tagBDSMCaught by my Daughter and Wife

Caught by my Daughter and Wife


It was Saturday morning and I heard the door to the garage close. My wife and daughter had just departed for a weekend in New York City. I was excited for them because they need some girl time together. I call her my daughter, but she is actually my step daughter and had just turned 21 years old on Friday. The two of them got along like oil and water ... they just didn't mix. I was hopeful this would be a good weekend for them.

I was also excited, because I would be able to crossdress all weekend without worrying about anything. I had bought food and everything I would need so that I could enjoy my weekend of depravity without any interferences.

I waited an hour, just in case they had to come home for something forgotten. Once that hour passed, I was home free. I went into the garage and grabbed my two boxes of porno DVD's, panties and toys off of the rafter far back in the corner. They were always kept there and when I went on business trips, I just had to grab them and throw them into the trunk of the car. All of my crossdressing fantasies were lived out in hotel rooms, in distant cities. It was inconvenient, but still a lot of fun and allowed me the pleasure of my fetish.

I was trembling inside. Home alone! My panties and toys awaited me. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I didn't know what to do first. I picked three pairs of panties. I loved to wear more than one pair to start off with. I quickly threw off my pajamas and pulled up the first pair of panties. It was a pair of pink nylon panties ... small and tight ... it showed off my cock outline nicely. They were sheer enough that you could see my cock through them. I picked up the second pair as I felt my hands shake. They were white nylon, a little bit larger than the first pair, but still bikinis. They were from a negligee set that I had bought so they did not have a cotton crotch ... just a double layer of nylon. I pulled them up and looked down, admiring my lump that had grown, accentuated by the pretty pairs of nylon panties. I picked up the third pair. These were white Vanity Fair briefs ... nylon of course with a pretty inset of nylon at each thigh. I pulled them up and admired how the three pairs of panties looked as I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. My cock lump was very obvious and throbbed in my panties.

I felt my nipples harden as I reached for the white nylon training bra. I loved my little nylon training bras because they fit my tiny breasts and my nipples, which were always hard, showed through very sexily. I pulled the tight nylon bra into place and the coolness of the nylon made my nipples even harder. I again looked up into the mirror and admired how I looked. I had to admit I looked quite sexy and I couldn't believe how fortunate I was to be able to do this at home ... all weekend without any worries or troubles.

I grabbed the Vanity Fair full body slip and slipped it on, over my head and smoothed it into place. My heart was beating, my cock was throbbing and I was just in heaven. I moved over to the sofa and put on a DVD on our 55' LCD TV. It was one of my favorite ones, involving a transvestite being sissified by a Domme. It was a huge fantasy of mine and I made myself comfy on the sofa ... lighting up a big joint I had rolled.

Typically I would start this way. Getting high, being all dressed in my lingerie ... and slowly tease myself until I was leaking into my panties. I would deny myself an orgasm for as long as I possibly could. It was such a pleasant, slow torture. The combination of the lingerie, the high from the pot and the exciting porn I was watching was having its desired effect. My cock was hard and leaking copious amounts of precum. All three pairs of panties were wet and so was the slip I was wearing. My nipples were very sensitive and hard, responding so nicely. Teasingly, I would run my fingertips up and down the length of my panty covered penis. I had to be careful, because at any point, I could be taken over the edge and cum. I didn't want to cum so I made sure I took great care not to take myself over the edge.

I decided that this would be a nice time to insert an aneros prostate massager that I had purchased and used. It is a very nice rectal stimulator that puts direct pressure on my prostate which causes even more precum to ooze out and more stimulation. When I finally cum, if it is still inserted, the orgasm is the most intense I could ever experience.

I found the aneros, covered it with a fresh condom, lubricated it and inserted it firmly into my asshole. I could immediately feel the pressure inside my rectum and on my prostate. I felt the release of precum oozing from the opening in my cock. Now I decided to lie on the sofa and continue the teasing and watch my movie. I could clench my ass hole and pull the aneros in deeper, then relax and it moves back out a bit. Over and over I did this as it manipulated and milked my prostate. My panties were literally soaked from precum and I could see my cock through the panties because of all the slick wetness from my precum.

I was truly lost in the moment, when I was startled by my daughter walking into the room. Holy fuck! Where did she come from? I was so involved with what I was doing, and the TV was on quite loud ... I hadn't heard her come in. I don't know who was more surprised, but I think it had to be me!

"Wow, you are one sick, perverted ..." screeched Amanda my daughter. Her declaration was broken by the scream from my wife as she entered behind her.

I didn't know what to say. I didn't know that there was anything that could be said given the circumstances. I was frightened and ashamed at the same time. My leaking cock shrunk and I could only feel cold wetness from my panties. I stood there, dressed in panties, bra and slip with a plug in my ass. What could I possibly say that would make any difference?

Amanda approached me and lifted the hem of the slip up over my waist. Of course, what they got to see was my three pair of panties, soaking wet from precum. My wife, Annette, walked around me and saw the protrusion of the aneros from the back of my panties. I felt her finger touch it and the sensation was felt through to my prostate. She continued around to the front of me with Amanda still holding the slip up. She began to cry. Amanda looked at me with intense hatred. My wife continued to cry and my heart sunk. What started out as such a pleasurable event, turned into the worst event of my life.

"Mom, please don't upset yourself so much about this. Obviously, DAD is a sick, perverted and pathetic man. You have warned me about men like this ... err ... well ... not exactly like this ... mommy ... please stop crying."

Amanda hugged my wife as she let my slip drop back into place. She looked at the television, which was still playing the DVD with transvestites in bondage and discipline situations. Again she shook her head and all of a sudden there was an evil grin on her face.

"Mommy ... look at the sick porn that daddy is watching."

"DAD, is this what you want to be treated like ... to be dressed like a woman and punished ... tortured ... abused?" she continued.

I didn't know what to say.

"Well, daddy panty ... you going to answer me?"

My wife started to cry again. "I can't believe you would do this to me! How could you treat me with such disrespect? Don't I please you? I don't even know you!" Annette finally said through the tears.

"Look how you have upset my mother ... your wife ... you sick fucking pervert." Amanda yelled at me.

"You must be punished!"

Amanda approached me again as I stood there like a deer caught in headlights. She walked around me and pulled my slip up again. My wife sat down and stared at me. I felt Amanda touch the bulge in the back of my panties from the aneros. She gave it a little shove, which made it press my prostate and I felt some more precum ooze into my panties.

Still holding up my slip, she walked around and looked at my panties ... pulled the slip all the way up and looked at my training bra encased breasts ... my nipples still poking through the sheer, tight nylon.

She reached out and touched my nipples and gave the one on the right a pinch. I winced. She giggled. She touched the other one and did the same. I again, winced and she giggled. She then reached down and touched my sopping wet panties.

"Daddy, I assume you do this because you get some sort of perverted pleasure out of it ... why then is your cock not hard?" she teasingly inquired

"I'm nervous ... I guess it makes my penis limp." I said very softly. I couldn't look at her, as she examined my body and lingerie.

"Then what is all this wetness on the panties you are wearing ... and while I am at it ...why do you have ... three pairs of panties on?" she further inquired

I was so ashamed and nervous. I didn't know what to say ... I didn't want to say anything. I just wanted this all to end ... to wake up and find out it was all just a dream.

"Let's get this straight, daddy ... I ask a question, you give me an answer. Sound reasonable?"

On the television screen behind me, a transvestite was being pissed on by a Domme while being fucked with a strap-on by another Domme. Amanda looked at the TV as she awaited my answer.

"Interesting stuff you're watching there, daddy" she said.

"Well, the wetness is called ... oh god ... it's called precum Amanda. When a man is excited, precum oozes out of his penis.

"Why is there so much?" she countered.

"Well, I was very excited and the thing you were touching that is inside my ... inside my ... oh my god ... inside my asshole ... is rubbing and massaging my prostate ... and it's causing me to leak more than what would be usual." I answered. My wife just continued to stare at me in disbelief.

I was incredibly uncomfortable with my daughter touching me the way she was, and having my wife witness ... watch it. Amanda touched my sopping wet panties again ... and lifted her fingers up. Looking at them and rubbing them together.

"It's very slick and slippery, daddy. Is that what precum is like ... slippery and slick ... daddy?"

"Yes, Amanda ... that is what it's like."

"Wow, this is really something. I've never seen anything like it before. I'm not a virgin, but I never differentiated precum from cum. I thought it was all just the same thing. This is quite educational." She giggled.

"Daddy, where did you hide all this stuff ... the lingerie, the dirty movies ... the thing in your asshole ... where did you hide all this stuff and how did you ever use it?" Amanda wasn't going to let up. She was going to make me as uncomfortable as she could, and was doing a great job of it.

"Uhm ... well ... oh god ... Amanda ... please." I begged

"Daddy, don't make me remind you again ... I ask a question ... you answer. GOT IT?" she yelled.

"I hid it in boxes in the rafters in the garage. When I went on business trips, I would take them down and put them in the car. I played in hotel rooms. That's the only time I would be able to do this. I would never hurt mom. I wasn't fooling around with other woman. I never stopped being faithful."

"STOP. I didn't ask you for an explanation of what you did or didn't do to mom. I will ask the questions and you will provide answers to my questions. Nothing more and nothing less. Do you understand, you pathetic man?" she said

"Yes, Amanda, I do understand." I responded

"On your sicko movie, they refer to the women who dominate them as Ma'am, that's what I am hearing. You can call me that too from now on ... I like that ... you call me Ma'am!" Amanda shot back.

"Ok, pantydad, where are your panties and toys right now?"

"They are in the bathroom, in two boxes ... Ma'am."

"You go get them and bring them back in here ... we can sort them out and you can do a little show-and-tell and let me and mommy see what you have ... what you play with." She ordered

I slowly walked to the bathroom. This was going to be incredibly embarrassing. I grabbed the two boxes and brought them back into the den.

"Dump them out and let's see what you have, daddy!"

I dumped out the lingerie first. There were at least 50 pairs of nylon panties. All sizes and styles. Amanda looked through them ... my wife looked in disbelief.

"Different styles, different sizes ... it looks to me like you stole these from people. I read about a guy that was arrested for stealing panties from Laundromats. You steal these panties from Laundromats and hampers, daddy?" she asked jokingly. But then she noticed a pair of her panties. Her tone changed.

"You sick fucking fucker ... you stole MY panties ... my soiled panties. OH-MY-FUCKING-GOD ... mommy ... he stole my panties ... wore and jerked off in my panties ... this is just TOO FUCKING MUCH!" she screamed.

She found two more pairs of her panties. "These ... you took these all from the hamper. I wondered about them ... I wondered what happened to my panties ... oh my god ... Jesus Christ ... my panties ... OH GOD!

She was freaking. I was beyond embarrassed.

"How about I hang these all outside on the drying line ... see how many neighbors notice their panties on our line. What neighbors have you stolen panties from, daddy? Don't fuck with me ... you had better be honest. You have nothing left to lose here." She demanded

"Well, there are panties from neighbors. I always made it a point to steal panties from hampers when the opportunity presented itself. I have panties from most of our neighbors and from Aunt Charlotte, Cousin Lauren, Aunt Arlene a few of your friends." I was crimson with embarrassment.

"Oh my god ... Oh my god ... WHY?"

"Well, because I don't get off wearing panties that haven't been worn by a woman. Just buying them from a catalog or a store just doesn't do it for me. Soiled, worn panties are what turn me on.

"You mean you prefer panties that have been worn and not washed. Dirty panties ... you don't launder them. You wear them dirty? Oh my god ... I bet you sniff the crotch too ... probably lick them and what else? She asked.

"Yes, Amanda ... I mean ... uhm ... Ma'am ... I do all that. I especially love to find a pubic hair stuck on the material too. I'm sick ... I know ... I just can't help myself. I'm sorry."

"It's way too late for sorry, daddy. And yes ... you are sick, but I don't have any sympathy for your sickness. You must be punished, and punished harshly." She shook her head.

"Mommy ... I know this is going to be uncomfortable for you. Knowing all this and having me discipline your panty wearing husband, but ... please go along with it ... you may even begin to enjoy it." Amanda said to my wife, holding her around the shoulders and she talked. She kissed my wife and turned her attention back to me.

"Take off your slip, daddy. I can't believe you stole and masturbated with my panties ... wore my soiled panties ... that is so sick! I guess you know more about my private parts than I could begin to imagine. I mean, you probably know when I am ovulating. Do you look at my panties in the hamper all the time? She asked.

Yes, Ma'am ... I examine your panties every time I get the opportunity.

"And do you smell them too ... maybe lick them and look for my pubic hairs, daddy? She further inquired.

Yes, Ma'am ... I examine the crotch ... I smell them and lick them. If I find a pubic hair, I usually put it in my mouth and play with it for a while.

"Do you like the way my panties smell, daddy? Do you like the smell of my sweat and my pee?

"Yes, Ma'am ... your panties are always very desirable to me."

"You masturbate with them, daddy?

"Yes, when I can, Ma'am."

She looked over at my wife. "Do you have any questions, mommy?"

My wife finally spoke.

"You can't imagine how hurt I am, rick. You can't even begin to imagine. You said that you were never unfaithful to me, but you stole our friends' panties and masturbated in them and wore them. You know, I always wondered why ... when you were away on a several day business trip; you wouldn't come home and practically rip my clothes off to have sex. Now I know why. You had masturbated so many times and lived your sick fantasy ... that you didn't need me. Well that, my sick husband ... is being unfaithful." She slapped my face and then spit on me.

I stood there with the panties and training bra on. My cock continuing to leak from the aneros in my asshole.

"Get on your knees and crawl over to my feet, daddy." Ordered Amanda

I got on my knees and crawled over. My wife watched.

"Kiss my feet, daddy and then lick your way up my leg ... I want you to work yourself up under my skirt and stop when you reach my panties."

I looked at her now bare feet. They were so pretty. Slender with neatly trimmed nails and pink polish on them. Her legs were nicely tanned and very shapely. Long and tight. She was a tall, beautiful woman. I kissed her toes and kissed my way over to her ankle and up her legs. I looked up and saw the green crotch of her panties as they got closer and closer. My cock began to swell.

"Hold on, I want to sit down" she said.

She sat down and she offered her leg back to me. I now saw directly up her skirt and her pretty little green panties. I saw a few strands of hair escaping the confines. I knew she didn't shave her pussy, because I always found long hairs in her panties. My cock continued to swell and I could feel the precum oozing out. Her other bare foot moved and it was quickly upon my pantied cock. She teased my cock with her toes as I worked my way up her leg. I was on the inside of her upper thigh and only an inch from the crotch of her panties. As ordered, I stopped as I reached the perimeter of them.

"Take a deep breath daddy ... does it smell familiar to you?" she asked, all the while playing with my hard cock in the wet panties.

"Yes, Ma'am ... it does smell familiar. I know the smell of your perfume and I know how the smell mingled with your sweat and pee." Wow, I really was sick. Look at the conversation I was having with my daughter, as my wife looked on. I was gone, I was hers ... and she knew it.

"Pull my panties off, and wear them over your head." She demanded. My wife getting uncomfortable said, "Amanda ... this is too much."

"Mommy, please let me do what I have started out doing. I need your support and I will need your help, shortly."

"Ok, darling ... but this is very uncomfortable for me."

"It will be ok, mommy ... I promise."

"Do you like the look of my hairy pussy, daddy. Do you want to kiss it and lick it, daddy?

She took the panties I had taken off of her and offered the crotch to me. Lick my panty crotch daddy.

I licked them ... they tasted nice. I loved the way they smelled and her toes continued to play with my panty covered cock.

She then took them and put them over my head.

"My panties look nice on your head, daddy. Keep licking my pussy."

My wife said, "oh god."

I was licking my daughter's pussy with her panties over my head; she was playing with my cock in the panties as my wife looked at the whole scene unfolding.

My daughter pushed me aside. Look at that, mommy ... daddy has a strap on dildo in his pile of toys. How about if I put it on you, mommy and let you fuck daddy up his ass. It's probably nice and stretched out already.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Oh honey ... I don't know." My wife said.

"Mommy, please ... this has to happen ... he has to be taught a lesson ... and the sick fuck will probably only enjoy it anyway. How do you punish a sick fuck like this ... maybe put him in a chastity belt would be better." Amanda said.

My daughter helped my wife undress. My wife is very physically fit and looks incredible. I was always sexually attracted to her; just this fetish of mine got the best of me.

My wife undressed to her bra and panties. I could sense she was getting uncomfortable with Amanda's forwardness. "Let's get the panties off, mommy ... so we can fit this strap on onto you."

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