemed like every time she looked at me she was trying to suppress a grin of her own. I figured it was just that she was remembering her hot night with daddy, and I didn’t think too much about it.

I had the hardest time concentrating on my classes that day; I just wanted to get home and masturbate myself silly before mom and dad got home. But finally my last class finished and I headed home.

It was only about a 20 minute walk from the school to my home, but as eager as I was to get home, I didn’t feel like waiting until I got home to start being naughty. So before I headed off toward home I stopped in the restroom and took off my bra and panties and put them in my backpack. I was wearing a skirt that came down to about mid-thigh, so it’s not like anyone could actually see anything down there. But my top was just sheer enough that when I looked in the mirror I could just make out the color of flesh on my tits through the material, and the nipples themselves stood out prominently. The idea of walking home with my tits practically on display and no panties on under my skirt, so that I could feel the breeze on my exposed pussy was making me so hot.

The walk home took me through a cemetery which I used as a shortcut. The cemetery actually was in two parts since 12th street ran between the one half of the cemetery and the other. On the back side of the cemetery was an open field that was grown up to about waist height with tall brown grass and weeds. All the way to the cemetery I had been thinking about how excited I had been at the risk of being caught the previous night, and the whole idea of “danger” was really turning me on.

I knew that hardly anybody was ever in the cemetery even during the day, so by the time I got there I was ready to up the risk factor. As soon as I got to the gate I lifted my skirt and started rubbing my cunt right there in broad daylight. I even thought about what it would be like to be completely naked and masturbate in the cemetery; but since the cemetery wasn’t very big, even as horny as that thought made me, I was still too afraid of the humiliation of being caught and possibly arrested, that I just continued to walk and masturbate myself with my skirt up. If I saw anyone coming or heard a car coming up the road as I approached the other gate, I could still quickly cover myself.

Just before I got to 12th street I lowered my skirt to check for traffic. I saw that no cars were coming from either direction as far as the eye could see. The only building close by was a small apartment building that was right next to the cemetery on the opposite side of the street. Checking to make sure that I couldn’t see anybody at the apartments and that nobody was looking out their window, I not only lifted the front of my skirt to allow my hand access to my pussy, but I also pulled it all the way up in back and wrapped it around my waist holding it with one hand to expose my naked bottom. With the other hand I reached down and thrust two fingers in my pussy and used my thumb to stimulate my clit as I very slowly walked across to the opposite side of the cemetery.

I couldn’t believe I was actually exposing myself outside on a public street in the middle of the day! God, what kind of a terrible slut was I? But the thrill just about sent me over the edge, and in thinking back I’m not really sure why I didn’t cum right there in the street.

But I made it to the other side without anyone seeing me and again entered through another cemetery gate. I walked ahead across the little narrow paved road that ran inside the cemetery and walked across to the nearest tombstone. At that point I could no longer be seen from the apartments since there were no windows that faced the cemetery. Also the only place I could be seen was from the street I had just crossed; and then only if someone happened to drive by and turn their head in my direction. It wasn’t a very busy street in our small college town of about 12,000, but on an average a car would pass by every five minutes or so, so there was still a risk of being caught. Probably too much of a risk for a rationally thinking person, but right now I was thinking like a man instead of a woman, only instead of thinking with a penis I was thinking with my now very wet and swollen pussy (or would it be my clit?).

What I was doing was so naughty that I couldn’t help but to start thinking about one of my favorite sexual themes: spanking. I thought about how humiliating, but yet exciting, it would be to be forced to strip naked and bend over one of these tombstones and get my bare bottom spanked in front of a group of onlookers.

Before I go on, I should explain that this part of the cemetery was almost never used. The cemetery itself sat at the top of a little hill. The street – not a very busy one as I have explained – passed by in front of it on one side – or rather ran between the two separate sections of the cemetery. The apartment building was on another side, but as I said, none of the windows faced the cemetery. On the side opposite the apartments was a large field that went down the hill and the nearest cross-street was a good half-mile or more away. The back side of the cemetery was bounded only by a barbed-wire fence beyond which was another empty field that went on down the hill to the street where I lived. Our house and one other were the only ones at the end of the street.

I suddenly realized how isolated this part of the cemetery was. Seeing as I already had my bare bottom exposed I made up my mind to take the opportunity to make my fantasy seem even more real.

I could still be seen from the street if a car happened to come by, but only if the occupant happened to turn and look into the cemetery. But I figured I would be able to hear any cars coming enough in advance that I could hide behind one of the tombstones until it passed.

My heart was pounding like a sledge-hammer in my chest knowing what I was about to do. I sat on the ground, took off my shoes and socks and put them in my backpack (which fortunately only had a few books in it). Then I took of my top and stuffed it in as well. Now the only thing I was wearing was my skirt. I stood up, looked around to convince myself that no one could see me, then quickly slipped my skirt off and stepped out of it. I placed it in the backpack as well and zipped it up.

I was now completely naked, in the middle of the afternoon on a bright sunny day, outside in a public cemetery which was inside the city limits. My clothes were zipped up inside my bag so that I couldn’t get to them in any big a hurry. I had never felt so naked, so naughty, and so horny in all my life.

I turned around with my ass facing the street and laid myself over the nearest tombstone, the top of which came to just below my waist. I supported myself with my hands and spread my feet to expose my sex. I imagined a group of 10 or 15 people standing behind me, looking at my bare bottom and exposed pussy while they each waited their turn to spank me.

In any of my spanking fantasies, I almost always imagine that I am required to ask for my spanking. So, now that I was naked in real life over a tombstone, I played my fantasy out and said out loud: “Please spank me very hard on my bare bottom.”

When I left school to walk home I never thought that I would let myself go this far. Not only was I naked outside in the middle of the day, displaying myself in the most lewd fashion I could think of, but now I was also talking out loud saying lewd things dreamed up in my imagination. Only I wasn’t imagining being naked now. What I was doing was real.

Then I heard a car coming down the road in the distance.

I should have scampered to get behind the tombstone and out of site – I mean, that was the contingency plan. But I was just too horny: too lost in my fantasy and the lustful feelings it inspired. So instead of bolting, I remained in position.

Because I was head down over the tombstone I couldn’t see the car, but I heard it coming closer. The closer it got the harder my heart pounded in my chest. I could feel the wetness of my pussy and was sure that it was literally dripping onto the grass behind me. Had my legs not been spread as far apart as I could get them while still maintaining my position over the tombstone, I have no doubt that my sex juices would have been flowing like a river down the insides of my thighs.

I could tell by the sound of the car that it was now too close: I had passed the point of no return. I couldn’t possibly hide in time now and if I tried I knew that my movement would only draw the attention of the approaching motorist.

I heard the car approach and go by without slowing down. I was sure that meant that I hadn’t been seen. But I had put myself in the position of being caught, possibly arrested – surely humiliated; and had made no attempt to hide or cover myself, even when the risk of discovery was imminent. My fear factor had just peaked out, but right then it only pushed me to the brink of my sexual limits.

I rolled off of the tombstone, and right there on the grass I sprawled myself out on my back and plunged three fingers of my left hand deep into my steaming hot pussy and with my other hand furiously rubbed my clitoris. I was so hot that I didn’t even make any attempt at being quiet and found myself panting and grunting aloud. Within seconds I felt my body begin to spasm with intense orgasmic release. As I did so I arched my back to display my pussy even more lewdly in the hot afternoon air and let out the kind of moan that only comes from an intense sexual release.

Immediately after cumming I began to panic. I didn’t dare get caught. And now that the sexual passion had been dissipated, the thought of getting caught was nothing more than pure fear. I grabbed my backpack and quickly moved behind a tree where I dressed as quickly as possible. I then walked the rest of the way home, not believing what I had just done. Terrified that I would even do such a thing.

“What if mom and dad found out?” I thought to myself. “My life would be over!”

I quickly walked the rest of the way home. When I got inside I decided to try to watch TV to take my mind off of the terrible chance I had just taken.

I think I caught the tail end of an afternoon movie; I don’t really remember. Mostly I was just trying to calm down a bit after having finger fucked myself naked outside in the open. At least I hadn’t been caught. That was such a relief.

I really wasn’t paying much attention to the movie since I still couldn’t get my mind off of sex. After about a half-hour of attempting to calm down, I actually started feeling horny again. A little while ago, thinking about what I had just done scared me; now it was exciting me again.

I went to my room and took off my clothes. Then I laid down on the bed intending to masturbate. I began by caressing around my nipples with one hand and with the other I caressed myself up and down my silky smooth body. I closed my eyes and just let myself enjoy the enticing sensations.

I let my one hand lightly brush up the insides of my thighs, brushing the edges of my shaven pussy. As the erotic sensations began to build I began to writhe on the bed. An occasional moan escaped my lips as I continued to pleasure myself. I started thinking about mom and dad from the night before, and that’s when I decided that this would feel so much better, so much naughtier, if I were to do it on their bed.

I got up and walked to the other end of the hallway and into my parent’s bedroom. I sprawled out on my stomach on the velvety smooth bedspread that covered their bed. I had my legs spread to show off my cunt and my asshole to an imaginary audience. I stretched myself out spread eagle on the bed with my hands reaching across the king sized bed. The smoothness of the bedspread felt so exhilarating on my bare skin and I began to lewdly grind my pussy against the bedspread while keeping my legs and arms widely spread, imagining that I was tied down in this position for a lover – or several lover’s – amusement.

I got to thinking again about mommy and daddy making love on this same bed. I got to thinking about how explicit their sex-talk was. And then a thought struck me, out of the blue: “I wonder if they have any sex toys?” As soon as that thought occurred to me, I had to know. I got up off the bed and started looking around.

As I got up I noticed that there was a wet spot on the bedspread where I had been rubbing my pussy. I didn’t know how I was going to explain that if my parent’s happen to notice a stain on their beautiful bedspread, but to tell you the truth, at that moment, knowing that I would be leaving behind evidence of my sexual activity on my parent’s bed was just making me more horny.

First, I looked under the bed. Nothing there. I tried going through their dresser drawers but still came up empty. Then I went into their walk-in closet. In the far back corner, under some old blankets I found a large duffel bag. I unzipped it and looked inside. Bingo! I had hit the mother load. Inside were an assortment of dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, a couple of electronic gizmos that I had no idea what they were for, and even, to my shock and amazement, a fair assortment of spanking instruments: paddles, canes, short whips, rubber floggers, leather floggers. I even found a blindfold and velvet lined handcuffs and leather restraints with Velcro.

I couldn’t believe it! Not only were my parents sex maniacs, they were even kinky.

I had to try out some of their toys. I took the bag out and laid it on the bed. I dug around inside until I found some kind of a synthetic, rubbery vibrator/dildo that was fashioned like a man’s hard cock. I decided that that would work nicely and laid myself over the edge of the bed with my feet resting on the floor and my butt almost hanging off the side of the bed.

I held the fake penis up to look at it more. “I wonder if that’s what my daddy’s penis looks like when he’s fucking mommy,” I thought to myself. I took the penis in my mouth and began lewdly sucking on it while grinding my pelvis in the open air before another imaginary audience, enticing each and every one of them to fuck me. I imagined them one by one stripping off their clothes and sticking their hard cocks into me while I gave felatio to the rubber dildo, each man shooting his cum over my naked body before giving way to the next man to use me. The whole time I was acting out my fantasy with the dildo/penis in my mouth I was thinking about this penis having been inside my mother’s pussy, and that thought made me wild with excitement. Then I began thinking about my daddy being the next man in line and taking his turn fucking me.

The idea of my own father seeing me like this, seeing my nakedness, my unabashed sexual desire; seeing me getting fucked by a group of men; watching as I sucked on the dildo and ground my hips into one man after another while I moaned and screamed out orgasm after orgasm, was making me so hot. I had to feel that penis inside of me and took it out of my mouth and thrust it into my eager pussy.

With the cock pumping in and out of me, I used my other hand to stimulate my clit. I could tell I was getting so close to orgasm, and yet I was trying to hold back, to make it last until my body would literally overpower my will. I slowed down the thrusting of the penis, trying hard not to orgasm just yet.

I felt the wetness of my pussy on my ass hole as the juices ran freely and dripped on the floor and the edge of the bed. God, I was so hot – so close to cumming. I had my head tilted back as far as it could go, arching my back and giving myself over to the sex. I wanted to see the cock sliding in and out of me and looked up…

“Oh, god, Daddy!!!”

My father had walked in on me masturbating on his bed!

Several things seemed to happen all at once. I felt my face flush with the most total shame I could ever imagine. My heart skipped a beat before pounding hard against my sternum with a sense of utter dread. The words “my life is over” passed through my head. I tried to hide my shame from my father who had seen me gyrating against the fake penis I held in my hand – and that was buried in my pussy. I pulled the penis out of me and tried to cover myself. Since I was on top of the bedspread I had nothing to cover myself with, so I turned to the side and pulled my legs up into the fetal position covering my pussy with my hand.

I wanted to hide my face, but I was like a deer frozen with fear in the middle of the rode looking at the oncoming headlights. I just stared into my daddy’s face. I knew that my attempt at covering myself had failed dismally. I could still feel the coolness of the air on my wet exposed ass hole that was pointing straight at my daddy. I just froze. Naked. Caught.

“I’m sorry that I embarrassed you honey,” my father said at last.

He was sorry? I was the one caught acting like a whore, and he was sorry? My mind was trying to make sense of the strange sounding words I was hearing from my father at such a time.

My daddy sat on the bed behind me. When he did I finally turned my head down into the bed and closed my eyes to hide my face but otherwise I didn’t move. Tears welled up in my eyes.

I felt my daddy put his hand on my shoulder; then I heard him speak to me in a tender loving voice: “I’m really sorry if I spoiled the mood you were in. I don’t want to leave you feeling frustrated after you were obviously so close to cumming, and even though I’m sure that it’s tremendously embarrassing to have your father sit next to you while you are naked and continue to talk to you after finding you masturbating, before I leave I just want to tell you to never, ever, be ashamed of your sexuality. It’s such an important and wonderful part of who you are, and I hope that you will enjoy your sexuality as much as your mother and I enjoy ours.”

After a short pause, as if he wasn’t sure quite what to say next, he continued. . “I’m going to go now, honey, but I really hope that you will be able to continue what you were doing until you are satisfied. Don’t cheat yourself by holding back. Make all the noise you want and take all the time you need. When you are through I’ll be waiting for you downstairs. I really want to talk to you about all of this later.”

I felt the weight lift from the bed and heard my father walking out the door.

I lay there stunned. Daddy hadn’t called me a whore, he hadn’t yelled at me, he hadn’t acted like the worst thing in the world had happened to his daughter as I had feared he would. Instead, he had validated me: validated my sexuality. Called it good! Told me I was all right.

Not only that, but he had apologized to me for ruining my mood and had given me the green light to finish masturbating myself without any restraint whatsoever! He even encouraged me to finish!

I lifted my head and looked at the door. My father hadn’t bothered to pull it shut. I thought of the words he had just said: “Make all the noise you want.” And then he had said that he would be waiting for me downstairs. It dawned on me why he must have said that: He wanted to hear me! He wanted to know that I was on his bed giving myself sexual pleasure and he wanted me to make noise so that he could hear me doing it! That had to be why he left the door open. He wanted me to know that he could hear me, and to know that he knew exactly what I was doing!

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