tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 08

Caught by My Boss Ch. 08


"Diane, how could you do this to me?"

"Sabine, let's just talk about this. You like being seen naked, right?"

"Well, maybe, but I didn't need to be naked in front of three teenagers! And I didn't want to be shaved! You couldn't have humiliated me more if you tried!"

"Tell me that you weren't turned on, Sabine."

For a bit I was silent.

"I was scared, Diane. I didn't know how far you would let things go and they were just boys, Diane. You let a kid stick a finger in me!"

"Tell me that it didn't turn you on."

As much as I hated thinking about it, she was right. I was just embarrassed as hell and feeling pretty sorry for myself. And I was still bare ass naked and without pubic hair. My clothes were still in the trunk of my car and Diane had my car keys.

"Are you going to answer me Sabine?"

"Well, I guess, but you would have been too."

"And that means what?"

"Well, if you had a finger up you, you'd get turned on too."

"OK, let's forget that. Were you turned on before he stuck his finger up your pussy? Be honest with me Sabine. Didn't it make you hot when you were bent over the stool with your legs spread and tied? How much hotter were you on your back with your legs spread open? Do you know why I tied your legs? That way it wasn't you doing it. It was me doing it to you and it wasn't your fault. You didn't do it; it was done to you so you can't blame yourself for your exposure. Now, tell me. Were you turned on before he stuck his finger up your pussy?"

I had to think, think hard about it. I realized that I had been aroused. The embarrassment and humiliation, especially with the three kids, it had flipped a switch inside me. And that embarrassed me even more. I shouldn't be enjoying this at all!

"Well, sort of, I guess."

"Sort of my ass, Sabine. I saw you and it wasn't sort of, it was I was turned on. Just admit it."

"OK, damnit! I was turned on. I liked being naked in front of you and them! Happy now?"

"I just wanted to hear you say it and admit it to yourself, Sabine. Now, we can get past this Diane has these pictures and can get me fired bullshit. You know damn well that I would not use that to get you fired. But at least you finally can tell yourself that being naked in front of people is an arousing experience, no matter how embarrassed or humiliated you feel. But if it makes you feel better you can still think that I would. So you can fool yourself into thinking that it isn't you but Diane who is making you do things. Now, here are your car keys. Go and get your shoes. We are going shopping for some things."

All of a sudden I was slightly nervous once more. It was late morning and Diane was telling me to go in her driveway naked. I got the sinking feeling in my stomach again, but also a tingle of arousal. She expected me to go into her driveway naked and she didn't seem to care that I did. She just stood there and smiled at me and all I could do was to walk to her front door and peak outside. God it was bright out!

I opened the door slowly and looked both right and left. Seeing nothing I stepped onto her front step and hesitantly started walking down the driveway to the back of my car. My head kept moving back and forth. The tingling in my stomach and lower got more and more. Christ, I was getting even more aroused! I reached the back of my car and fumbled with the key getting it into the lock and finally my trunk opened. I reached in got my shoes from underneath my folded clothes and then shut the trunk. I could feel my nipples crinkling up as they came erect. I walked along the side of my car and heard another passing behind me. I wanted to ignore it, but I had to turn my head and let the driver see my face. I saw a car slowing with the shocked face of a woman behind the wheel as she realized that I was bare ass naked. I turned my head back to Diane's door and walked up to it. Diane stood inside, smiling at me. I stopped on her step and waited for her to open the door, holding my shoes in one hand and my keys in the other. She let me stand in full view until the car passed by and then opened the door. I stepped inside like it was nothing, nothing to be naked.

"Good girl Sabine."

I sort of smiled back. I wanted her approval so much, but it was still very embarrassing to be naked in front her while she was fully dressed.

"How do you feel Sabine?"

"Scared, embarrassed and slightly turned on."

"Just slightly turned on Sabine?"


"Turned on enough to wish you were alone and could take care of yourself?"


Diane snickered. She looked at my hard nipples. Her right hand rose up and brushed across both my boobs and I had to suck in a breath. She took each nipple in turn, pinched them gently and tugged them out, stretching them. I sucked in a breath. I dropped my shoes on the floor of the entryway. I leaned back against the wall and let her toy with my erect nipples. She finally let go of them.

"I'm not a lesbian, Sabine, but it is fun to tease you and watch your expressions. I know that you would probably like a little more but not now. Put your shoes on."

I bent over and straightened my shoes and slipped my low heels on my feet. Diane opened the closet and took out a belted coat. She handed it to me.

"Put this on but do not button it, just tie the belt."

I did as I was told. I felt covered but not covered, knowing that if the belt came untied the coat would fall open. The coat was long enough that I was covered almost to my knees.

"Come on."

I followed Diane to her garage and waited as she opened the door and then got in the passenger's side as she got in the driver's side. She back out and down the driveway past my car and I watched as the garage door closed. Onto the street and she headed out of her neighborhood.

"The first thing we need are some better heels for you Sabine. Something higher. Don't you agree?"

I said nothing, wondering where this was going. She didn't tell me to untie the belt or anything, just drove to a strip mall with a shoe store. She parked in front of it and motioned me to get out. She followed me out and then led me to the store. We walked in and found that we were the only two in the store other than the man working.

"Pick out some higher heels and ask to try them on."

I wandered about the store checking the shoes and found three pairs of higher heels. The salesman came over and asked if he could help. I was nervous and excited. I couldn't talk. Diane stepped in.

"She needs some higher heels and you can help her try them on."

I hesitantly moved to the chairs along one side and sat very carefully. Diane sat down beside me. The salesman sat on the little stool in front of me. He looked at the three pairs of shoes I had chosen and asked me my size. I looked at him stupidly. I was nervous and wound up.

"Measure her foot to be sure the size is correct."

The salesman took my left foot in one hand and slipped off my low heel. He put my foot on the measuring device and measured it. Then he checked the sizes of the shoes I had chosen. The coat had slipped off my left leg as he did this, baring my leg fairly high up, but still leaving me covered. He came back with three shoe boxes and I noticed him take a look at my bare leg. I felt a little twitch inside as he did. He sat down again and opened the first box and took out the left shoe. He lifted my foot and slipped it on. It looked good on me! I carefully put that foot on the floor and lifted my right and he put that shoe on that foot. I stood very carefully and walked to a mirror and looked. The heels were higher than what I wore but they made my lower legs tighten and define more. They actually made me look slimmer and better than my usual low heels. I walked back.

"Diane, I like these!"

"The others are pretty similar, aren't they?"

"Yes, pretty much."

They were all black and close to 3 inch heels. I sat carefully in front of the salesman. He hadn't gotten up from his stool, expecting to have to put the other shoes on me. Diane turned to him.

:"Is there a discount if we buy more than one pair?"

"Well, not really."

"Could we do something to get a discount?"

He looked at her and then at me, a questioning look.

"I don't think I quire understand Ma'am."

Diane looked at me and just nodded. My stomach fell a little and I started to turn red. I could feel the heat rise in my face. I immediately thought that she couldn't mean it, but deep inside I knew she did. My fingers plucked at the belt and untied it, holding it closed over me. I looked at her and she smiled at me. I was scared and nervous and starting to get embarrassed. I opened the coat and heard him suck in a breath. I shyly looked up, my face on fire and saw his eyes wide. My boobs and lower body was exposed to him. I glanced at the door and no one else had come in the store.

"Why don't you try on the other pairs Sabine."

It wasn't a question, it was an order. I lifted my left foot up and felt his eyes slid down my body to my pussy, my very bare, hairless pussy. My nipples were so hard they almost hurt. His eyes stayed on my pussy for a few moments and then slid up to my boobs and then my face, smirking. He had to look away to find the left shoe on another pair, but as soon as he did they were back on me. He slipped the first shoe off and had to look down at my foot to put the other on, but his eyes went right back to my hairless pussy. I could see his cock stiffen in his pants. I moved my left foot down and lifted my right up. Doing so slightly spread my legs. Diane had to clear her throat to get him to stop staring and put the right shoe on. The tingle in my lower belly was much greater. I put my right foot down so each foot was on either side of his stool and slid forward on my chair. I felt my pussy lips sticking together. I was getting more aroused! I stood up right in front of him, my legs apart, and my pussy no more than a foot in front of his face. He couldn't look away from me. I walked to the mirror, leaving my coat open, admired the shoes and how they made my legs slimmer and more defined, then walked back and sat down again. I lifted my left foot again and he smirked at me while he removed it. Diane reached over and took the coat and pushed it down my arms until I had to slide out of it. The coat was still behind me but it was off. She giggled as she watched the salesman. He shook his head and took the other left shoe out of the third box. He put the third pair of shoes on me. I looked at Diane and she nodded. I stood up again, my pussy right in front of him once more. Then I walked, naked but for the heels to the mirror again. Naked in a shoe store! I could feel his eyes running over my body. I shivered. My face was burning up with embarrassment but I was extremely excited. I admired my legs and the heels in the mirror once more and turned to walk back, totally bare ass! I felt as though I should be dripping! I sat down again, in front of him.

"Now about that discount."

"I'm sorry Ma'am, but I am not authorized to discount shoes, even for this."

He smiled at Diane.

"Although I think I should be able, but I just can't"

His eyes were back on me. I had nothing on but shoes and I was red faced but oh so excited!

"Well, it was worth a try. How much for all three pairs?"

He stood up and walked to the counter with the cash register. He rang up the three pairs of shoes. Diane nudged me and I stood and walked over to the counter, letting him see me in full again. She came behind me, holding the coat over an arm. He quoted the price and Diane laid the coat on the floor next to me. She got her credit card out and paid for the shoes. Then she took his arm and moved him behind me.

"Sabine, you can put on your coat now."

I knew what she wanted me to do. I bent at the waist and picked up the coat, my legs slightly parted. I heard her giggle and him snicker as my ass parted, exposing my anus. I could feel the cool air on both my pussy and anus. I shivered again. I held myself just like that, bent over, until Diane spoke again.

"Well, we should go now. Thanks for your assistance."

"Ma'am, thank you! Please come back again!"

Diane smirked at me, at my blushing face and naked body. Then she nodded and I slipped the coat on again. I pulled it closed and tied the belt. I looked at the salesman and forced a shy smile and Diane led me out of the shoe store. We got into her car and looked at the store. He was standing at the door with a wry smile on his face. Diane started her car and backed out and drove off.


"It was very embarrassing, Diane."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Well, sort of, I guess."

She laughed.

"Sort of my ass, Sabine! Your face might look as though you are embarrassed, but I know better. I would be willing to bet you'd like to masturbate right now."

I didn't say a word. Because she was right. I wanted to open the coat and stuff my fingers up my pussy and rub my clit until I came.

"One more stop and then we'll go back to my place. Then we'll talk about everything."

I wondered what she had in mind next but I kept silent. I had a feeling it might be even more embarrassing than what had already happened and I wasn't sure if I should be excited or appalled. Diane drove into a seedy part of town and parked. She motioned me to get out of the car and followed me, locking it. She started down the street and led me to a place called Sex World. I looked at the front of the store with trepidation. I mean, I knew these places existed, but I had never been near one, let alone inside one. Diane opened the door and motioned me inside. I hesitantly walked into it and she followed. I glanced around. There were several men by some racks of magazines and DVDs. There was one older man behind the counter. All their eyes moved to Diane and me. Diane had to take my arm to get me moving. She led me past the counter and down an aisle, looking for something. It took us three aisles until she found was she wanted. When Diane stopped I finally looked at where we were. Most of the men had gone back to looking at magazines and DVDs, but some were looking at us. I gasped when I saw what was in front of me. Plastic encased cocks! Some were so large I couldn't believe it. Diane just looked through the display until she found one that she took down. It had to be at least eight inches long and two inches across! She handed it to me and without thinking, I took it. Then I wanted to drop it! She stepped down a bit and took another from the wall and handed it to me. This one was shorter, but thicker with a suction cup bottom and very lifelike, with balls at the bottom. My face, which had lost its red color on the drive here, flushed bright red again. She walked down further and took another package down. This one was pointed and triangle shaped and I glanced at the writing and gasped again. It said anal plug. She held it out to me and I just looked at her.

"Just take it Sabine. It won't bite you."

I hesitantly took it from her. I looked at in my hands and it looked huge as I was thinking about what it was for. I was not innocent but I had never thought of anything at all like this! Diane moved down the aisle further and found the last thing she wanted. She took two packages down from the wall and as I walked up to her I saw that they were lubricant. I certainly understood what these were going to be for. My face got even hotter and I glanced up towards the men along the wall. One was looking at the two of us but the others were looking at magazines and packages. Diane led me back to the counter. She motioned to me and laid the lubricant on top of the counter and I sheepishly laid the three things I had next them.

"Do you offer discounts?"

"No lady."

"If she takes off her coat would you be willing to give a discount?"

"Come on lady."

I noticed that some of the men had turned to listen to her. I felt very nervous.

:"If I told you that she is naked under the coat and she is willing to take it off for a discount, would that change your mind?"

The man behind the counter smirked at me and I heard footsteps behind us as some of the men browsing moved closer.

"Well, lady, if you are not lying, I'll see what I can do."


I stood for a moment, hesitant. Diane just looked at me, smiling, as if she already knew what I would do. Did I want to do this? I wasn't sure. I turned to face Diane so I could see the other men who were in the store. Several of them were looking. I looked at Diane again.

"It's your decision, Sabine."

So, she wasn't going to tell me to do it, she was going to let me decide to humiliate myself. I closed my eyes and opened them. My hands went to the belt and untied it. I took a breath and slipped the coat off and handed it to Diane. She giggled softly and I felt really, really warm all over. I looked up at the cashier and he was looking at me smirking. I turned to face the other men in the store, giving them a full frontal look at me and showing my ass to the cashier. Then I turned back to the cashier and let him look me up and down.

"Well, I normally would for this, lady, but her tits are too small for a discount."

I was so humiliated! Here I had bared my entire body for him and it wasn't good enough for a little money off a fake cock!

"Well, it was worth a try."

Diane was almost laughing, holding the coat and watching my face get redder as the humiliation of the cashier took hold. She laid my coat on the counter and got her credit card out and paid for the stuff, leaving me standing naked in front of all of them. At that moment I hated him and her! I lowered my eyes to the floor and just stood there. I heard steps moving closer and moved closer to Diane. I heard the cash register ringing and her credit card going through, and then the sound of items placed in a plastic bag. I just stood there, naked. I was embarrassed, humiliated by the cashier and aroused. Diane took the bag, her credit card and my coat and had me turn around to face the men browsing again, except it was my naked body they were browsing now.

"Look at them and smile."

I looked up to see several men grinning at me and gave a weak smile. Then Diane patted my shoulder and handed me the coat. I slipped it on quickly and tied it closed. Diane walked towards the door and I followed. We stepped outside and started walking to her car.


"Why do they always make fun of my boobs?"

"Because they are small, Sabine, but they are cute. Doesn't that little bit of humiliation do something for you?"

"At first I feel humiliated but then it's something different, Diane. I don't know how to explain it, but..."

"You like being shown off, Sabine. You know it as well as I do. You just don't want to admit it to anyone, least of all yourself. I didn't tell you to take off your coat at the shoe store or here. I helped you at the shoe store, but you didn't resist. Here you just did it. It does it for you. Now lets get back to my place and you can do something about how horny you are right now."

I just looked at her as we walked along. I was pretty sure what she meant. I was silent. We got to Diane's car and got in. She pulled out of the parking spot and drove to her townhouse. We were both silent on the drive. She pulled into her driveway and I watched the garage door open. Diane drove into her garage and without prompting I removed the coat and handed it to her when she stopped. Diane smiled at me and pushed the button on her controller to lower the door. I got out and walked around her car, waiting for her to open the door to her townhouse. She did and walked inside with me following her. Diane walked to her living room and dumped the contents of the bag on her couch. The heels in their own bag ended up on the floor. She went and got a pair of scissors and cut open the package with the suction cup cock. She took it out and held the suction cup up to my mouth.

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