tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 11

Caught by My Boss Ch. 11


I drove home naked again and I just didn't care if anyone saw me. After what had happened to me at Diane's home, being seen naked just didn't seem to be such a huge thing.

I parked in the parking lot, my usual place, in the back, the darkest part of the lot. I got out naked and stood there. I looked at the stars and moon. I sighed. Then I went around my car and got my clothes out. For a moment, just for a moment, I had thought about putting my clothes, my shoes and my purse in the trunk of my car and walking into my building with just my keys. But I thought better of it. I slipped on my slacks and top and carrying my purse I walked into my building and up the two flights of stairs to my floor. I walked down the hall, listening.

My floor was pretty silent and when I reached my door I took out my keys and unlocked it. I set my purse down to hold it open. I looked left and right. I removed my top and folded it and laid it down on the floor. Then I removed my slacks and folded them also and set them on top of my top. I lifted my arms over my head and turned in a circle, slowly. I relished the feeling of being naked once more. I could feel the air on my nipples and pussy and it felt good.

But, I wasn't stupid. I bent and picked up my clothes and stepped into my apartment. I sighed to myself. I wasn't happy with everything that had happened this evening, not by a long shot, but I had desire left in me.

I went to my phone and dialed, spoke into it and then hung up. I went to my bathroom and washed myself again. I still felt dirty. I put my clothes away. I went into my bathroom again and brushed my hair until it shone. My doorbell rang.

I walked to the door and opened it. There was another pizza delivery guy. He almost jumped when he saw that I was naked. I smiled at him and invited him inside. When the door closed he seemed a little nervous, but he got out my pizza and held it out to me. I took it, not covering up at all and paid him with a twenty.

"You can keep the change."

"Thank you."

"Do I look all right to you?"


"Would you like to touch my boobs?"

He didn't say a word but his right hand came up and caressed my left boob. His eyes were fastened onto my boobs and his hand fondling one of them.

"You can touch them both if you want."

He set his pizza bag on the counter and both hands were on me. I leaned back and let him feel my boobs and nipples. It felt oh so good to me. It didn't appear to bother him that my boobs were small. I let him feel me until one hand snaked down my belly and cupped my pussy.

"Just my boobs, please."

He kept his hand on my pussy, squeezing gently, until I made him remove it. I smiled at him.

"Be happy for my boob's young man."

He was a young man, probably in his late teens but I didn't care at that moment. His hands felt good on me. I stepped around him so he could see my bare ass and opened the door.

"Thank you for being so prompt. Have a wonderful evening."

I smiled at him and he walked out, still staring at me. I gently closed the door in his face and took the pizza to my small dining table. I got a plate, fork and something to drink and sat down. I ate some of the pizza, still naked. When I had eaten what I wanted I put the rest in my fridge and turned off all the lights. Then I went to my glass door and stepped out onto my balcony. I was horny and I sat down on my balcony and spread my legs. Then I fingered myself until I orgasmed, panting and shuddering. Then I got up and went inside and to bed.

I spent a quiet rest of the weekend, except for nightmares about being pregnant.

Monday came and I got up and showered. I put on my makeup and then thigh highs and heels. I slipped into my coat and buttoned it. Off I went to work. When I got there, Diane was already there. I timidly knocked on her doorframe and she looked up and smiled at me. I stepped inside her door and removed my coat and handed it to her. She looked me up and down and smiled at me again.

"Sabine, what am I going to do with you?"

I was standing naked in her office at her insistence and what was she going to do with me?

"What do you want to do with me?"

"Many things, but first things first. I didn't bring an outfit for you today so you are going to go out, with my credit card and buy one. I want a short black dress with a scoop neck. Put your coat back on and go to Macy's and buy one."

I started putting my coat back on.

"Oh, and go to the lingerie department and buy a pair of sheer panties. I want anyone who sees you in them to be able to see your ass crack and the seam of your pussy through them. Don't wear them back. And on the way back, with your new dress on, show a man your pussy. I don't care where you do it or who you do it to, just show your pussy. Here's my credit card."

I was a little shocked at what she told me to do, but a little thrilled also. I took her credit card and finished buttoning my coat and left the office. As I walked through the skyway to Macy's my mind was running 100 miles an hour. I think I was getting into this whole thing!

I went into Macy's and found the dress department fairly quickly. I asked a sales woman for help in finding the dress that Diane wanted for me. I felt somewhat naughty, standing next to her, knowing that I was naked under my coat. I was actually trembling slightly. She found three dresses and led me to the changing rooms. I took them and walked into the area and chose the room closest to the entry. I slid the curtain shut and took off my coat. It felt deliciously naughty to be standing there, in a public store with nothing on but stockings and heels.

I tried on each dress. They felt good on my bare skin. My nipples were up and my lower belly was quivering. After I put each one on, I walked out the mirrors so I could see what I looked like. Yes, there was a mirror in the changing room, but it felt better to be out in the store with just the dress, stockings and heels on. I could see my rather thick nipples poking through the fabric. Each dress was shorter than what I usually wore to work. They all showed a lot of leg. My stocking tops were covered at least.

After I looked at myself in the mirrors in the store with the last one, I reluctantly went back to changing room and took it off. I looked at my naked body in the mirror while I was hanging the dress back up. Then I looked through them again, still naked, and chose one that looked fairly good on me.

I put my coat back on and took them out to the cash register and paid for the one that I chose.

"Could you remove the tags so I can wear it out, please?"


I stood, watching as she removed the tags and handed the dress back to me. I went back to the changing room and took off my coat again. I looked at myself in the mirror. I sighed because just now I had a terrible urge to walk back into the store just like I was. But cooler heads prevailed and I slipped into the black dress and with my coat over my arm I walked out. I had left the bag for the dress in the changing room and as I walked up to the woman again, she looked a little curious. It dawned on me that she was seeing that I didn't have any other clothes, just the coat. I felt my face heat slightly. She noticed that also and gave me a sly smile. I felt my face get a little warmer because of the smile.

"Where is the lingerie department?"

She pointed the way for me and as I walked away, I heard a quiet chuckle behind me. I walked faster. I was feeling slightly embarrassed now. I couldn't be sure but she probably knew that I had had very little on under my coat when I came into the store.

I found the lingerie department and in a while I found the display of sheer panties. I couldn't decide on a color. So I picked out a pair in black, light blue, red, yellow and a deeper blue. I took them to the counter and paid for them all, even though Diane had told me to buy one pair.

Carrying the bag from Macy's and my coat and feeling the dress brushing over my bare skin I walked down the skyway. I was trying to decide how I was going to show my pussy to a man. Then I saw a Dunn's coffee shop and I slowed so I could peer inside. The counter person was a man, a young man. I walked inside.

I stepped up to the counter.

"Can I help you miss?"

"Um, yes, I think so."

"What would you like?"

I have a slight problem. My boss sent me out for coffee, but I forgot my money. If, I. ah, um, show you my, ah, pussy, could I have two lattes?"

He just looked at me like I was crazy.

"Excuse me?"

"I don't have any money but I need two lattes. If I show you my pussy can I get them for free?"

My face was hotter than hell. He looked at me. I wasn't that good looking, even in this expensive dress.

"Are you serious?"

I wanted to scream! I had already offered twice to show him my pussy for two lattes. Either he was stupid or didn't believe me.

"Yes, I'm serious!"

He came around the counter with a grin on his face and took my arm and led me to the side of the counter, slightly hiding me from the skyway.

"Let's see it then."

"You promise me two lattes for this?"

"Yes, miss, I promise."

So there I was at the side of the counter with a grinning male in front of me. I had my coat over an arm and was holding the Macy's bag with the same hand. My face was burning up. I reached both hands down and took hold of my dress's hem. I closed my eyes and then opened them. Yep, he was still there and still grinning. I lifted my dress up to my waist and let him look at my hairless pussy. His grin got bigger. I lowered my dress.

"No miss, lift it back up until I have the lattes made."

I sighed in frustration and pulled my dress back up, baring my pussy again. I stood, red faced while he took his own sweet time in making two white chocolate mocha lattes. I kept glancing nervously at the door to the skyway as I stood there. He never stopped grinning. Finally he finished the last one and I let my dress fall to cover me.

"May I please have a carrier?"

He was still grinning as he put the two lattes in the carrier.

"Come back any time miss."

I picked up the carrier with my other hand with my dignity and modesty shattered, I left the shop. I was feeling pretty embarrassed by the heat in my face but also tingling both at my nipples and groin. I walked back to the office and to my desk. I set down the lattes and Macy's bag and hung up my coat. I carried the latte for Diane in along with her credit card.

Diane looked at me and smiled.

"The dress looks good on you Sabine. Did you do as you were told?"

I nodded yes. She made me tell her how I showed my pussy and giggled almost uncontrollably when I told her that I had to stand with my dress up while the lattes were made.

"Do you think he enjoyed it?"


"Did you enjoy it?"

I stood silently for a moment.


"Did you get the pair of panties?"

"Well, sort of."

"Explain yourself Sabine."

"Well, I couldn't decide on a color, so I got five pairs. I'll pay for the extra pairs, Diane."

"I thought you were learning to follow instructions, Sabine. I guess I was wrong. I'll have to decide what to do about this. Go back to work."

FUCK! I excused myself and went back to my desk. I put the Macy's bag in my drawer and started working. I was getting nervous, wondering what she had to decide. I offered to pay for the extra pairs of panties! Damn her anyway!

I worked all the rest of the morning and Diane didn't say a word to me. By lunch time my stomach was churning, wondering what she had to decide about me. For God's sake, I offered to buy the extra panties myself! Twice during the afternoon I had to run to the lady's room. By late in the day I was a nervous wreck.

Finally late in the day Diane called me into her office.

"Go and get the panties you bought."

I scurried out and got the Macy's bag and hurried back into her office. She took the bag from me and took all the panties out of it. She studied them all and then took the pale blue pair and handed them to me. The rest went back in the bag.

"Take the tags off this pair and put them on. Put the others on your desk and sit there."

I hurried to obey at my desk. I snipped off the tags and hurriedly put the pale blue pair on and left the bag with the rest of them sitting on the corner of my desk. It was getting quiet in the office and I was starting to feel better until Jason and Valerie walked by my desk and into Diane's office. I leaned my elbows on my desk and held my head in my hands. I almost started crying. I didn't have any idea what was going on, but I knew it wasn't going to be good.

"Sabine, come in here."

I got up and on unsteady legs I walked into her office. Jason and Valerie were sitting on her couch and there was a chair directly in front of them. My stomach clenched as Diane sat on the chair.

"Sabine, you didn't follow directions so I believe that some behavior adjustment is in order. Lay across my knees."

I glanced at Jason and Valerie, both of whom were looking at Diane and then at me. I closed my eyes before I moved. This was going to be bad. This was going to be really bad. I stumbled up to her side and carefully lowered myself over her knees. The dress was short enough and her legs were apart so the front of it dangled between her knees. Diane looked at the two on the couch.

"This is Sabine's way to atone for errors and disobedience."

I was hiding my face behind my right arm. Diane reached down and flipped the back of the dress up, exposing the sheer, pale blue panties. She reached down and took my right arm and twisted it up into the small of my back. Jason had leaned forward to get a better view and Valerie just giggled. Then the first slap hit my ass. I was biting my lip to keep from making any noise. They just stared at the two of us, well mostly my ass and watched Diane pepper my ass with spanks. I could feel my ass jiggling from the spanking and it started to get warm.

"Valerie, the best spanking is done on the bare ass. Would you like to take her panties down or should Jason?"

Valerie laughed out loud.

"Let Jason do it."

Diane leaned down to me. She whispered.

"Lift up just a bit."

I lifted up and she let go of my right arm and quickly unhooked my dress and pulled the zipper all the way down. Then she tugged the front of my dress past her left leg, pretty much baring my stomach. My legs tensed as I felt Jason's hands at the waist of my panties and I whimpered in humiliation as he pulled them down. My ass was bared in front of them and my panties, when he let go of them, slid down to my ankles.

Diane started spanking me once more and no matter what my mental promise to myself to keep still was, in short order I was squirming. A few more spanks, hard spanks and my dress was sliding further down, baring more of my body. After several especially hard spanks my legs started to kick and I moaned as I felt my panties slip off one foot and dangle from the other. Diane surreptitiously tugged my dress further and it slid over my head and partly down my arms. My boobs were now bared to them as was my ass.

With my squirming and kicking my panties soon fell off the other foot to the carpet and my dress ended up laying on my hands which were on the carpet in front of me. Diane kept spanking me until my ass was burning up and I had tears running down my cheeks and snot bubbling in my nostrils. A flurry of very hard spanks landed on my overheated ass and an involuntary gasp escaped my lips which caused laughter from Jason and Valerie. Finally the spanking stopped.

"Get up and apologize to them for having to be here to witness this unseemly behavior of yours Sabine."

With my dress a crumpled ball in front of me and my panties somewhere behind me, I took two shuddering breaths and pushed myself up. I covered my boobs and pussy with my hands and turned to them, struggling to keep from crying.

"I-I-I'm s-s-s-sorry."

"Put your hands down!"

My nipples, the traitorous shits, were erect and my pussy was tingling as I lowered my hands to my sides. Through my blurry eyes I could see both of them looking at me from my pussy to my tits. I was so humiliated! My cheeks were tear-streaked and snot was running down my upper lip. And they were laughing at me! Laughing at me, freshly spanked and naked! Diane made me stand in front of them forever and then told me to go stand in the corner so they could see my burning red ass. Finally they left, laughing as they walked out.

"How are you?"


"Do you want to masturbate?"

God I hated her but even more myself. I nodded yes. I had to masturbate, I had to!

"Go sit on the couch and put your feet up with your legs spread so I can see. Then you can masturbate."

I almost ran to the couch and sat, gasping as my hot red ass touched the cushions. My feet were up almost immediately, legs spread open and my right hand was rubbing my clit and my first two fingers of my left hand were shoved up my pussy. Diane leaned back on her desk and smiled as she watched me frantically masturbate to orgasm. It didn't take very long at all before I was moaning and humping my ass up meet my rubbing fingers. Naked and punished and humiliated in front of my coworkers I masturbated myself to an explosive orgasm in front of Diane. I slumped back and my right foot slipped off the couch and my left leg fell open further. Diane just watched me until I became conscious of where I was. I looked at her and she smiled at me. I got this sick feeling in my stomach, remembering that now not only Robert and Kate, but now Jason and Valerie knew more about me than I wanted them to know.

"Was it good, Sabine?"

I sniffed a few times and wiped my nose with the back of my hand.

"Y-y-y-yes, Diane."

"Don't worry, Sabine, you have nothing to fear at work, I promise you. Just trust me."

She handed me some tissues and I dried my tears and wiped my nose better. I got down on my knees in front of her and took her right hand and kissed it. She took her hand back and tilted my head up and smiled at me.

"Get dressed and go home. From now on you can wear clothes to work, but no underwear.

I got up and slipped the new dress on and left. I can't remember driving home. For the next two weeks nothing happened at work other than I know that Jason and Valerie told everyone what had happened to me. I got nothing but smirking stares from almost everyone. Which, of course, made me turn beet red, which confirmed what they had been told. I also had my period so I wasn't pregnant and I was oh so happy about that. I also had an appointment with Diane's gynecologist and was put on birth control. Things were not looking up but they were better than they had been. Perhaps the calm before the storm?

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