Caught by My Boss Ch. 21


Once he had the outside shaved he flattened out my lip and carefully shaved that. Then he pulled my right lip over and shaved along it. Last for my pussy he flattened out the right lip and shaved down it. Then he moistened the washcloth in the sink and wiped me off. He had to a little touch up to get all the hairs except for what was going to stay. By now I would have let him fuck me if he took his dick out and stuck it in me. He really surprised me by what he did next.

He took me by the thighs and pushed them back. That opened my ass cheeks and I was starting to feel pretty embarrassed but not half as much as when he picked up the shaving cream and squirted some right between my cheeks.

"Hold your legs up."

I was in such a state of shock that I obeyed without even thinking. Mike picked up the razor and shaved between my cheeks too. I was so happy that he didn't stick a finger up my ass! He sure ran fingers over my anus though. I hadn't noticed that Melody had left the kitchen until he was almost done shaving me and I heard footsteps. I glanced to my right and I know my face turned bright red as two people that I had never seen before walked into Melody's kitchen. And here I am bare ass naked with Mike shaving between my ass cheeks. Melody came in grinning.

"Sabine, this is my brother and his wife, Jim and Kathy."

Yeah, sure, I said hello. NOT! I couldn't speak I was so embarrassed. The first time I see someone and I am naked. My face was burning up and I couldn't make eye contact with either of them.

"Sabine is a friend from work. She likes to be naked in front of people. And probably some other things that I don't know about yet. Well, except that she likes to be told what to do."

"Melody, I know that you told us she would be here and be naked, but I didn't believe you until I walked into the kitchen."

"If she likes it so much why is her face red?"

"She told me that she gets embarrassed and humiliated when she is seen. It sort of contradicts with her being willing to get naked but it is kind of cute."

"Are you guys hungry?"

"Yeah, it's been a bitch of a day."

"Mike, why don't you order a couple of pizzas?"

"Just a minute, I have to finish."

He took the washcloth and wiped between my cheeks, the cheeks that I was sort of holding open, with three people besides him standing in the same room watching. Then he took the towel and dried me off while my legs were still spread and up in the air. I could have died of embarrassment but my lower belly was twitching and I felt oh so warm down there. He laid the towel on the counter next to me and I didn't know what to do so stupidly I kept my legs up and open.

"Sabine, you can put your legs down now."

Now my face really got hot as I realized how stupid I had been. I lowered my legs and my thighs clamped together, just a bit of my pubic hair showing and had to fight myself to keep from covering my little boobs. I sat on the counter as Mike called and ordered pizza.

"We're all going to the living room now and play a game while we wait for the pizza. The game is called Ask Sabine and I'll start so you get an idea of how to play it."

We walked into the living room and Melody made me go first so they could watch my bare ass while I walked.

"You three sit on the couch and Sabine I want you to sit on the coffee table in front of them and when you sit down I want you to open your legs for them."

I watched them sit down, grinning at me, and then I sat down on the coffee table and slowly opened my legs. Not seductively but because I really didn't want to do it. I mean, I did, sort of, but it was embarrassing.

"OK, now for Ask Sabine. Sabine, are your nipples hard?"

Melody knew how to embarrass me even more because I felt my face get really warm.


"Why are they hard?"

"An, um, because, ah, it makes me, ah, I get turned on like this."

"Like what?"

"When I am, um, naked."

"You're saying that you get turned on when you are naked in front of people?"

"Ah, yes."

"How are you feeling right now?"

"Embarrassed and sort of humiliated."


"Because I am naked and ah, I shouldn't be."

"All right, you guys get the idea, right?"

They all answered yes.

"Then go ahead and ask her any questions that you want."

"Is your pussy wet?"

I really didn't want to answer that question.


Melody looked at me and I glanced at her.

"Sabine, I think you are lying. If one of us touched your pussy right now I am betting that it would be wet. Tell the truth."

"Well, sort of."

The giggling and chuckling made my face get even warmer.

"I thought so. That's one lie for you Sabine."

"Do you enjoy being naked in front of us?"

"Sort of."

"Have you ever used a dildo?"

Damn that Melody!

"Um, yes."

"How about a vibrator?"


"How many men have fucked you?"

"Three, ah no, five."

"Have you had sex with a woman?"

Just then the doorbell rang.

"Sabine, why don't you get the door?"

"You can't be serious Melody. You expect her to answer the door naked?"

"Yes, I do."

All three of them watched me as I stood up and hesitantly walked towards the front door. As soon as I started all of them got up and walked behind me. When I got to the door I opened it just a bit.


"Pizza delivery ma'am."

I stood there shivering for a moment. My eyes were on the floor and I was feeling both good and bad.

"Sabine, open the door, now!"

I stepped back and pulled the door open and the pizza guy was there. He stepped forward, looking at the four of them curiously because they all were grinning. Then his head turned to me. His eyes went down and saw my boobs and my erect nipples. He chuckled and his eyes went further down to the small strip of hair above my slit. He couldn't help but see the bare lips underneath it.

"Nice lady!"

I was so humiliated! I was also feeling my lower abdomen heating up. And I had to stand there while he stared at me. Melody didn't say a word for about a minute, which to me seemed forever.

"The pizzas?"

"Oh, yeah, here."

Mike took the pizzas and Melody paid him for them. He wasn't paying much attention to her, she could have given him a dollar and he would not have noticed. He had the biggest grin on his face and so did the others. I was so happy when he backed up, still staring at me, so I could close the door. Melody led us all back to the living room and had them sit on the couch again. The pizzas were placed on the end of the coffee table and I was told to sit with my legs apart again behind them. Even if I felt embarrassed by how exposed I was, I was enjoying it. It felt like heat from their eyes was making my pussy get warmer and warmer.

When the pizza was finished and Mike took the boxes and other stuff away Melody announced that it was time to play Ask Sabine again.

"Where were we?"

"I think it was have you had sex with a woman?"

I glanced at Melody and she seemed calm enough but I didn't know if I should answer truthfully.

"Ah, yes."

Thankfully they let it pass at that and the glance I gave to Melody let me see some relief on her face.

"Do you like to be tied up?"

"Ah, kind of, I guess."

"Have you ever been spanked as an adult?"

"Ah, yes."

"Who spanked you? A boyfriend?"

"No, ah, my, ah, boss."

Even though I had started to relax and was in some disturbing way beginning to enjoy the evening, that question and my answer started the humiliation to build inside me once more. Admitting that my boss had spanked me was horrible. Especially after they all burst out laughing when I tell them that my boss had spanked me. I could feel my face heat up once more.

"Where did she spank you?"

"In, ah her office."

"At work?"


This resulting in another burst of laughter.

"Tell us what happened."

I was so embarrassed by my admissions and getting aroused by them also. I looked around at each one of them, seeing what I would call eager looks on their faces. I wanted to tell them and I didn't want to tell them what had happened to me that day. I looked down at the floor, blushing already, just thinking about it.

"Come on Sabine, you can tell us."

I took a deep breath and looked at them in turn. Even if it would be humiliating I knew I was going to get really aroused by telling them. Even more than I was sitting in front of all of them naked.

"Well, I can't remember what I did or didn't do that made Diane angry with me, just that she told me to come into her office. She was sitting on a chair in the middle of the office, right in front of the couch she has for guests."

"Wait a minute! Were there other people there too?"

I didn't think my face could have gotten any hotter but it did. Melody had this huge grin on her face.

"There were other people in her office!"

"Come on, you have to tell us what happened!"

I looked down at the floor again.

"She made me stand to the right of her and took my left arm and pulled me down over her lap. Then she started telling me what a dummy I was for whatever it was I had done. And then she swatted me on the ass."

My face had to be beet red. I was so embarrassed to be telling this to them!

"She, ah, spanked me a few times and then her hand grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it up so my panties were showing."

They were all laughing like crazy. Probably because I had been so stupid to let Diane do this to me. The laughter made me feel even more humiliated.

"She spanked me, ah, over my panties for a while and then she grabbed the waistband of them and pulled them down to my knees. I started to kick and struggle but she swatted me really hard a few times and I just gave up, I guess. When I kicked my legs my panties slide down to my ankles. She was holding my head down and I didn't realize that she had undone my dress at the neck until I felt my zipper going down too. I started struggling all over again and before I knew it my panties were off one of my legs and dangling on the other foot."

"Oh my God, this is too much!"

"And there were other people watching all this?"


I was looking at the floor again, really embarrassed by what I had said so far.

"Who were they?"

"Some people from work."

"So some people from where you work were seeing your bare ass and seeing you getting a spanking?"

"Um, yes."

"What were they doing?"

"Watching and laughing at me."

"How did that make you feel?"

"I was really humiliated."

"What happened next?"

"She, ah, started spanking me again and I guess my panties came off the other foot. My ass was getting really warm and I didn't notice that she was working my dress up higher. Because the next thing I knew my dress was over my head and falling down my arms to the floor."

"So she basically had you naked over her knees except for your bra?"

"Well, I ah, didn't have a bra on."

This was greeted with more laughter.

"So you were naked?"

"I guess so."

"Let me get this straight. You did something wrong according to your boss and she had you come into her office and spanked you in front of some of your coworkers, pulled your panties down and your dress over your head and you are bare ass naked?"

"Well, yes."

I was feeling so humiliated by telling them this. My face felt like it was on fire.

"And you just let her do this?"

"Well, she's bigger and stronger than I am."

"What were your coworkers doing while this is going on?"

"They were making fun of me and laughing at me."

"Then what happened?"

"She spanked me some more and then pushed me off her lap on the floor and told me to apologize to them for making them watch me getting punished."

"Oh my fucking God! I don't believe this! You're lying to us, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not!"

"So if Melody asked your boss at work next week, she would confirm this?"

"I don't know, but it's the truth."

"Did you apologize to them?"

"Diane made me stand up to tell them I was sorry that had to see me punished."

"And you're bare assed in front of them?"


"Who else knows about this in your office?"

"They told all of the ones they work with."

"So everyone at work knows you got spanked and stripped?"

"Well, not everyone. They didn't tell Melody and some of the other executive assistants."

"Melody, did you know about this?"

"Sabine just told me that Diane punished her. I didn't know that other people watched or that she got stripped."

"So how would we know if she is telling the truth?"

Everyone looked at me. I had to drop my eyes. I couldn't look at them after telling them about what Diane did to me. Kathy looked at me with a glint in her eyes.

"I know."

"What Kathy?"

"She could take a spanking here. In front of us."

I looked around nervously.

"I don't think...."

"You don't have to think, you just have to get over Melody's knees."

Melody, to her credit, wasn't sure about the whole thing.

"I don't know, Kathy. I have never spanked anyone before."

"Neither have I, Melody, but I don't think she'll want Mike or Jim to do it."

Kathy got up and walked into Melody and Mike's dining room and came back with a chair from their dining set. She set it in front of the couch, facing sideways and moved the coffee table away so she, Mike and Jim had a clear view.

"Sit on the chair Melody."

Melody hesitated then looked at me and sort of smiled. She got up and sat on the chair.

"Get over her knees Sabine."

In a way I wanted to but I also didn't want to. I was already embarrassed and humiliated. I mean, they had already seen me naked, looked between my open legs at my pussy and had watched me open the door naked in front of a pizza guy. Wasn't that enough? Besides all that, they had made me tell the most humiliating true story.

Kathy got up from the couch again and took my arm and led me up to Melody. I was facing away from the couch, showing my bare ass. Kathy sat back down.

"Go ahead Sabine. You know you want to do it."

I closed my eyes and shivered. I looked down at Melody and she had this wry smile on her face.

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