Caught Ch. 02


Bobby has been Angela's Master now for just under two days. He was following the manual on 'How to Treat Your Slave', very carefully. Slaves will try to assert their will almost from the instant they arrive at their owner's home. That certainly was true with Angela. Almost immediately she demanded to see her daughter and she started to run towards the bedroom he said her daughter was in. He was lucky to remember to use the remote for her slave collar to stop her.

The pain must have been considerable because she hit the floor hard and he only held the trigger down 2 seconds. She had looked at him in abject terror afterwards. He was standing over her and almost snarling said...

"If you ever disrespect me like that again I will give you a beating you will never forget."

"I won't forget again, Master. I'm so very sorry, Master. I won't disrespect you ever again. It was just that I hadn't seen Casey in a long time."

"You are not going to see her for a while yet either, unless you can prove to me you know how to obey me."

He reached down and grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her up to a sitting position; he slapped her hard across the face. He turned and using her hair as a sort of leash dragged her along behind him.

Angela crawled along behind him as fast as she could. She didn't want him to pull a fistful of hair out of her head, besides it hurt like hell having her hair pulled.

Bobby pulled a chair out from the table and sat down.

"Now slave, show your Master your obeisance."

Angela knelt before her Master and pressed her forehead to the carpet.

"How may your slave serve her Master?"

"Show me how well you have learned to suck on your master's cock."

Over the last days, while she was still in slave training, he had her trainers stop giving her birth control pills. Bobby was planning on impregnating her as soon as possible and this way; make it impossible for her to ever think of escaping. Once she delivered his child she could never leave, it would mean abandoning her child and his as well.

As a child Bobby was always small and scrawny. His mother worried that her baby would be underdeveloped, even his genitals seemed much too small. His pediatrician agreed with his mom and he was given, a series of shots of growth hormone and testosterone.

He never grew very tall, only 5'11". However his testicles and penis would make a small horse jealous. Bobby's dick was at least three times as thick as his father's, her ex-lover, about 21/2" in diameter, and several inches longer.

Angela looked at this monster cock and then at her Master. She said...

"Master I don't... I, I, can't... I'll, nev... never get that in my mouth.

"Open up, or would you rather I break your nose? Now open up.

As she opened her mouth he shoved a piece of hard rubber between her upper and lower molars on the right and then the same thing on the left. Her mouth was forced open wider than ever before. Bobby expected this to happen. That was why he always used prostitutes. Till he stretched their jaw muscles very few women could open their mouths wide enough.

"Now baby, start sucking, if I feel you trying to bite me I'll splatter your nose all over your face. Now close those lips and start sucking and make sure you swallow every drop."

Angela whimpered, but did as she was told.

Bobby grabbed both of her ears and was working her head back and forth as he fucked her face. I'm about to come so suck that cock real good. He watched her cheeks indent as she increased her sucking. When he came she was very pleasantly surprised he tasted delicious. She was swallowing as fast as she could as he filled her mouth over and over. Angela was swallowing easier and easier as she found she loved the taste.

Her training kicked in and suddenly she felt she would never get enough of his come he tasted so delicious. In her mind she was thinking (more, more, I want more, it's so good, so very good). She realized then that this was the way it would always be when she was allowed to suck on his cock. She thought I don't think I'll mind being his slave at all.

But Bobby was finished. He pulled his cock from her mouth with a small pop. He reached into her mouth and removed the rubber pieces, "lick my fingers clean, slave."

"Yes Master, she said as she did as she was told."

"May I get dressed now Master?"

"No! You are to remain naked at all times when you are inside my house.

She was about to say something when he said...

"Go down to the kitchen and make me a ham and cheese sandwich on toast."

"Yes Master, right away Master."

Angela was afraid of Bobby now; he had proved that he wasn't afraid of seriously hurting her if she didn't obey instantly. Something had clicked in her brain and the need to obey became primary. Suddenly she smiled and thought I don't think I'm going to mind obeying him if everything else he does to me feels as good as being his cocksucker.

"You may also drink one bottle of blue liquid for your lunch."

"Yes Master."

Angela was squatting before her Master as she was trained to do whenever she was awaiting orders. She was waiting patiently for him to finish his sandwich. Her knees were spread wide exposing her sex. Her hot pink inner lips and her hot pink pierced clit were on display. Her palms were face up and laying on her knees. She had been trained to remain in this position for hours awaiting orders.

Bobby was finishing his sandwich, he casually reached into a bag marked treats. He took out a red biscuit. Instantly Angela's eyes open wide and her breathing quickened. This was the only solid food slaves were allowed. It was like catnip to them. Two biscuits would put them in a state of ecstasy where they would do any depraved act the trainer wanted.

Slaves only defecated once every three weeks. Two or three small beads were all they passed. Something had been done to their alimentary canal so they would stay in perfect physical condition; as long as they were kept on their special food regimen. While at the same time they craved the biscuits. After consuming the biscuit they remained in a completely docile state. Bobby was going to see if they stretched her anal sphincter to the proper size. He had been told that Slaves were given Neuropractil, which causes 30 or 40 nerve bundles to form along the sphincter inner edge. Usually gay men who were rich enough to become owners of slaves did this to their slaves, and it didn't matter if the slave was gay or not, they would thereafter crave anal sex. There was other things that they did to straight men but if was too upsetting for Bobby to contemplate.

Angela was completely spaced out. She let him lead her into his bedroom. There was a leather padded saw horse in front of the closed drapes. Angela let him bend her over the saw horse and attach her ankles to the legs on one side and her wrists to the legs on the other side. Her large breasts were hanging below her. They barely changed their shape.

She watched him squeeze out a large glob of K-Y jelly and spread it evenly along his shaft. Then when he thought it was ready he brought his cock to the center of her sphincter and leaned forward. There was a slight resistance at first but then the entire length of shaft slid completely up her ass. Almost immediately she grunted deeply while a massive orgasm exploded a feeling of pure pleasure throughout her body. He continued fucking her in the ass till she orgasmed six times. By this time Angela was dazed both from being upside down and having so many orgasms so quickly.

Angela seemed to be floating on a sea of pleasure. She was released from the saw horse and she seemed to float to her Master's bed. Bobby was floating above her and somehow was between her legs. He told her to put his joy stick at the opening of her pussy and she was happy to help him out.

Bobby pushed his hips forward and he slipped inside her. He fit so perfectly, his cock was just like those dildos she had been trained with. Would he make her come the way she did during training? He was all the way inside her and in truth he sure felt better that those dildos. He felt warm and snug. He was fucking her pussy slowly and steadily. She felt an explosion of pleasure and didn't realize her Master and she had come at the same time. He had used all three of her holes and in each he felt great. But now she was exhausted and need some rest.

She was falling, falling a long way. In her head she said I'm sorry Master, I wanted to make it good for you too, but I have to go to sleep now. When she opened her eyes next, it was late morning. She was still naked and they were lying in the spoon position. That monster cock of his was completely buried up her ass, she moved slightly in an attempt to detach herself from his love stick.

Her body exploded in one of those monstrous but slow rolling, exquisitely delightful orgasms. She grunted and surrendered her body completely. Since she had arrived at his home yesterday (was it really only yesterday) he had fucked her a half dozen times. Each time she was driven deeper and deeper in lust with him.

Angela was lying wrapped in his arms. His left arm was around her neck and his left hand was cupping her left breast. His index finger was gently massaging her nipple. His right hand was over her right hip with the right hand holding her right breast. Again his right index finger was playing with and massaging her right nipple.

How does he know exactly how to turn me on? He seems to have an instinct to know where to touch me and how to touch me. God my pussy is so wet now I'm embarrassed to get up. Oh shit, I have to pee so badly I better get to the bathroom.

She had no memory of when they put electrodes on her temples or what happened. They had put her into a false state of hypnosis. They made her describe, in great detail, exactly how to arouse her and what turned her on. They were training a sex slave, and she was going to be perfect.

Billy too was trained. He didn't remember it happening but everything she told them was fed into his subconscious so he would be her perfect lover.

Master, I really have to pee. If you don't let me up there's going to be a puddle in the bed. Bobby chuckled, and he eased his cock out of her ass and she raced to the bathroom holding her pussy.

Why didn't I fuck him two or three years ago he's a much better lover than his father ever was. He's sure built better too. (she giggled) He tastes a lot better too. He must be at least twenty or twenty one, I'm only twelve or thirteen years older than him, and (he was actually twenty three).

"Let's take a shower together," he said.

She looked up and he was standing in the bathroom doorway.

Herr face turned bright pink. He had caught her just as she was wiping her pussy dry.

"Don't tell me you're embarrassed. You've been naked in front of me eighteen or nineteen hours. I've even fucked you, what, five or six times and how many times have you come?"

"Okay, okay, don't write a book about it. I get your point... Master."

"Do you want your feeding now or after the shower?"

"We better do it now; I think the withdrawal is beginning.

She knew what had been done to her. Somehow during her training they had addicted her to his semen. If she wasn't fed with additional semen every eight hours the ache she felt in her body became excruciating. In addition her arms, legs, and belly developed cramps so severe, she screamed in agony. She felt it once and never wanted to feel that way again.

"Okay, just a minute, He went back into the bedroom and came back with a jar which he handed to her. She took it and placed it on the floor next to where she was kneeling. Bobby walked behind her and she tilted her head back till she was looking straight up at the ceiling. He bent his knees slightly and pushed his cock straight down into her mouth, then into her throat, she started sucking, and licking and twirling her tongue round and round his glans. He still tasted absolutely delicious.

The moment she tasted him she started to get turned on big time. Her pussy got so wet she was sure that she could feel her secretions dripping down the insides of her thighs. Her nipples became engorged and swollen so hard they ached to be pinched.

Angela became so aroused she started to beg.

"Come in my mouth! Please, please come in my mouth."

Angela lost all control; she was screaming for him to fill her mouth with his semen. Some sick bastard had made it so, that for the rest of her life, she would need to be his cocksucker. So far she was acting and reacting exactly as it said in her manual. Billy was thrilled with his new slave.

After a few moments he said "I'm ready" and pulled his cock back till the head only was in her mouth and he ejaculated. When her mouth was full she picked up the jar, removed the lid, and emptied her mouthful into the jar. She did this over and over till there were about 3 or 4 ounces of semen in the jar. She sealed the jar and placed it back on the floor next to her knees. Then as if none of this had occurred she sucked on his cock and swallowed all his come, till her belly was full. It was only then that her craving for come was satisfied.

Angela knew that he knew how thoroughly she was hooked on his semen. She would suffer greatly if she went into withdrawal. That's why she was trained to always keep a jar with enough of his semen to hold her for several hours, just in case he was late when it was time for her to get her next feeding. This was just another way for him to keep her completely controlled. She was a slave and the state made sure that she realized it every minute of every day.

By the end of two weeks all of the training that Angela had gone through was thoroughly entrenched in her mind and body. She was now the perfect slave; unable to disobey her Master and very willing to do whatever he commanded.

The state had adopted the protocol that Dr. Chalmers had devised. He was put in charge of the training of Sex slaves. In only two years after Angela was sold as a sex slave; the demand went from 20 a year to over 1000 a year and still climbing. The price Billy paid went from $10,000.00 to $500,000.00. When the demand started to come from overseas special laws were enacted that spelled out carefully who would be permitted into the voluntary slave program. These laws were especially for the sex slave division. Suddenly every state was enacting voluntary slave laws. His protocol which he always kept secret because he felt what they did to Angela was illegal became the guide for female sex slaves.

Bobby allowed her to see and care for Casey. This was just another reason for her to form an attachment with Bobby. Now that she had become docile and obedient, Bobby no longer treated her badly nor did he threaten her in any way. The sex with him wasn't just okay, it was the very best she ever had.

There was no longer any doubt; she would be a perfect slave for the rest of her life.

About eight months after Angela became Bobby's slave, Detective Ralph Pettrelli stopped by to see how Angela was getting along. Ralph was the detective who engineered Angela's slavery change from house slave to sex slave.

That very morning Casey was crying and fussing from a case of colic. The poor kid hadn't eaten anything all day yesterday and was crying at breakfast this morning. She was throwing herself from side to side in her highchair. When Angela leaned in to hold her, Casey, who was holding a spoon, struck Angela right in the eye. Almost immediately the eye swelled shut and turned deep red. Poor Casey, who was still crying in discomfort, threw her toy and the spoon on the floor. When Angela bent down to pick up the toy and spoon, Casey knocked the cereal bowl off the table striking poor Angela in the face. Now Angela had a large bruise on her face and a swollen jaw.

"I think you should see for yourself how she's getting along."

"Angela, get in here."

She came waddling into the room. She was eight months pregnant, carrying twins. She looked enormous. She was also completely naked. As soon as she saw the detective she blushed profusely. It made the bruises and the black eye look much worse than they were.

"This man was my father's partner."

"Yes Master."

"He helped me buy you as my slave."

"Yes Master, thank you sir for helping my Master."

"Okay, go take care of Casey."

Angela looked completely mortified she was very embarrassed. She was standing totally naked in front of a complete stranger.

"Yes Master, thank you Master."

She turned and waddled out of the room. On her ass was a large black and blue mark from bumping into a table.

"I can't beat her up too often right now. After all she's carrying my twins. But after she delivers, I can go back to my old routine. A good fuck, a good beating, a good blow job, a good beating, and good ass fuck a good beating. You understand right. After all, she did kill my mother and my father. Come back anytime you feel like."

"Nah, you got everything well in hand. Keep up the good work."

The end

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