tagInterracial LoveCaught Ch. 01

Caught Ch. 01


I'm a married man named Jim and I have a secret. Since the time I was a teenager I have always had a thing for watching interracial sex between a black man and a white woman. I was so aroused the first time I saw a picture of a black man fucking a white woman that I masturbated to it all night. I became totally addicted to watching interracial pornography.

Over the years I have tried to break the habit but no matter how determined I was I kept going back to interracial porno. Sometimes all I would have to do is see a beautiful woman and I would start imagining how sexy it would look to see a black man fucking her.

At age 24 I became married to a attractive woman named Anna who was 22 years old. I enjoyed a healthy sex life and for a long while it seemed my interest in interracial had faded away. Anna was a sexy petite brunette. I was over a foot taller then her which she always loved. She had a sexy tan body with gorgeous curves, breasts and delicious legs. She wore her hair to around her shoulders. Anna was a sharp dresser too, always getting compliments on how good she looked. She never looked anything less then perfect.

Then one day, who knows how it came up, my wife Anna told me in a conversation that years ago a black man had once tried to hit on her. I listened with growing arousal to her story about a black man where she once worked would try to flatter her and would look at her with what she described as hungry eyes. People where she worked would joke with her that "oh there goes your husband" and she said she would get mad at them. Her voice told me another story, however; she was flattered and excited by the advances of the black guy. My penis started to get erect on its own accord as she talked about how this black guy would stop in the hall to look her up and down and jokingly call her "his wife". It seemed to me even though she refused his advances that she still enjoyed it. She was almost giggling as she told the story. Images of my wife in the arms of a black man began to creep into my mind.

That night I had an erotic dream. In my dream Anna accepted instead of rejecting the advances of the black man where she used to work. After work she would take the black man home, throw her arms around him and lock lips with him in intimate kisses. Anna would let the black man explore her body with his hands and take off her clothes for him. I dreamed of her surrendering her body for the black man to make pleasure with. My dream was a chaos of her body tangled in heated passion with the body of a black man.

After that I began a slow slide back into watching interracial pornography. I secretly bought a lot of dvd's, books and magazines. I basically collected and hid anything that had something to do with interracial sex including clippings of celebrity women dating black men. Sometimes I masturbated so much that I had trouble performing sexually in bed. That's when I started to picture my wife fucking a black man while we had sex. I would get an instant erection thinking about my wife with a black man. After awhile I couldn't get an erection at all by my wife unless I thought about her having interracial sex.

A couple more years went by and I began to get sloppy about hiding my addiction. I would leave interracial books where they could be seen or leave a interracial video in the VCR. I had been lucky none of this had been spotted but eventually I slipped up. One night I watched interracial sex DVD's and then left them on my table. My wife is always up in the morning before I am and spotted the dvd's on my table. I was caught.

Finding the interracial DVD's came as a big shock to my wife and for awhile she wouldn't talk to me. It took a lot of buttering up and talking before she came around. Anna asked what all the dvd's she found were about and I came clean about my addiction to interracial porn. It felt very liberating to finally tell her about this secret side of my life but I didn't know how she would take it.

Anna took it pretty well and said it was ok if I wanted to watch them. After talking with her it seemed like she was more concerned if I was cheating on her. She asked if I thought she was sexy and I assured her I thought she was the sexiest woman I knew, which is truly how I felt. Satisfied that I wasn't having an affair she seemed content enough for us to carry on as we had but I couldn't shake the "weird" feeling that things were different. She looked at me differently now, in a pitying way which I didn't like. After awhile it seemed to fade away back to normal.

Occasionally my wife had very horny moods when she liked to be sexy. One night, in a especially horny mood, she asked if I wanted to watch one of the interracial dvd's with her instead of by myself. I was stunned. I was at a crossroads now. Watching an interracial dvd with my wife seemed the most arousing thing in the world and at the same time the scariest. What would happen to my marriage if my wife and I started watching black men with their strong bodies and big cocks fucking sexy white women? Lust got the better of me and I agreed to watch the dvd with her.

That night my wife and I cuddled on the sofa while watching hot interracial sex on the television. My wife was riveted by what she saw.

"Oh my gosh," she would exclaim as she watched a big black dick plunge into a white woman's waiting cunt. "That's a really big penis, she must really be a slut."

"Is that a real penis? Are they really that big?" She would ask while we watched the interracial action.

At one point my wife, who was really getting turned on by the sex scenes, screamed with delight as she saw a black porn star whip out his enormous cock from his pants.

"Oh that is nasty," she would say as she took my hand and directed it to rub her own cunt.

Sometimes she would pulsate her pussy in tandem with the sex scene as a black man humped a moaning white woman. Needless to say I was harder then I ever had been before. I found myself adding my own comments in spite of myself.

"Do you like the action, baby?" I would ask.

"Oh yes its really sexy," Anna would respond back. "It makes me really horny."

Finally she had enough and started kissing me all over. My wife was a hot bitch in heat and I was the closest hard cock around. We didn't even bother to go to the bedroom we fucked right there in the living room where the television was. My wife had multiple orgasms, something I hadn't been able to give her since after we got married.

Over the next few weeks my wife and I watched every one of my interracial dvd's, sometimes more then once. We had lots of great sex after each viewing. She began to look at the interracial pictures I collected on the computer and later she agreed for us to sign up to a interracial web site where we could get streaming interracial video action.

It was a great time for me being able to share my interracial addiction but I was quietly troubled. My wife was as hooked as I was now to watching interracial sex and could no longer get aroused unless I mentioned it to her as we made love. All this time though I always tried to separate the sex we watched from our own sex life as much as possible. Not easy I can tell you and ultimately futile.

One night in bed we were talking about pretty white girls having sex with black men. We were kissing and rubbing each other as we built up our arousal for sex and my addiction took over my mouth.

"Oh baby," I started saying between kisses. "You know what would be even better then watching the girls on tv fucking black guys."

"Tell me sweety" she replied as she rubbed her body rhythmically against mine.

"I would love to see you fucking a black man," I said without any ability to stop myself.

"Oooh sweety," she moaned getting even more stimulated.

"Yes I want to see a big black cock going into your soft white pussy."

"That is so hot sweety."

"You like it?"

"Mmmm yes I love it," she whispered.

"Would you like to do it, I wouldn't mind if you did. I think I would like it."

"If that's what you wanted sweety."

"Would you fuck a black man. You would take his black dick in your pussy?"

"Is that what you want?" She moaned.

"Yes. I want that."

"Yes sweety I would do it if it makes you happy."

"Do what? Tell me. I want to hear you say it."

"I would fuck a black man for you."

"That makes me hot," I replied covering face with kisses and licking her with my tongue.

"Mmmm sweety I'm so horny right now," she whispered as I began to lavish her body with kisses. A stream of obscenities began to come out of my mouth and she moaned and cooed through my speech.

"I want to watch a black man rub his cock on your wet pussy."

"Oooh yes."

"I want to see you spread your legs wide open and have him slowly stick the black head in you."

"Mmmm sweety that's hot."

"All I think about is watching a big long black dick sliding slowly into and spreading open your white pussy."

"Ooooh yea."

"Would you wrap your long sexy white legs around his black body. Grab his butt while he fucks your pussy and hold him tightly with your arms."

"Oh yes sweety I would I would."

"Do you want me watching while he fucks over and over again?"

"Yes, sweety, I want to scream your name while he fucks me."

"Oh that is hot. I like that. Will you be his slut for me."

"Yes I will be a slut for you. I will sleep with a black man."

"Would you do him on our bed?"

"Yes, yes I would. I want to."

"What do you think about me wanting this, to see you taken sexually by a black man?"

"I love it. I love that we can share this."

"I want to share this baby. I want to see you spend all night with a black man. Watch you lick his body and get licked by him."

"Oh yeah, sweety."

"I want to see you go into the shower with him and wash each other and then come out and fuck all night, his black body on top of your white body all night."

"Yes sweety, yes. I want him to ram me hard."

"Oh baby."

"I want scream with his big beautiful black cock in me. Filling me up."

"Oh oh baby."

"I want a big man to pick me up and throw me on the bed and fuck me hard."

"Oh baby I love it when you talk like that."

"And you need to be there. You need to see it when I fuck a black man. I want to look in your eyes when he sticks his black dick in."

"Ooooooh baby. I want to hold your hand when he puts his black cock in the first time. And I want to be kissing you as the black man makes your pussy cum."

"Oh sweety, I want it. I love it."

"And I want to be kissing and holding you as he ejaculates and pumps your pussy full of his black man's cum."

"Mmmm. Oh yes, yes. I want that."

"Do really want that?"

"Yes, sweety. If you want it?"

"I want it more then anything. I want us to do it. I want to plan it. I want to help you find a black boyfriend and for you to go on dates and fuck him whenever you want."

"Oh sweety I love it."

"Will you do it?"

"Yes sweety, yes. Fuck me now."

That night we had the best sex we ever had in our married lives. It was hot and animal like. We fucked and cummed like mad. We were the closest we would ever be in our life. Throughout all the sex I talked about her being a slut to a black man while I watched and I knew there was no turning back. This was a beginning in a new chapter of our married life. As I watched my wife savagely pumping her body on my hard cock crying out to be sexed by a black man I knew I couldn't stop her from doing it even if I wanted to. Her mind was completely focused on having sex with a black man. She no longer saw me as we had the best sex we ever had, she thought only of that black lover that loomed in her future like a black cock poised to ravage a soft white pussy. She was destined to fuck a black man and I was going to help her do it.

The night she would have her first interracial experience needed to be perfect. I took it upon myself to makes the plans for everything. She was eager to do it but I knew she would wait for me to set things up for what would be the hottest night of her life.

End of part one.

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