tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 18

Caught by My Boss Ch. 18


Now that Melody had taken a step, I felt much better about my exhibitionism. Part of it was that for a lot of things that could happen, she would be there with me. I didn't feel quite as secure with Diane. She had a hold on me. Melody, I thought, would do things to me or for me out of a desire to make me happier.

Maybe I was being foolish with her, but that is how I felt. I know that in the library I felt so much more comfortable with her being there rather than Diane. Diane had me at work. Melody I let have me outside, in my personal life, if she wanted it.

I was slowly starting to get used to being at work and having one of the staff walk up to me with a twenty dollar bill. That meant that I was going to have to take off my clothes and give them my panties. Over the next two weeks I ended up doing that daily in almost every place in the office. I did it at my desk, in the hallway, in the staff area, in a conference room, and in the mail room. I don't think that there was one person at work who hadn't seen me naked. Then after my panties were purchased, if anyone came up to me later with a twenty, I had to prove to them that my panties had already been sold. I did that by either dropping my slacks or lifting up my skirt or dress.

Then there were the weekly executive meetings where I was nude and serving coffee or bottled water. Those were both good and bad. I had to watch where I was because several of the men always tried to stick a finger up my pussy as I was serving. Mr. Prescott got me first and after that it was like a game for them. Get Sabine bent over and stick a finger up her. That was all it was. They thought it was hilarious to hear me squeak.

Diane had gone out and purchased two dozen pairs of panties for me so I had plenty of them to sell.

Diane now pretty much left me alone. There wasn't much more she could do to me at work. All the executives had seen me naked, all the staff and the mail room boys. Like I said, everyone had seen me.

Melody had committed to the business trip because she needed the money. I could use the money also, but Diane had committed me, not giving me a choice. Melody and I continued to go to lunch together but she didn't tell me to do anything. I think she was nervous about the trip and what was expected of her. Even though Diane had told us that no sex would be involved, I don't think Melody trusted her.

So the day finally arrived that we were to leave for the business trip. Melody picked me up at my apartment and we drove together to the parking ramp at our office. Diane and Daniels met us there and we were ushered into a limousine for the trip to the airport. We each had one suitcase. The first thing that happened on the way to the airport was that we were told to remove our underwear. We had each worn a conservative dress. Melody had on a bra and panties underneath and I just had panties. I just took mine off, like I said it was getting to be not such a big deal for me. Melody had to work up her nerve to it. And she had to lower her dress to her waist to remove her bra. God, she had lovely boobs! Mr. Daniels stuffed our underwear into his briefcase. Nothing else happened on the drive. I knew Melody was uncomfortable and having second thoughts.

At the airport I told Melody that if we had seats next to one of them, that I would sit next to Daniels. In my own way I was trying to protect her. As it happened there were two sets of two seats. Diane seemed amused that I would take the one next to Daniels but she didn't object.

Melody seemed very happy about my doing that. The first thing that Daniels did after we took off was ask for a blanket for me. I knew what was coming. He covered me up and told me to go to sleep. But I couldn't. I was facing away from him. I felt his hand snake under the blanket lift up my dress in the back. I clamped my thighs together. His hand stroked my bare ass and every now and then he would slide his fingers down, trying to get at my pussy. He could just touch it, he couldn't get a finger in, which I was sure was what he wanted to do.

It was the most horrible flight that I had ever had. Daniels seemed to enjoy it though. We finally got to where we were going. Not without a lot of fondling of my bare ass. We got the luggage at the baggage claim and another limousine was waiting for us outside. The luggage got put away and the four of us got into it. Daniels looked at us. Melody and I were seated at the back and Diane and Daniels along the side.

"Lift your dresses up and spread your legs, both of you."

It was much harder for Melody to do it than for me. She had to turn her face to the side and stare out the window. On the drive to the hotel we had to sit that way. My mostly bare pussy now, since Diane had allowed me to start growing my hair back except my lips had to be shaved bare. Melody was trimmed and had hair above her slit and on her lips. I could tell that she was upset.

When we stopped at the hotel Daniels told us to both sit just like we were. He and Diane got out and left the door open. Both Melody and I were sitting with our dresses around our waist and our legs open. It was awfully embarrassing and got even worse when the limo driver walked by the door, stopped and moved back to look inside the limo. We both turned red and he got this huge smile on his face. I was humiliated and I can only imagine how Melody felt.

They finally let us get out of the limo. Melody and I both tugged our dresses down to cover up and were very careful getting out of the limo. Daniels and Diane led us inside. As we were standing at the check-in Diane leaned over to Melody.

"Take Sabine up to the room. Here's a key card. It's a three bedroom suite. Take off your clothes and wait for us in the main room."

Melody and I both sighed which got a glare from Diane.

"Don't piss me off girls. You're here to help get this contract but you can do it with a sore ass."

That got both of our attention. Melody turned with the card in her hand and I followed her.

"How can you do this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Just take off your clothes at the drop of a hat. I am going to hate this entire trip."

"Just pretend it's for your husband, Melody."

"Fat chance of doing that with that asshole Daniels staring at me all the time. I hope he is not expecting a blow job."

"If he demands one Melody, I'll do it."

"We'll see. He may not want you. He likes to see me kneeling in front of him, knowing that I am married."

We reached the elevator and got on. The room was on the eighth floor. When the elevator doors opened we got our bearings and headed down the hall. Melody opened the door to the suite and we looked it over. I figured that the smaller bedroom would be for the two of us. I took my dress off.

"I wonder if she meant the heels also."

"Leave them on. What can she do to us if we do?"

"Best not to think about that."

Melody reluctantly removed her dress and laid it next to mine on the bed. With a sigh she walked out the main room of the suite and I followed her. It felt really stupid for the two of us to be standing naked, but what else could we do?

Melody was fidgeting. I was trying to stay calm. She was facing the door and I was half turned to look out the window of the suite. I heard the door opening.

"OH NO!"

I turned my head to see Melody turning so her back was to the door and I saw a bellboy wheeling a cart with the luggage on in it into the room. Melody had her back to him, showing her ass and I was side on. Daniels and Diane walked in behind him. The bellboy had this huge smile because he was seeing two naked women. I walked and stood in front of Melody. He could see my entire front, but Melody was covered by my body.

"Melody come here and get your suitcase. Then take it to the table and set it on top of it."

Melody sobbed softly. I held my ground, glaring at Diane.

"Diane, this isn't right. You can't expect her to do that."

"Oh yes I can. Melody get your ass over here and get your bag!"

Melody put her hand on my shoulder. I glanced at her and she was so red.

"It's all right. I should have expected this."

To her credit she didn't try and hide, just walked around me and up to the cart. The bellboy got a full view of her front. She took her bag and walked to the table. She looked at Diane.

"Just set it on top of the table."

I walked up to the cart and got mine, still pissed off at Diane for making Melody show herself.

"Sabine let's get something straight. Not only are you going to be bare ass, so is she. Not only is everyone coming in this suite going to see you, they are going to see her. If you try to cover her up again or if she covers up, you are the one who is going to be punished for it. Your punishment might be a spanking with an audience, you might be sucking cock with an audience or I might have someone fuck you. It's both of your choice so I hope you choose wisely."

I looked at Melody and she shook her head at me. She set her suitcase down and turned to face the bellboy, hands at her sides. She was beet red but not covering anything. At this point all I could do was feel sorry for her. I don't think that what is happening is worth a thousand dollars. And I was sure that there was worse to come for both of us.

It took the fucking bellboy forever to get the luggage off the damn cart and to leave. But before he did Daniels made us go and get our dresses and put them in our suitcases.

"Take out your cosmetics, shampoo and so on. You have a bathroom that you can put your things in."

I picked through my suitcase and so did Melody. We got our stuff and took them into the bathroom on our side of the suite. We went into the bedroom.

"I'm going to hate this even if we get the bonus."

"I'm sorry Melody. If I would have known for sure I would never have mentioned this trip and the bonus to you."

"It isn't your fault Sabine. I came into this with my eyes open. Oh well, sort of open anyway. I certainly didn't expect being naked in front of a stranger within fifteen minutes of checking in."

"I didn't either, but I have been naked in front of so many people it isn't as bad for me as for you."

"True, but I guess what want or feel right now isn't going to make a lot of difference for me."

We walked back out.

"Young man, do you have a place that you can secure the bags for the girls?"

"Excuse me?"

"I'd like you to take their suitcases and store them while we're here. You can do that, right?"

"Of course we can."

He looked at both of us and grinned and then walked up to the table, picked up our suitcases and set them on the luggage cart. His grin was much bigger now. He just figured out that Melody and I were going to be naked without access to any clothes as long as we were here. As he pushed the cart out of the room he spoke.

"Enjoy your stay ladies."

Melody walked over to the couch and sat down, crossing her legs.

"Melody, uncross your legs. That is something that you will not do while we are here. Do you understand?"


She uncrossed her legs but kept her thighs together. All that you could see was the top of her bush. I stood next to the couch. I was starting to get some hair back on top of my pussy. My lips were still bare.

"So Diane, what is going on today and the next few days?"

"We have a meeting here this afternoon. Then we'll see."

"I assume that Melody and I will be here?"

"I would think so or did you two want to go out?"

After that Diane burst out laughing.

"I think you two would cause a stir in the lobby or anywhere else you went."

Melody looked out the window, her lower lip was trembling. She was struggling to keep from crying. I wanted to comfort her, but I didn't want them to know how hard this was for her. I mean, they would most likely figure it out, but we didn't need to give it to them.

"How are we supposed to eat?"

"You use room service."

"You expect us to order food and have it delivered here while we are naked?"

"No, actually I want you to go to the hotel restaurant! Jesus, Sabine! Look, this is the deal for you two. Until you go to bed at night you will be in this part of the suite. You don't have clothes, you don't cover up. You get clothes back when we leave. Until then you both had best figure out a way to accept this. You don't cross your legs, you don't cross your arms. You don't stand in front of one another. You do what you're told to do, without complaint. Is there anything that either of you do not understand?"



"Jim, what time is it?"

"Just about eleven."

"Girls, find the room service menu and decide what you want for lunch."

Melody got up and searched in the desk mostly so she could turn her back on Daniels. He was focused on her ass. If he looked at me he could have seen most of my front, but I think he was enjoying having Melody nude. From what she told me the first time she had been naked in front of him was the day I licked her. He couldn't see much because my head was in the way. But now she couldn't hide much.

Melody came to the couch where I was and sat next to me. We looked through the menu and chose although neither of us really wanted anything. The whole charade was to make us show ourselves to another person. After we had called in our order Diane and Daniels went to their bedrooms.

"Sabine, I don't know if I can handle this."

"Look, pretend your husband is here and he has asked you to do it. Or that it's a dare or something like that. Anything to take your mind as much off the embarrassment as possible."

"If it's so easy, why do you blush so much?"

"I never said it was easy. Just try to get your mind off everything. It's not like either one of us has a choice. Our clothes are gone now and we won't be getting them back. The only thing that is halfway good about this is that we most probably will never see anyone again. And they will not see us again."

"What if they do? What if the people the contract is with come to our office?"

"Try not to let that get into your mind, Melody. Aren't there people other than your husband who have seen you naked?"

"Well, yes, but.."

"So just think of the other guys who have seen you, not Mike."

"But I had a relationship with them, it wasn't just a random stranger."

"Just do your best Melody."

"I'll try."

I gave her a hug and feeling of her gorgeous breasts pressed against mine made me tingle down low. In a way I was hoping she would feel the same way, but I also was not sure that it was a good idea. But oh, it felt so good!

Then Diane walked back into the main room.

"Oh isn't this sweet! Are you two having sex now?"

"No we aren't!"

Which wasn't exactly true since I had eaten Melody and she had gotten me off in the shower. But I didn't think that was a smart thing to tell her. She knew that I had eaten her but not that she had masturbated me. What I had just done was try to comfort her. Of course Diane would take it the way she wanted.

I moved away from Melody and she looked away from Diane. I tried to hold Diane's look but I couldn't. I finally had to look away. A knock on the door broke the staring but it wasn't good.

"Room service!"

Melody seemed to cringe. And Diane noticed.

"Get the door Melody."

I heard her moan softly.

"I'll get it Diane."

"No, you won't. You can stand up by the couch but she'll get the door."

Melody and I were both screwed. I stood up and watched Melody walk slowly to the door. Daniels stuck his head into the room, a smile on his face as he watched her walk to the door, look down at the floor and then up. She opened the door and stood back as the room service waiter pushed a cart into the room and then noticed that a naked woman was holding the door open for him. He stopped, grinned and pushed it further and saw another naked woman standing in front of him. He didn't know where to look but since I was in front of him, his eyes focused on me.

Yes, I am starting to enjoy being naked, but I still blush. And I did, beet red. I looked over his shoulder and Melody was blushing at least as much as I was. Neither one of us could cover up.

"Don't mind the two of them. They just like being naked."

"Is that a fact?"

"Yes it is. When we got here they both took off their clothes and gave up their suitcases. We're going to be here for three days. What you're seeing them in right now is what they are going to be wearing for three days."

"Really? So anyone who comes to this suite will see them just like this?"

"Yes, they will."

The waiter grinned. He set the dishes on the table and looked me up and down. Then he took a good look at Melody. I knew I was blushing but Melody was so red faced it was unbelievable.

"Why don't you two get over there and eat."

Melody glared at Diane. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked to the table. The waiter stepped back so he could get a look at my bare ass and Melody's too. We sat down. We both looked at the food. Neither of us was very hungry. I tried to eat.

"Come on, Melody. Try to eat something."

She finally started to eat.

"All right young man, you can go now."

The waiter took another look at each of us. He had this huge smile. Then he left. Diane and Daniels sat on the couch and watched the two of us.

"Melody, get over it. All it is is a pair of tits, a pussy and an ass."

"Then why don't you strip off?"

"Because I don't have to and you two do."

After we had eaten what we could, which in Melody's case wasn't too much we were told that Diane and Daniels were going out. We were told that we had to call room service and have them pick up the dishes and that both of us had to be in the main room. We were told that they would be checking to be sure that we had followed instructions. Then they left us alone and nude.

"Let's call room service and get it over with now."


So Melody called room service. About twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Room service!"

I got the door this time. Melody was seated at the table with her legs underneath it. Only her boobs were showing. Instead of one waiter there were three of them, two guys and a girl.

"I don't believe this!"

"I told you that they had nothing on."

"You're usually so full of it. Why would anyone believe you?"

The girl was smirking at us almost as bad as the two guys.

"Do you two get off on this?"


Well, not really, at least not Melody.

"Then why do you do it?"

"It's a long story and it's not something that we talk about."

"Are you lesbians?"


"So you just like to show off?"

We were both silent. I did like it but Melody didn't. At least not that I was aware of at this point. What could either one of us say? We didn't have any clothes on and we opened the door for them. Maybe we were stupid? No, we were having a conversation with them for a bit. If I told them I was caught naked in my office, it would just prove exactly what they asked. We had both got red in the face but now Melody was losing her blush. I sort of was also. Amazing what a person can get used to doing, isn't it?

"Well, we had better get back to work. I just wanted you to see that I wasn't seeing things, although I am."

He laughed. The other two did also. Then they took the dishes and silverware and left, laughing at us.

It was pretty humiliating for the guy to bring a girl to see us. It's bad enough for a guy to see us from out standpoint but when a girl does, I always wonder does she think I am a skank or a slut. Besides, we were both older by quite a bit than the three of them. That made it even worse for the two of us.

After they had left us Melody stayed at the table and I sat on the couch. Melody was just staring into space and I was looking out the window. Different things were running through my mind. Finally Melody shook her head and looked at me.

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