Caught Ch. 01


This is my first story and I apologize about any errors.

My girlfriend and I had been living together for over a year. She moved into my house that I had custom built about three years ago. I had always been into crossdressing since I was a kid. So when I had my house built, I had a secret room created for my crazy kinky side. None of my girlfriends had ever been in the room and I planned on keeping it that way.

None of my girlfriends ever new I was into cross-dressing or pretending to suck cock because I never wanted to scare them off. My girlfriend traveled for business every so often so I always had my alone time to play, dress up, and suck cock. I was lucky enough to work from home doing design and programming work.

Well one time she left for a business trip for a week and decided I really wanted to go all out. She was usually only gone for a couple days but this time I had more time to play and no plans. The day before she left I ordered some new lingere, heels, and a wig. I had it mailed priority shipping so I could get it right as she left.

My girlfriend and I kissed and said our goodbyes, as soon as that door shut I was like a little kid in a candy store. The package had been delivered one hour before she left so I had all my goodies. I ran up to our bedroom opened the box and sprawled out my new outfit. Before I started I wanted to be as close to a girl as possible so I hopped in the shower and began to shave all my hair.

I was so excited in the shower to feel my smooth skin and my bare clit (cock) and pussy (asshole). I then dried off and ventured into my sex room to grab one of my toys before I finished getting ready. My toy was my cock-chair, I had attached a 5" cock with about 3" girth to a chair and used it to get my ass ready. I brought the cock-chair to the bathroom where I began to suck it to get it ready to penetrate my pussy. After about five minutes of sucking I finally sat down having my pussy take the whole thing in.

As I sat down I opened my girlfriends make up. First I started by applying lime green eye shadow, then put some eye liner that had the little curls at the end, after that I used her eye lash curler to curl my lashes. The final touch was adding her black lipstick to my lips that she had gotten for Halloween. I got up, looked in the mirror and felt like a real slut as I licked my lips.

I then made my way out to our bedroom where my sexy outfit was laid out. I got dressed and when I was finished I was wearing a lime green and black corset with ruffles at the end, lime green g-string, a black garter belt that had the word slut as the garter hooks, lime green and black horizontal striped thigh highs, with black 5" stilettos, black silk gloves, and a long black haired wig which I put into pig tails.

I made my way into my sex room, and mad my way over to "cock paradise" as I called it. In my sexy room I had anything and everything you can think of or so I thought. Well I first began by going over to the wall where my favorite cock to suck was It was only about 4" and 3" wide but I was able to deep throat it and god I loved it! I then brought over my fuck cock, which was a cock about 7" long and 3" girth. I slowly started to suck and fuck those to cocks on my hands and knees and then grabbed the two other dildos attached to the wall next to them give them both hand jobs. It was amazing, I was having a fuck 'ol time. When all of a sudden I hear the door to my sex room creak open and there stood my girlfriend.....

I turned around looking up at her with a cock still in my pussy and my hands on the two cocks. She then said to me "Look at this slut, I am so glad I finally caught you in the act", I stared speechless at her. She then told me to not say a word that I am now her lil slut. Standing there she started to come over, she was wearing a black dress, heels and thigh highs. When she was walking towards me I could see that something was sticking out of the dress just not sure what it was. As soon as she approached me she lifted up her dress and underneath was a 7" 3" cock, it looked so realistic, very veiny, matched her skin and had balls that looked so real.

As she lifted up her dress she grabbed her cock and smacked me in the face with it calling me a "little whore" and that my life was going to change forever. As she smacked me she told me to tell her that "I loved her cock and to beg to suck it" Oh did I beg for that cock and did she deliver. I grabbed the cock it felt so real and it tasted so good! I kept sucking and licking it for a while and then she finally said now its time to be treated like a real slut. She grabbed my pigtails and began to fuck my face with her big cock and I loved every second of it, gagging on it, turning red, and trying to take the whole thing. As she was face fucking me harder and harder she said I hope your ready... in confusion of her fucking my face hard and just loving the moment she started shooting a load into my mouth from her cock, and it tasted so good it was nice and sweet when all of a sudden she shoved my off her cock and started stroking it and spraying her load all over my face.

I was loving every second of it the cum finally stopped and she commanded me to lick her cock clean. As soon as I finished cleaning her cock off, I was told a good girl and that I looked like a real cum slut! I was shocked by this, my girlfriend was not a tranny and I had no idea she new my secret. As I was about to ask her how she new and why she was not upset she put her finger to my lips and said shhhh unless your going to beg for cock you cannot speak. She then turned around and grabbed something from her purse. To my disbelief it was a leash and a gag that keeps your mouth open for cock. She tied me up and put the gag in my mouth and she then paraded me out to our bedroom. On the bed was a sex wedge, hand cuffs, and the biggest dildo I had ever seen.

As I was getting lost on the stuff on the bed she pulled my leash and jerked me over to where she was. She commanded me to get on the bed and bend over the wedge, she said if I was a good girl and obeyed everything she said I would get a nice treat. I bent over the wedge with my ass exposed and defenseless. She then put a blind fold on my face and another cock in front of me. She told me to suck this cock while she got ready.

The cock was not to big only about 3" with 2" girth. I was going to town on this cock and all I could hear was ruffling in the background. I stopped sucking the cock for a second to catch my breath when all of a sudden she says bad girl and I get a spanking from what feels like a leather crop. She spanks me three times and I begin sucking again and it stops. She says that's my first warning and I only have two left. As I keep sucking, she removes the blindfold and she is wearing leather head to toe, a corset, with a leather garter belt and wet looking stocking and thigh high boots, and to my amazement she is stroking this huge cock that I have never seen before in my life in between her legs.

She says I hope your ready for this bad boy. She called it the "Bitch Breaker" and that I was about to become the biggest slut on the block with the loosest pussy. Her cock was easily 12" long and 5" girth. I was so scared but so excited at the same time. She slowly began to lube it and stroke it in front of my face as I kept sucking the other cock. She then started hitting me with it saying that I was cock-loving whore. She then disappeared behind me. When all of sudden my pussy was spread like never before. I screamed in pain and pleasure but you could barley hear it with the cock in my mouth. She slowly kept entering more and more into my ass. First one inch then two, three, four, five, and six. A cock had never felt this so good before. When all of sudden I felt her grab my hips and start to really fuck me in and out slowly adding another inch after another until I could feel the whole cock inside my pussy. I felt like such a slut and she began to fuck my ass faster and faster.

I have never road a cock as fast as she was fucking me. I felt like a real girl being man handled. She fucked my ass like that for a good twenty minutes spanking me calling me slut, skank, whore, when all of a sudden she said she was going to cum! All of a sudden I could feel this cock squirting its huge load into my pussy, I was broken, humiliated, and had a 12" cock in my ass filled with cum. I loved it! She finally pulled out her cock and you could see I had cum in my panties and the cum coming out of my pussy. I loved the feeling of it slowly dripping out. As I stood up and looked at her she grabbed me and kissed me and told me that I hope I am ready for the changes coming my way and that she loved me.

To Be Continued....

P.S. What I later found out is that one day when I thought she had left she had to come back and grab something for work. She said she saw me getting ready in the bathroom and loved how I looked and the cock up my ass just turned her on even more. She actually peaked and masturbated to me without me ever knowing. She purposely tricked me and new I was ordering new stuff for her week. All I can say is the story only gets better.

Any Feedback is appreciated!

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