tagBDSMCaught! Ch. 02

Caught! Ch. 02

byEnglish Gentleman©

As she re-entered the room, Heather noticed that Matt had disappeared. She was led to her bed by Lisa and told to lie down on her back. Silk scarves, gentle to the touch but impossible to wriggle free from, were tied to each wrist. With her elbows bent her arms were secured either side of her head to each edge of the bed. Lisa pondered whether to bind Heather's legs as well, but thought better of it, it would be finer for her slave to squirm.

'Well my sweet little prisoner,' she began. 'I've had a lot of fun tonight and for that I thank you. However, for you this is just the beginning. From now on you belong to Matt and I. You are to obey us in every respect and address us as your Mistress and Master. Don't even think about disobeying us, we wouldn't want the rest of the campus finding out what you get up to in your spare time would we! Besides, this is what you wanted isn't it?'

'Yes Mistress,' replied Heather meekly.

Lisa continued. 'Now, it's time for you to rest, you have a busy day tomorrow. We will come to wake you in the morning.'

Just as she spoke, Matt walked through the door, a DVD in his hand.

'Ah, perfect timing. We thought it a shame to waste all your pent up sexual tension, so think of this as our gift.'

As Matt placed the disc in the player by Heather's bed and turned on the TV, Lisa was laying the duvet over her slave's naked body, before kissing her on the forehead.

'Goodnight, sweet dreams,' smiled Matt evilly. He hit play and the screen came to life with the start of a pornographic film. The volume was adjusted, not too loud to wake the neighbours, but enough to distract Heather, then her tormentors left the room, flicking off the light as they departed.

The room was filled with the glow of the TV and poor Heather could not take her eyes off the screen. In the first scene, a busty blonde was tied and gagged, her naked body stretched and teased as she was brought to orgasm. Even with the sound down, the blonde's cries of frustration, pain and finally ecstasy filled Heather's room. In her unfulfilled state, Heather's pussy burned with desire. She tugged at her own restraints, trying to work a hand free so that she could bury her fingers into her wet pussy, to play with her clit and bring out the orgasm she had so far been denied. Thrashing her body from side to side, all Heather succeeded in doing was matching the throes of the girls on the screen. The realization that she was starring in her own private bondage display, plus time spent recapping on the evening's events did nothing to cool her ardour. However, she could do nothing. Dead tired from her physical and mental exertions she tried to sleep, but every time she closed her eyes the orgy of sounds from the DVD distracted her. Scene after scene rolled by as Heather whimpered in sexual frustration.

Eventually she fell asleep, but even her dreams were filled with scenes of bondage. A few short hours later Heather awoke. Sunlight filtered through her curtains, but still the TV scenes continued, obviously on a loop. Her whole body ached, as if her muscles had remained tense all night. Her pussy dripped with cum, soaking the sheet between her legs. A single tear of frustration ran down her cheek as she realised she was still bound. Somehow she managed to doze, until her door was pushed open, making Heather jump.

'Wakey wakey, sleepy slave!' exclaimed Lisa as she bounded into the room. 'How did you sleep?'

'How the fuck do you think!' was the reply that flashed through Heather's mind. However, she bit her tongue.

'Still, never mind,' continued Lisa breezily. 'I have a fun filled day planned for you!'

Heather's arms were untied and she sat stiffly upright.

Lisa produced two croissants and gave them to her slave

'Don't say I don't look after you,' she joked.

Heather was suddenly aware of how hungry she was, and took them with a 'Thank you, Mistress,' before devouring them. Then she was led to the bathroom.

'Now, clean yourself up, and don't even dream of touching yourself as you do so, I will be watching.

With the shower curtain open, Heather stood beneath the warm water jets as they soothed her wracked body. Lathering up, her hands travelled over her frame, being careful to avoid touching her private areas, all the while maintaining eye contact with Lisa as she stood at the open doorway. Once finished, she stepped from the shower and stood naked before her mistress.

'Since you are so fond of your little vibrator belt, you will be wearing it to lectures today. I bet you can't guess who will be in charge of the remote control!' smirked Lisa. 'Now, get yourself prepared and dressed.'

Heather picked up the vibrator, cleaned from the night before. Knelt on the floor, she gave Lisa a quizzical glance before pushing the toy between the lips of her pussy. Although she had only done this the day before, completing the act in front of someone else, and at their command, lent it a whole new significance. Still, it felt delicious as the toy was pushed into her still wet cunt. As soon as it was in place however, Heather realised her mistake. The butt plug was not in yet and now her pussy was full. Fearing to remove the vibrator, Heather took the plug into her mouth, sloppily fellating it until it was slick with saliva. Grimacing, she pushed it into her other hole until it's shape held it firm. Finally, the belt was attached, securing the toys and once again positioning the small vibrator over her aching clit.

Lisa had picked out an outfit for Heather to wear. An over the knees skirt and a white blouse. Heather dressed quickly.

'Tie your hair in bunches' commanded her mistress. 'I love the irony of you walking around looking like a sweet innocent schoolgirl, with both your holes filled with toys!'

Heather did as she was asked, applying her makeup until she was ready to face the day.

'Right, off you go to class, but remember, you are mine now and will do exactly as I say.

'Yes Mistress,' replied Heather as she made for the door.

Walking to her lectures was an interesting experience. With each step she could feel both toys buried inside her, filling her deliciously. Her pussy longed to be touched, her nipples hard and rubbing against her shirt. First lesson of the day was in the main lecture hall. Thankfully Heather didn't know anyone well in her class, and so chose a seat on her own. Even sitting down would be difficult as the plug would be pushed further inside her. She was forced to perch on the edge of the chair, legs apart, which made her feel even more wanton. The first half of the class passed uneventfully, but Heather's mind wandered as she thought about the previous day's events and her current predicament. Her mind was brought back to earth with a bump as the lecturer asked the class a probing question. Instantly the vibrators kicked into life. Surprised, Heather let out a shrill gasp, turning red as those around her turned to look.

'Yes miss, what is the answer?' asked the teacher, looking directly at Heather.

'I...I'm sorry sir, I don't know,' she stuttered in reply.

'Well, unless you know the answer, please don't interrupt,' the teacher replied haughtily. 'Anyone else?'

Heather hung her head in shame. The vibrations had stopped by now, giving her a chance to look around. Behind her, in the top corner of the hall, she caught the eye of her mistress, who waved back, flashing the remote with an evil smile.

Heather's eyes flicked forward. 'Oh God!' she thought 'Not here, not now!'

But that was exactly what Lisa had in mind. A few minutes later the vibrations began again, on the lowest setting but still enough to make Heather squirm in her seat. She bit her lip, trying in vain to concentrate on the class and block out the feeling. Gradually the intensity was increased. Her brow furrowed as she tried not to respond, her skin reddening. By now she was twitching in her seat, the delicious vibrations filling her pussy with a warm glow. Her hands gripped the armrests as the tempo increased again. Her breathing became laboured, attracting the attention of those sat around her.

'Hey, are you ok?' one boy leaned over and asked.

'I'm fine,' lied Heather, forcing out a fake smile. In reality, she was anything but fine. From deep within her a climax was building. She could feel a trail of moisture from her pussy run between her cheeks and onto her skirt. Beads of perspiration formed on her brow.

'Oh fuck! Please don't make me come here, in front of all these people!' she begged silently. She caught the unmistakable aroma of her arousal as the toys continued their work.

'Oh God, oh God!' she repeated under her breath, fighting the urge to forget her surroundings, rip up her skirt, grasp the vibrator and fuck herself with it until she came. On the brink of the long awaited orgasm she let out a loud moan, her hands instantly flashing up to her mouth to stifle her cry.

And then it was gone, the vibrations stopped, leaving Heather panting and wet, with all the classmates around her staring. She blushed even more brightly, squirming this time under their gaze, her eyes lowered intently to her textbook to avoid them. She sat out the rest of the class like that, her eyes down, her pussy on fire. Five minutes from the end, she jumped at another vibration. However, it was not between her legs, but instead from the mobile phone in her handbag. It showed '1 message received'.

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