tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 14

Caught by My Boss Ch. 14


By the time Diane returned to her office I was busy at work. I didn't look up when she walked up to my desk.

"We'll discuss your attempt to get out of your predicament later. Make sure the reports are done and get the Larson file up to date."

I didn't say a word. She walked into her office and closed the door. I stuck my tongue out at her closed door. Brave Sabine.

My ass was sore and probably still red. And I was horny and hating myself for that feeling. I still had trouble reconciling my embarrassment and humiliation with the feelings of arousal I got every time. It did not make any sense to me at all.

Be that as it may, I was concerned about what Diane had said to me when she walked past my desk. That something was going to happen to me was certain. What it was going to be was not, but most likely I was not going to enjoy it. Let me be honest with everyone. I have discovered that I am not that unhappy being naked in front of someone. It is arousing. But when it is someone from work or when there is humiliation involved, I don't really like it very much.

Someone from work is bad for me because I am going to see them almost every day and I am not sure what they are thinking of me. Is she a whore or a slut? From the other women at work, how can she take off her clothes here? If I am humiliated, like being spanked in front of people, it is horrible. Mostly because I just do what I am told and they get to watch my ass jiggle and bounce and maybe I start crying and then afterwards they can see my reddened ass. Whether it's just naked or humiliated, my nipples always get erect and they are noticeable. I can't hide the fact that they are erect and that makes it seem like I am really enjoying it. Maybe I am, some, but not so much that my nipples should get hard. But they always do. Now that I am shaved and since Diane has told me to keep it shaved I don't even have any hair to hide behind. Everything is right there and I mean everything. Melody has a bush, not a huge one but at least some hair on her pussy.

Enough of that. Being naked in front of a pizza guy is kind of good, because unless I order pizza again and he delivers it he really doesn't know who I am.

Anyway I was now thinking of what Diane was going to do and I wasn't having good thoughts. I was nervous and sick to my stomach for the rest of the day. Nothing happened, not one thing. I went home thankful for that but still worried.

It would have been better for me to have it happen that day. At least I would have gotten it over with. But now I had it hanging over my head and I didn't know when things were going to happen. It was not arousing, it was nerve wracking.

So, I came into work on Tuesday, expecting the worst and all day, nothing. The only thing that did happen on Tuesday was that Melody came down and asked me to go to lunch with her. That was both good and bad. We had something in common although I am sure that neither one of us was enjoying it. But I told her yes and shortly before noon she came by my desk and we walked out to her car. Melody drove us to a restaurant away from the office so no one we knew would be there. After she had parked and we went in and got a table we were both silent and sort of looking at each other but not. Finally Melody took a breath.

"Look Sabine, this is hard for me to talk about."

"I know exactly what you mean."

"How did she catch you?"

I sighed.

"It was a stupid dare by some of my friends. We were all going to go where we worked and get naked and take pictures of each other. I'm old enough to know better but we had been drinking and after a few glasses of wine it seemed like a hoot. I don't remember how I ended up being the first, but I was. Anyway, after I took my clothes off and they took some pictures of me at my desk I strolled down the hall and into the staff area and Diane was there. She saw me and my friends took off and left me with her. She told me later that she had to suck the security manager to get the security tapes, which I had never even thought about. And she had the security tapes, she showed them to me and it was clear that it was me. She told me that if Mr. Prescott ever saw them, he'd fire me for sure. She told me if I did what she told me, she would make sure that Prescott would never see them. So I started doing what she told me to do because I needed the job."

I stopped talking and fiddled with my silverware. The waitress came up and took our orders.

"So what has she had you do?"

"Pretty much what I said in Daniels' office."

"You sucked off Robert?"

I took a breath.


"In front of some of his friends?"


"Were you?"

"Yes, she had me strip first."

"So who at work has seen you naked?"

"Well, Diane of course, Robert, Jason, Valerie, Mr. Prescott..."

"Wait a minute. I thought she told you that Prescott would fire you if he heard."

"Obviously not since she volunteered me to serve coffee and water at staff meetings for the executives naked. Prescott thought that was a wonderful ides."

"And now Daniels."


"And he has more than just seen you naked."


"Shit this whole thing sucks."

"Yes it does. Diane has told me that something is going to happen to me but not what or when. Just because I wore panties when I went to see Daniels and she doesn't want me wearing underwear. I'm sure that I will love it."

"You're kidding, right?"

"I'm being sarcastic. I pretty sure she will find some way to humiliate me."

"Sabine, I am so sorry."

"Thanks Melody. I appreciate that. What happened to you?"

Melody looked down at the table. The waitress brought our lunches and we sat silently until she left. Melody sighed.

"Well, my husband and I bought a bigger house. With both our jobs it would have been no problem. But five months after we signed the papers my husband lost his job. We had some money saved up so we could make ends meet with my job and savings for a while but eventually it was getting to the point that we were going to lose the house. My husband is working part time jobs to bring in some money but not close to what he was. Well, some of the clients have accounts with us and one month when it was really tight for us, I took some money from one to help with the house payment. I was going to pay it back but the next month was worse and one after that not much better so I never could replace the money I took and I even had to take some more. I had good intentions but financially we couldn't get ahead."

She looked down at the table again.

"So, one day Daniels called me into his office and had me shut the door. He tells me that he had figured out that I was taking money and that he was seriously thinking about firing me and turning me in to the police. I begged him not to do that, that I would do anything to keep that from happening. So he tells me if I will give him blowjobs a few times a week that he would replace the money and if I was good he would get me a raise so things would be better for my husband and I. He told me to get behind his desk and he pulls out his dick. Start sucking. So I did. He promised that he wouldn't make me do anything else or tell my husband as long as I kept sucking him off."

Melody looked away from me. I could see tears in her eyes. She took a couple of breaths.

"So I end up on my knees two or three times a week with his dick in my mouth. At first I would suck until I knew he was close and then jerk him off, but he decided that he didn't like the chance that come would get on his carpet. He told me to keep my mouth on him until he came. At first he'd let me spit it out but then he told me to swallow, which I don't like very much. After about six months of that, he let me get him close and then he'd get up and walk behind me, lift my skirt up and pull down my panties and come on my ass. Then he'd stand and watch it run down and then he'd tell me to pull up my panties with the come all over my ass. I was so scared my husband would see the stains and figure out what was going on, but so far so good."

Melody wiped her eyes.

"I'm sorry. That day with you there was the first time he made me take my clothes off. Up until then he would just squeeze my tits while I was sucking and that was through my clothes."

She choked back a soft sob.

"Now I have no idea what he'll do to me."

I reached out and grasped her hand and we held onto each other's hand really hard. I felt so bad for her and I also felt that I was partly to blame for the escalation of her humiliation. I felt sick to my stomach that what I had tried to do ended up involving Melody even deeper with Daniels.

"You don't think that he'll want to..."

"Fuck me? If he even tries I'll quit my job. I've already been unfaithful to my husband. I just haven't gone there yet. And I won't."

"What will you say to your husband?"

"I'll tell him the truth and if he leaves me..."

"Melody, I am so sorry. I feel like it's my fault."

"No Sabine, it's not your fault. I did it to myself. But now I am worried about what is going to happen to you."

"Just take care of yourself. There isn't much else that can be done to me that hasn't already happened to me."

We just sat and looked at each other. Neither one of us was very hungry, but we nibbled at our food. Pretty much everything that could be said had been said. We paid out bill and left and when we got back to the office Diane was standing by my desk and watched as Melody walked by, just before I turned into my desk area.

"Out with Melody?"



The bitch gave me a cold smile and walked to her office. She stopped and turned to face me.

"At 4:30 I want you to come to the conference room. When you walk in stop at the head of the conference table. Then you will say this. Would you like me to take off my clothes? I'm sure you can figure out what happens next."

My stomach knotted up. I was going to have to humiliate myself. SHIT! I hung up my coat and sat down. I both was going to hate and like this. I knew that, I just didn't know which was going to be the greater. The hate or the like.

The afternoon just dragged. I worked as best I could with that hanging over my head. Diane ignored me other than for things she needed for work. Around 4:20 Diane walked out of her office and gave me a cold smile. Then she walked out of sight down the hall towards the staff area. At 4:25 I got up and walked the same path that she had. When I entered the staff area there was no one there but Melody. She was on the switchboard. She gave me a weak smile. She must have figured out that my time had come.

I walked through the staff area and down the hall to the conference room. I stopped by the door and leaned my head against it and took a couple of deep breaths. Then I opened the door and walked in. All the younger staff members were in the conference room. Kate who had seen me at her party, Robert, the one that I had blown in the parking lot, Jason and Valerie who had watched me getting spanked and stripped and everyone else. I walked clumsily to the head of the table and looked down at the floor. My face was getting warm.

"Would you like me to take off my clothes?"

At least I wasn't stuttering. The guys in the conference room almost started cheering. The women were something different.

"The little bitch!"

"Is she serious?"

"She must be a slut!"

With all of that being said the most common comments were YES!

I reached behind my neck and unclasped my dress and pulled the zipper down. I noticed Diane in the back of the room, smiling coldly. My dress slipped off my shoulders and slid down to my waist, baring my little boobs. A cheer erupted. I blushed harder and pushed my dress down so it pooled around my ankles. I stood there in front of them, naked except for heels and hose. I forced myself to look up, to see the grinning faces and some not grinning. My nipples, as usual, were hard and there was a tingling feeling down low. I was embarrassed, humiliated and aroused. Diane walked around the table to stand to one side of me.

"You all know Sabine. She likes to be naked in front of people. I know some of you girls think she is stupid and a slut. She won't be doing anything else except she might let some of you feel her up. The executives of the firm are aware of her little kink and don't mind so you may be seeing her like this around the office. She'll be doing one other thing today, right here. She'll get up on the edge of the table, lean back and open her pussy for those who want a good look."

My stomach knotted up and I turned my head to look at her. She still had a cold smile on her face and I stepped up and lifted my ass to the edge of the conference table. I was slightly in a daze as I leaned back and my hands went to my pussy. My fingers pulled my lips open and stared at the ceiling. I ignored the movement of people in front of me as they walked up to look at me exposing myself. If I was humiliated by taking off my dress this was even worse!

"Christ, I think she is wet! She's enjoying this!"

I went from blushing to beet red in an instant.

"Diane, can we check her out?"

"Go ahead, but just fingers."

I gasped as finger went up me. I closed my eyes.

"She sure is wet!"

That finger withdrew and was replaced by another. I wanted to hump but I barely kept from doing it. Everyone who wanted to got to stick a finger up my pussy with much chuckling and giggling going on. I was so humiliated! I had done it to myself and wasn't begging for them to stop. I just laid there and let them have their fun.

"All right, that's enough. Now there is one other thing. From here on she will be wearing panties. She will sell them to you for twenty dollars a pair. If you wish to buy them, give her the twenty dollars. Sabine will then remove her outer clothes, then remove her panties and give them to you. You may do this anywhere in the office other than the private offices or in a meeting. Once you have her panties she may get dressed with clothes she has left. Once someone has purchased her panties, if someone else wants to buy them, they can't. But Sabine has to prove to you that she doesn't have any panties to sell. I'm sure that you can figure out where to buy her panties for the most benefit to the office. You're all dismissed for the day. Sabine, come with me."

I followed her out of the conference room bare ass naked and she led me down the hall to Daniels' office. Melody was no longer at the switchboard. Daniels' door was open. Melody was standing in front of the couch and Daniels was seated behind his desk. Diane and I entered.

"Well, Sabine seems to be ready."

"She is. Jim and I decided that it was unfair for Melody to be spanked without having something nice for her."

As Diane said this she closed the door. My stomach was in knots. What else could they be thinking of to do me and Melody?

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