tagBDSMCaught! Ch. 01

Caught! Ch. 01

byEnglish Gentleman©

'Oh God! He can't find me like this!' she thought. She looked across the room at the reflection in the full length mirror. What a sight! There she was, securely bound and gagged, dressed as a slutty French Maid. Her breasts were exposed, nipples erect with desire. In fact, you didn't need to look at her breasts to see she was aroused. Her own cum glistened wetly on her bound thighs. Her dress had ridden up, revealing the vibrator slid deeply into her stretched pussy lips. A thin trail of saliva had escaped from her gagged mouth and was slowly running down her neck and over her exposed chest. She struggled madly in her bindings, panicking, shaking her head and pulling at the ropes. Her fruitless attempts at gaining freedom were halted as she heard the unmistakable sound of her door handle being slowly tuned. She re-doubled her efforts.

'Oh, please tell me I wasn't stupid enough to leave the door unlocked,' she thought. The handle continued to turn as she fought madly at her restraints. She heard him push the door and screamed as he burst into the room. Heather tried to hide away to no avail. Matt could not believe his eyes,

'Heather, who did this to you?' he cried.

The commotion in the room drew in Matt's girlfriend, who was waiting patiently in the corridor. She to was shocked by what she saw.

'Quick, Lisa, help me get her down!'

But Lisa was one step ahead of her man. With a woman's eye for detail she had spotted a few things that didn't quite make sense and she held him back as she explained;

'Look at her cuffs, that device is a timer which I bet will release them on reaching zero. She's got a vibrator stuffed in her pussy and her ass. I think our filthy little bitch did this to herself!'

Lisa walked around to face Heather.

'You horny little slut! She exclaimed, smiling.

Heather blushed brightly, so ashamed at being caught.

'What should we do?' asked Matt. 'Should we leave her to it?'

Lisa examined her captive more closely, a wry smile on her face.

'I think a chance like this would be too good to waste, don't you? Close the door Matt, and this time, make sure it's locked!'

He did as she asked, unsure of her plans but definitely sensing the possibility of a little fun.

'So Heather, this is what gets you off?' Lisa quizzed her captive. 'I bet you left your door unlocked on purpose didn't you, just hoping that someone would find you like this!'

Heather protested, all the while fruitlessly pulling at her restraints. Lisa continued,

'From now on, you will do exactly as I say, you will submit to me completely. Do you understand?'

Heather disagreed, spitting the word 'Never!' from her gagged mouth.

'In that case, Matt, didn't you leave the rest of the football team waiting outside? How much do you think they would like to see what we've seen?'

Heather cried through the gag, 'No, please, I'm sorry!'

'Then I have your word?'

Their prisoner nodded feebly in agreement as Lisa walked around her, noticing the vibrator control on the bed beside her.

'What a clever little system, she chuckled, reaching for it. 'I presume this little knob controls the speed of the vibrations?

Heather nodded, afraid, as the control was turned quickly up to maximum. A bolt of almost painful pleasure shook her body as the toys worked overtime, a gasp escaping her bound lips. Instantly Lisa turned the knob the other way, leaving Heather panting for a second before the control was reversed. Lisa toyed with her captive for a few minutes, enjoying watching her body tense as the vibrations burned through her, and then relax as the power was reduced, leaving just a wonderful pleading look in Heather's eyes as the cause of her pleasure was removed.

'This is torture for you isn't it my dear!'

Heather nodded meekly, the feeling of being at another's mercy overwhelming her and also leaving her so very aroused, close to her first orgasm.

Lisa could see this, so this time she held the device on full for much longer. Heather's pussy was on fire, her whole body tense and tingling, her hands clenched above her head, eyes squeezed tightly together.

'Oh fuck! Oh fuck!' she repeated through the gag as a harsh climax built inside her. She tensed further, arms and legs locked and quivering, on the very edge of cuming, when suddenly the vibrations stopped completely. Her eyes shot open, pleading with Lisa to turn on the toys again, her hips bucking as her body tried to find some contact that would allow her to tip over the edge into ecstasy.

'Oh, my poor little darling!' mocked Lisa. 'Did you want to cum?'

'Yes please!' Heather mumbled.

'No, no, no!' reprimanded her captor. 'It's yes please, MISTRESS. I'll ask you again, do you want to cum?'

Something about the patronising tone in Lisa's voice ignited a fire of rebellion in Heather. She wasn't about to submit to this bitch's sick fantasy so her face hardened and she stayed silent. However, her resolve was short lived as the vibrators were turned on full again. Her silence was quickly replaced by moans of desire as she edged towards orgasm. She tried her hardest to remain impassive, to try and trick Lisa into unwittingly allowing her captive to cum, but her body betrayed her. Lisa could read all the signs. She saw Heather's body tense, her arms and legs lock, and she heard the whimper of a scream escape her lips. This time the toys were not turned fully off, instead they were set at a low level, leaving Heather's body burning but not allowing her release. By now sweat was poring off her, soaking her dress so that it clung to her body. Saliva ran from her gagged lips, covering her breasts. Her hair hung down, sticking to her perspiration covered face. The strap between her legs was soaked, her own cum dripping from her pussy and running down her bound thighs.

'Oh, please, please let me come!', she mumbled. 'Please Mistress, I'll do anything you want!'

Heather saw Lisa smile, feeling sick inside, her will broken as she submitted to her captor. Awaiting the thrill of the vibrators she gasped as they were turned off completely.

'You had your chance slut,' explained her Mistress.

'No! Don't leave me like this!' begged Heather just about audibly through the gag.

'Oh, don't worry, I have other plans for you', stated Lisa ominously. 'Matt dear, would you be so kind as to get our little slave down. I want her on her knees in front of me with her hands cuffed behind her back.

Her boyfriend, who up until then had been sat back, amazed at what he was witnessing, leapt into action, easily reaching the timer above Heather's head. Luckly the cuffs could be open manually, which he did, ensuring he kept a firm grip of her wrists. He pushed Heather onto her knees, she was still weak from her ordeal and did not resist. Once her wrists were re-bound he stepped back. Their slave remained on her knees, her head bowed, drool still running from her gagged lips and pooling on the floor.

'Look at our little slut making such a mess!' laughed Lisa, stepping behind and removing Heather's gag, causing more drool to fall.

'Clean this mess up whore!' she commanded.

Heather thought about resisting, but as her head was pushed to the floor she could see no way out. Her will was broken, she had allowed herself to beg in front of these two tormentors. She had never felt so humiliated as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick at her own saliva on the floor, her arms bound behind her back, her naked bottom sticking obscenely into the air.

'That's it slut, every last drop!' Watching Heather's complete submission was making Lisa so hot that her hand reached down into her own skirt, pushing her knickers aside as her fingers plunged into her wet pussy. She sat on the edge of the bed, pulling off her panties and spreading her legs as she watched Heather finish the job.

'Now, lets see what else that tongue can do. Come here' she ordered.

Heather crawled forward on her knees. She had never tasted another girl before, but with her body still burning with the desire to cum she vowed to do whatever it took to find a release. As Lisa lay back Heather's face plunged between her legs, tasting her Mistress' cum. Her tongue flicked over Lisa clit, eliciting a moan of pleasure as she lapped at her pussy, trying all the techniques that she enjoyed being on the receiving end of. It was obviously working as Lisa's moans became louder and more frequent.

'Matt, get over here, I want to taste your cock' she gasped. Eagerly her boyfriend climbed onto the bed by the side Lisa's head, unzipping his jeans and releasing his erection. As she greedily turned her head to him he slipped his penis into her warm wet mouth. Sucking Matt's cock as her own pussy was toyed with was all too much for Lisa and her orgasm approached.

'That's it slut, fuck my pussy with you tongue!' she managed to get out around Matt's cock.

Heather doubled her efforts, burying her face into her Mistress' cunt, struggling to breathe and lapping at the freely flowing juices. Lisa lifted her legs, grabbing her knees and spreading her pussy wide open.

'Oh fuck yeah!' she cried as the violent climax overtook her. Her body tensed and she screamed as she came, squirting into her slave face. Heather was not expecting that, and she recoiled, Lisa's juices dripping from her features. Everything was covered, her hair hanging lank and wet. Her humiliation was doubled, her mouth filled with the taste of another woman's cum as it dripped from her face and onto her chest. With her wrists bound she couldn't even wipe herself clean.

Satisfied, Lisa sat up, and was replaced by Matt who had not managed to find his release as Lisa concentrated on her own orgasm.

'Right, slut!' he barked, warming to the dominant role. 'Now it's my turn. Get those pretty lips around my hard cock.'

Heather hardly had time to catch her breath as she took him deeply into her mouth. For Matt the feeling was delicious as her wet lips ran their way along the length of his shaft. He took hold of her hair, pulling her towards him and burying his cock deep into the back of her throat before holding it there. Heather couldn't breathe, and was gagging at this intrusion. He began to fuck her face, pulling her up and down his cock roughly. She tried her best, sucking sloppily, each gag as his cock hit the back of her throat causing tears to well up in her eyes. Soon her mascara was running down her face as she looked up at her Master. All this was too much was Matt and as the orgasm approached he took hold of her hair, yanking her head back and pulling out his cock. Holding it over her lips he cried as he came, squirting thick masses of cum over her upturned face. His climax lasted an age, load after load of cum splashing onto Heather's face and body. Fulfilled, he released her head, and watched as his own cum dripped down off her forehead, her cheeks and lips. Her chest was splattered, cum running between her breasts and over her nipples.

Once Matt had caught his breath he untied Heather's wrists and directed her into the bathroom to clean up. She stood in front of the mirror, amazed at her reflection. Her hair was a mess, strands covered in cum. Lines of mascara ran down her cheeks, mixing with the thick white liquid on her face. As she tried to tidy herself up she brought to mind the events of the previous few hours, amazed at how quickly things had got so out of control. She thought through her options, but as she heard the giggling of her captours outside she knew she had only one; to clean herself up as quickly as possible and join them, regardless of what devious plans they had in store for her.

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