tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 06

Caught by My Boss Ch. 06


Nothing was said at all during the rest of the day after Diane spanked me in front of Mr. Wilson, stripping me while she did it. I ended up with a red ass, a red face and naked except for my heels and stockings in front of the two of them. Diane had me bend over one of her chairs so that my ass was pretty much all you could see, except that my pussy was in plain sight. I got that warm feeling deep inside and my nipples got so hard they almost hurt. I was very turned on when she was finished even though I felt really embarrassed and humiliated. The worst part was that I couldn't or couldn't make myself masturbate afterwards. I couldn't do it at my desk and doing it in the women's bathroom seemed so tacky. I found it kind of hard to believe that I got so turned on by having Diane tug my skirt down in front of him so my ass was bare and then spanking me. I was confused. I really could not be enjoying this, could I?

But the cold, hard facts were that I sort of manipulated her into doing it to me, even though she was very willing. I had to want her to do it to me and didn't really understand why I wanted it to happen. I was so confused it wasn't funny. I was acting like someone totally different than what I had been before she caught me naked the first time. I would never have taken my clothes off in front of Mr. Wilson or even Diane for that matter. They were supervisors at work and you just didn't do things like that.

The absolute worst part was when I got home that night after work and closed my apartment door I set my purse on the kitchen counter and stripped naked right there. Everything, jacket, skirt, stockings and heels came off. My glass door drapes were still open and I didn't close them. I stayed naked all night. My lights were on, my drapes open and my clothes nonexistent.

I kept looking out my glass door at the building next to mine. It couldn't have been more than 100 feet away. There were balconies and windows all along facing my apartment and if anyone looked out their window or was on the balcony to their apartment and looked at mine it was very likely that they could see me. And it seemed to me that I didn't really care if they did. If I did care I wouldn't have taken off all my clothes and pranced around my apartment like that all night.

My horniness had toned down while I was at work for the rest of the day but being naked all night brought it back and when it was time for bed, I opened my bedroom curtains too. I didn't have the light on but I lay on my bed and masturbated again. After I exploded in orgasm and when I finally stopped quivering I went into the bathroom, cleaned up and put on a t-shirt and sweats and went to bed for good.

I had dreams again. I dreamt that I was naked at work and acted like it was nothing and the funny part was that the people I worked with acted like it was nothing too. I mean they looked at me and smiled, but no one said a word, not even stuffy Mr. Prescott. I didn't spend my day sucking cock or fucking or licking pussy, but it was like who cared. I was just the girl who worked there who was naked. It was like the bosses had a meeting with all of us and it was required that one girl be naked at work and either I was chosen to be the one or I volunteered to be the one. I mean I still blushed and got embarrassed and everything, but I acted like I wasn't. It was just a job requirement. But the worst part was even as I was acting like it was no big deal, my nipples got erect and my pussy got really warm and tingling, especially when someone looked at me. I found excuses to bend over in front of people so they could see my lightly furred pussy peeking out between my thighs. There wasn't one part of me that was private.

And the biggest part that really confused me was that Diane spanked me for any mistakes that I made at work. Sometimes it was just her and I in her office, sometimes Mr. Wilson was there watching and sometimes, if I made a really big error, she spanked me in the conference room with the entire office there to watch. They saw me start to blubber and bawl and kick my legs and squirm on her lap. They watched my ass turn bright red along with my face. I got really horny when that happened.

When I'd wake up after one of these dreams I'd sort of be in disbelief that I, Sabine, could do what I had done. Yes, it was a dream and subconsciously I knew that, but my dreams were so vivid that it really felt as though I had done those things. It was so unlike me. And I was confused by my feelings about everything. I didn't know who to talk to about how I felt. And there were also the actual things that I had done or had done to me. And how I felt after them, how aroused I felt and how afterwards that I had masturbated. I kept my silence about everything on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but finally on Friday I had to talk to someone. I was driving myself crazy worrying and wondering about myself. So, late in the day I knocked on Diane's door.

"Diane, may I please talk to you about something."

"Sure, come on in, Sabine. What is it?"

"Well, I don't know how to start."

"Just pick a spot and start talking. It'll work itself out."

"Well, the times that you, ah, had me take off my clothes in front of people, well, I get, oh God, this is embarrassing."

"Just say it Sabine. I won't judge you."

"Well Diane, I get turned on and I don't understand why. I should just be ashamed and embarrassed and humiliated. But I get turned on. And I, ah, I, ah, masturbated. I couldn't help myself, Diane, I had to, but I shouldn't feel that way." My face was beet red when I admitted this to Diane. Diane just looked at me and then she smiled.

"I would guess that you subconsciously enjoyed it, Sabine. It's not the usual thing for any woman, but for some women it just does something for them. I would guess that even if you don't want to admit that you enjoy being naked in front of someone, you do enjoy it. Your mind is just saying that because of your upbringing and life to this point you shouldn't want to get naked or enjoy it. But way down inside you do want to and you do enjoy it."

"It's not right Diane. No woman in their right mind would do that."

Sabine, this is a bad example, because you feel embarrassment and humiliation but there are people who walk around naked in front of others. You know about nudists, right?"

"Well, yes, but I have never wanted to be one."

"I didn't say that you wanted to be a nudist. It was a bad example. Subconsciously you want to be made to take off your clothes. When you do you feel embarrassed and humiliated, but it also turns you on. So even if you don't necessarily feel that it is right, it does something for you. Because it does something for you, you want to do it. This is simplistic but I am pretty sure I am right. If you really think about it, I think you'll agree."

Diane looked at me and didn't say anymore. I looked at her and thought about what she had said. I was pretty conservative and the things that Diane had made me do because of that stupid dare, well, they had been arousing me. And I couldn't explain to myself why I was now taking off my clothes as soon as I was inside my apartment and running around naked all night. But even if I couldn't explain it, I was still doing it. I was still confused. And none of this explained why when Diane spanked me it got even worse or better depending on how you looked at it.

"All right, let's say you are right. How am I going to stop this? I mean I don't want to keep doing it."

"You don't? I'm not so sure. If it could be in a safe situation for you I'd think you would want to continue."

I thought about that for a bit.

"What would be a safe situation?"

"Well, Sabine, I could help you there."

I thought about that too.

"Diane, I don't want to, ah, I don't want people at work to know about this, about me. Mr. Wilson already knows and Kate too."

"Wouldn't you like to know that almost everyone here has seen you naked? Wouldn't that be a real turn on for you? Wouldn't you like it when you walked past the guys here, that they all knew exactly what you look like without clothes on?"

"I don't think that that is such a good idea, Diane."

"Maybe not at first, but I would think that you could get to enjoy that a lot. But let's say I could help you away from work first. Why don't you come to my place tonight at 8 o'clock? You go along with me then and later you can tell me if it worked for you. It won't be at work and anyway with the cd I have, it isn't like you have a lot of options."

I frowned at that. With all that had been going on in mind, I had put the cd out of my mind.

"Well, what about it? My place at 8 o'clock?

I sighed.

"I suppose."

"Just wear what you normally do at night. And be on time."

"All right Diane. Thank you."

I got up and finished my day. This time Diane didn't make me undress, she just handed my coat to me.

"I'll see you at 8."

I nodded my acceptance and left. When I got home I hung up my coat and then, without thinking, I undressed right in my entryway again. It was becoming so easy for me to do that I didn't even think of it. Until I was fixing dinner and it dawned on me that I had nothing on. I told myself that I had to stop this! But I still fixed dinner without dressing and ate it naked. Then I got up and put on a little make up and picked out my clothes for the night. I had a good pair of jeans and a nice top and I chose my best underwear, a lavender bra and panty set. I checked my watch and it was time for me to leave to go to Diane's home. I put on a coat and walked to my car and drove there, wondering all the way what Diane had in mind.

I parked in her driveway of her town house and walked to her door. I rang the doorbell and in a few moments, Diane opened the door.

"Come on in, Sabine." I walked into her home and took off my coat. Diane hung it up and led me to her living room. I was surprised to see another couple there. I was also suspicious.

"Sabine, this is Ryan and Ashley. I invited them here. I think you know why. The only thing is that I think you need to ask Ashley's permission before you do anything. You understand why, don't you?"

SHIT! She was going to make me ask this woman who I just met for permission to take off my clothes. I was going to be so humiliated! I just stood there for a few moments. I took a deep breath and without looking at Ryan I focused on Ashley.

"Ah, Ashley, would it, ah, be all right if I, ah, undressed?"

Ashley looked at me and then at Ryan and Diane. Ryan had leaned forward and Diane was sitting in a chair smiling at me. Then Ashley looked at Diane and finally at Ryan.

"You're saying that you want to take off your clothes?"

My face had to be beet red. It sure felt hot! I mumbled.


"You want to take off your clothes with my husband sitting there?"


"Is she serious, Diane?"

"Ask her."

"Are you serious?"


She smirked at me. So did Diane. Ryan just looked real interested.

"Do you think that I would like it to have some woman I just met take off her clothes in front of my husband? Would you like it if you were me?"

"Probably not."

Diane took the opportunity to step in.

"Perhaps if she agreed that she was bad then you could reprimand her, Ashley."

I looked at Diane in surprise. Was she offering to let Ashley spank me? "Diane, what do you mean?"

"Well Ashley, if a girl is bad or naughty she should be punished, right?"

"Well, I guess so."

"So if Sabine agrees with you that she has been naughty I would think it appropriate that you punish her, Ashley."

Ashley got a glint in her eye. She looked me up and down.

"So Sabine, would it be naughty of you to strip in front of my husband?"

"I guess so."

"Not I guess so, Sabine, yes or no."

I sighed. Diane had backed me into a corner with Ashley's help. Not only was I going to up naked in front of them, but it really looked like Ashley was going to be doing something to me.


"Well then, as long as you agree that you are naughty and are willing to be punished, Sabine, I think that you can go ahead."

Now I wasn't as sure as I had been that this was a very good idea. I looked to Diane and she smiled at me and nodded. I was fucked again.

I bent over and undid my shoes and slipped them off. I pulled my top over my head and it came off and I folded it neatly and laid it down next to my shoes. I was trembling now and I had trouble unbuttoning my jeans but I finally got them open and worked them over my hips and down my legs. When I got them off I folded them also and laid them on top of my top and shoes. I was now standing in front of Diane and two strangers in my nicest underwear. My face was on fire and had to be bright red. And my fucking traitorous nipples were erect already!

I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra and slipped it off. I didn't try to hide my smallish boobs. There wasn't any point. After I laid the bra on my jeans I looked at Ashley. She had the biggest smirk I had ever seen on her face. I glanced at Ryan and his smile was even bigger. I closed my eyes and then stuck my thumbs in the waistband of my best panties and then pushed them down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I bent over and picked them up and laid them on the rest of my clothes.

Ashley giggled. I was looking at the floor, humiliated.

"OK, come over in front of me and sit on the carpet."

I did as I was told.

"Now bring your heels up to your ass and let your legs fall open."

I wanted to cry but I didn't. This was going to be extremely embarrassing. I moved my feet like she told me and took a breath. Then I let my legs open. I was looking down at the carpet.

"Look at me bitch."

I looked up at her.

"So I guess that you like showing off your pussy?"

I was silent.

"Do you want my husband to see your pussy?"

I still was silent.

"Answer me!"

"I don't know."

"Well, if you want him to see it, just keep your legs open and turn so you are facing him."

I really didn't want to do that, but I was getting that warm tingling feeling in my belly. I looked down at the carpet again and then up at her. She was grinning at me. She was pushing my buttons. I glanced at her husband. The heat in my belly went up. I slowly moved around so I was facing him and moved my feet further apart and let my legs open up once more. He got this delighted look on his face.

"She's kind of hairy, isn't she?"

I was just crushed by that comment. Wasn't I supposed to have pubic hair?

"Tell you what honey, just take your hands and smooth the hair back from your pussy so I can see it better."

I moaned softly. I looked down at myself and watched my hands as they brushed my hair back from my lips and moaned again as my lips opened slightly. I could see that I was wet. I shouldn't be wet, should I? God, maybe I was a slut!

"Oh, that's so nice! You have a very nice pussy, Sabine. It looks like you are enjoying this quite a bit."

Ashley jumped in.

"Don't get so gushy, Ryan. It's just a pussy and she isn't that good looking. She hardly has any tits."

I really wanted to cry now. Ashley was making sure that any shortcomings that I had were pointed out to everyone. Of course she had larger ones than I did and so did Diane. They were both clothed but you could tell they were bigger than me.

"Look at her nipples, though. They look pretty hard to me."

My nipples were the best part of my boobs. They were thick and they were erect. My areoles were big and much darker than the rest of my boobs.

"Did you get a good enough look, Ryan?"

"Honey, I could look at pussy forever!"

"Sabine, are you a bad girl?"

I wanted to say no, but that would be a pretty big lie, wouldn't it?


"What do bad girls get when they are bad?"

"They g-g-get p-punished."

"Diane, what is the best way to punish her?"

"Over the knee Ashley."

"Sabine, get up and get over my knee."

I got up and walked to her and lay over her knees. She rested on hand on my bare ass.

"Now Sabine, I want you to put your right leg out to the side, as far as you can and then put your left leg behind Ryan."

I squirmed around until I had gotten myself how she wanted me, realizing that my pussy was right in the open.

"Look at how her cheeks spread! You can see her asshole!" I moaned softly. This was embarrassing and very humiliating!

Now, just stay like that so Ryan can see that little pussy and asshole, dear. Put both your hands on the floor."

As I did that, Ashley reached under me with her left hand and cupped my left boob. Her right hand was stroking my bare ass.

"Now you are going to get punished, dear. Just don't kick Ryan while he's looking at that pussy of yours. Feel free to cry if you need to."

With that last statement, Ashley swatted my left cheek. I could feel my ass compress and then jiggle. She laughed and then started spanking me fast, alternating from one cheek to the other and it wasn't long until my ass was on fire. She covered every inch of bare skin on my ass with spanks and before long I was crying. But even with the pain I felt warmer and more liquid in my belly. Even though I was crying, as Ashley spanked me, I found that my ass was lifting up to meet her hand. And then Ryan, I was sure it was Ryan, stuck a finger up my pussy. And Ashley all this time was squeezing my boob and running a thumb over my erect nipple. And I was getting hot!

Ashley spanked hard and fast until she sensed that I was getting too hot and she stopped and stroked my hot ass.

"Get your finger out of her Ryan."

I whimpered as he pulled his finger out of my pussy and then Ashley just pushed me so I fell on my side on the floor.

"Get up on your hands and knees, girl and face away from us."

I scrambled into the position that she wanted.

"Spread your knees further apart so we can see that pussy and asshole."

I did what she told me and laid my head on the floor, totally embarrassed.

"It looks she is ready to start leaking!"

Ashley giggled behind me while she looked at my red ass. Diane got up and walked over behind me too. I heard her giggle.

"Sabine, run a finger through your slit and then lick it clean."

I did it. I shivered as my finger moved from the bottom to the top of my pussy and then I put it in my mouth and sucked it. This was even more humiliating than being naked and getting my ass spanked. They had me kneel like that for a while and every few minutes I had to stroke my slit and lick my finger clean, but they didn't allow me to masturbate.

"All right Sabine, you can get up now."

That was Diane.

"Pick up your clothes and put them in the closet by the front door. You can put your shoes on."

I did what Diane told me to do and without being told walked back into her living room and stood in front of them.

"Now, Sabine, thank Ashley for correcting you so nicely."

"Thank you."

"OK, you can take your coat and go home, but you are not to wear it out to your car, in your car or on the way into your apartment. Once you are inside your apartment, hang your coat up and then go on your balcony just the way you are. Then you can masturbate until you orgasm. Then you can do whatever you want but I want you back here tomorrow morning at 9AM. Do you understand me?"


"Then run along, Sabine."

"You're sending her home naked?"


"Oh my God, this is too much! Will she really do it?"

"Sabine, will you follow my instructions?"


"So tell us what you are going to do."

"I'm going to go to my car like this, then drive to my apartment and go inside."

"Like this means that you will carry your coat, not wear it, correct?"


"Sabine, tell us truthfully. Do you like being naked in front of people?" "I guess so."

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