tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by My Boss Ch. 21

Caught by My Boss Ch. 21


\I woke up Saturday, the day after being at Melody and Mike's home. I was in my bed naked. I lay there and remembered the night there and how I was both embarrassed and humiliated and then aroused. Then I remembered using the wine bottle. I shivered when I remembered that.

For some reason I was expecting Melody to call me but she didn't. I spent a very quiet day at my apartment. I even got dressed. I read a little and watched some television. I did laundry, every bit that I had. I thought about my life over the past few weeks.

I thought about how my own stupidity had started me on a path that I never thought I would travel. I thought about how many people had seen me naked in the last few weeks and I thought about how many before that. I only counted people that would have been considered a sexual type situation and it was only three before. My three boyfriends. My first love, the boy that I gave my virginity to back in high school. Then my college boyfriend, the one that I lived with, much to my parent's dismay with their little girl. That lasted for my last year of college and the two years after.

I was surprised to realize that it was almost two years from then to my next boyfriend. That lasted a little over a year. It was from the time I was 28 until now, age 32, and I had dated but nothing serious.

I hadn't even been with a girl, well, except for Melody and that wasn't exactly either of our idea.

Now, in just a few short weeks close to 40 people had seen me naked. Now that I think of it, it's closer to 60 people. And I am not sure that I want it to end. The reason that I am saying that is that I am not sure if Melody will continue doing what she has. Diane has pretty much left me alone, other than expecting me to sell my panties at work and the meetings.

I don't miss her one bit. She started it all but now it's like she is bored with me. Daniels would love to be able to control me but I think Diane has stopped that before it got started and for that I am pretty happy and relieved.

I'm just not sure that I want everything to stop. I just want it to be Melody telling me what to do. Maybe some time in the future I would change but I know what I want right now. I just don't know if I'll get what I want.

Well, anyway, I spent a quiet weekend and Monday was off to work. Diane called a staff meeting. Melody got to answer the phones for us and I was nervous, thinking of all the bad things that Diane could do to me. Boy was I surprised!

In the meeting Diane informed everyone that she was no longer buying me panties for them to buy from me. Because of that, unless I was willing to give up my panties for twenty dollars apiece there was going to be no more stripping of Sabine. Of course that caused some upset amongst everyone else but me. There was some bitching and whining until Kate came up with an idea. Since on the executive meeting days I was still going to be naked in the meeting while I served coffee and water, Kate suggested that I just either take off my clothes when I arrived and stay naked until the meeting was over or that I just come to work without clothes at all. I was shocked! Diane smiled that dirty smile of hers.

"Well Sabine, what do you think of those ideas?"

"I don't want to do either one."

"It seems as though your coworkers are going to be disappointed and that doesn't seem quite fair. I'll talk to Mr. Prescott and see what he thinks."

I got that nervous feeling in my stomach all over again. Diane dismissed the meeting after telling everyone that Mr. Prescott would make the decision and there would be no further discussion. That didn't go over well with them either. At least for Monday I would be staying dressed all day for a change. And since the executive meeting wasn't until Friday I was going to be dressed for the rest of the week until the meeting. Or at least that was what I was hoping.

But later on that day I found that I was somewhat disappointed. Stupid huh? Here I was keeping my clothes on at work again and I was feeling disappointed. I found it hard to believe that I was feeling that way. No telling what runs through a person's mind, is there?

On Tuesday Melody and I went to lunch together. She could tell that I was conflicted.

"What's wrong Sabine?"

"Oh nothing much."

"Come on Sabine, something is bothering you. What is it?"

"Well, Diane at that meeting yesterday, well she told everyone that she wasn't going to be buying me panties anymore for them to buy from me."

"That's great! At least now you won't be stripping anymore everyday."

"Yeah, well, Kate made some suggestions."

"Like what?"

"Well, she suggested that I undress the day of the executive meeting when I come into work and stay naked until the meeting is over or that I come to work on that day without clothes at all."

"Diane isn't going to make you do that is she?"

"No, she isn't, but she is going to talk to Prescott and let him decide."

"I'm sure that he won't want you running around naked all day or for most of the day. I bet that you don't have a thing to worry about."

"I don't think so either, but promise me that you won't think I am crazy Melody. I sort of miss it."

"You miss having to strip for anyone on staff who hands you a twenty?"

"Yeah, sort of, Melody. I can't explain it to you but I do."

She kind of smiled at me.

"So you're telling me that you like being naked?"

"Don't think I am stupid or crazy, please. The thing that I like the most is being told to take off my clothes or having to do it like when someone hands me twenty dollars and I know what I have to do. The night that you and I went to the library, well, it was almost perfect Melody. You took me up to some people and told them I would take off my clothes for them. I wanted to do it because you told me to do it Melody. It's good for me because you tell me or make me."

"So you are saying that it's better for you if you are made to do things?"

"Yes, oh God yes!"

As soon as I said that I cringed inside because I didn't know for sure how Melody would take it. I didn't know if she would be disgusted with me. She just sat across the table from me and looked at me.

"I'm sorry Melody. I shouldn't have said that."

"It's all right Sabine. I don't know what to say."

"I understand. I'm sorry."

We finished lunch and went back to work. Both of us were very quiet. The rest of the week went by pretty much normally except for Thursday. Diane had talked to Prescott in the morning and in the afternoon she took me to his office. It was around 2 in the afternoon.

"So girl, Diane has told me about the suggestions that one of your coworkers made when she told them that you would not be selling panties to them anymore."

He had this huge grin on his face because I think he knew what was going on but hadn't seen me do anything except for the meetings.

"What do you think about the suggestions?"

"I don't really like either of them, sir."

"I can understand that but it seems sort of unfair for you to stop being naked around your coworkers after all that has gone on already. Don't you agree?"

"No, I don't. There was a reason for what happened."

"I know girl. You were prancing around this office naked and got caught at it. Now you feel like that should be ignored by management. Well, that is not going to happen."

He fixed me with a hard glare and I dropped my eyes. I couldn't look at him.

"So, which suggestion of your coworker appeals to you?"

Shit! He was going to make me choose one!

"I guess the undressing at work."

"I thought that would be your choice. Do you think I should let you choose?"

"I don't know, I guess so."

"You are a pretty stupid girl, aren't you?"

"I'm not stupid."

"Do you like your job?"


"Then take off your clothes, girl, all of them."

I stood and stared at him, slightly disbelieving. I should have known better.

"Either take off your clothes or go to your desk, get your personal things and leave."

If my rent and car payment were not due I think I would have left. But they were and I slowly removed my clothes.

"The stockings and shoes also, please."

When I had removed them, I was completely naked.

"Fold your clothes nicely and then pick them up and come with me."

I folded up my business suit, underwear and everything else and put my shoes on the top of the pile and picked it up. Prescott walked out his door and I followed him. He walked down the hall to the staff area and I hesitantly followed him. He stopped in front of Kate's desk and turned to me.

"Since it was this young lady's idea please give her your clothes. You will be able to pick them up at 5 o'clock today. Oh, and for tomorrow, you may wear a coat and shoes to work. When you arrive you will remove them. This young lady will get them from you and keep them for you. You will get them back at the end of the business day. You will not be required to do anything other than your job duties, which includes the executive meeting. But anything that is normally required of you, you will do without complaint."

He took my arm and tugged me forward and I slowly handed Kate my clothes. She smirked at me and opened the bottom drawer of her desk and set them inside it. I watched the drawer close on my clothes. The entire staff was standing and looking at me, chuckling and giggling.

"Now, you may go to your desk and get to work. Oh, and this will be your working attire on Friday's from here on."

When he said that his eyes went from my eyes to my boobs and down to my pussy and then back up to my eyes. He smirked at me also. He leaned against Kate's desk.

"As long as Diane is pleased with your performance you will be dressed like this only on Friday's. But if there is any problem with you from her standpoint you will spend the next week naked. Any additional issues with you will result in the next offense being two weeks, then three weeks, and I think you get the idea. So, my dear, if you want to wear clothes at work I suggest you be on your best behavior. Well, what are you waiting for?"

I started and then hurried to my desk, passing Melody's on the way. I heard her gasp as I hurried by her. I scurried around my desk and sat down to hide my lower body as fast as I could. I felt sick to my stomach, even though I had a little spot of heat down low in my belly. It took me several minutes to get my head on straight enough so that I could start working. It was quite a while before I stopped thinking about being naked. As the lunch hour approached, Kate and two of her girlfriends at work walked by.

"Want to join us for lunch, Sabine?"

And they all started giggling as they walked away. I was so embarrassed it wasn't funny. Later, when almost everyone was gone to lunch, Melody walked up to my desk.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Oh, Diane told them that I wasn't going to be selling panties anymore, she wouldn't buy them for me and told them that I didn't have enough money to do it either. So Kate suggested that I be made to be naked on the meeting days. Diane wouldn't commit to anything but said she would talk to Prescott. I had to go and see him today with Diane and he decided that I could be naked for the entire Friday of the meetings and he made me strip in his office and then give my clothes to Kate."

"Jesus Christ!"


I sort of hung my head. I was still embarrassed and sort of more so with Melody standing there even though she has seen me naked a lot. But also with her there I was tingling low down. I was so fucked up!

"I've been thinking about what you said Sabine."

"What I said?"

"Yes. Are you feeling a little aroused right now?"

I felt my face heat up. I couldn't lie to her though.

"Sort of, yes."

"Are you enjoying this?"

"Well, yes and no."

"Are you doing anything tomorrow night?"

"No, why?"

"I want you to come to my house after work."

"OK, I will go home and change and then come over."

"No. You will come over right after work. No going home or anything else. Do you understand?"

My stomach gave a little flip. I looked at her and I wanted to say thank you, but I bit my tongue.

"I understand Melody."

I spent the rest of my day naked, working and having almost everyone come to the little alcove that my desk was in. I didn't have to stand up for them, but I was caught twice with my back to the hallway, bent over to file something in one of the cabinets. I heard giggling behind me and straightened up immediately but I knew that they had seen everything. I'd blush each time someone came by, even if only my boobs were showing. It was horrible! It was arousing! The only good thing was that Diane let me know that the bonus for the trip had been deposited in my checking account.

I had to walk to Kate's desk to get my clothes and the entire staff was waiting for me, big grins and smiles on their faces. Kate handed me my clothes, first the stockings and heels, then my bra and blouse, dragging out the time as much as she could before I could get my pussy covered. No matter how many times they had seen me without clothes it was humiliating for me and I turned beet red almost immediately upon entering the staff area.

She gave me my skirt first then my panties and I had to pull the skirt up to pull my panties up and ended up showing my pussy once again. I was so happy when I was dressed and could go home. I made one stop on my way home, my bank, so I could get the thousand dollars out in cash and be able to give it to Melody and Mike Friday night when I went to their house. I knew that they needed it much more than I did. I could make ends meet on my salary but they were having problems.

I spent a quiet night at my apartment, fixing dinner for myself and cleaning up. I was still slightly worked up over having to be totally naked today and knowing that I was going to have to do it again tomorrow. I was kind of nervous about it, thinking of all the things that could go wrong, like Diane having customers to her office or getting caught by customers in the hallway. I am ashamed to admit that I masturbated when I went to bed. And during the night I had awful dreams of being seen by more people at work than I already had, workmen coming in, customers and every bad thing I could think of. It wasn't very restful at all.

The next morning I showered, ate something even though my stomach was not the best, put on makeup and a pair of heels and got my trench coat. I put it on and stepped out of my apartment, feeling exposed even though I was covered. The drive to work was uneventful except it dawned on me that I was going to Melody's like I was and that I wasn't going to have any clothes at her place and that Mike was going to see me naked again.

When I got to work I was hesitant to remove my coat but eventually I did, hanging it in my closet and setting my heels in it also. I had forgotten that Kate was to get my coat and shoes. The bitch sure hadn't! She came in with her friends and made me get my coat and heels and walk with them to the staff area and give them to her there which put me naked in front of all of them once more, blushing. Then I had to walk out of the staff area so they could see my bare ass jiggle and bounce as I walked out.

My ass of a boss, Diane, made me go and make copies twice so I had to go back to the staff area two times and she sent me to the mail room to check for an envelope which I was sure there wasn't one, but that forced me to be naked in front of the youngest two guys in the office.

I hate to admit it but my nipples were stiff and my pussy felt awfully wet. Because of all the things that she made me do, I was kind of upset, so when the meeting started I forgot to not turn my back on Mr. Prescott and he got his finger up my pussy not once but twice during the meeting. At least I didn't shriek when he did it, but I gasped and almost jumped off the floor. I pulled away from him which made several people chuckle and the old bastard held up his finger and looked at it which made me turn bright red. All in all it was not a very good day when you factor in the traffic by my alcove. Didn't people have work to do?

The absolute worst part of all was that my nipples were as hard as they could get and everyone noticed them. That, of course, resulted in comments about my nipples and how stiff they were which made me turn red.

Later in the afternoon Diane sent me with a file to Mr. Prescott's office. I know that she did it on purpose because Roberta, Prescott's assistant, is old enough to be my mother and very straitlaced. She had to have heard about what was going on with me. It was the talk of the office but when I turned and walked into her sight, her mouth tightened and her eyes narrowed.

"You should be ashamed of yourself Sabine! If all of us hadn't been told to shut up we'd be filing complaints with someone about this. How can you walk around here naked?"

"You don't understand Roberta."

"You bet I don't and I don't like it. You're just a little slut."

She got up and went to Prescott's door and opened it.

"Sabine is here with a file she says you wanted."

Prescott walked out and looked me up and down, smirking. Behind his back Roberta was not smiling at all. He took the file from me.

"Is Diane pleased with you?"

"I believe so."

"You better pray that she is, girl. Get back to work."

He stood and watched me turn and walk away. I was beginning to feel so humiliated. I got back to my desk and resumed working. I had the usual traffic, trying to catch me standing up and showing everything. The afternoon did go fairly quickly except that I had to go and get my coat and heels from Kate. Of course she gave me my heels first and waiting until I had them on before she would give me my coat. I went back to my desk and got my purse and left.

Now I just had to go to Melody's where her husband was going to see me naked for the second time. My coat brushed my nipples and made them tingle as I walked to my car and got inside it. I did my usual careful drive, not wanting to be stopped for anything. When I pulled up in front of their house I was relieved to be there but sort of dreading having to go inside. I finally got out of my car and walked up to the front door. I rang the bell and Mike answered the door.

"Is that Sabine?"

"Yes it is honey."

"Hang up her coat for her Mike."

Aw, damnit. I unbuttoned my coat and slipped it off and Mike's eyes bugged out. He stared at me for a bit before he took my coat and hung it in the front closet.

"Melody is in the kitchen."

I walked to the kitchen with Mike following me. I guess I wasn't uncomfortable but I wasn't feeling really good either. Melody smiled at me and looked right at my pussy and the hair that was growing back.

"I think we need to clean you up a bit Sabine."

I was not sure what she meant, but I had an idea, sort of. She walked off and in a few minutes came back with a towel, washcloth, shaving cream, and a razor. She laid everything on the kitchen counter and looked at me, grinning.

"Hop up on the counter and spread your legs Sabine."

I did as I was told.

"Mike, shave her. Leave a strip up from her pussy about two inches wide, but take everything else off, including her pussy lips."

Melody leaned against the counter at right angles to me and Mike looked at her and then at my spread legs. He grinned and stepped between my legs. He took the shaving cream and squirted a good amount on my abdomen and then rubbed it on me, my lower belly and pussy lips. It made me shiver.

Then he picked up the razor and shaved above my pussy, leaving a strip of hair, not very long hair yet. He looked down at my pussy and without hesitation he stuck a finger up me and used his thumb to pull my left lip over. He carefully shaved down beside my pussy. I was biting my lip and struggling to keep from humping his hand.

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