tagBDSMCaught Ch. 02

Caught Ch. 02


"Wh .. what do you mean?" I asked.

"I've been watching your little video, too. And I see now how a woman takes care of a man who doesn't know how to behave. But you've seen enough," she said taking the controller off the bed and ejecting the DVD. "You wait here while I freshen up a bit. And don't clean one drop of cum off yourself until I tell you to. And take off those clothes."

She turned to her dresser, opened a couple of drawers and extracted items that I couldn't see. Then she left for the bathroom without another word.

I didn't know what to say.

I was so embarrassed. I felt so exposed. The robe. The panties. The movie. And cum all over me. It's one thing to be watched jacking off. It's another thing to be caught jacking off!

And when did she come in? Her case must have been cancelled. That's the only explanation for her being home so early. How long had she been standing there?

And the way she kissed me with my cum on my lips. Sparky couldn't help but take notice, in spite of ... maybe even because of ... the humiliation. I had never tasted my own ... or anybody else's cum before. At times the idea seemed exciting. At other times disgusting. But the fact of tasting it, fed to me the way it was followed by such a passionate kiss was so exciting.

While I was pondering these things, the bathroom door opened and she came into the room. She had turned the light off so the only glow was that from the candle and the silent television.

Mary had pulled her hair into a chignon, with tendrils falling on her cheeks. It was a sophisticated look, helped by the black corsett that encased her body. Her breasts were exposed and elevated on shelves that held them up and out in a commanding fuck you look.

Her makeup was the same as usual but she carried a heavier, muskier scent.

In one hand was a towel wrapped around something. In the other ... was that a leash and a collar! If so it was awfully small.

"Lay back," she said.

"What are you going to do with that?" I grinned.

"Lay back, and you'll soon see," she said.

I laid back on the bed and she sat down beside me.

"Be very still. I don't want to hurt you."

She snapped a little collar around the base of my dick. On the under side was a strap that she strapped around behind my balls. She connected the leash to a ring right below my cock. The leather was soft. It was tight around my raging erection, but not too tight. And strapped around my balls like that, it wasn't going anywhere.

Leaning over she kissed my chest. Then she looked me up and down.

Getting up, she gave a tug on the leash.

"Let's go," she said and took a half step toward the living room.

I got off the bed and followed her wondering what she had in mind.

In the living room she turned on the torchier to a low dim and sat on the couch.

Looking up at me she put her hands under her breasts and asked, "You like?"

I grinned. "Very much. Very, very much."

She licked her lips. Then touched her pussy with the second finger on her right hand. It was glistening in the gloaming light as she looked at it before licking it.

"Mmmm. You like?" She asked, with more command in her voice, giving another tug on the leash.

"Whatever you like, honey." I smiled.

"That's Mistress Honey to you. Or Cowgirl. I kind of like Cowgirl. Think I should get some spurs?"

"That might sting a bit."

She tugged the leash a little harder.

"Uh, Mistress Cowgirl."

"Cowgirl will do for now. But first there's that naughty boy thing. Do you remember me telling you not to jerk off while I was gone?"

"Yes ma'am."

"And what did you do?"

"I ... jacked myself off. While you were at work."

"While you were doing what?" She squinted slightly as she looked into my eyes. And she smirked a bit. She was getting into this. Enjoying it.

"I was watching a dirty movie."

"And ... what were you wearing while you were watching this dirty movie and slapping your dick around?" Her lips were parted and her wet tongue was just visible.

"Your robe. And the panties I bought for you."

"I don't think you bought them for me, did you? You bought them for you. Didn't you?'

"No, really, I bought ..."

She jerked the leash harder and I had to move forward to protect myself.

"You bought them for you, didn't you."

"Yes. Ma'am. I bought them for me."

"So you could jerk off in them when I wasn't around, right."

"Yes." This was really getting embarrassing. And the more embarrassing it got, the harder my cock was.

"I think you're a little slut at heart. No telling what you'll be doing if we're not careful. Come around here and lay across my lap. I'm going to give your ass what it deserves."

She tugged again. I crossed over in front of her and lay across her lap, my knees on the floor.

Mary slapped my ass hard on the right cheek. Then again on the left cheek. It stung. But more than that it made my penis tingle. She slapped me again. And again. And again.

"You've been a very naughty boy," she said rubbing my hot red ass.

"Yes, I have."

"Are you going to do it again?" she asked as she slipped her finger between my ass cheeks her fingertip circling my anus.

"Well, it was fun," I admitted.

She pushed her finger against my rosebud.

"So you're going to do it again?" she asked.

"Well, you know, I guess. I don't know. Maybe."

I could feel her reach across with her left hand, her right still fondling my ass.

"That's not a very good answer for your Cowgirl."

Suddenly I jumped as something cold and wet was squirted into my ass crack. She held it there with her right hand as it began to warm up. Then I felt something hard and cold slide down my crack.

"I think little cowpoke needs a little poke of his own."

The hard thing replaced her finger at my anus and she began to push it in and out, turning it around in the lubricant as she pushed it into my ass.

"Relax and it'll be in there in no time. Fight it and it might take a while."

I relaxed as much as I could until I felt it push deeper and deeper. Finally my ass closed over the neck of the plug and she pulled her hands away. Picking up the towel on the couch she wiped her hands, then my ass.

"Wouldn't want all that goo getting everywhere, now would we."

She swiveled towards me putting her right leg beside me giving me access to her pussy.

"Now, be a good boy and give me what I want." She tugged gently on the leash and I moved in kissing her thighs. I spread her legs and licked all the way up to her sweet spot. I kept my tongue away from her clit wanting to taste her lips and her nectar, to go slowly for her sake. She put her hand behind my head and pushed me into her. I shoved my tongue up inside her. And then she pushed me away.

"Oh, you're making the Cowgirl's head spin. Let's go back to the bedroom before I pass out."

I gave her one last lick for good measure and got to my feet. She extended her hand so I helped her up. With a tug on the leash, she made me follow her down the hall.

The candle gave a warm glow to the room. So did the television. We had forgotten to turn it off.

"On your back, lover boy. I'm going to find something good for us to watch. But first, let's do something about those hands of yours."

She pulled two purple silk scarves from her bedside table and quickly tied one around each wrist, and then to the heavy steel metal headboard.

"Can't get loose, can you?" she teased.

"No ma'am. I'm stuck here for as long as you want me here. To do with whatever you please."

"You bet your sweet ass you are." She reached forward and pushed on the steel plug in my ass. "Whatever I fucking want. And you can't do a thing about it, mister."

It really felt good when she pushed on the plug. It was positioned just right to stimulate my prostate. I could feel Sparky twitch.

Then she punched some buttons on the DVD player, brought up the menu, and scanned through the scene selections. She had something in particular she wanted me to see. Soon there were images of the redhead on screen with the man tied to the bed, just as I was. She was straddling his waist holding a pair of pink balls and a small controller. "Suck them," she told the man as she shoved them one at a time into his mouth. Next she spread her pussy lips. They were so wet. The camera close-up showed her rubbing the first ball around her sopping pussy lips then pushing it in until it disappeared. All you could see was the pink wire that connected it to the other ball. Soon she did the same with the second ball. When she adjusted the controller in her hand she started rubbing her hot, vibrating pussy on the man's belly.

That's when Mary straddled me and pulled out her own pink balls and pushed them to my waiting mouth. It was so hot watching her act out the scene on the screen. And I loved feeling her wet pussy grinding on my stomach. I tensed my muscles and moved up towards her. I only wish my hands had been free. The plug in my ass seemed as big as a horse's dick. And my dick needed attention badly.

She ground her way up my torso, leaned over and made me suck her tits, one nipple at a time. She tasted so good. I sucked, pressed and rolled her nipples with my tongue. I wanted to make her cum by just sucking them. I'm not sure if she did or not ... but I almost did.

I glanced over at the screen out of the corner of my eye. The redhead was holding onto the bedrail, grinding her pussy into the man's face. I could feel the drool rolling down Sparky's neck. If I could only get my hands free. Then I could lift her hips up to my face.

There was no need. Mary straddled my face, the pink balls still buzzing inside her, grabbed the headboard and lowered her pussy to my mouth.

"Now, eat me," she said. "And make me love it."

I shoved my tongue into her pussy, reaching for the balls. I could feel the vibrations on my lips and on my tongue. I licked her. And she ground her pussy into my lips and my tongue. Then she lifted up and moved forward, nestling my nose inside her sopping pussy. She fucked my face and I could hardly breath. I licked her taint and moved my head against her clitoris, breathing through my mouth. Her climax started with a shudder and built as she bore down on my face. A scream of ecstasy ripped from her throat as she collapsed.

It took a moment for her to untangle her legs and lay down beside me. She pulled the covers over her, grabbed my dick with her left hand, and traced the outline of the cock collar that had been there for so long.

"My Sparky," she said. "Hush now and be still. I'll play with you later if you're a good boy."

"Later?" I said, my voice dry and harsh.

I heard a plop. Then another sloppy sound. She placed one of the soggy pink balls on my lips.

"Shhhh. Cowgirl's tired and needs to rest."

As she closed her eyes I wondered with some trepidation if what I was now seeing on the television screen awaited me when she awakened.

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