tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 07

Caught by My Boss Ch. 07


So I ended up driving home naked again. I kept my speed down and drove very carefully once more. I could have put on my coat but Diane had told me that I couldn't wear it. If she asked me though, I could lie to her. She wouldn't have anyway to know if I stayed naked or wore it. But if she asked me could I lie to her? She seemed to be able to read me like a book. If I lied and she found out I was probably going to end up over her knee again and I really didn't want that. Or did I?

I was confused and conflicted again. So, I didn't wear it. I drove home naked again. My coat was on the seat next to me, neatly folded to fit it. I was nervous of being stopped by the police or being seen. I finally made it to my apartment and parked in the darkest part of the lot which was also the furthest from the building door. Even though it was farther away, I felt safer back here. Hardly anyone wanted to park in the back of the lot.

I turned off my car and sat for a moment, looking around. There was no one in the lot and my brain, the stupid part, began to take me over. I got out and walked to the other side of my car and took out my coat. Then I laid it on the hood of my car. I locked the car. I put my keys in my purse and set my purse next to the right front tire. Then I walked to the right end of the parking lot. My mind was calling out...

"Look at me, I'm naked! If you want you can see my tits, ass and pussy!"

I stood at the end of the lot and faced my building. I cupped my smallish boobs and held them up towards the building. I lifted my hands above my head and went up on tiptoe. I turned so my ass was facing the building and bent over. It felt so good to be naked outside! I walked to left end of the parking lot, the one next to the grassy area leading to the street. I stopped and looked across the grass and saw cars passing by, too far away to see me but I could see them. I wondered if I should walk over there again but my rational brain told me not to push it. But I stood facing the street for a while. My nipples were erect and my abdomen had that familiar tingle deep inside. I wanted to do it but I thought better of it. I walked back to my car and thought about leaving my coat inside it but Diane had told me to take it in with me.

So I bent and picked up my purse and then my coat and started walking towards my building. Now I was getting nervous once more because when I entered my building there was a good chance I would be caught. I certainly didn't want people in my building knowing that I ran around naked. Once I reached the back of the cars in the front row of the lot I stopped and laid my coat and purse down on the ground. I had to do it. I had to be completely naked. I slipped my shoes off and put them by my coat and purse and stepped into the driveway between the parking lot and my apartment building. I stood there without a stitch on, lifting my arms above my head. My nipples got even harder and my tingling stomach was driving me crazy. I turned in a circle, showing all parts of me to my apartment building and then thinking better, I walked back to my stuff. I picked up my shoes, coat and purse and started to walk across the driveway when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash. My head swiveled to the right and saw headlights beginning to turn towards me. I panicked and began to run to the doors to my building, up the steps and I stumbled.

My coat and shoes fell out of my hands and I ended up on my hands and knees on the steps. My shoes clattered down the steps behind me. Clutching my purse, I scrambled to my feet and turned to get my shoes. I leaped down the steps and bent over to pick them up just as a horn honked. I looked up to see two guys hanging out of a car's windows hooting at me. I grabbed my shoes and stood up without thinking, giving them a full frontal view of my naked body.

"She's bare ass naked!"

Both my nipples and stomach were tingling now and I felt the flush of heat both on my face, boobs and belly. I turned and scrambled for my coat and grabbed it, running for the door.

"I've seen her before, she lives here!"

OH MY GOD! I yanked the door open and ran for the stairs, hearing the screech of brakes behind me and then doors slamming. I dashed through the doorway to the stairs and ran as fast as I could up them. I had maybe fifteen seconds of head start on them. Up the stairs I ran, fumbling in my purse for my keys, cursing myself for an idiot. I heard the stairway door slam against the wall. Sheer panic made me go faster and without looking I slammed the door to my floor open and ran down the hall to my door.

I fumbled with my key and finally got into the lock. My door opened and I dashed inside, pushing it closed, just as the stairway door opened behind me. I stood, shaking, in my entry way. You stupid girl! You stupid fucking girl! I sank down on the floor, my coat and shoes to one side of me, my purse to the other. I listened.

"She lives on this floor. I know she does. She was bare ass. I wonder why?"

FUCK! I wasn't caught, but the closest thing to it. Some one here had seen me, but I didn't think they knew it was me. Safe behind my door my shakes began to slow and I cupped my boobs and squeezed them, moaning softly. I was scared and turned on! Remembering what Diane had told me to do, I stood up and leaving my things lying on the floor, I made sure my door was locked and dead bolted. On shaky legs I walked to my sliding glass door and eased it open. It was dark out except for a small sliver of moon that drifted in and out of clouds. I stepped onto my balcony. I stepped forward and grasped the railing with my left hand and my right dived between my legs. I spread my lips open and my finger found my clit, hard and poking out of its hood. I touched it and moaned and then began to rub myself frantically. I was naked on my balcony and masturbating for all I was worth. My hips were bucking back and forth as I relived the scene on the steps. My panic at the headlights coming toward me, my shoes tumbling down the steps, my shock at hearing them talk about me being naked, how I stood up, exposing my body to them and my frantic dash for my apartment. It wasn't long before I was coming, screaming out loud, not caring who heard me. My orgasm burst over me and I sagged down to my knees. My body twitched with aftershocks and I knelt there, naked, for a long time. I finally got up and staggered into my apartment. I went into my bathroom and cleaned up and then into my bedroom where I fell on my bed and almost immediately fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning I was slightly disorientated. I was lying on back in a tangle of sheets with my legs spread and I was naked. I smelled of sex. I needed a shower. I looked at my alarm clock and panicked. I had 45 minutes to get dressed and to Diane's townhouse. I leaped out of bed and showered as fast as I could. After I was dried off I pulled on panties and a bra and grabbed a pair of slacks and a blouse. I almost leaped into them. I didn't want to be late, God I didn't want to be late. I had no clue if she would be accepting or pissed off. I couldn't find my shoes and then remembered that I had left them at the door. I ran to my door and slipped them on, grabbed my purse and tore out the door, running for the stairs.

I ran as fast as I could. It seemed to take me forever to get to my car and leaped into it. I started it and backed up and sped out of my parking lot. I told myself to calm down. It wouldn't do for me to get a ticket. So I drove as fast as I dared towards Diane's townhouse. I kept looking at my watch and as each minute ticked by my stomach clenched harder and harder. It seemed as though I hit every red light on the way. I got more and more scared the closer I got to her place, realizing that I wasn't going to make it on time. When I finally pulled into her driveway I was ten minutes late.

I parked and had to drag myself out of my car and up to her door. I rang the doorbell. I stood waiting. It seemed as though it took forever for the door to open. Diane looked at me through the doorway.

"You're late."

I was silent.

"Is there a good reason for being late?"

"I overslept."

"Is that a good reason, Sabine?"


Diane stepped back and let me inside. She shut the door.

"Stay here."

Diane walked into her living room and in a few minutes she came back with Ashley. My stomach clenched harder. I didn't like Ashley so much. They stood about ten feet from me, looking at me and then started whispering back and forth. I didn't like it. I didn't like it one bit. Diane and Ashley walked up to me.

"Take your car keys out of your purse."

I did and stood in front of them stupidly.

"Give me your purse."

I handed it to Diane and watched her drop it on the floor of her entryway.

"Go and unlock your trunk and bring your keys back to me."

I was getting pretty nervous about this but did as I was told. When I walked back to them, Diane held out her hand and I set my keys in it. They were both smirking at me.

"Now, Sabine, since you didn't have a good excuse for being late, you can go and stand in front of your trunk and take everything off. Make sure you fold your clothes nicely and lay them in your trunk. When you have everything off and in the trunk, close it, turn and face the street and stand for fifteen seconds. Then you can come back here."

"Diane, please, its broad daylight!"

"You should have thought about that before you overslept. Now do as you are told!"

Mournfully I turned and walked out the door. I glanced over my shoulder as I reached the front of my car and Ashley was leaning against the door, smirking at me. Diane was no where in sight. I walked to the back of my car and slipped my shoes off and placed them in the trunk. I stood and thought for a moment and then undid my slacks and wriggled out of them. At least my blouse covered most of my ass. I folded the slacks and put them on top of my shoes. Then I did the girl thing, reaching behind and unclasping my bra and sliding the straps out of my sleeves and then pulling it out of the bottom of my blouse. That was folded and laid on my slacks. Then I took my panties down and folded them and into the trunk. I hadn't looked because I didn't want to see, but now I did. I glanced left and right. No one on the sidewalk and no cars. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, folded it and put it in the trunk of my car. I was totally naked in Diane's driveway. I turned and faced the street and started mentally counting to fifteen. I felt so exposed. And then it happened. A car turned the corner just as I reached ten. I wanted to scream and run. I didn't, I closed my eyes and kept counting. As soon as I figured it was fifteen seconds I opened my eyes to see a car screech to a halt right in front of me. I turned and ran to the side of my car and dashed for the door to Diane's townhouse, hearing laughter behind me.

"Nice ass lady!"

I reached the door and twisted the handle and nothing! Ashley was still smirking at me and standing inside. I twisted the door handle again. The door didn't open. I looked at Ashley. She motioned for me to turn to face the street. THAT FUCKING BITCH! I tried the door again. Nothing happened. Ashley was still smirking at me. I mouthed bitch to her and turned to face the street. The car was still there.

"Don't have much in the tit department, do you?"

Then I saw a fucking cell phone taking a picture of me and I turned to face the door. Ashley wasn't smirking at me now, she looked pissed off. The door was still locked. I was still outside naked. Ashley walked away and I felt scared. I rang the doorbell and finally Diane walked up. She shook her head at me and opened the door. I scurried inside.

"Did you call Ashley a bitch?"

"Yes, but she locked the door on me."

"Do you think it's nice to call someone a bitch?"

"She deserved it, Diane! She had no reason to lock the door and make me stand out there with a car and some guys right out front."

"So, because you were late and I helped you with a little fantasy of yours, she deserved to be called a bitch?"

"If it was you, Diane, I would have never said that, but I don't like Ashley. She's mean to me and she enjoys it."

"Well, Ashley is my friend. I'm not too sure that I am happy with you for calling her a bitch. I know she isn't. So perhaps a little reinforcement for you will be necessary. Something to keep your mouth in line. What do you think?"

"If that is from you, Diane, I'll accept it, but not from her."

"And what if I tell you that you will accept some things from Ashley?"

FUCK! Now Diane was making her friendship with Ashley part of the whole thing with me. I was not at all happy. Ashley was going to be a condition for me. And she was a nasty bitch and was going to enjoy humiliating me, probably a lot more than Diane.

"I suppose, Diane, but please don't leave me alone with her. She scares me."

"Maybe a little fear will be good for you, Sabine. You can get to be a little willful at times, and I certainly don't need that from you. Now come on."

Diane grasped my left arm and started walking to her living room, pulling me along with her. As we turned into the living room, my eyes shot wide open and I bent over, my right hand covering my pussy. Right in front of me was her couch and sitting on it was a young girl and two young men! The tingling in my nipples and deep down in my stomach left me with a lurch. I could feel my face heat up so fast.

"Stand up!"

"Please Diane, no!"

"I want you to stand up and put your hand at your side, Sabine, now!"

I swallowed and straightened up and moved my right hand to my side. Diane was still holding my left arm. I couldn't look at them and glanced to my left and saw Ashley smirking at me. She was sitting in an arm chair with her legs crossed, the epitome of demure. The epitome of evil demure!

"This is my daughter, Amanda and two of her classmates from college. It's their freshman year in college, Sabine. So, you're almost old enough to be their mother, aren't you? How does it feel to be naked in front of some kids?"

I didn't say a word. I was embarrassed and humiliated.

"How old is she?"

"You're 32, right Sabine?"

I could only nod my head yes, I don't think I could have talked.

"She doesn't have very big tits, does she?"

I wanted to die! Why did everyone have to say that? It was pretty obvious that I wasn't well endowed, but did everyone have to draw attention to it? But the worst part was that I was naked in front of three teenagers! The girl looked from my pussy, up my body, over my boobs and then right in my eyes, seeing how humiliated I was. She smirked. The boys were focused on my pussy. They were grinning.

"So what's the deal with her, Mom?"

"She likes to be naked, Amanda. And she likes people to see her naked."

"She doesn't look too pleased right now."

"I don't think she expected to see you and your friends, Amanda. So what do you think of her?"

"Well, she must be a slut, Mom. She's just standing there showing it all. Except for the hair on her cunt."


"Well, we can't just call it a pussy, can we? I suppose with all that hair we could call it a beaver."

"Honest to God, Amanda, I don't know where you get that from. But I suppose cunt is good word for her."

I looked over at Ashley and she was smiling. I'm pretty sure that she wasn't surprised with any words that came out of her daughter's mouth.

"So, Diane, do you think cunt is good name for her?"

"I have no problem with it Ashley."

I wanted to die. I was naked and now they were going to use cunt instead of my name.

"Diane, would you say that cunt has been a bad girl today?"

"Yes, I would."

I glanced at Diane and she was grinning at me.

"Remember that I told you she probably would be. Aren't you glad that we prepared for that?"

"Yes, I am."

"Well shall we take care of that now?"

"That probably would be a good idea."

I wasn't feeling real good right now. I watched Diane walk into her kitchen and come back with a stool which she put right in front of the couch and the three kids. Ashley stood up and in her hands was some rope. My stomach clenched.

Diane took my arm and led me to the stool with my ass facing the kids.

"Bend over the stool, cunt."

I wanted to run away, but Diane had my keys and my clothes were in my trunk. I bent over the stool. Ashley knelt down on one side of me and pulled my left foot out and my left arm down and tied them together. Then she moved to the other side of me and did the same with my right leg and arm. I could feel very cool air on my pussy. I was sick to my stomach. Ashley and Diane moved behind me. I heard snickering.

"When she's bent over like that her ass opens up! You can see her cunt and asshole too! This is too much! How many do you think, Diane?"

"Well, she's been spanked before as you well know, but this will be the first time for this. Maybe just ten."

"That won't work, Diane, there are five of us. I think fifteen."

I was getting really scared because I had no idea what they were talking about. Just that I knew whatever it was I was not going like it.

"All right. Fifteen it is."

It finally dawned on me that they were including the kids! Ashley walked around me and grasped a handful of my hair and pulled my head up. Right in front of my eyes was a paddle with some Greek letters on it. My stomach clenched hard.

"This is my old sorority paddle, cunt. Amanda is thinking about pledging my sorority and I thought she should get an idea of what she is getting into. So, we are each going to give you three with the paddle. Feel free to scream and cry. It doesn't help any, but it is funny."

She walked out of my sight and I wanted to start crying already.


My head jerked up and I yowled. My legs were working up and down.


I screamed.


I screamed again and tears burst out of my eyes.

"Did you see how her ass compressed? Its beet red already and I can tell you from experience Amanda, that it feels like some one lit a fire on it. If you pledge, this will happen to you Amanda."

My legs were squirming around and I had no concern for modesty. Christ it hurt! And that was only three!

"Greg, why don't you play with her tits for the next three."

Greg was off the couch like a shot and in front of me before I could say a word. Both of his hands went under my chest and each one grasped a boob.


"Amanda, you can be next."




I was bawling and my legs were squirming as much as they could. I tried to slip myself off the stool but that fucking Ashley had tied me to it besides tying my arms and legs together. All I could do was get slightly off balance.

"Brad, give her three more."

Oh my fucking God!




My ass was burning up and I had six more to go! I didn't care anymore that I was naked. I just wanted this paddling to stop.

"OK, Brad, go and play with her tits and let Greg paddle her."

Greg reluctantly let go of my boobs and Brad took his place. He fondled me a bit and then squeezed me.

"Her nipples are hard!"

I was so ashamed! There was no way this should be turning me on, but it was.

"Cunt, are you getting horny?"


"Let's just check, shall we."

I felt a finger at my pussy and it easily slid inside me. I was so humiliated.

"I think she protests way too much. Her little cunt is wet. Greg, go ahead."




My shrieks should have raised the dead.

"Diane, finish her off."


Diane let me scream and wriggle.



My ass was burning up and I couldn't stop squirming on top of the stool. Like I said, being naked was not a concern of mine. My ass was the only thing that I was concerned about right now. I was now sobbing with tears dripping onto the carpet.

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