Caught by Tricia


My life changed dramatically shortly after my wife of 23 years passed away last year. My wife knew of my cross-dressing and even supported it. She even started encouraging it after our son moved out to attend college. We had many girls' nights – both of us in lingerie watching movies and enjoying each other. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and kept it from me until it was too late. I watched her fade away. It was devastating to even consider my life without her. She encouraged me to continue my dressing in order to have a means of escape from the real world. If only for a short while.

After she passed – I started to pack up her stuff and donate it when I realized that I just couldn't. I escaped into her lingerie as often as I could. This was actually quite often. That is until my son moved home with his new girlfriend. I now had someone at the house all most all the time. It was kind of nice to have Jason home but at the cost of my privacy. His girlfriend Tricia was a very attractive 19 year old college cheerleader. She was very helpful around the house. She started cooking most of the meals and did the dishes and laundry. She earned her keep around the house in many ways. The only real draw backs were the fact that I had little privacy and the noises coming from my son's room every night. The headboard hitting the wall drove me crazy. I had not had sex in over a year and I was going insane with this hottie always around.

As I mentioned earlier, Tricia did most of the laundry now. She would enter my bedroom to retrieve my dirty clothes when she prepared another load. She saw that all my wife's clothes were still hanging in the closet and her lingerie was still in the drawers. She spoke to Jason about it once and he told her that I was having trouble dealing with his mother's death. Things continued as they were for another month or so.

One day while I was at work, Tricia entered my bedroom to retrieve the dirty laundry and grabbed the pile in my master bath. I had forgotten to remove and hide the articles of lingerie that I had worn the day before. She dropped the panties when she picked the pile up. She bent down and picked them up. She dropped the rest of the pile and examined the panties. They had definitely been worn. She raised them to her nose and could only smell my musky scent. There was no trace of a feminine scent. She was on to my secret.

When I returned home I was shocked to find all my clothes washed, folded, and laid on my bed. My secret was out. The first thing that ran through my head was – Does Jason know. Before I had time to ponder this dilemma, there was a knock at my door. Tricia asked if she could come in. I said ok and she entered. I couldn't look her in the eyes. She knew my secret and I was ashamed. I noticed that she had something in her hands. She reached out with and handed me a pair of hot pink thong panties. All she said was that she noticed that I didn't seem to have any thongs and she thought that I might like them. I thanked her and she turned and left. I was left still wondering if Jason knew.

The next morning I found a note underneath my door. It was from Tricia. She wrote that my secret was safe with her and that if I wanted her to – that she would wash my lingerie when she did the rest, instead of me having to hide the fact. I thought about it all day as I was wearing a constant reminder of it as I was wearing her pink thong at work. It felt like nothing that I had ever experienced before. I felt more like a woman than ever before. That is with the exception of the constant erection.

That night when I returned home I found a new pair of thong panties and a matching bra on my bed. A note was under them that had only one word written on it. "ENJOY" I stripped off my outer clothes and laid on my bed stoking myself through the material of the thong. I was soon shaking through the largest orgasm that I had experienced in over a year. The panties were soak with my cum and so was I. Slowly I removed the thong and jumped into the shower. Once out of the shower – I wanted to wear the new lingerie so bad. I decided to save the new set to wear to work the next day.

The next morning I left for work wearing the dark red matching thong panties and bra. I was a walking erection all day. Lucky for me that I own the company and have a large private office that I can hideout in. I had to masturbate several times in the bathroom before the work day was over. That evening when I arrived at home I noticed that Jason car was gone. I thought maybe I might have a couple of hours alone in my house to relax and escaped into my lingerie. I had just reached my bedroom when I froze. There was Tricia, sitting on my bed waiting for me. I was startled to say the least. She smiled as I asked where Jason was. She informed me that he had gone golfing with a couple of buddies and then they were going to have a few drinks. I asked her why she didn't join them and she told me she wasn't invited. Besides she had other things to do besides chasing a ball and getting drunk.

That's when the conversation to a radical swing. Tricia asked me if I was wearing the lingerie that she had put out for me. I blushed to a crimson red and admitted that I was. She didn't even bother asking permission as she grabbed my belt and started loosening it. This was followed by my slacks. Soon they were around my ankles. My tie and shirt soon followed and then my undershirt. I stood before this 19 year old beauty in nothing but my socks and her lingerie. My constant erection seemed too hardened even more. She had me turn around for her. She patted and rubbed my exposed ass cheeks as I made the turn. Once back to facing her she stood from the bed and turned me around before pushing me down on my bed. There she gave me the biggest surprise yet.

She reached up and pulled down the front of the thong. My erection sprang out and into view. She smiled as she leaned over me even more and started licking my cock. She was soon deep-throating me and I was all too soon shooting my first of hopefully many oral induced loads into her mouth and throat. She never let a single drop escaped her as she greedily swallowed it all. Once she finished – she simply smiled and said she needed that as she was walking out of my room. I slept like a baby that night. The next day was Saturday and since I didn't have to work I wasn't sure what I was going to do. That's when Tricia knocked on my door and asked me to join her for breakfast. I never pass up an opportunity to dine with a beautiful woman. I threw on my robe and joined her at the breakfast nook in my sun room. As we ate a wonderful breakfast – she asked me how I slept. I told her better than in over a year. She smiled and said that she hoped that she had something to do with that. I smiled and said that she knew that she did. I asked her where Jason was and she said that he was sleeping off a hangover at one of his drinking buddies place. I felt brazen and asked her if I could return the favor from yesterday as she must be frustrated with Jason being gone all night. She smiled and said, "I thought you would never ask" I grabbed her and picked her up, laying her on the table. I slowly untied her robe and admired her baby doll nightie. I soon had her panties down and discovered that she was clean shaven like a newborn baby. I quickly dropped my mouth to her waiting pussy. I licked her smooth closed folds for several minutes before I used my tongue to force open her outer labia and gain access to her juicy treat. Her clit was already starting to swell and much to my amazement it continued to grow until it was sticking out over a half an inch outside the protection of her outer lips. I looked as if she had a tiny little dick sticking out of the top of her slit. I greedily licked and sucked it until she screamed her way through a wonderful orgasm. She sprayed my entire face with her release. I licked up every drop that I could find of her sweet nectar. I hadn't felt so alive since before my wife became ill. I felt like a teenager again. She asked me to join her in the shower which I of-course agreed to. Once in there we washed each other and then she grabbed a razor and proceeded to shave off my pubes and then my legs. She followed up with my chest, underarms, and then my face. I was now as hairless except for my head and arms. She played with my erection for a moment before turning around and guiding my cock into her waiting snatch. I slowly pushed my way into her. Once I bottomed out, I stood still for several minutes enjoying the sensation that I hadn't experienced in so long. When she couldn't take it any longer, she started bucking back onto my cock. I took the hint and started pounding her tender young snatch. I knew that I wouldn't last long with a pussy this tight and I warned her of that. She moaned her understanding and I continued pounding her until I couldn't hold out any longer. I quickly pulled out and unloaded on her back and ass. That's when I did something that I had never done before. Even with my departed wife. I leaned over a started licking my cum from her ass checks.

We cleaned up again and got out of the shower. It felt completely different to be clean shaven. I could feel the light cool breeze from the central air hitting me and giving me quite a chill. I walk back to my room in a complete daze.

More to cum...

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