Caught By Daddy Ch. 02


My worse nightmare had become a dream come true – or nearly so. I had no idea what I was going to say to daddy when I went downstairs, but right now all that mattered is that I was more sexually aroused than I had ever been in my life and that my daddy wanted to hear me giving myself sex. I wasn’t going to disappoint him.

I wondered if he had really gone downstairs or if he was really just outside the door listening out of sight. I hoped it was the latter.

I remembered my mother’s voice from the night before telling him to fuck her doggy style and I immediately got up on my knees with my head still down against the bed. I reached back with the dildo (that I had never bothered to turn off) and began fucking myself anew.

I moaned loudly and deliberately, letting my father know how hot I was. Having sex – in a sense – right in front of my father. I wanted to say “Fuck me daddy!” so that he could hear, but I was still a little bit unsure. After all, what if leaving the door open had just been an oversight and I was only imagining that he wanted to hear. I didn’t want to ruin my relationship to my father forever by letting him know that I was imagining him fucking me.

Still, I was horny and couldn’t help but take advantage of the situation. I looked between my legs as I continued to loudly fuck myself with the penis. I saw drips of my bodily fluid dripping from between my legs onto the bedspread. I thought of the stain it would make. Knowing that my father was hearing everything; knowing that he knew what I was doing; seeing and feeling the drips coming from my aroused pussy and knowing that my daddy would know where those stains came from, all drove me over the edge. At last my body had achieved it’s coo over me. I continued to thrust the vibrating cock into me and screamed at the top of my lungs. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” I didn’t care if the whole world heard me at that point. I wanted the world – I wanted my daddy – to know that I was cumming!

After cumming so hard, I collapsed on the bed, relishing the wetness of my satisfied pussy against the bedspread. I knew I had to get up and go downstairs now and talk to my father. I got up and walked to my room to grab my robe. As I did so I passed in front of the open stairway landing and could see my daddy sitting in the living room with his back to me. I almost walked downstairs naked but was still a bit unsure and timid, so I walked into my room and grabbed my robe. Then I headed downstairs. “I can’t believe this,” I thought to myself as I made my way down the staircase, “I’m going to talk to my daddy – who has just seen and heard me masturbate – about my sexuality.”

I couldn’t wait.

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