tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 16

Caught by My Boss Ch. 16


Later that day I got a chance to speak to Melody. We had run into each other in the ladies room.

"Do you have to get back to him quickly?"

"No, why?"

"Diane made me an offer today to make some extra money. Like a thousand dollars for three days for each of us."

Melody was suspicious just like I was.

"So who do we have to fuck for them?"

"She said that there would be no sex. We get a thousand if they get this contract. If they don't we get paid double time for the time we are gone. That's like for three days."

"It's out of town?"


"I'll have to talk to my husband if I want to do it."

"Please say yes if he is ok with it. I don't want to go alone."

"You'd go with the two of them alone?"

"Diane's a bitch but she keeps her word. If she says no sex but nudity is involved I trust her with that. Not with much else but I'll trust her that I won't be forced."

"You're absolutely sure she can be trusted and her word is good?"

"I wouldn't bet my life on it, but yeah, I'd say we can trust her word."

"You said nudity. What nudity?"

"We'd give up our clothes for the three days we are there."

"We'd have to be naked for three days?" "Yeah, but the money. What could you do with a thousand dollars?"

"I'll think about it."

"Don't wait to long. You know how patient Diane is."

Melody just nodded and left. I went back to Diane's office.

"This three day thing, no promise me that there will be no sex, right?"

"I won't ask or tell you to have sex and neither will Jim."

"I'll do it and I think Melody will but she hasn't said yes yet."

It took until Friday for Melody to tell me that she had decided yes, she would go, but only because they needed the money. For me, I was getting more and more used to taking off my clothes in the office. On Thursday Robert came to my desk and handed me a twenty. I took off my dress and panties and handed the panties to him. He told me to turn in circle. I don't get the fascination with a woman's ass. I'm sorry but if I was a guy and there was a naked woman in front of me I would want to see boobs and pussy. Several people came up to me after that and held out twenties and I had to lift my dress up to show them I didn't have panties anymore. I still felt my face heat a little but by now it wasn't that hard to show my pussy or take off my clothes.

Friday was a little different. I got caught in the staff area. When I took my dress off, Kate picked it up and walked out with it. I was really pissed off about that. But I removed my panties and took the twenty. Then I had to walk to my desk naked with half the staff following me. My dress was on my desk and Kate was leaning against it, smirking. I stuck my tongue out at her. But my nipples were like diamonds and I had that little tingle down low. Also that afternoon was the first executive meeting. Diane informed me of that just before lunch. Which did not make my lunch very good. That's when Melody told me she would go on the trip with me. I was quiet during lunch.

"What's the matter Sabine?"

I sighed and looked down at the table.

"Today is the first executive meeting."

"So? Why is that a problem?"

"I will be there serving water and coffee."

"I still don't get it."

"I'll be nude." "Oh Jesus!"

"Yeah, oh Jesus."

"I'm going to be there taking notes. I hope neither of them get any ideas."

I sat back and looked at her.

"Well, at least I will have one friend in the room."

"How can you just be so calm about that? I could never have that attitude."

"Melody, you had better get that attitude because in three weeks you are going to be right there with me. Besides, I sort of like it."


"Melody, you need to know something about me. I kind of like having to take my clothes off in front of people. If you had me over to your house and you wanted me to take off my clothes, I would, even in front of your husband. I'm getting better at accepting it too. I still blush, don't get me wrong, but I get a little, well, you know."

"You get horny?"

"Yes, I do. It really confuses me because deep inside I know that a woman shouldn't be all right with stripping off. She shouldn't want to do it. Sometimes I feel that way too, but most of the time when I get told to strip or know that I am going to do it, it gets to me. I mean the first few times it was so embarrassing. But it isn't that bad anymore."

Melody just shook her head.

"Come to my apartment tonight and I'll show you."

She smiled at me.

"Let me call Mike and tell him that I going to your place for a while. Then maybe I'll see what you are talking about."

"Good, it'll be fun to have someone over. Especially you."

When we got back from lunch I had fifteen minutes before the meeting started. I had a knot in my stomach. I always did when I was going to do something new. I knew that I was going to turn beet red also. Diane came out of her office and motioned me to follow her. We walked down the hallway to the executive conference room and when we entered, Melody was there making sure that there was enough bottled water and that the large coffee urn was on. I was feeling very nervous. I fidgeted as I waited. Melody took a chair near the head of the conference table. Finally they started to show up and take seats around the table. As the last of the executives arrived and sat down it was silent. Diane got up.

"Some of you may be wondering why we have two assistants here today."

"Yeah, we only need one to take notes."

"That's right, and one of them will be taking notes. The other one is responsible to see that everyone has coffee or water."

"That's a waste of time and money, Diane. She could be working."

"That's also true, but she is going to be special for this meeting and each one from now on. You see, Sabine will be making sure you have coffee or water, whatever you wish. But she'll be doing it nude."

A dozen pairs of eyes swiveled to look at me. I felt my face getting very warm, very, very warm. My nipples popped to attention.

"Sabine go ahead."

"Do you want me to keep my stockings and heels on?"

"You can for today. That will be one of things we'll decide today. What you'll be wearing in the future or maybe not wearing."

I reached behind my neck and unclasped my dress. Then I unzipped it. Most of the execs were just staring at me. Renee and MaryKay didn't look all that overjoyed. Diane noticed that.

"Renee and MaryKay, it isn't you and Sabine will make sure that everyone is on time in the future."

That got a laugh. I slid the top of my dress down and pushed it over my hips. It pooled around my feet and I stepped out of it. I picked it up and laid it on a table by the wall.

"She looks very embarrassed Diane."

"I'm sure she is. Sabine, do you like doing this?"


"Does it embarrass you?"

"Yes." "But you still don't mind doing it?"

"Well, the first few times are going to be horrid. But after that I think it won't be so bad. I mean everyone will have seen everything."

"Thank you for being open and honest Sabine. Now let's get the big elephant in the room out of the way. Sabine I want you to walk up to each person at the table and let them look at your pussy. Then we can get the meeting started."

I closed my eyes and then opened them and looked around the table. The first person I went to was Renee and then MaryKay. Neither of them looked too hard at me but they did look. Then I took the guy next to MaryKay. He took a good long look at my pussy and then at my nipples. Every one of them after that did pretty much the same thing. After I had circled the conference table Mr. Prescott started the meeting. From there on I was kept busy bringing bottled water and coffee to the table and cleaning up empty bottles and cups. I was starting to think that this wasn't going to be too bad. Yeah, right! It was until I had my back to Prescott and he stuck a finger up my pussy. I yelped and went up on my toes and almost everyone burst out laughing. I pulled away from him and glared at him. I made sure after that he was never behind me.

Most of the time during the meeting I just stood by the water and the coffee urn. It was kind of surprising to me that they all focused on the meeting and what they needed to do even if there was a naked woman in the room with them. I made sure that I knew exactly who was behind me and I did my best to keep my ass away from the men while I was serving and clearing. The meeting took over two hours and that was the longest that I had been naked in front of so many people. When it finally broke up Renee and MaryKay stood with Diane and watched me clear everything off the table, stack the coffee cups and throw away the garbage. When I had finished they called me over to them.

"Sabine, come over here."

I walked over to them, a little bit nervous. I didn't know what they wanted.

"Look at her nipples. They look erect. Are they erect you little slut?"


"So, you really do like this."


"Diane, could I borrow her sometime?"

"What for Renee?"

"I'd have her be a maid for dinner at my house. Wearing just an apron."

"Hmmm. I'll have to think about that."

That both excited me and scared me. I didn't know Renee very well or MaryKay for that matter.

"Don't look so concerned Sabine. You'd just have to show your tits and puss. Right up your alley from what I can see."

"Really think about it Diane. I'm serious. Maybe a football game would be better. Most of my husband's buddies come over for those."

"I said I would Renee. Would you want her for anything MaryKay?"


"Want to give me an idea?"

"Not right now. I'll have to think about it."

"That's fine. Sabine, you can head back to your desk and get back to work. Oh, and leave your dress here. I'll bring it with me after Renee, MaryKay and I are finished talking."

I guess I should have expected her to take things further. I just didn't think I would be at my desk naked. Or walking through the office in the day naked. I sure was getting my ration of being naked in front of people. I exited the conference room and walked down the hall, feeling very exposed. I got to my desk and sat down. I tried to do some work but it was hard, it was surreal being there without clothes. I waited and waited and Diane didn't come. Soon it was 5 o'clock and the younger employees started to leave, walking by my desk and giggling or chuckling as they saw me. I was so horny I wanted to masturbate right at my desk. I didn't of course. Diane finally showed up with my dress. She gave it to me and smirked. She knew exactly what she had done to me. I slipped it over my head and zipped it up. I didn't bother with the clasp. I called Melody and she was waiting for me to call.

"Let's go Melody. You can follow me to my apartment."

"Fine Sabine. I'll be by your desk in few moments."

She walked up shortly and we left. Diane was still in her office. Melody followed me to my apartment building and we parked and walked up to my place. It wasn't the nicest apartment and I was sort of embarrassed for Melody to see it. She was gracious. We sat at my small dining table.

"Remember what I said earlier about showing you about me?"

"Yes, I do."

"I want you to treat me like Diane would but if you can even worse. I was thinking about ordering pizza and answering the door naked, but if you can make it worse than that it would be lovely."

"I wouldn't know what to do Sabine."

"I've just thought of something."


"Will you do it to me if I tell you?"

"Do you really want me to?"

"It's dirty, filthy and nasty. We'd have to go and get some things."

"I'll do my best."

I leaned into Melody and whispered in her ear. She looked at me in shock and then smiled at me.

"You're being a dirty bitch, you know that don't you?"

"For tonight, I'll be your dirty bitch."

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Do you want to do it to me?"

"Well, it'll be interesting to see the expression on your face. Sure, I'll do it to you."

"Thank you Melody."

"Don't be thanking me until it's over. And once we start this there is no weaseling out of it."

"I won't, I promise."

Melody grinned at me.

"Show me your clothes and take off what you have on."

I led her to my bedroom and watched her pick through my dresser. As she was doing that, I stripped. I stood behind her naked and waited. Melody found a thin white t-shirt that I had been going to throw away and a very loose pair of athletic shorts. Then she went to my closet and got out a pair of running shoes.

"Get dressed slut."

I pulled on the shorts and then the t-shirt. I put on the running shoes and stood up. Melody went behind me and pulled the t-shirt tight across my chest and then twisted and tied it behind me. I looked in my mirror as she did this and my nipples were plainly visible.

"Squat down with your knees apart."

I did and she giggled.

"Guess what Sabine? I can see your hairless twat. How does that make you feel?"

"Dirty Melody."

"All right then, let's go. The first place we are stopping I want you to squat just like that in one of the aisles until someone sees your twat. Understand me?"


"Then after the second place, I want you to take off your clothes next to the car before you get in. Can you do that?"


"Good, now get your fat ass up and bring your door key."

Off we went in Melody's car and got the first place we needed to go. We went in and Melody looked for what we needed and I chose an aisle and squatted with my knees apart. I made out like I was looking for something on the lower shelves but I kept my eyes moving down the aisle. After a little bit a woman walked around the corner and towards me. It took a little bit but she finally noticed and gasped. I knew she was seeing my pussy because the shorts really opened up when I squatted. I held myself there for a few moments and then I got up and walked past her. My face felt warm but I had that tingle down low again.

I found Melody and she was at the cash register with what we had come here for. She paid for it and we walked out but not before the guy at the register got a good look at my nipples.

"How was that?" "Great Melody. You would make a nice mistress. Your idea was great."

We got to her car and got in and drove to the next place on our shopping list. We went in together and she picked out the things we needed. I was getting looks because my nipples were really erect and visible. Standing in line at the cash register was great but embarrassing because almost everyone did a double take when they saw my nipples. When she had paid for the things we left and walked to her car. She stood at the front and watched me push down my shorts and step out of them. Then I untied my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. Melody held out her hand and I gave her my clothes. I stood in my running shoes as she walked to the driver's side door and unlocked the car. She got in and finally leaned over and unlocked my door.

I was trembling with excitement as I got in the car. Melody drove back to my place with me naked beside her. When she parked she handed me the t-shirt and got out with the shorts balled up in her hand. I slipped the t-shirt on and got out. It barely covered my ass. I was shivering with excitement as we walked in and up the stairs. I unlocked my door and we went into my apartment.

"Take the shirt off Sabine. And the shoes."

I did what she told me and then we sat down and looked in the phone book for restaurants that delivered. We chose one and she ordered for us. I gave her the money for the food and then Melody prepared me. She leaned against my kitchen counter and just has this wry smile on her face. I don't think that she believed what she had done to me.

When the doorbell rang Melody answered the door and let the delivery guy in. It was like two steps to the entry to my kitchen and as he turned into it he saw me. Melody made sure he was in front of her.

I was sitting in one of the arm chairs to my dining set. My legs were over the arms and my ass was right at the edge. My ankles were pulled to the chair legs and tied there. My arms were tied behind the chair. Melody had found one of my scarves and gagged me with it. The worst and the best part was that there was a rather large carrot shoved up my asshole and a long thin cucumber shoved up my pussy.

He just stood there, shocked I am sure. Melody walked up next to him.

"She's been a bitch all day and I decided that she needed to learn a lesson."


He couldn't take his eyes off me and I didn't want him to anyway. He set the bag with the food on the kitchen counter. He was still looking at me and I shuddered. I kept my eyes open so I could watch him stare at me. Melody finally got him to tell her how much and she gave him enough money for the food and a tip.

"Thank you for delivering. I appreciate it although I am not sure Sabine does."

"You're welcome ma'am."

Melody almost had to lead him to the door. He stopped at the end of the kitchen, looked me up and down and shook his head. Then he grinned.

"Call us anytime she is being bitchy."

"I'll keep you in mind."

He walked around the corner, chuckling. Melody opened the door and let him out. Then she came over and untied the scarf.

"Is that what you wanted?"

"Yes. Did you like doing it to me?"

"Sort of I guess, but I feel kind of bad for you Sabine."

"Don't Melody. It was my idea."

She left me tied while she set out plates and the food. Then she took the carrot out of my ass.

"You can keep the cucumber where it is for a while. Should I untie you?"

"Just my arms for now."

She turned the chair I was in around and pushed it up to the table and sat down at one end while I was on the side next to her.

"Call your husband after we eat and tell him we had a little too much wine and you are staying over with me."

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