Caught By Mom


I had enjoyed sex with my first boyfriend, but it was nothing compared to what I was experiencing with Sean. Maybe it was the fact that my first boyfriend and I had both given our virginities to each other, while Sean had more experience. Maybe it was the fact that Sean's dad and my dad were very close friends and that he was living under our roof for a while, making our relationship more taboo. Hell, maybe it was just the fact that Sean had a big dick. Whatever the reason, I couldn't stop thinking about Sean, his cock and how good he fucked me.

I was home alone one night, reading a book in the family room of my parents' house when Sean came in. The second I saw him my pussy got wet. Everyone else was out of the house and would be for a while, so I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to get fucked by the object of my lust.

"Hey, where is everyone?" he asked, tossing his jacket onto the arm of the couch.

"My mom took dad to the airport for his trip, then she went out for dinner with a friend, and Jack is out at a party. We have the house all to ourselves." I put down the book and looked right at him.

"For how long?" he asked, moving towards me.

"I'm not sure, but at least a couple of hours." We had only had sex twice so far, stories I've already posted here on Literotica, so the thought of having the house to ourselves was almost orgasmic on its own. "I was hoping you would make it home in time to take advantage of it."

He smiled and took off his shirt, then I sat up and reached out to undo his pants and pull them down and off before he pulled me to my feet and kissed me.

"I can feel you getting hard," I said, noting his cock pressing against my belly through his underwear. "I want you so bad." I reached my hand down and rubbed his cock through his underwear for a minute and then reached inside so I could wrap my hand around it and stroke it. "I was playing with myself in the shower today thinking about you. I made myself cum twice."

"You're such a naughty little girl," he said to me.

"I needed to cum and you weren't here," I said. "You make me feel so sexy and dirty." I pulled his underwear down, leaving him naked and me fully clothed. He then pulled my shirt off over my head in an attempt to get me caught up. Within moments he had undone my bra and tossed it to the floor, I had pulled off my pants and he had gotten me naked by removing my panties.

"Can I taste you?" he asked.

"I would love that so much," I said to him. He pushed me back into my chair and then knelt down in front of me, spreading my legs wide. He started slowly, licking and kissing around my pussy and then going closer to the center, until he was licking and sucking on my clit while he fingered my pussy. My first boyfriend had gone down on me a couple of times, but he really wasn't very good at it. Sean, however, seemed to know exactly how I liked it.

"I'm so wet for you baby!" I said. "My pussy is tingling!"

"My cock is so fucking hard for you," he said.

"Oh yes!" I gasped. "I want to get fucked so bad!" He kept eating me out until I was just on the edge of an orgasm, then he suddenly stopped. "You're so mean!" I said.

"I'm not mean," he replied. "I just don't want you to cum yet."

"Well then can I at least suck your cock?" I asked. He smiled and stood up in front of me and I immediately leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. For the next several minutes he moaned and ran his hands through my hair as I sucked his dick for him, varying my depth and my rhythm, trying to tease him by taking him close to the edge as he had done to me. Just as I thought he was close to cumming he pulled his cock out of my mouth and then pulled me to my feet. He led me over to the kitchen, bent me over the counter and then started to rub the head of his cock against my pussy from behind.

"Are you just going to tease me all night long?" I asked.

"No," he replied, "but I've got to make sure you're good and ready before I fuck you."

"I'm ready," I said. "I've been ready for days, now fuck me!"

He denied my request and continued to tease me with his cock. I tried to push back into him, but he didn't allow his cock to enter my pussy.

"Can I please have it?" I started to plead.

"I don't know," he said. "Do you think you deserve it?"

"God yes!" I cried. "Fuck me with your big cock!" I felt him press the head inside, then pull out. He pushed in a little bit farther and then pulled out again. He continued to repeat this process, penetrating me a little bit deeper with each thrust until he was finally fucking me with the entire length of his cock. "Your dick is so big, Sean!" I said as he fucked me. He reached around and started to rub my clit, intensifying the sensation of his cock pounding into me.

"You look so fucking sexy bent over with my dick inside you!" he said.

"It feels fucking incredible!" I said. A few minutes later, just as I was approaching orgasm once again, he pulled out of my pussy and stood there, waiting. Rather than letting him wait, I stood up straight and led him through the dividing door and into the dining room. I had always wanted to get fucked in every room of the house, and tonight seemed like a great night to make that wish come true. I moved the chair from the head of the table and then got up on the table, lying back and spreading my legs. Sean stood in front of me and then slowly pushed his cock into my pussy.

"You make me so fucking hard, Christine!" he said as he fucked me. I reached down and started to play with my clit and then he reached up and pinched my nipples. I had never experienced any type of pain play before during sex, but I found that I loved the sensation of having my nipples pinched. My moans gave me away, so Sean decided to take things a step further, actually slapping my little tits. As my moans grew louder he knew that I was enjoying the pain, so he continued to push the envelope. He smacked my face ever so lightly and, when I moaned in return, he started to do it a bit harder. He also tried putting a hand on my throat and applying some light pressure, something which I also loved.

"My pussy is fucking soaked!" I cried. "I love you and your big cock!" I didn't realize until the words had come out of my mouth that I had just told him I loved him, a phrase which I have never in my life used lightly. If he noticed the statement, he did nothing to let on. He just continued to fuck me roughly until I was, once again, close to cumming, then he pulled out.

"Let's go over to the couch so you can ride my cock," he said. Adjacent to the dining room was a living room that was hardly ever used, including beautiful Victorian-style furniture. Since moving into the house three years earlier, I could count on one hand the number of occasions where someone actually sat on one of the couches, much less had sex on them. We went over to the couch and he sat down, pulling me onto his lap, facing away. I reached back between my legs to grab his cock and then I quickly lowered my pussy onto it and began bouncing up and down. As I rode it, I reached down to rub my clit.

"This feels so fucking good!" I cried. He reached around and started to fondle my breasts as I varied my technique, bouncing on him for a couple of minutes, then grinding into him for a couple more, then rocking my hips back and forth for a couple more. This time I was the one to stop, pulling off of him and his cock, which was glistening with my juices.

"Take me upstairs and fuck me!" I said to him. He stood up and we went up the curved staircase to the upper floor. The next thing I knew he was pushing me to my knees and feeding me his cock. It tasted wonderful and I was starting to feel so dirty, letting this guy fuck me in every room of my parents' house, sucking his cock while it was covered in my pussy juices. I cleaned it off so that there wasn't a single drop of my juices left on him, then I stood up and leaned over the railing, looking down into the foyer of the house. Sean knew exactly what I was waiting for as he stepped up behind me and shoved his dick back into my pussy.

"I love your fucking cock!" I said. He grabbed his hips and fucked me hard, my cries echoing throughout the entire house.

"Get ready," he said. "I'm going to let you cum soon!"

"Yes baby!" I cried. "Fill my pussy!"

"You look so good with my dick inside you!" he said. "I love this fucking pussy!" He reached around and started fingering my clit as he fucked me.

"Your dick is so big!" I cried. "Stretch my pussy out Sean!"

"That's it, Christine!" he groaned. "Get ready to cum!"

"Fuck yes! It feels so fucking good!" I was in total ecstasy, my head thrown back as he fucked my pussy hard and deep. I was so lost in the moment that I didn't realize my mom had come home until it was too late.

"Christine?" I heard her say. I instantly recognized her voice and looked down into the foyer. My mom was standing there, looking up at us with a shocked expression on her face. As scared and embarrassed as I was, the excitement of being caught by my mother, naked and bent over a railing and getting fucked from behind, was the only thing I needed to go over the edge.

"Oh my god!" I screamed as the orgasm washed over my body. My mom's presence must have had the same effect on Sean, because I felt his cock swell as he shot his load deep inside my pussy.

"What are you doing?" my mother asked, incredulously, as she witnessed what was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced up to that point in my life. I couldn't answer her. All I could do was close my eyes and ride out the orgasm. The second I finished cumming I pushed Sean's cock out of my pussy and ran to my room, leaving Sean standing there naked. Later I would imagine my mother staring up at Sean's big cock, glistening with juices and slowly softening.

Right now, however, all I felt was embarrassment at the fact that my mom had caught me in the act. I sat down on the edge of my bed, worried about what would happen next. Surely she would tell my dad. Sean would get kicked out of the house and who knows what they would do to punish me. I had been sitting there freaking out about the repercussions for several minutes when I heard a knock at my door. I realized that I was still naked, Sean's cum probably leaking out of my pussy and onto the bed. I pulled back the covers and climbed into the bed just as my mom opened the door.

"Are you alright?" she asked, poking her head in. I nodded, unable to look her in the eye. "I'm sorry that I startled you," she continued. "I didn't expect to see you guys doing that."

"I'm sorry, mom," I said, sheepishly.

"For what?" she replied. I had expected to get a lecture about sex, so I was caught off-guard by her statement. "You're both adults. I've seen the way you two have looked at each other and, to be honest, I was waiting for it to happen."

"You mean I'm not in trouble?" I asked, finally looking up at her.

"No," she said, "you're not in trouble. You know that I've always encouraged you to have a healthy sex life. If I were in your shoes I'm sure I would have done the same thing, especially after seeing his package!"

I managed a soft laugh at that last comment.

"Why don't you put some clothes on and go get Sean and we'll discuss this some more." I nodded again as she got up off the bed. She left the room and I proceeded to put on my pajamas before knocking on Sean's door. I explained the situation to him and then led him down the stairs to the kitchen, where my mom was sitting and waiting.

"Okay," my mom said once we were all sitting around the kitchen table, "let's get this all out in the open. First of all, you guys should both know that I have no problem with you two sleeping together. You don't need to hide it from me. The problem is your father." She looked at me as she said that last statement. "He won't be nearly as accepting of this situation."

Neither Sean nor I said anything in response.

"So here's the deal. You two need to be a little more discreet. No fucking in the hallway when someone might come home unexpectedly. If I'm the only one home, then fine, go into one of your bedrooms. Otherwise, unless you are certain no one else is coming home, no sex in the house. Does that sound fair?"

We both nodded.

"Good, now pick up your clothes and get to bed. Oh, and Sean, you dripped onto the carpet a bit when you pulled out earlier. Please clean it up before you turn in for the night."

We sat in shock, amazed that my mom was so accepting of this, as she got up and went upstairs to her room. Sean and I said nothing to each other as we cleaned up and went to bed as well...

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