tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaught by My Boss Ch. 19

Caught by My Boss Ch. 19


The four strangers were the first into the room and they all saw Melody and I immediately.

"I'll be damned!"

"What is this Jim? Some sort of present for us?"

"Let me introduce you to them. The taller brunette is Melody, my assistant. The blond is Sabine, Diane's assistant."

SHIT! We were no longer anonymous bodies. They knew who we were and that we worked with Daniels and Diane. There were two men and a woman and much younger woman.

"Girls, this is Mr. Larson. The taller gentleman is Mr. Christie. The lady is Ms. Anderson and the younger girl is Kathleen. They are the principals in the firm we are negotiating with for the contract. Kathleen is here to take notes for them. Would you please set out the water and glasses on the table."

As Melody and I moved to the water and glasses and carried them to the table the woman spoke.

"Is this some sort of game?"

"No, actually they both volunteered to come here and gave up their clothes for the time we'll be here."

"So, you are telling us that they are doing this of their own free will?"




We both knew better than to say it wasn't. I was enjoying it in a way. I was pretty sure Melody wasn't but from our conversation earlier, maybe I was wrong. I glanced at her and her nipples were sticking out, just like mine. The younger woman was just staring at us, dumfounded. We placed the water and glasses on the table and stepped back.

"What's the point of having them naked?"

"For one, I enjoy it. For another it's fun to embarrass them. For a third, I thought some of you would like it."

The woman stepped up to me. I was sort of looking down and she took a finger and pushed my chin up. I had to look at her.

"Are you enjoying this?"

I was red in the face and forcing myself to keep my arms down.

"Sort of."

She chuckled and turned to Melody. Melody was much stronger than me and she looked at the woman. The woman chuckled again.

"This one appears to have more spirit than the other. How about you? Are you enjoying this?"


"But you did remove your clothes, correct? No one stripped you. You did it to yourself."


"You knew we were coming and you took off your clothes."


Every comment or question made Melody turn redder.

"So, I am guessing that you are enjoying this also, just like your little blond friend."

"No, I'm not enjoying it!"

"If you aren't enjoying it why did you take your clothes off?"

"I'm paying off a debt."

"Caroline, I think that is enough of the questions. We need to set the parameters for our discussions."

The woman reluctantly left Melody alone. They all went to the table and sat down. Diane looked at the two of us and gave us both a cold smile. She motioned behind us. We both sort of looked there and saw a wet bar with three stools.

"Girls, face two of the stools towards the table. Then I want you to get on them, put your asses on the edge and your feet on the rungs of the stools on the side. Then you can sit there quietly while we have our short meeting today."

Melody and I walked over to the bar and turned the stools to face the table. Both of us knew what a display we were about to make. It wasn't easy for me to get up on my stool but it had to be much harder for Melody. Because when we sat as Diane had instructed, our legs were open, facing the table and our pussies were displayed. Of course Daniels and Diane took the chairs facing away from us. The others sat facing us except for the young woman who had accompanied them. But even she was looking at us as she sat at the end of the table and took out her note pad. She had this look of incredulity on her face.

The two men had huge smiles on their faces. The woman had a stone face. I was so embarrassed to be showing what I was but I still had hard nipples and the ever present tingle down low. I glanced at Melody and her nipples were erect also. My face was hot and hers was beet red.

To their credit, they focused on the short meeting, although while one was speaking, the others took the opportunity to look at Melody and I. Once the meeting started the young woman focused on taking notes and had to ignore us. When they had finally finished and were packing up their stuff one of them spoke to Daniels.

"They are really your assistants?"

"Yes, they are."

"So they aren't women you hired for this purpose?"

"No, they work for our firm. It wouldn't be quite as much fun if they had been hired just for this. Look at how they are both blushing. I don't think that strippers hired for this would be blushing, do you?"

"Probably not. It does seem like a wonderful idea for work though."

He turned to the young woman.

"Kathleen, what would it take for you?"

She looked at him with a shocked expression on her face. And then a little smile.

"You wouldn't be willing to pay enough for that."

"Try me."

"No, make me an offer."

She looked over to us and I realized that perhaps she wasn't as shocked as she looked.

"This could be interesting. I'll think on that Kathleen and perhaps we can come to an agreement."

She just nodded and looked back at Melody and I. For that matter everyone in the room was looking at Melody and I. Two mid thirties women, nude, with their legs open in a hotel room was not a sight seen every day!

I'm not going to lie to you. Yes, I was pretty embarrassed to be sitting with my legs open in front of some people that I had just met. But every time one of them looked between my legs I felt a rush of heat down there. Poor Melody though, I tried to peek over at her and her lower lip was trembling and I am pretty sure that she was very close to crying. It had to be awfully hard for her.

The three from the other firm stood around chatting with Diane and Daniels and looking at us occasionally, but the young woman had no part in the conversation and stood to the side just staring at the two of us. It made me feel pretty uncomfortable and I can only imagine how Melody felt. They finally left, the two men smirking at us as they left and the woman looking us both up and down coldly. That gave me a chill.

Diane let us get off the stools. Of course we had to order room service and it was a different person, a young woman, who delivered our dinner and who seemed pretty shocked to see two nude women in a suite with a clothed man and a clothed woman. She was professional about it after the initial shock and set out our food on the table. She gave us a wry little grin as she walked by us which was probably worse for us than anything. Neither one of us ate much again.

But the main problem was that having the girl walk in and see me naked was arousing me once more. My nipples were hard and erect and as I glance towards Melody I realized that hers were also. I began to wonder if she was becoming like me. If she was having the same feelings that I was. My face was warm once more so I knew that I was blushing again and so was Melody but did her nipples give her away? Were they hard because she was getting aroused? I couldn't ask her in front of Daniels or Diane, because that would be too embarrassing for her. But could I ask her if we were alone?

After Daniels and Diane watched us with the waitress coming into the room they told us that they were going out and that we were to stay in the main room until they returned. I turned on the television after they left and sort of watched it. My mind was running a hundred miles an hour and I couldn't pay attention to the programs. I wanted to know if she was getting aroused also. I couldn't figure out a way to ask her that wouldn't embarrass and humiliate her. I certainly didn't want to do that to Melody.

Melody spent most of the time that they were gone staring out the window, silent. I didn't know what to say to her so I was silent also. They finally came back and Diane had a bag with her, apparently she had done some shopping. She told us to go to bed since tomorrow was going to a big day. We went into our bedroom and Melody stood looking at the bed. I pulled down the comforter, blanket and sheet and then I stood and looked at her.

"Melody, please get into bed. We both need to get some sleep."

She jumped a little when I spoke. Then she gave me a weak smile.

"I haven't been good company for you, have I?"

"I understand Melody. I know how hard this has been for you."

I climbed into the bed and mostly covered myself.

"Come to bed, please."

She got in on her side and laid facing away from me. Then suddenly she turned and moved up to me, her arm across my stomach and laid her head on my shoulder and started crying.

"I am so ashamed of myself, Sabine. What if Mike finds out?"

There was nothing I could say to that. All I could do was put my arms around her and hold her as she cried. I felt terrible. The worst part was that as bad as I felt for her the touch of her body all along mine was erotic and stimulating. I felt the heat in my belly grow again and my nipples erected immediately. The softness of her against me made me want to kiss and caress her but I knew that would be a mistake. So I just held her and murmured softly that it would be all right. Eventually she cried herself out and became silent and I think she fell asleep. She fell asleep with my naked body pressed along hers. It felt so good! It took a long time for me to fall asleep with her.

When the morning came we were still together in bed. I was on my back and Melody's head was on my right breast and her breath was warm and sensual across my skin. Her right leg was over mine and her pussy was against my hip, warm and furry. Her right breast was pressed against my side. I could feel her nipple pushing on me. I didn't want to get up but Diane called to us.

"Get out of bed and clean up girls. The others will be here in a couple of hours and you need to order breakfast."

I shook Melody awake and she was slightly disorientated and then feeling my nakedness against her own she moved away. She blushed very prettily. She had trouble looking at me.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"I shouldn't have been like that."

"Melody, we've seen each other naked. I even have, ah, made love to you. Sleeping nude is no big deal."

She got up still blushing and went into the bathroom. I followed her and she began to wash up. I had to pee bad and sat on the toilet. She did her best to ignore me while I peed.

"If you have to go too, I'll leave you alone."

She smiled at me gratefully. When I finished I went back in the bedroom to give her some privacy. A little later she called me back in.


"No problem."

I smiled at her and washed up while she made herself up. Even if she wasn't happy with what was going on she wanted to look good. So did I for that matter. I put on my makeup and gave her a hug.

"We've gone through the bad part Melody. Today will be just more of the same."

"Somehow with the two of them, I don't think the bad part has happened yet."

"What else could they do to us?"

Melody was silent and then so was I. We walked out the main part of the suite and ordered breakfast from room service. We were both pretty sure that every one in the kitchen and the waiters knew that we were in 814 and totally naked. Just to make it worse Diane told us to get on the bar stools like we had to yesterday. Neither Melody nor I was too happy about that but we did it anyway. Both of us were thinking about what we were going to look like when breakfast was delivered. The waiter was not disappointed. Melody and I both got very red and the waiter seemed awfully happy. Four boobs and two pussies were on display and when he put the food on the table we were no more than six feet from him with our legs open.

Yes, I was hot, hot in two ways. My face was red and my lower body was getting very tingly and warm. I was starting to get afraid that I was going to leak. I glanced over at Melody and her nipples looked like mine, sticking out and they looked erect. I wondered about her once more. Could she be getting to the point where she might be enjoying this just a little bit?

The room service waiter took his time setting out breakfast so he could get a nice long look at the two of us. We were both red in the face, very red. The probable difference was that my lower area was very warm and tingly and every time he looked at my pussy it was like a jolt in my lower belly. He finally left and Melody and I sat down to eat. So did Diane and Daniels. We ate better today, most likely because we were hungry after not eating too much the previous day.

After eating, Diane, the bitch, called housekeeping to have them clear the table and get set up for the meeting, which was not good. It was a maid that came in and she obviously did not speak very much English. Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw the two of us. At least we were seated on the couch rather than those stupid stools, but still! I was starting to think that she was going to have the entire hotel staff walk through the suite. Melody and I were getting a full ration of embarrassment. After the initial shock of seeing two naked women, the maid had this silly smile on her face. She didn't look at us directly, but she was sneaking looks at us while she cleaned the table.

I know that my nipples were still hard and Melody's looked like they were also. Maybe she was beginning to like being nude. Like I have said before, if you somewhat enjoy being embarrassed, being nude in front of people can be a total rush. Especially if they are dressed. It feels terribly naughty. The way that I was feeling, after all that had happened so far, was that I wanted someone to take me. Not Daniels or any of the others who would be here shortly, but someone of my choosing. Not much of chance of that happening to me, was there?

The people from the other firm showed up around 9:30. After Melody and I had prepared the table with water and coffee we were directed to sit as we had yesterday. So up on the stools we went, feet to each side, legs open and in plain sight. We were ignored, except for the looks we got from time to time. Around 11 they took a break. Diane stood up and looked at us.

"They seem to be getting used to this, don't they? I guess after being naked for while, in front of the same people, it isn't as embarrassing or humiliating anymore."

I couldn't fault her thinking and a short glance at Melody told me that she wasn't blushing like she had yesterday.

I think maybe we need to add something so they can feel humiliated a little more."

With that Diane strode off to her bedroom and returned holding two things that made Melody's mouth drop open and caused me to gasp audibly. In each hand she held a suction cup dildo that looked to be larger than any cock I had ever seen. It was thick and veins twisted around it. The head looked so huge and there were balls just above the suction cup base. She walked up to the two of us and held them out.

"Girls, just fasten one on each stool and then you can sit back down."

She intended for us to impale ourselves! Melody spoke up, heatedly.

"I will not do that!"

"Melody, Melody, remember what you were told. If you refuse to do as you are told, Sabine will be punished. Do you want to reconsider?"

"I am not doing anything like that, not for you or anyone else!"

"Fine. Jim would mind taking Sabine to the end of the table. The rest of you might want to face the end."

Daniels, with a huge grin, grabbed my arm and pulled me off my stool. I actually didn't end up at the end of the table, just to the side of the end. Daniels pushed me over and held my head down as he moved to the other side and grasped my hands, holding me in place. I heard movement behind me and a couple of chuckles. I thought I knew what was coming and I was partially correct. Diane started spanking me with her hand. The slapping noises were loud and I could feel my ass jiggling from each impact. I had resolved myself to accept this and be brave. I didn't want to do what she had told us either.

Diane slapped my ass over and over and I could tell it was turning red and it was getting hot too. My fair skin made my ass redden very fast and the more I was spanked the redder it got. After about twenty good hard swats I was starting to squirm and beginning to pant and gasp.

"Do you wish to change your mind, Melody?"


Diane walked away. I could hear that and then comments from behind me.

"Her ass sure turned nice and red."

"Did you see the way it jiggled?"

"I'm surprised she isn't bawling."

Diane returned and dropped something on the table with a clatter. I turned my head to see what looked like a ping pong paddle. The next thing on the table was Diane's jacket from her business suit. She picked up the paddle and swung and my head jerked up and I shrieked. My left cheek exploded in pain as if some one had poured gasoline on it and lit it on fire. She swung again and my right cheek caught fire and I shrieked again. Daniels took out a handkerchief and she hit my left cheek again and my mouth opened to scream, he stuffed it in. Diane pummeled my ass to giggles and outright laughter and my shrieks and screams were muffled. My ass bobbed up and down in a futile effort to cool it.

"Change your mind Melody?"

There was dead silence. The only sound was my gasping around the handkerchief in my mouth. Daniels still held my hands and the brief respite allowed me to lay my head on the table. I had tears streaking my cheeks and snot bubbling out of my nose. Diane waited for a few moments then she swung again and the pain exploded and my head jerked up and I howled. Jesus it hurt! She kept hitting me for a short while and I felt my ass compress and jiggle from each one. She stopped again and lightly rubbed her hand over my burning cheeks.

"I-I-I'll do i-i-it."

Daniels let go of my hands and I jerked back and my hands went to my burning ass, gently clutching it and whimpering.

"Take the handkerchief and wipe your face and nose Sabine. Then get over to your stool."

I took the handkerchief out of my mouth and wiped my eyes and my nose and then dropped it. I walked slowly to the stool I had been on and saw Melody standing by hers. Her face was white with shock at the beating I had just received. Diane picked up the two dildos and extended them to us. We took them reluctantly. We both looked at them like they were poisonous snakes. Diane picked up her jacket and took a small bottle of astroglide out of her pocket. She handed it to me and smirked.

"You can show Melody how to use this. I'm pretty sure that you know how."

I wasn't going to refuse because she would keep blistering my ass until I did what she wanted me to do. My face flushed as red as my ass from the implied comment that she had watched me use a dildo before. Which, of course, got chuckles from everyone except Melody and the young girl. I held the bottle and dildo in one hand and drooled spit on the suction cup, feeling extremely humiliated as everyone was watching me. I pushed the base of the dildo down on the seat of the stool and then opened the bottle, drizzling some of the astroglide on the dildo. I smeared it around the head and shaft with one finger and then set the bottle on the wet bar. I took a quick peek at Melody and she was looking at the floor, her lower lip trembling. There was nothing I could do for her. I climbed on the stool, set my feet on the side rungs and closing my eyes I grasped the horrid thing.

I lowered myself until the tip touched me and then centered it on my pussy. I was feeling a little sick to my stomach at what I was going to do and lowered more. The tip spread my lips and I pushed down gently. I could feel it stretching me open and groaned.

"Christ that looks huge! Can she take it?"

"I think Sabine will surprise you."

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