Caught by the Tide Ch. 04


"Luke, please!"

"Please what?"

I grimaced, keeping my eyes firmly shut. "Suck them," I muttered .

"What? I didn't quite catch that."

I knew damn well he'd heard. "Suck them."

"Suck what?"

"My nipples," I managed at last, the words catching in my throat. "Please? I need you to suck my nip-ples--ohh!

I shrieked as he finally did what I'd wanted, drawing my left nipple deep into the moist heat of his mouth, swirling his tongue around the swollen nub, the sharp tug low in my belly steadily increasing in intensity. So much so, in fact, that when he turned his attention to the right nipple, it suddenly became far too much...

"Oh!" I wailed as the unexpected orgasm rippled through my womb, a fiery warmth spreading rapidly to the very tips of my fingers and toes. "Oh, God..."

When I opened my eyes again, Luke was gazing down at me with obvious amusement. "Well," he murmured, lifting a hand and gently brushing it through my hair. "Are you always this--er--" he paused to grasp for exactly the right word "--responsive?"

I shook my head weakly. "You're--you're just really good at this."

He gave a deep chuckle, moving over me now, pressing one knee and then the other between my own, pushing my thighs wide apart. "No, you're just really easy to please. I can't wait to find out what happens once we get started."

"Get started--?" I exclaimed, only to be cut short as Luke's wonderful mouth landed over mine, once again driving away all rational thought. "I think if I was to die right now, I'd die one happy woman," I sighed when he finally let me up for air.

"Well, I'd be one bloody frustrated man. I'm not into necrophilia."

I started to giggle again but the sound died on my lips as he rose above me, finally allowing me to catch sight of the impressive evidence of that frustration.

If it wasn't for the fact I'd taken him inside me earlier, I knew I'd be wondering how on earth he was going to fit...

But as I stretched out a hand to caress him, Luke wiggled backwards out of reach. "Not yet," he said, grinning boyishly. "Patience, Becks."

"But I want to make you feel--o-oh--" I gasped as his mouth again came down over my left nipple, nibbling gently before blazing a trail of kisses down my ribcage, across my tummy and finally, down between my parted thighs. "Oh God," I whimpered as he tasted me there, the rasp of his tongue over my overly-sensitive, hairless pussy almost too exquisite to bear. I was already so close to coming again the pleasure was almost pain. A part of me wanted to push him away--but the greater part of me never wanted him to stop. And as Luke eased my thighs wider still and began his tender assault in earnest I could hear my soft cries of pleasure, helpless to stop them, the sounds leaving my throat without permission.

Daniel had been keen on oral sex, had prided himself on being good at it--and what he'd lacked in skill he'd certainly made up for in enthusiasm--but this was something else... Luke knew exactly what he was doing, every swipe, every swirl of his tongue calculated, designed to please. Bringing me to the very brink of ecstasy then edging back, over and over until I thought I'd go crazy.

"Luke, please!" I begged shamelessly, my back arching up off the bed to meet his clever mouth, longing for him to make just that tiny misjudgement that would let me hurtle over the edge. "Oh God, please!"

"What, Becks?" he said, lifting his head to smile at me, leaving me teetering on the precipice. "Something you want?"

I gave a yelp of disappointment, utterly bereft without his touch. "You bast--" I began then remembered he wouldn't let me get away with that. "You--you--" But it was no use. I couldn't think of another insult--not in my current state of arousal... "You know what I want!" I finished on a wail.

He laughed softly, planting a single kiss right on my aching centre. It wasn't nearly enough... "But you have to tell me, remember?"

Closing my eyes, I gave a sob of disbelief. "Fine," I moaned at last. "Whatever you want. You win." I bit my lip, steeling myself to say the words, knowing full well Luke was still gazing at me with that mischievous smile. "I--I--"


I swallowed hard. "I need to come."

I felt another gentle kiss and I shuddered beneath him. "Magic word?"


"Nope, that's not it."

"Luke!" I'd never felt like this in my life, every cell of my body on high alert. "Please--"

"Good girl," I heard him say, the quiet note of amusement obvious in his voice. "That's better." But to my utter astonishment, instead of his mouth, I felt his fingers--first one, then two, sliding easily into my slick channel.

"Hey!" My eyes shot open, my hips bucking of their own accord at the new sensation, driving him deeper still. And as I felt his fingers curving upwards, I realised what he had in mind. "Oh!" I groaned as my orgasm once again slipped out of reach. "No--please--"

"I heard you the first time, babe."

"No--you don't understand." I'd had boyfriends who'd tried to find my G-spot before--tried and failed. Not one of them had ever found that elusive place. Either it didn't exist or I just didn't have one--I'd never quite been able to decide which. "Don't--don't get me wrong--that's nice--really nice but--"

"But what?" Instead of stopping, I felt him pressing harder, rubbing me intimately with sure, firm strokes.

And then I felt it. A strange warmth, as though my whole pussy was swelling and tightening around his fingers. The slow but delicious build-up of pressure I'd read about, but never dreamed of experiencing. An unmistakeable urge to pee... "Oh God," I gulped, rather scared. "Luke--I've never--no one's ever--"

"Ssh," he murmured soothingly, not letting up for a second. "Look at me."

I couldn't. I knew that the second my eyes made contact with his I'd spiral out of control and I was terrified of the consequences. "How do you--oh!--how do you know--how to do this?" I gasped, finding it impossible to keep still, my body writhing uncontrollably. And suddenly-- bizarrely--a most uncomfortable thought flew into my mind. "No... Oh no. Just--what sort of surgeon are you?"

He shot me an incredulous look. "You really want to have that conversation now? Right now?"

I squeezed my eyes tightly closed, clinging to the last shreds of my sanity. "You're--you're a bloody gynaecologist, aren't you? That's how you know."

I heard a snort then felt the brush of his lips over my tummy. "No, Rebecca," he said with dignity, as though I'd said something insulting. "I am most definitely not a gynaecologist." But his fingers were still moving, pressing harder now and when at last I dared to open my eyes, I saw he was grinning.

"Then what?" I groaned, fending off my impending climax with everything I had left. "What--sort of surgeon--are you?"

He gave a deep chuckle, kissing my belly again. "Let's just say," he said teasingly, lowering his head and dropping another kiss on the soft mound that covered my pubic bone, "that I can mend your broken heart." And with that, he moved lower still, his mouth closing directly over my clit, his fingers moving harder and faster than ever.

I screamed as the need to bear down overwhelmed me, flinging my arms out to the side, scrabbling for purchase, desperate to anchor myself against the storm. And thrashing against Luke's hand as wave after intense wave of pleasure swept through me, I barely heard the thud as my left hand smashed into something on the bedside table, nor the resulting crash as whatever it was fell to the floor. I'd never known anything like it. The roaring in my ears, the violent tremors wracking through me, my whole body trembling from the impact.

"Hi," he murmured as I opened my eyes at last, smiling as I struggled to focus on his face. "How's your arm?"

"What arm?" I frowned at him, still dazed.

Luke grinned. "Excellent. Job well done."

"Oh." I gave a weak laugh as I remembered, turning my head to look at my bandaged right arm, still stretched out across the pillow beside me. "I can't even feel it."

"That doesn't really surprise me," he said, still looking amused. "For a moment there, I thought you were going to self-combust."

I'd been half afraid of that myself. "What--what made all the noise?" I asked, turning my head back the other way towards the bedside table.

"You did," Luke said without missing a beat. "I think you may have woken the whole hotel just now. There's nothing wrong with your lungs, anyway." He chuckled as I cringed then buried my face into the pillow. "Oh, and the phone's on the floor." You weren't expecting any calls, were you?"

I shook my head, still cowering with embarrassment.

"Good, saves me picking it up. It can stay down there for now."

"Was I really that loud?"

Laughing, he rose to his knees then slid his hand beneath my cheek, turning my head to face him. "Not as loud as you're going to be." And as I stared, he reached behind us, plucking up one of the small square foil-wrapped packets from where they'd fallen on the bed earlier and tearing it open.

"Oh boy," I whispered, unable to watch as he began smoothing the latex over what I guessed by now would be a frighteningly impressive erection. "We're not done."

He shook his head with a smile then lay down beside me, pulling me into his arms. "Not even close," he murmured before capturing my lips for a surprisingly tender kiss.

I closed my eyes, losing myself in the pleasure of it all, my body tingling everywhere we touched, my hands roaming his back, loving the feel of his skin beneath my fingers. It seemed I couldn't get enough of him--that sharp pull of desire already returning full force to my womb, the need to feel him inside me acute.

"I'm not like this," I said wonderingly as he drew back to look at me, the warmth of his gaze caressing my face. "This has to be a dream. I don't do things like this."

He nodded solemnly. "That's right," he murmured, reaching up to stroke my hair. "This is all a dream. So you can do whatever you like. Say whatever you like."

I smiled, resting my head against his shoulder. "Where have you been all my life, Luke Foster?"

"Oh babe." He heaved a sigh, wrapping his arms around me. "You don't want me, believe me." Though the words were spoken lightly, I caught an odd tightness to his tone. "Not the real me, anyway. But this me--this fantasy version of me--" His tone softened. "You can have him all weekend. He's yours for the taking."

Startled, I lifted my head. "Luke--"

But before I could say another word he rolled me beneath him, settling into the cradle of my thighs, the heat of his erection nestling against my softness. "Yours for the taking," he repeated with a smile. "All yours." Then he pushed inside me, moving oh so slowly, demonstrating an astonishing amount of self-control, allowing me to feel every inch as he stretched me wide.

I found myself clinging to his broad shoulders, hanging on for dear life as he continued to fill me, sliding deeper each time. And all the while Luke's gaze remained on mine, watching my every reaction, making love to me with his eyes as well as his body.

But then I was aware of something else, a sweet--almost sickly sweet--fragrance wafting up between us. A decidedly fruity aroma... "Straw--strawberry?" I faltered, staring up at him in confusion.

He gave a choke of laughter then kissed me. "Mmm," he murmured into my mouth. "I s'pose you really ought to see this." And to my surprise, he pulled back, lifting his body away from mine so that I could peer down between us. And then I saw it--but then, I couldn't really have missed it. The condom he was wearing was a bright, luminous red, his cock appearing to glow like a beacon.

"Oh God," I said, laughing weakly. "That's really quite--something."

"It is, isn't it?" he agreed, even as the mirth left his own expression, those amazing blue eyes seeming to darken as he gazed back at me. "But then, so are you."

And pushing me back down on the bed, he reclaimed my mouth at precisely the same moment he reclaimed my body, driving into me, driving away all thoughts of novelty condoms--driving away all thoughts, save those of Luke. Filling me completely, filling my mind. Filling my soul...

I know that I called out his name, over and over again, the soft cries of my pleasure all around us as that now familiar, delicious pressure built up inside me, coiling tighter and tighter with each thrust. Until at last, I could hear Luke's groans merging with my own, his cock seeming to swell impossibly, stroking that same tender spot he'd found inside me earlier. And suddenly I was soaring heavenwards, my body arching off the bed to meet him just as he too gave a huge roar, plunging deep once, twice, then one last, shuddering time.

When I found myself wrapped in Luke's arms, minutes--maybe hours--later, I wondered whether I'd actually lost consciousness. I was lying on my side, my head resting on his chest, pressed against the reassuring warmth of his skin. Yet his breath on my cheek felt--cool...

Puzzled, I opened my eyes just as I felt the sheet moving beneath me, seeing a blurry Luke reaching over me, tugging at the corner. "Wh-what are you doing?" I whispered, blinking hard, lifting a hand to brush away whatever it was that was sliding down my cheeks. And only then did I realise that my face was drenched with tears.

"Oh God," I choked, horrified. "I'm so sorry."

He smiled, drawing up the edge of the sheet and using it like a handkerchief, gently wiping away the wetness. "S'okay," he murmured, blotting at my eyes then gathering me back against him, holding me close. "I can hardly complain when it's my fault."

"But it's not your fault," I sobbed. "At least, I don't think it's your fault." I swallowed hard, confused. "I don't even know why I'm crying."

"Ssh," he soothed, tucking my head under his chin and dropping a kiss into my hair. "Don't even try to figure it out. Because right now--" this time he pulled out the duvet from under me, arranging it over us both "--we're going to sleep." And stretching out his hand one last time, he reached over and switched off the light.

He was going to stay with me? My tears finally slowing, I stared into the gloom, discovering it really wasn't dark at all now, the evidence of the dawn escaping round the edges of the floor length curtains.


I heard his heavy sigh, felt his arms tightening around me. "Mmm?"

"Why me?"

There was a pause, a pause in which I knew Luke was weighing up whether he should tell me to go to sleep or whether now was in fact the right time for discussion. "Why me--what?" he said at last.

"You said you were a monk."


"So why me?" The warning note in his voice was obvious but I pretended to ignore it. "Why me, Brother Luke?"

He groaned. "You really need to ask me this now? At--" he turned his head to look at the radio alarm beside us "--nearly five in the morning?"

"So we may not make it to breakfast," I conceded, determined to wrest some kind of answer from him.

He made a low growling sound then abruptly rolled on to his back, pulling me on top of him. "Or lunch," he said, plucking up the rest of the condoms and waving them in my face. "Let's see--what have we got left? Chocolate--ooh--banana--"


His eyes softened as he looked up at me. "You need to sleep, babe."

"I need to know."


"Unless, of course, you haven't been telling the truth. For all I know, you and your mates come here every weekend for some kind of shag-athon. For all I know, there's a different girl in your bed every night." I bit my lip as I stared down at him, quite unable to read his expression. "Some poor, deluded cow like me believing everything you tell her, believing she's got something no one else has, believing she's special."


"And hey," I went on, blinking hard as fresh tears began rising fast, "maybe I really am deluded. Maybe it's normal for all men to play the field. Maybe my mother was right. You know," I swallowed hard, losing the battle as the tears streamed down my cheeks, "my mother said I should forgive him. Forgive Daniel, I mean. Marry him anyway. Go to the church and pretend that I'd never got that t-text--"

"Okay," I heard Luke murmur as his arms folded around me again, rolling with me again, tipping us over to one side. "So maybe sleep's overrated."

He held me while I wept, whispering endearments as I soaked his chest. And when at last my sobs died away, when I was finally able to string a coherent sentence together, I told him the rest. How my mother had begged me not to cancel the wedding. How she'd been appalled at the prospect of going down to St. Mary's and telling two hundred guests to make their way home and that yes, their gifts to the not-so-happy couple would indeed be returned in due course.

In the end, my sister's husband Graham did the honours, no doubt deciding it was better to take action than try to pacify his increasingly hysterical mother-in-law or watch his heavily pregnant wife agonising over what to do for the best.

"Was she right?" I asked, resting my head on Luke's shoulder now, exhausted from crying. "Should I have married him anyway?"

"Babe, I think you already know the answer to that."

"But my Mum--"

"--was thinking of herself. She couldn't help it. She'd helped organise this huge event, to which the world and his wife was invited--all your relatives, all your neighbours. I'm pretty sure she knew, deep down, that you couldn't be expected to marry the cheating bastard."

I hoped so. But we still hadn't had that conversation. She'd adored Daniel--thought he was ideal husband material--and I wasn't sure I'd been forgiven. If I'd ever be forgiven...

"You deserve better," Luke said, stroking my hair. "Don't ever doubt that, babe."

I lifted my head to look at him, remembering he'd never actually answered my question. "What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Don't you deserve to be loved?"

He shook his head slightly. "Don't go there."

"I'm serious! Don't you deserve to be loved? Don't you deserve more than one night with some random girl who ran away to Cornwall when she found out her fiancé was having an affair on the morning of her wedding and now won't stop crying all over you?"

"Leave it, Becks."


"Because it's the way it has to be."

"Why?" I stared at him, unable to comprehend what could possibly have happened to make him so sure. "What did she do?"

"Who?" But although the word was spoken innocently enough, I was certain I saw a flash of something in his eyes.

"The bitch who damaged you so badly you won't even give the thought of another relationship a chance."

"Rebecca--" He blew out a sigh, closing his eyes. "Just let it go."

"I can't." And to my surprise, I heard a tremor in my voice. "What did she do?"

For a long moment I didn't think he was going to answer me. But when at last he opened his eyes again, he reached up to cup my cheek in his hand. "It wasn't so much what she did," he said slowly. "It's what I did."

"You killed her?" I quipped, instantly wishing I hadn't as Luke's expression clouded. Oh God, he hadn't--had he?

To my relief he shook his head. "But I hurt her. Not physically. Emotionally. And I promised myself I'd never hurt anyone like that again--that I'd never let myself get in a position to hurt anyone like that again." He hesitated, that confident façade he presented to the world slipping just for a moment, as though he needed to reassure himself he was right. Then just as suddenly, just as I was glimpsing a softer, much more vulnerable Luke, the cloud passed, his smile returning as that arrogant armour clinked back into place. "And you need some sleep. Maybe I should go--"

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